Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

Project details
project name Azzar Islands North Coast
The project Location In the heart of the North Coast at kilometer 180 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road
Developer ريدي جروب للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 162
receiving date 2025
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type Fully finished - semi finished
Prices start from 16,500,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Azzar Islands North Coast shines as a distinguished investment and residential destination, carrying a distinct touch of luxury and comfort, thanks to Ready Group Real Estate Company, one of the most prominent companies in the field of real estate development. This project comes to be a title of distinction and luxury, as it is considered a village with integrated services and extends over a wide area of 400 acres.

Azar Ras El Hekma Resort is located on the first road of Ras El Hikma In kilometer 182 specifically, it is attractive due to its close proximity to the main areas such as Dabaa Road, New Alamein City, and El Alamein Airport, and also close to other important projects such as Jefaira Al-Sahel Village, Hacienda West, La Vista Village, Mountain View Village, and John Sodic, which makes it an ideal destination for living and investment.

Azzar North Coast Village offers a wide range of villas with unique designs to suit all needs, with areas starting from 192 square meters, and at very competitive prices, as it is considered an ideal investment option. Unit prices within the project start from 5,900,000 Egyptian pounds, with flexible installment systems starting from 5 % down payment and extending over 8 years, which makes investing in this project an unmissable opportunity.

Location of Azzar Islands North Coast village

When we talk about the location of the village of Azzar North Coast, we are talking about a place that combines the charm of picturesque nature and the distinction of a strategic location. This unique village is located at the beginning of Ras Al-Hikma Road in Kilometer 182, which makes it a distinctive destination for living and investment. Its distinguished location adds to its proximity to pure sandy beaches and areas. The main entertainment area on the North Coast is a touch of magic and distinction in the lives of residents and visitors alike. Its proximity to main roads and main axes allows easy access to it, making it an ideal destination for residents and investors alike.

Areas near Azzar Islands North Coast

  • Azzar Islands project is only a few minutes away from Jefaira Village, John Sodic, Mountain View Village, and La Vista North Coast.
  • Azzar Islands resort is only a few minutes away from Sidi Abdel Rahman and New Alamein City.
  • Azzar North Coast project is located directly next to Kattameya Coast Village.
  • Azzar Islands resort is separated from Al Fouka Road by a few minutes.
  • Azzar Islands village is only 10 minutes away from Dabaa Road.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

Design of Azzar North Coast Village

Ready Group Developments exceeds expectations by creating the village of Azzar Islands North Coast, which is characterized by a unique architectural character that attracts attention and is in line with the best international standards. Through its cooperation with the best designers and consultants.

The company succeeded in designing a village blessed with the most luxurious details and the most beautiful artistic touches. The village was designed according to a gradual system. All units are guaranteed a charming view of the sea, with meticulous attention paid to the interior design of the units to harmonize their elegance with the elegance of the village’s exterior design. The units are characterized by a super-luxe level of finishing to ensure the comfort and luxury of residents.

Azzar Islands Ras Elhikma is also unique in providing private beaches for each residential unit, or even a Crystal Lagoon for a unique experience to enjoy the utmost levels of privacy and comfort. By investing in a distinguished location near New Alamein City, Ready Real Estate Company seeks to make this project a distinctive landmark on the Egyptian North Coast.

Area of ​​Azzar North Coast Village

Azzar Islands Village on the North Coast extends over a wide area of ​​400 acres, and witnessed the first phase of its development on an area of ​​125 acres, with the primary focus on the picturesque natural landscape that gives an atmosphere of calm and tranquility to its residents and visitors, as it occupies approximately 82% of the total area. For the project, while the rest of the space was allocated to buildings and facilities, making the village an ideal haven to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the enchanting nature.

Unit space in the Azzar Islands North Coast project

Azzar North Coast project is characterized by the diversity of villa spaces, as it meets the different needs of investors and residents alike. The size of the villas in the project ranges between small, medium and large, allowing customers to choose the unit that suits their needs and personal preferences, whether you are looking for a comfortable family home or A luxurious villa with spacious areas, the project offers multiple options that meet all needs and requirements.

