D Bay North Coast With Down Payment 10%

Project details
project name D Bay North Coast
The project Location Kilo 165 Alexandria-Matrouh
Developer Tatweer Misr Developments
Unit area 70
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 11,550,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

D Bay North Coast by Tatweer Masr Development, on an area of ​​200 acres in the heart of North Coast.

D Bay Tatweer Misr Village is located near El Alamein International Airport, El Alamein Marina, New El Alamein Road, and New El Alamein City, in addition to large tourist villages, such as La Vista Village, Tilal Village, Marassi, and Fouka Bay Village.

There are various units in D Bay North Coast Village, including lofts, chalets, twin houses, and independent villas, with an area starting from 95 square meters for a loft, chalets starting from 110 square meters, and a twin house starting from 165 square meters, in addition to stand-alone villas. Its area starts from 370 square meters.

Unit prices within D Bay North Coast project start from 11 million Egyptian pounds for the loft units, and 26 million Egyptian pounds for the twin house units, with a 10% down payment and installments up to 8 years.

To know more details and information about D Bay North Coast project, follow the following article.

D Bay Village North Coast location

D Bay North Coast is located at kilometer 165 on the Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road in the Dabaa area, directly in front of the sea. With this location, the project is located in the most vital areas of the North Coast city, and close to the main roads and axes, which facilitate access and movement from it to any other place.

Places near D Bay North Coast project

With D Bay North Coast located at kilometer 165 in the Dabaa area, it is close to many landmarks and vital roads on the North Coast, which are as follows:

  • El Alamein International Airport: D Bay village is located on the North Coast, approximately 20 kilometers near El Alamein International Airport.
  • Marina El Alamein: The Dbay Tatweer Misr project is approximately 50 kilometers away from Marina El Alamein.
  • New Alamein Road: Approximately 40 kilometers separate the village from New Alamein Road.
  • New Alamein City: D Bay Resort North Coast is approximately 55 kilometers away from New Alamein City.

D bay Location

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Design of D Bay North Coast project

D Bay North Coast was designed in an ideal and distinctive way, very similar to the European style, supported by many Egyptian touches, with wide green spaces and good division of chalet units and independent villas, in addition to the proximity of services and facilities to all units, in addition to the colors of the summer units that are appropriate for nature. The green environment surrounding the village.

D Bay North Coast Area

The D Bay North Coast area is considered one of the largest areas on the coast, as Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which owns the village, hired the largest design and planning companies in the Egyptian real estate field, and the village was divided as follows:

  • Total area: The total area of ​​D Bay North Coast is estimated at about 200 acres.
  • Building area: 18% of the total area of ​​the D Bay project has been allocated to buildings and construction, at 36 acres
  • Green spaces and landscaping: The percentage allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and recreational areas amounted to about 82% of the total area of ​​D Bay Resort North Coast, equivalent to 164 acres.

Area of ​​units in the D Bay project

The areas of the summer units offered within D Bay North Coast varied to suit the different needs of customers, and suit their ambitions and desires. They also included different types suitable for the preferences of customers and investors. The types and areas of units in the project can be known through the following:

  • The area of ​​the loft units in D Bay Al Sahel Village starts from 95 square meters.
  • The area of ​​the 3-room chalets within the Tatweer Misr project starts from 110 square meters.
  • The area of ​​twin house villas in D Bay Tatweer Misr starts from 165 square meters and reaches 240 square meters.
  • The area of ​​independent villas starts from 370 square meters.

D Bay North Coast prices

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which owns D Bay North Coast, was keen to provide the best prices for the project’s units, commensurate with the different financial capabilities of customers and investors, and in a way that facilitates the idea of ​​purchasing a summer resort unit within the North Coast for them. The prices of D Bay units can be found through the following lines. :

  • Prices for a two-bedroom loft start from 11,550,000 Egyptian pounds, and reach 14,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for three-room chalets start from 15,050,000 Egyptian pounds and reach 17,955,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for twin house villas in D Bay North Coast start from 26,250,000 Egyptian pounds, and reach 43,295,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Standard villa prices range from 56,379,000 Egyptian pounds, up to 120,568,000 Egyptian pounds.
D Bay North Coast

D Bay North Coast

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Reservation and payment systems in the D Bay North Coast project

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company has introduced a flexible and convenient payment system to purchase one of the units of D By D By North Coast. This system is basically based on installments of the total unit price over a certain number of years, by paying an advance of the total unit price. This system can be found out. In installments as follows:

  • A down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the remaining amount is paid in equal installments over a period of 7 years.

