Alura North Coast

Project details
project name الورا الساحل الشمالي
The project Location Kilo 134 North Coast
Developer شركة سيراك للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 54
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % % , 5 installment years
Finishing type fully finished
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Alura North Coast is one of the most distinguished projects of Serac Real Estate Development Company, on an area of ​​4 acres in the heart of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. The project is distinguished by the presence of many diverse units in terms of spaces and in terms of different types of units that suit all customers.

Alura North Coast Village is located near the most important landmarks such as: Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, El Alamein City, El Alamein Airport, Al Fouka Road, and El Dabaa Road.

Alura North Coast has a variety of units, including studios, residential apartments, and commercial units, with areas starting from 54 square meters and up to 161 square meters.

Unit prices in the Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast project start from 6.2 million pounds for residential units, and start from 5 million pounds for commercial units.

To learn more about the details of Alura Resort North Coast, please read the article.

Location of Alura Village North Coast

Alura North Coast Village is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, specifically at kilometer 134 of the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road, which makes the project enjoy a location among the most famous landmarks on the North Coast, and through the following we will show you some of the main areas and roads close to the project:

Places near the Alura resort Sidi Abd El Rahman project

  • Alexandria: Alura north coast, is 134 km away from the city of Alexandria.
  • Marsa Matrouh: While it is 145 km away from Marsa Matrouh in the other direction.
  • El Alamein Airport: You can reach Alura Village from El Alamein Airport within a distance of 20 km.
  • El Alamein City: The village is a very short distance from the heart of El Alamein City, which is about 35 km.
  • Dabaa Road: You can reach the village through many roads, the most famous of which is Dabaa Road.

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Website Alora North Coast

Design of Alura Resort North Coast

Alura North Coast includes different types of units, as the village includes residential units in addition to commercial units. Therefore, the company sought help from one of the most prominent engineering consulting companies, Hani Saad Company, as the company has extensive experience that helps it design different types of units in a way that makes them all distinctive and at the same level. Of luxury, and at the same time harmonious with each other, regardless of their types and spaces.

The residential units in Alura Village are characterized by their luxurious facades and colors inspired by the colors of the northern coast. The facades of the units are dominated by a white color similar to the color of the sand on Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, with a blue color inspired by the beauty of the color of the sea itself.

As for the interior design of the units, it is distinguished by its balance with the beauty of its external design, in addition to many other features that focus on providing a feeling of comfort and calm for the residents, through the use of modern designs mixed with touches of simplicity that give a spirit of sophistication with the advantage of feeling the spaciousness of the space at the same time.

As for the design of commercial units, they have practical designs that provide you with the advantage of fully exploiting the unit’s space, which is an important advantage if you buy the unit for the purpose of use or even for the purpose of investment, and in both cases it guarantees you the best return on your investment.

Alura North Coast Area

The Alura North Coast project extends over an area of ​​4 acres, which is an area sufficient to provide a large number of units of different types and sizes, in addition to the availability of a large area dedicated to the facilities, services and recreational areas available in the village. Through the following you can learn more about the unit spaces in Alura North Coast:

Area of ​​residential units in the v Sidi Abdel Rahman project

  • Studio:The area of ​​studio units in Alura Sidi Abd el Rahman starts from 54 square meters.
  • Studio +:While the area of ​​Studio + starts from 60 square meters.
  • 1-bedroom apartment: The area of ​​1-bedroom apartments starts from 91 square meters.
  • 2-bedroom residential apartment:The area of ​​2-bedroom units starts from 81 square meters.
  • 3-bedroom residential apartment:For the last type of residential apartments in Alura North Cost, it starts from 148 square meters.

Commercial unit space in Alura North Cost

  • External units: The area of ​​administrative units overlooking the main street starts from 89 square meters.
  • Interior units: While the area of ​​units inside Alura North Cost starts from 103 square meters.

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Alura North Coast prices

Unit prices in Alura vary according to their type and size, and as for the price level in the project in general, it is considered one of the best competitive prices on the North Coast, specifically in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is known for the level of real estate unit prices there. Through the following, we will show you the prices of units available for sale in the village according to Its type and area:

Prices of residential units available for sale in Ellora Sidi Abdel Rahman

  • 2 bedrooms:The prices of the 2-bedroom residential units available for sale in Alura Sidi Abd EL Rahman start from 6 million Egyptian pounds.
  • 3 bedrooms:While prices for larger residential units start at 7 million Egyptian pounds.

Prices of commercial units available for sale in Alura North Coast

  • External units:Prices for commercial units overlooking the street start from 8.4 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Interior units:While prices for commercial units within Alura North Coast start from 5 million Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in the Alura Coast project

  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the unit value.
  • You can pay the rest of the unit value in installments over 5 years.
  • Order 2026

Price analysis in Alura Village

By analyzing the prices for residential and commercial units in Alura Resort North Coast, we find that the village offers the most competitive prices for the unit area, as well as for the price level in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area in general because it is one of the most important investment areas on the North Coast and is known for the high level of prices in its projects. Especially new projects.

