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Project details
project name Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed
The project Location In front of Sphinx Airport at Kilometer 47 in New Zayed City
Developer شركة بيبول آند بليسيز للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 185
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 19,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Hills of One Sheikh Zayed is a story unfolding in West Cairo on the Cairo-Alexandria Road. It shows a natural landscape inside the project with an imaginative character that was meticulously designed with a focus on the sustainability of the project through the use of environmentally friendly materials, in addition to ensuring cleanliness and continuous maintenance. Now own your unit. In Hills of One Compound, one of the newest residential projects, to be close to all other high-end projects, to ensure the highest level of comfort and luxury for you and your family, People and Places Real Estate Company has made great efforts to provide all services and facilities within 3 to 5 minutes of your unit. .

Location of Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed

Hills Of One Sheikh Zayed Compound is distinguished by its prime location in Madinat Zayed. It is located directly in front of Sphinx International Airport on the desert road at Kilo 47, which makes accessing it very easy, and thanks to its strategic location, you can also easily access international schools, universities, Major commercial centers, and many main roads and hubs, you will also be able to easily reach any place you want to visit in the shortest possible time.

Places near Hills of One Sheikh Zayed

Hills Of One New Zayed is distinguished by its distinguished location, which makes it close to several main points:-

  • It is only five minutes away from Sphinx Airport, making it an ideal location to stay.
  • It can also be easily reached via the Rawd al-Farag axis, which separates it from the Dabaa axis by a short distance.
  • It is distinguished by its location near many important landmarks, including Sheikh Zayed, the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is only about 30 minutes away.

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كمبوند هيلز اوف وان الشيخ زايد Hills Of One New Zayed

Design of Hills of One Sheikh Zayed

The design of Hills of One Sheikh Zayed is in a way that embodies the vision of People & Places and reflects its continuous creativity in developing sustainable and inspiring communities. The project units in Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound are distinguished by their diversity and wonderful design, as the company focuses its design on creating inspiring experiences that connect humans and nature. Uniquely, the company embraces creating environments that combine creative ideas with customer needs, resulting in residential experiences that are unique and innovative in every detail.

The project includes villas and apartments in an area of ​​167 acres, with approximately 800 residential units available. Vast green spaces surround the residential units, providing high-end facilities and integrated services to satisfy all life and entertainment needs.

Therefore, it contracted with leading architects in Egypt and the Middle East to ensure the implementation of the project based on international standards, by choosing the best materials and colors to provide high-quality residential units to customers. The company places psychological emphasis on luxury and generosity, and relies on positive human connections to plant happiness among its customers, which is What will be reflected in the services and facilities provided.

Area of ​​Hills of One Sheikh Zayed

Hills Of One Compound is one of the prominent residential projects of People & Places, and therefore it conducted a careful study to choose the appropriate location, which reached an area of ​​167 acres, to build a youthful and sustainable residential environment, which reflects the company’s focus primarily on individuals. The area includes 800 residential units, including that is 300 apartments and 500 townhouses and villas, and based on its belief in sustainability, the company provided its residential units and facilities on only 15% of the total area, with the aim of providing a better future environment for its customers who want to explore themselves, live in a more authentic way, and achieve their fullest potential.

The area of ​​the units in Hills of One Sheikh Zayed

Only 800 residential units were provided by Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound, with the aim of providing a quiet and upscale environment for each unit it owns, allowing customers to enjoy the utmost levels of privacy and security, and these units were divided into:-

  • 500 units including independent villas, twin houses, and penthouses.
  • In addition to 300 luxury residential apartments, with a wide variety of spaces.
  • Independent villas start from 260 square meters.
  • As for the penthouses in Hills of One Zayed Compound, their area ranges from 300 square meters.
  • While the spaces for residential apartments start from 185 square meters.

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كمبوند هيلز اوف وان الشيخ زايد Hills Of One New Zayed

Prices of Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed

After People & Places Real Estate Development Company announced the first residential project in the heart of the New Zayed area, which is the Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound, which includes a variety of residential units of various sizes and competitive prices, the project includes independent villas, townhouses, twinhouses, and penthouses. With various sizes, the prices and areas of units in Hills of One Compound range as follows:-

  • Townhouse Corner: Spaces start from 254 square meters, and include 3 bedrooms, in addition to a roof of 59 square meters and a penthouse, with prices starting from 14,000,000 pounds.
  • Townhouse Middle: The area starts from 200 square meters and contains 3 bedrooms, with prices starting from 12,000,000 pounds.
  • Urban Villa: The area starts from 265 square meters, contains 3 bedrooms, with prices starting from 16,000,000 pounds.
  • Villa: Spaces start from 296 square metres, including 3 bedrooms and a roof area of ​​46 square metres, with prices starting from 18,000,000 pounds.

And other residential units of different sizes and prices to meet the different needs of valued customers.

Reservation and payment systems in Hills of One New Zayed

People & Places Development Company places the customer as its highest priority, and as a result of this approach, the company has been able to distinguish itself in providing all the services that work to attract the customer and improve his experience in the residential units it provides, and among the important packages it offers that facilitate the purchasing and payment process, it is payment 5 % of the property value as a down payment and the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.

Price analysis

Hills Of One Compound Sheikh Zayed provides various residential units starting from 185 square meters at prices starting from 11,000,000 Egyptian pounds. Customers can benefit from a flexible payment system that starts with a 5% down payment and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 8 years. The price of the units can be paid over 8 years, which It facilitates the acquisition process for investors and those wishing to invest in this charming and distinctive project.