  • The area of ​​villas within the project starts from 162 square meters.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

Azzar Islands North Coast project prices

Azzar North Coast project is distinguished by its competitive prices, as it offers various options of villas at competitive prices and suitable for different categories of investors and buyers. Given the unit sizes, modern designs, and distinguished location on the North Coast, this project is an option in terms of value and price.

  • Prices for villas in the project start from 5,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

 Payment systems in Azzar Islands North Coast

As for payment systems, Azzar Islands North Coast project offers flexible payment systems that suit the needs of different customers. These systems include low advances and easy monthly installments, in addition to convenient installment options that extend over long periods of time, which makes it easier for buyers to realize their dreams of investing in luxury real estate. On the Mediterranean coast without a major financial burden.

  • A 5% down payment of the total unit price is paid within Azzar Islands project, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 8 years.

Price analysis of the Azzar Islands Ras Elhikma

Azzar Islands Ras El Hikma project reveals a distinguished investment opportunity in luxury coastal real estate. The project is distinguished by providing a wide choice of residential units at various prices to suit various needs and budgets.

Prices vary according to the unit’s area, design, and location within Azzar Islands Ras Elhikma, which makes the project suitable for various segments of investors and buyers, thanks to its location. Distinguished on the northern coast, with luxurious designs and modern facilities, the project is considered an ideal choice for luxurious living on the Mediterranean coast or for real estate investment with lucrative profits. As a distinguished investment opportunity, this analysis can be strong evidence of its attractiveness and future real estate value.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

Facilities and services of Azzar Islands North Coast

Azzar North Coast Village is considered a unique oasis that combines luxury and comfort in the modern European style. The developing company was keen to provide a tourist project with integrated facilities and services characterized by a unique design and modern facilities to meet the needs of residents with the highest standards of quality and comfort. The most important of these points are the following:

  • Azzar Islands resort features a variety of restaurants and cafes, serving delicious dishes and drinks for the convenience of visitors and village residents.
  • There is a security and guarding system around the clock, with the use of the latest technologies to ensure safety and security for all residents.
  • The presence of tracks designated for entertainment, sports, and relaxation, such as walking, cycling, and hiking.
  • Azzar Islands resort features a private beach with various swimming pools, designed with the highest levels of luxury and sophistication to meet the needs of all age groups.
  • Azzar Islands resort features a distinctive architectural design and green spaces that give a stunning aesthetic appearance to the village.
  • The presence of artificial lakes with crystal water, reflecting the aesthetics of the cultural style of the village’s design.
  • The units feature amazing views of the seashore, adding a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere to the place.
  • There is an entertainment area for children, designed with the highest standards of luxury and sophistication to ensure a safe and enjoyable entertainment experience.
  • Azzar Islands resort features a large mosque that can accommodate a large number of worshipers.
  • Azzar Islands is characterized by a distinctive strategic location, close to all important services and facilities, and the city’s main roads and axes.
  • The presence of salons equipped with the latest equipment, to meet the needs of beauty care and relaxation.
  • Azzar North Coast Village features a sports club that includes multiple courts for various sports, to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • The presence of an integrated health club that includes fitness facilities, a spa, and swimming pools, to enhance the health and wellness of the village residents.

Advantages of investing in Azzar North Coast Village

Azzar Islands North Coast Village is distinguished by several factors that make it a distinctive and attractive investment destination for investors. Here are some important points about the advantages of investing in this village:

  • Azzar Islands village is located in a strategic location near New Alamein City, ensuring easy and convenient access for investors and residents from different regions.
  • Investing in Azzar Islands is an excellent opportunity to achieve rewarding financial returns, whether by renting the units to residents or tourists, or by increasing the value of the properties over time.
  • Azzar Islands project is characterized by a distinctive architectural design that combines elegance and luxury, in addition to the presence of high-quality facilities and services such as private beaches, swimming pools, luxury restaurants, health clubs, etc., which ensures great attraction for investors and residents.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

About Ready Group Development

Ready Group developments, which owns the Azzar Islands Ras Elhikma, is among the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, as it carries a historical experience spanning more than 50 years in a variety of industries. What distinguishes Ready Company is its commitment to providing the highest levels of quality and excellence in all its projects. In addition to its keen interest in meeting customer needs and providing the best services and facilities, it always seeks to achieve customer satisfaction by offering competitive prices, unique designs, and choosing strategic locations that ensure investment stability.