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Alura North Coast

Alura North Coast Facilities and Services

Alura Village North Coast includes a large number of basic and recreational facilities and services that make the project your ideal choice for obtaining a unit on the North Coast, especially if you want to spend long holidays in the project, and through the following we will show you the most prominent services in the village:

  • Private beach:You can enjoy swimming and water sports in Ellora Sidi Abdel Rahman with all safety and privacy, because the village includes a private beach with a large area and equipped with all means of entertainment suitable for different ages.
  • Beach activities:The village offers a large number of different beach activities, so you can enjoy the best times with your family and neighbors in the village.
  • Mall: One of the most important services available in the village is that it includes a large mall, where you can shop and enjoy the products of your favorite famous brands.
  • Kids Area:Your children can also enjoy their time in Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman, as it includes a large Kids Area dedicated to children of all ages.
  • Clubhouse:You can make friends with other families surrounding you in Alura Village, as the project includes a distinguished clubhouse on a large area.
  • Supermarket:One of the most prominent basic services in the resort is that Alura North Coast includes a supermarket that provides you with all your daily needs of goods, food products, and other supermarket products.
  • Pharmacy:There is also a large pharmacy that operates around the clock, to provide the best medical and therapeutic services to the population without the need to go to a pharmacy far from the village.
  • Golf Cars:You can move easily between the areas of Alura Resort North Coast by using the golf carts designated for internal transportation in the village.

Advantages of investing in Alura Village

Alura North Coast Village is one of the best investment opportunities in the new North Coast projects, as the village includes all the features and investment components that make it your ideal choice for investment while ensuring the highest return on investment, especially since the company has set the best prices for the units in the project, in addition to providing For a large variety of residential and commercial units, giving you the opportunity to choose what suits your desires.

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Alura Sidi Abd El Rahman

About Serac Developments

Sirak Real Estate Development Company is one of the modern real estate companies in Egypt, which was launched in 2022. Although the company is considered a modern company, it is one of the most prominent companies that was able to take rapid steps towards developing developmental and sustainable real estate projects, thanks to the company’s work team, which He has extensive experience.

By working as one team, the Serac team was able to implement a number of powerful real estate projects in various regions in Egypt, which comply with the latest international standards, because the company gives priority to the desires of its customers, and always strives to gain customer satisfaction, which has made the company enjoy a good reputation. And great trust from customers.

Learn more details about: Serac Company For real estate development.

Serac Developments projects

  • City Hall New Cairo project

City Hall Mall New Cairo is one of the largest multi-use malls in New Cairo. The mall extends over an area of ​​16,000 square meters, and consists of 6 different buildings designated for administrative, commercial, and recreational activities.

  • Cityhall Strip New Cairo

City Hall Strip is part of the City Hall project itself, and it is the part designated for commercial units, the shopping center, and many services available in the project. The mall is distinguished by its luxurious designs that combine beauty and practicality at the same time.

  • Shamasi village, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Shamasi Sidi Abdel Rahman Village is the first project of Serac Company on the North Coast, specifically in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman. The village is considered one of the most beautiful projects in the region, as the village contains 86% of green spaces and scenic areas, in addition to a 200-meter-long beach.

The goal of the Alura Sidi Abdel Rahman project

The goal of the Alura North Coast project is the company’s desire to design a project that is the ideal choice for the company’s distinguished clients, so the company chose for the project a name appropriate to its goal, which is the name Alura, which means guide or advisor in Arabic.

The name of the project is closely related to the purpose of its establishment and the features that the company has provided in it in order to achieve its goal. Serak Company says about its distinguished project that it is the guide for customers to choose the best location for housing and investment on the North Coast, as well as to choose the best residential or commercial units while enjoying integrated features at the best prices. Competitiveness.

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Alora Sidi Abdelrahman

The beauty of life in Sidi Abdel Rahman, North Coast

Area Sidi Abdel Rahman is one of The most famous areas of the North Coast, and its fame and the preference of local residents in Egypt and tourists from all different countries of the world come from many important points about the region, which you can review in detail through the following points:

  • Sidi Abdel Rahman’s distinguished website:

The Sidi Abdel Rahman area is characterized by a distinct strategic location, as it is located specifically 132 km west of Alexandria, and about 30 km west of El Alamein. This area is characterized by being a beach and desert resort, which adds more beauty, diversity and activities that you can enjoy by owning a unit in Region.

In addition, the location of the region makes it close to many of the main roads that connect the North Coast with many other major cities in Egypt, the most prominent of which is the new Fouka Road, which connects Cairo and the North Coast, and facilitates access within only half the time, which suits the desires of customers. People prefer to visit the coast continuously throughout the year, as it no longer takes more than 3 hours to arrive.

  • The beauty of nature in Sidi Abdel Rahman:

As we mentioned in the previous point, the Sidi Abdel Rahman region is characterized by being surrounded by many picturesque natural features, as it is bordered by the seashore on one side, and the desert on the other side, in addition to green spaces extending over large areas in the villages of the region, which makes it combine all the elements of nature in harmony with… Some of them paint a picture that is unparalleled in any other coastal region in the world.

In addition, the area is essentially a bay, and the bays on the northern coast are characterized by making the sea movement more calm, making it a suitable area for swimming and enjoying many coastal activities, whether in the sea or on the beach.

  • The investment value of the Sidi Abdel Rahman region:

The Sidi Abdel Rahman area is considered one of the most prominent areas in which investments of various types are concentrated, which made it receive great attention in terms of developing it and equipping it with all the basic and recreational services that you wish to obtain, so you can enjoy the best opportunity to live in an area with integrated services.

You can also get the best opportunity to invest in an area with a high investment value such as Sidi Abdel Rahman, while ensuring that you get the highest return on your investment in the North Coast, especially in the case of investing in a new project such as the Alura North Coast project.

Disadvantages of Alura Resort North Coast

Alura North Coast Village has many unique features that suit the needs of the clients of the project depending on their desires, which vary between purchasing a unit for the purpose of housing or investment. You can get everything you want in the project with the best integrated features, which makes the project free of any defects in any aspect of… Its many aspects.

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