Crowne Residence New Cairo By Urbnlanes Developments

Project details
project name Crowne Residence New Cairo
The project Location Direct at Suez Road
Developer أوربن لينز للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 65
receiving date 2028
Payment systems down payment 10 % % , 7 installment years
Finishing type تشطيب كامل
Prices start from 125,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Crowne Residence New Cairo is the latest project of Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company in the heart of Yellow Compound Fifth Settlement. The project is characterized by the presence of many diverse residential units in terms of spaces or in terms of different unit types that suit all customers.

Crowne Residence Fifth Settlement is located near the most important landmarks such as: American University, Al Rehab City, Madinaty, Cairo International Airport, Madinaty, and Family Park.

Crowne Residence has a variety of units, including studios and residential apartments with hotel services, with areas starting from 65 square meters and up to 160 square meters.

Unit prices in crowne Residence New Cairo start from 125,000 Egyptian pounds per meter, with a 10% down payment and a payment period of 7 years.

For more details about crowne Residence Fifth Settlement, please read the article.

crowne Residence Fifth Settlement location

The project has a distinguished strategic location, as the project is located in the title of Yellow Compound, Fifth Settlement, which enjoys a direct location on the Old Suez Road at its intersection with Al-Rehab City Road, and it is considered one of the best locations in the Fifth Settlement, as the compound’s location is close to the most important landmarks in the settlement. Fifth, in addition to its proximity to many main roads, which makes getting to and from the compound from many other areas only a few minutes away.

Places near crowne Residence

  • Suez Road:The project is located directly on the old Suez Road at its intersection with Al-Rehab City Road.
  • Creek Town Compound:crowne is adjacent to one of the largest compounds in the Fifth Settlement, which is Creek Town Compound.
  • Family Park:The project is also adjacent to one of the largest entertainment areas in New Cairo, which is Family Park.
  • Madinaty:The project is located a short distance from the Madinaty area, which does not exceed 13 km.
  • Al-Rehab City:crowne is also close to Al-Rehab City, as they are only 12 minutes apart.
  • American University: The project is close to one of the most important landmarks in the community, which is the American University.

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موقع كراون ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

crowne Residence New Cairo Design

Crowne Residence Fifth Settlement is the result of a combination of the experiences of the partners in the project, which are Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company and InterContinental Hotels Group The company cooperated with the InterContinental Group to launch two hotels under the famous “Crowne Plaza” brand, and Yellow Fifth Settlement Compound was chosen to be the first hotel center among them.

Therefore, crowne Residence has a distinctive design and is compatible with international standards for hotels which is considered one of the The most famous international brands in the field of hospitality, so the project gives you a combination of the beauty of New Cairo, with the character of the Kuwaiti experience of Urban Lanes, with an aesthetic touch from the hotel services allocated to the project.

crowne Residence Fifth Settlement

We mentioned previously that the Crowne Residence project is part of the Yellow Fifth Settlement Compound, and the project occupies a large percentage of the compound’s area, which extends over a land area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, and this large area was allocated to the project to suit the project’s desired goal of being a hotel-residential complex with integrated hotel services. .

Urban Lens has cooperated with InterContinental planned the project area and divided it into residential buildings area and other area For basic and entertainment services that serve crowne Residence only, and through the following we will explain to you the types and sizes of units available in the project.

Area of ​​units in Crowne Residence, Fifth Settlement

  • Studio:crowne Residence Fifth Settlement includes studio units with areas starting from 65 square meters.
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment:For the smallest size of 1-bedroom hotel apartments, the average size is 80 square metres.
  • 2-bedroom apartment:Apartments of a larger area are available, with an average area of ​​125 square meters and consisting of 2 bedrooms.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: As for the largest area available in hotel apartments, it has an average area of ​​160 square meters and 3 bedrooms.

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كراون ريزيدنس القاهرة الجديدة

crowne Residence Fifth Settlement prices

Urban Lanes, the owner and developer of the crowne Residence project, announced the project’s prices, which average 125,000 Egyptian pounds per meter. This is considered a special price given that the project enjoys the most luxurious hotel services provided by one of the most prominent international hospitality companies, which is considered a golden opportunity for investment or residence and enjoyment. With the high level of service in the heart of Yellow Compound, which is considered one of the best residential complexes in the Fifth Settlement.

Reservation and payment systems at crowne Residence New Cairo

The advantage of owning a unit in the crowne Residence Fifth Settlement project is not limited to competitive prices only, but also extends to the payment system available for owning the unit by reserving the unit with a 10% down payment of the unit value, with the rest of the value being paid over 7 years.

Analysis of unit prices in crowne Residence Fifth Settlement

The prices of the units in the project are considered among the best competitive prices in the Fifth Settlement projects, as prices start from only 125,000 Egyptian pounds per meter. It is worth noting that the units are not just ordinary residential units, but rather the units are characterized by being fully finished and equipped with the best hotel services, which increases the value they receive. You will get it for the unit price, especially in a vital area such as the area chosen for the location of Yellow Compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and close to the most important landmarks and main roads.

