Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma By Sodic Developments

Project details
project name Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma
The project Location kilometer 200 of the Alexandria/Matrouh road
Developer شركة سوديك للتطوير العقاري SODIC Developments
Unit area 110
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 6 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 75,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma is the latest project of Sodic Development, which it launched with the latest architectural designs in the heart of the Ras El Hekma area on the North Coast, on a huge area extending to 192 acres.

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma enjoys a strategic location at kilometer 200 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, where the resort is 85 km from Marsa Matrouh, 30 km from New Alamein Airport, and 15 minutes from the Dabaa Road exit, and it is also close to Ras Bay. wisdom.

There are a variety of coastal units within Caesar Bay Sodic that suit the requirements and tastes of customers, as the village has units of villas, twin houses, and chalets, with varying sizes starting from 110 square meters, up to 350 square meters.

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma Village offers a competitive package of prices that suit the capabilities of a huge segment of customers and investors, as the unit price starts from 75,000,000 Egyptian pounds, with a 10% down payment and installments over 6 years in equal installments. For more details about this charming village, please read what it is. at.

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma location

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma has a vital location in the heart of the North Coast region, the first tourist destination and the main destination for foreign investors and tourists, specifically at kilometer 200 of the Alexandria/Matrouh coastal road, close to the most prominent roads, axes, and main landmarks in that region, the most important of which are the following:

  • Marsa Matrouh City: Caesar Bay Village is 85 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh City.
  • Ras El Hekma area: The village is located in the heart of the charming Ras El Hekma area.
  • Ras El Hekma Bay: Caesar Bay is separated from Ras El Hekma Bay by several simple steps.
  • New Alamein Airport: The village is 30 km from El Alamein Airport.
  • Burj Al Arab Airport: The village is located a few minutes from Burj Al Arab Airport.
  • Dabaa Road: Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma is located just 15 minutes from the Dabaa Road exit.
  • International Coastal Road: The resort can be easily reached through the International Coastal Road.

The village is also close to the most prominent villages of the North Coast, including Mountain View Village, Swan Lake Village, Fouka Bay, Marina, and Marassi, in addition to Hacienda West North Coast Village.

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Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Area of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma project

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma extends over a huge area of ​​up to 192 acres, and this large area has been professionally divided between residential buildings and services, and between green spaces, landscapes, and landscapes, with a ratio of 20% for construction and 80% for green spaces and artificial lakes, which give a wonderful and distinctive view to the units. The project.

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Area and types of units within Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Sodic Real Estate Development and Development Company was keen to combine all types of units within Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma to suit all tastes, as the resort offers luxury chalets, independent villas, and twin houses, with various sizes that can be explained as follows:

  • Chalet space: The space of chalets in Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma starts from 110 square meters and reaches 350 square meters.
  • Twin house area: The area of ​​the twin house units inside Caesars Bay Sodic starts from 180 square meters, and they consist of 3 bedrooms, a reception, a bathroom, and a kitchen.
  • Independent villas: The area of ​​​​the independent villas in the project starts from 250 square meters, consisting of 5 bedrooms, a reception, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room.

Thus, each client can choose the style and size of the unit that suits his own taste and the number of family members.

Stages of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Sodic Real Estate Company announced the construction of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma in three phases, with the first phase at the front of the project being allocated to hotel units, while the second phase is allocated to standalone villa units and twin houses, and the third phase consists of luxury chalets of various sizes and prices that satisfy the tastes of all customers and investors. The project includes 150 units of chalets, villas, and twin houses, in addition to a huge hotel that includes 252 hotel units.

Design of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

The company that owns Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma has sought the help of major design and engineering consulting companies and management and contracting companies, in order to supervise the development and implementation of the Master Plan project using the latest architectural technologies and in accordance with internationally agreed upon standards, and with the highest quality of materials in construction and internal and external finishes, as the project comes from the implementation of ( MDTR) Mediterranean Company for Touristic Investment.

The village has a sophisticated design with tiered terraces that allow all units to have a direct panoramic view of the sea, in addition to the charming view of natural landscapes, artificial lakes, and swimming pools, embraced by mountainous plants from every direction, in addition to ensuring the provision of a dividing space between the units to ensure complete privacy for the owners.