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Facilities and services of Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed

Hills of One Sheikh Zayed is characterized by providing a comprehensive range of services and facilities that meet the needs of all residents, whether basic or recreational. The developing company ensures providing the best standard of living through:-

  • Providing an integrated security system that includes surveillance cameras and security personnel.
  • In addition to a commercial mall that includes various stores to meet daily and monthly needs.
  • The project also features the provision of integrated medical services and a sports club equipped with multiple playgrounds.
  • In addition to swimming pools of different depths, a clubhouse is guaranteed.
  • Garages near the residential units provide comfort and relaxation for the compound’s residents.
  • There is also an area designated for cafes and restaurants, in addition to the Kids Area, which is fully equipped for children to enjoy their time safely.

Advantages of investing in Hills of One Compound

Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound is characterized by multiple investment and residential advantages, and is considered an unmissable opportunity due to its strategic location in New Zayed City, which is characterized by proximity to all vital landmarks and main roads that facilitate your arrival to your destination quickly, as well as:-

  • It is characterized by the presence of distinct residential units with luxurious styles and designs, suiting various needs and budgets, in addition to flexible payment systems.
  • The wonderful design of the Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound project provides complete privacy for the residential units, and exceptional views of nature and green lakes.
  • The compound is equipped with paved paths for people with special abilities to facilitate movement and enjoy life in Hills of One New Zayed.
  • Areas for recreation and cycling were also provided in a picturesque natural setting.
  • To ensure safety and comfort, the project was protected by an advanced security system and the presence of trained guards throughout the day.
  • In addition, vital facilities and basic services such as natural gas, electricity, and high-quality water stations were provided.
  • The compound also operates with a smart system that makes it easy to control all facilities and services with ease via a mobile application.
  • It includes solar panels to convert solar energy into clean electricity. Electricity generators and central air conditioning have also been provided in the residential units to give residents comfort and luxury.
  • Sheikh Zayed City also represents an ideal model of urban development in Egypt, as it combines technological modernity with the spirit of traditional Egyptian neighborhoods.

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Hills of One Sheikh Zayed | Own your unit now with only 5% down payment

About People & Places Developments

People and Places Developments is the creative mind behind the development of Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound. Despite being one of the newest companies in the real estate sector in Egypt, it has succeeded in presenting a unique project on the North Coast that has won great admiration.

The company adopts a future vision centered around creating sustainable communities that provide positive residential environments that enhance communication and enhance social connections. People & Places aims to create prosperous neighborhoods that put individuals at the heart of its design, through experiences that enhance communication and strengthen ties between individuals. The company concludes its efforts with planning and design. He is proficient in these matters with the aim of achieving exceptional experiences that strengthen social bonds.

People and Places Company projects people and places

People & Places Developments Company aims to provide excellent value to its customers and is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and safety in every project it undertakes. The company also enjoys great confidence from customers as a result of its strong commitment to professionalism and excellence, which has made it stand out in the market quickly and confidently.

Some of People and Places Developments’ previous work includes The Med North Coast project in the North Coast region, as well as projects in Beit Al Watan and the Narges neighbourhood.

The Med Village North Coast

The Med North Coast It is considered one of the distinguished coastal projects on the North Coast. It is located 195 kilometers on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road in the Ras El Hekma area. It is one of the vital places on the North Coast. The village is distinguished by the availability of various residential units such as chalets that provide a stunning view of the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. It also includes a variety of villas, such as townhouses, with various spaces that meet the needs of all residents of the village.

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كمبوند هيلز اوف وان الشيخ زايد Hills Of One New Zayed

The goal of Hills of One Compound Zayed

The goal of Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound, developed by People & Places Real Estate, is to achieve an ideal balance between simplicity and luxury, as it aims to revolutionize the field of real estate through its innovative designs and its strategic location in the heart of  sheikh Zayed, while offering competitive prices that make it unbeatable.

The beauty of life in New Zayed

The New Zayed area in Egypt is considered the ideal choice for those who prefer luxury and comfort in life. There is a high demand for purchasing real estate within its exclusive borders, making it an ideal place for luxurious living. The compounds here offer a full range of services and facilities carefully designed to meet all the needs of residents who aspire to a full life. In luxury and enjoyment, you can enjoy luxurious swimming pools, green gardens, and areas designated for outdoor sports, in addition to many upscale restaurants and cafes.

What distinguishes New Zayed compounds is their modern and elegant design, with luxurious residential villas and apartments that reflect good taste and high-level design. These units provide luxurious living spaces that enjoy beauty and quality, with stunning natural views. Thanks to the meticulous design, the units seek to achieve the maximum level of luxury and beauty. Which adds a distinctive value to the lifestyle.

Life in Hills of One New Zayed Compound is not limited to home entertainment only, but extends to easy access to commercial centers, entertainment areas, schools, hospitals and public services. Advanced security and protection systems provide a high level of privacy and security for residents.

Therefore, New Zayed in Egypt is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious life, while it continues to attract investors from all over the world, as it combines luxury and comfort in a distinctive and safe life experience, making it the ideal choice to achieve your real estate dreams in an exceptional environment.

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Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed

Disadvantages of Hills of One Compound Sheikh Zayed

One of the disadvantages that you may encounter in Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound is that the high cost of real estate within the compound may be an obstacle for some people, and it may not be the appropriate option for those looking for more affordable housing options. In addition, residents must be aware of potential maintenance costs, which It may be expensive, especially if the compound contains luxury facilities that require regular maintenance and payment of additional fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of the new Hills of One Zayed Compound?
The compound is located at kilometer 47 in New Zayed City.
What is the type of units in Hills of One New Zayed Compound?
The units vary between residential apartments, townhouses, and independent villas.
Who is the company that owns Hills of One Sheikh Zayed Compound?
It is People & Places Real Estate Development Company.
What is the sales representative number for Hills One One Sheikh Zayed Compound?
To contact the sales management of Hills One One Sheikh Zayed Compound, please contact us at 01554999269.
down payment
10 %
185 m²
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