Ready’s reputation in the Egyptian market ensures that it continues to provide high-quality projects and innovative designs, making it one of the most prominent real estate companies in the country, and with its huge investment volume and specialized work team, it strengthens its position as a reliable investment partner in Egypt and the entire region.

Ready Group Developments projects

Ready Group Real Estate projects are distinguished by their high quality and unique designs, as they benefit from long experience in the real estate field. The work team is distinguished by relying on highly experienced and competent architects, and cooperates with major project management and prestigious decoration companies, which results in these cooperations producing unique residential units. It is of its kind characterized by European sophistication and luxury, and is offered at competitive prices that suit various categories of investors and clients, as follows:

Address East Compound New Cairo

Idris East Compound is a luxury residential project located in New Cairo near Suez Road, and extends over an area of ​​60 acres. The compound offers a variety of residential units that include apartments and duplexes with areas starting from 140 square meters, in addition to twin houses and villas ranging in size from 315 square meters. Square and more, making the project a distinctive face for residents and investors alike.

Azzar Compound Fifth Settlement

It is an upscale residential project located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, near the lively 90th Street, and provides easy access to various basic services and facilities. The project extends over an area of ​​25 acres, and is distinguished by offering luxury residential units with areas starting from 247 square meters and up to 305 square meters, and is characterized by designs Luxurious architecture for those looking for luxury and privacy in a modern and integrated environment.

Azzar 2 Compound Fifth Settlement

Azzar 2 is a distinguished residential development located in Golden Square in the Fifth Settlement, an upscale area with a strategic location and proximity to vital facilities. The project covers a vast area of ​​up to 72 acres, offering a wide range of residential units whose areas start from 225 square meters and reach up to 400 square meters. Square, with modern and distinctive designs that meet different tastes and provide the highest standards of comfort and luxury.

Dejar Compound New Cairo

Dejar New Cairo Compound is developed by Ready Group Real Estate Company, and is considered its latest leading residential project in Egypt, as it is characterized by a strategic location close to the main roads. The project is also distinguished by its American-style design, inspired by the state of California, and is considered the first of its kind to include apartments. Luxury residential and hotel apartments, with competitive prices and great payment facilities.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

The goal of the Azzar Islands North Coast project

Azzar Islands North Coast project aims to provide a luxurious and integrated residential experience in one of the most prestigious tourist areas in Egypt. The project focuses on providing high-quality residential units with modern and distinctive architectural designs that suit high tastes. It also aims to create a unique residential environment that combines luxury, privacy and security. While providing a range of services and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, green areas, health clubs and shops to meet all residents’ needs and ensure a distinguished living experience on the Mediterranean coast.

The beauty of life on the North Coast

The North Coast of Egypt combines the allure of nature with the splendor of the sea, providing visitors and residents with an exceptional experience full of magic. This region is famous for its beaches with golden sand and sparkling turquoise waters, making it one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country. The North Coast also includes spacious green spaces and a variety of gardens that offer… A calm and refreshing environment for those who want to relax in nature.

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Azzar Islands North Coast | with only 5% down payment

Disadvantages of the Azzar Islands North Coast project

Some people consider the distance between the North Coast and Cairo to be a disadvantage due to the geographical distance between them, which could have presented a challenge in reaching this coastal area, but thanks to government efforts in developing a new road network and modernizing the infrastructure, access to the North Coast has become easier and more convenient. New roads, such as the International Coastal Road and the connecting roads between Cairo and the coast, not only enhance geographical connectivity but also contribute to significantly reducing travel time, making the trip to the North Coast comfortable.

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