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma prices

Sodic Real Estate Development Company provides chalets and villas for sale on the North Coast, inside Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma, at prices that are out of competition, as the unit price starts from 75,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

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Payment and payment systems at Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma has many payment and payment systems that are suitable for a large segment of customers and are compatible with their capabilities. These systems can be explained as follows:

  • A reservation deposit for resort units starting from 10% of the total unit price is paid.
  • Pay equal monthly installments for 6 years, without interest.
  • All units are delivered fully finished.
  • Units will be delivered two years after the contract date.

Thus, you can own a summer resort unit in the most luxurious areas of the North Coast, in installments over the longest possible payment period and with the lowest reservation deposit, so do not hesitate and reserve your unit.

Services and features of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Caesar Bay North Coast is an integrated tourist hotel village that includes many services and features that make it an attraction for customers, investors, and entrepreneurs. The village provides all the basic services and recreational activities that meet customer requirements. These services and features can be explained as follows:

  • International Hotel: Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma includes an international hotel that includes many luxury hotel units, numbering 252 units, varying in size from a small suite to family rooms consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes within Caesar Bay North Coast, in addition to restaurants on the beach that serve fresh fish and seafood meals, Al Alamein Restaurant, and cafes with calm décor and distinguished services.
  • Beach games: The village has a sandy beach with soft white sand and is equipped with the latest beach games such as volleyball, billiards, table tennis, and others.
  • Integrated health center: The project includes a health center that includes the latest fitness equipment, including a gym, spa, jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, etc.
  • Kids Area: Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma has a huge entertainment area dedicated to children, which includes many recreational activities that they love.
  • Aqua Park: The project includes an Aqua Park over a huge area that includes many diverse entertainment activities.
  • A huge commercial area: The resort includes a commercial area extending over a large area, which includes many shops that display all modern household supplies.
  • Swimming pools: Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma has swimming pools of various shapes and depths to suit all ages.
  • Artificial lakes: Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma includes artificial lakes with cheerful crystal colors, in addition to wide green spaces and landscapes.
  • Security and guarding: There is a highly trained staff to guard the village around the clock to provide security and safety for residents.
  • Surveillance cameras: The project has advanced surveillance systems distributed in parallel throughout the project to ensure that all movements within the resort are recorded as soon as they occur.

Problems and disadvantages of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma

Despite these countless advantages that are available within Caesar by Sodic, some customers may see that the lack of immediate delivery units is one of the problems and tangible defects in the village, but on the other hand, we find that the owner company is making every effort to speed up the building and construction processes. It also pledges to its customers to deliver the units within the time stipulated in the contract, which was specified within two years only, which negates any defect that may arise in the minds of customers about Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma that charming village.

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عيوب سيزر باي راس الحكمة

The real estate developer of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma Village

Sodic Development is the company that developed Caesar Bay Ras El Hekma, and it is one of the well-established entities in the field of development that has decades of experience during which it has developed many real estate projects of various types, including residential, coastal, commercial, and administrative properties. In various regions within Egypt, from 6th of October City, New Cairo, the North Coast and others, these huge projects achieved popularity among customers and an unprecedented sales rate in the Egyptian real estate market.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Caesar Bay Ras El Hikma Village

SODIC Real Estate Development and Development Company has carried out a distinguished group of successful businesses that have achieved huge sales rates, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Katameya Plaza Compound.
  • Sodic East New Heliopolis project.
  • Sodic East Heliopolis Compound.

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The best villages in Ras El Hikma

Ras Al-Hikma area is one of the most important new areas located on the northern coast, which the state has developed a plan to develop within remote areas that are open to investment. This distinguished area has witnessed unprecedented development and acquired a huge amount of services and features that have made it a tourist and coastal destination that attracts a huge number of tourists. Investors and entrepreneurs, and it also includes many luxurious tourist villages, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Cali Coast North Coast Resort: launched by Maven Real Estate Development at Kilometer 198 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, on an area of ​​200 acres.
  • DeBay North Coast Village: launched by Tatweer Misr Real Estate at Kilometer 165 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.
  •  Mountain View North Coast: launched by Mountain View Real Estate at Kilo 200 Alexandria-Matrouh Road.
  • Naya Bay Ras El Hekma Village: which is offered to clients by Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development Company in the heart of Ras El Hekma at Kilometer 170 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

In addition to several distinctive villages, including Azha Village, Seasons, Hacienda West, Silver Sands, Marassi, Sea View North Coast Village and other charming villages.

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