Price analysis in D Bay Village

Dbay North Coast prices are considered among the best prices offered for major tourism projects within the region, as the real estate developer is keen to reduce the financial burden on its customers, and to provide all the services, benefits, and facilities that help them acquire their unit with the utmost ease, and enjoy the facilities within the village, whether they are Basic or recreational.

The prices of the village units are difficult to compare to any other project, in light of the services provided by the real estate developer, in addition to the fact that the project is an investment opportunity that is difficult to replicate, which makes the Dee Bay Al Sahel project the ideal place to spend your summer vacation, and the appropriate place for long-term investment. With great safety and success.

D Bay North Coast Facilities and Services

Owning a unit within D Bay North Coast allows you to enjoy a large number of basic, entertainment and utility services, which are provided at a high level of efficiency and quality, as they differ greatly from other tourism projects on the coast, and these services can be explained as follows:

  • D Bay North Coast Village contains a Crystal Lagoon, which is considered one of the largest in the North Coast City, which adds more beauty and elegance to the general view of the village, and provides the tranquility and psychological comfort that Tatweer Masry’s clients are looking for.
  • The project includes a large number of swimming pools, varying in size and depth to suit different age groups within the village, in addition to the presence of covered swimming pools for women within Dee Bay Village; In order to provide privacy and appropriate comfort.
  • There is a health club available in D Bay North Coast, which includes a gym that includes the latest sports equipment, and is supervised by an elite group of the most skilled and experienced trainers, in addition to spa rooms, Jacuzzis, and sauna and steam baths, which provide a great deal of comfort and relaxation for clients and investors.
  • D Bay Tatweer Misr has sports lanes designated only for cycling, running or walking, amidst wide green spaces.
  • D Bay North Coast Mall contains a large area, which includes the largest international brands and brands, which provide the best basic and luxury products, as well as all personal and household supplies.
  • The village includes a tourist walkway extending to 800 meters in length, through which there are a number of distinctive cafés and restaurants, which offer the most delicious and delicious food and drinks, whether local or international, within the framework of a distinctive and wonderful view.
  • D Bay North Coast Village includes golf carts for internal transportation throughout the project.
  • D Bay Tatweer Misr contains a medical center equipped at a high level, with doctors with different specialties available, in addition to the presence of a pharmacy operating 24 hours a day, providing all medical treatments to patients, through which blood pressure and diabetes levels can be measured and obtained from them. On many other medical services.
  • D Bay North Coast has designated areas for children, with a group of different games for all ages. To spend more enjoyable entertainment times.
  • D Bay Al Sahel Village has the highest level of protection and guarding systems, as security personnel work around the clock, and in addition to that, there are surveillance cameras that monitor and record all movements around the clock.

D Bay Village

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Features of D Bay North Coast Village

D Bay Village is considered one of the most beautiful tourist villages that have been established recently in the North Coast city. This is due to the number of features that the village contains and its availability to all its residents, as follows:

  • D Bay North Coast Village is characterized by the most beautiful sandy beach in the North Coast city, extending 800 meters.
  • D Bay project is characterized by the most wonderful design and planning, as the U-shaped village comes with a system of terraces, making all residential units overlook the sea directly.
  • D Bay Tatweer Misr Village is distinguished by its vital location close to important places and roads on the northern coast.
  • The village is characterized by vast green spaces and modern architectural designs, which imitate the modern European style.
  • D Bay North Coast Village is distinguished by the diversity of the areas of the summer units offered in it, to suit the needs of different customers.
  • The village is distinguished by its long-term payment systems, with the lowest deposit for reservations and contracts.