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crowne Residence Fifth Settlement Facilities and Services

  • House Keeping Services: One of the best hotel services available in the project is the House keeping service.
  • Gym: The project includes a large gym equipped with the latest international sports equipment and designated for crowne residents.
  • Co-working area: You can also enjoy project services while you work in the co-working area.
  • Parking area: Yellow Compound includes a large parking area, part of which is allocated for crowne Residence residents only.
  • Swimming pools: There are also a number of swimming pools suitable for all ages and designated for crowne residents only.
  • Walking and jogging paths: You can enjoy walking or jogging among the wide green spaces in the compound.
  • Security systems: One of the most important features of the project is that it includes powerful security systems that operate around the clock.

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مشروع كراون ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

Advantages of investing in crowne Residence

Crowne Residence Fifth Settlement is considered one of the best investment opportunities, because the project mainly targets tourists, which makes the project competitive with hotels, and you can benefit from it by renting the unit, or even reselling it after a period while taking advantage of the continuous rise in prices, especially in the New Cairo area, which Unit prices are witnessing a continuous and significant increase, and it is expected that crowne units will see a doubling in prices, because the project enjoys a high level of luxury hotel services.

About Urban Lanes Real Estate Development Company

Urban Lanes is a real estate development company operating under the umbrella of Emil Abdullah Investments Company, which is one of the largest investment companies in Kuwait, and which owns a large number of projects throughout the Middle East. The number of the company’s projects exceeds 100 real estate projects, thanks to the company’s long experience that it enjoys. In the field of real estate development.

Urban lanes focuses on meeting customer expectations by implementing projects that enjoy practicality while taking into account aesthetic features at the same time. The company says about itself that the essence of its success and distinction is its interest in delivering projects with the highest levels of quality, while paying attention to delivering them in a timely manner, because the company cares about the satisfaction of its customers. And it always seeks to expand its customer base.

The company’s expansion includes its expansion in the geographical area of ​​its projects, as the company began to go beyond the borders of Kuwait, and decided to spread throughout the Middle East, and its starting point was in Egypt, because the real estate market in Egypt is considered one of the largest markets in the Middle East, and the company has already succeeded in implementing… A number of diverse projects, including residential and commercial projects, all of which witnessed impressive success thanks to the company’s experience in its field of work.

Urban lanes Real Estate Development Company projects

Through the following, we will show you the most important projects developed by Urban Lens in Egypt:

  • Yellow Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

The crowne Residence project is located in the heart of Yellow Compound, Fifth Settlement, and it is one of the most prominent Compounds in the Fifth Settlement. The compound enjoys a prime location at the intersection of Old Suez Road and Al-Rehab Road, making it minutes away from many of the main areas in New Cairo.

The compound includes different areas for apartments and duplexes, with areas starting from 68 square meters and reaching areas larger than 200 square meters, and the units enjoy a large number of basic services and entertainment facilities that make the compound your ideal choice for housing in the Fifth Settlement.

  • Levels Business Tower, New Administrative Capital

Levels Business Tower is considered one of the most important real estate projects in the New Capital. The project enjoys a strategic location in the Downtown area, minutes away from the northern Bin Zayed Axis, the Al Masa Hotel, the Gold District, and many other major landmarks in the New Capital.

The mall includes different types of units, ranging from administrative units to fully finished commercial units, with areas starting from 35 square meters and a long-term payment system, where the installment period reaches 10 years.

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You can find out the latest prices and talk to the sales team from here

The goal of the crowne Residence project

The main goal of the crowne Residence project is to provide a number of distinguished hotel units in one of the most important new areas in Egypt, which is the Fifth Settlement area. This goal was achieved through Urban Lanes’ contract with the InterContinental Hotels Group in order to provide 180 hotel units in the heart of the compound. Yellow Fifth Settlement.

This goal is considered part of the vision of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, which seeks to attract a larger number of tourists. The Ministry has set a goal of reaching 30 million tourists by 2028, and the Ministry has begun supervising a large number of hotel projects, the most prominent of which is the crowne project, which includes 180 various units. Spaces and prices.

The beauty of life in the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement area is considered one of the most modern areas in Egypt, and although it has been developed for some time and by other new areas such as the New Administrative Capital, for example, the area still maintains its upscale level to this day, so it was chosen to be the headquarters of the crowne Residence project, to be an ideal destination. For tourists.

In addition, it is close to many main roads that make it easy to reach within minutes, and it is considered an important advantage for a project such as crowne Residence, which targets tourists, as tourists prefer to stay in an area that is easily accessible from other places, especially tourist places, and this advantage is available in the community. Fifth, through which one can reach any other area in Greater Cairo within a few minutes.

crowne Residence

Disadvantages of crowne Residence Fifth Settlement

Crowne Residence includes only one type of residential units, which are apartments, which some clients and investors consider to be a flaw in the project, especially clients who prefer the types of units with large areas. However, Urban Lanes limited the type of units to residential apartments and studios so that the project is in harmony with the rest of the units in Yellow Compound. .

In addition to the main goal of the project, which is the goal of the Egyptian state to provide hotel units to receive a larger number of tourists, so Urban Lines Company decided to participate in this tourism development.

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