Advantages of investing in Dee Bay Village

One of the factors that every client seeking to invest in any project is to know the number of advantages that are expected to be obtained when investing in that project, so Tatweer Misr Company, which owns the project, was keen that Dbay North Coast contains many advantages that encourage investment, as follows:

  • The company that owns D Bay village resort north coast has a distinguished history of sales in the same city, so owning any unit within D Bay project represents a great profit return if the unit is sold later.
  • You can also obtain a monthly profit for renting your residential unit at any time over the course of.

About Tatweer Misr Developments

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company is the owner of Dbay North Coast. The company’s founding dates back to 2014, and it is an Egyptian joint stock company, with a huge capital of 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds. Despite the company’s recent appearance in the field of real estate development, it has been able to build a distinctive mental image among many clients and investors.

The credit for this is due to the developer company’s keenness to provide the best residential and commercial projects to its customers, by offering projects in vital and strategic locations, providing full support for them in terms of basic and recreational services and facilities, and choosing the best building materials and design and construction companies ever, all with affordable prices. Competitive and payment systems are the best among projects in the same region.

The Dbay project is a vivid and tangible example of the ingenuity of Tatweer Misr, and the extent of its ability to employ all its capabilities and harness them to serve the company’s goal, which is to provide the best residential and commercial investment experience to its clients around the world.

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Projects of Tatweer Misr Developments

The list of previous works of Tatweer Misr Real Estate includes a group of huge projects such as D Bay Resort North Coast, and these projects can be talked about briefly in the following lines:

Salt North Coast Village

Designed by  Salt North Coast Village Ideally, customers and investors are guaranteed to obtain all the main components of a summer life and a happy vacation. The village is located near New Alamein City, Dabaa Road, and other landmarks and roads, on an area of ​​294 acres, and includes independent chalets and villas of various types, with areas starting from 95 square meters.

The prices of the village units start from 10 million Egyptian pounds and reach 38 million Egyptian pounds, in addition to the flexible and distinctive installment and payment systems offered by the developer company.

Fouka Bay North Coast Village

No different Fouka Bay North Coast Village is different from its counterpart, Salt Village, as the village has modern designs and large and varied spaces. The village was built on 194 acres, and includes twin house units, Independent villas and chalets, with areas starting from a minimum of 95 square meters.

These units are available at prices suitable for many customers, investors, and various segments of society, as chalet prices start at 12 million Egyptian pounds, and prices for standalone villas reach 49 million Egyptian pounds.

Il Monte Galala El Sokhna Village

Built Monte Galala Village, Ain Sokhna covers an area of ​​530 acres, brilliantly divided between green spaces and summer units offered by Tatweer Misr. The village is close to important places in Sokhna, such as Porto Ain Sokhna, Galala City, and Suez Road.

The village includes a large number of chalets, twin houses, and independent villas, which come in different sizes and prices suitable for everyone, as spaces start from 45 square meters and reach 376 square meters. Unit prices in the village start from 7 million Egyptian pounds, and a payment system starts with a payment of 10%. Down payment, installments over 7 years.

Bloomfields Mostakbal City Compound

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is located near the cities of Heliopolis and the British and German University, on an area of ​​415 acres, and includes various types of residential units, including apartments, duplexes, and twins. Houses, townhouses, and independent villas, with areas starting from 70 square meters, and prices reaching a minimum of about 7 million Egyptian pounds.

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Project Objective

The goal of D Bay North Coast project is to develop the best tourism projects for Tatweer Misr’s clients, which will provide them with a very wonderful summer experience that will make them aspire to repeat it for the longest possible period throughout the year, by providing prices for the village units in a way that is difficult to obtain anywhere else. Supported by services and facilities at the highest level.

The beauty of life in the region

The North Coast is one of the areas that enjoys a summer atmosphere that is the best among the cities of Cairo, with a slight rise in temperatures and a calm, light winter atmosphere accompanied by little rain. All this is in addition to the presence of many recreational areas for adults and children, as well as sandy beaches and safaris. Security services, yacht marina, and other features that make life on the North Coast very enjoyable and comfortable.

Disadvantages of D Bay North Coast

D Bay village resort north coast has a set of wonderful features, but it has one flaw, which is the lack of residential units for immediate delivery, which is not suitable for some customers and investors. Otherwise, the village is one of the best tourist villages on the coast. North.

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