Isola Hadayek October By Egyptian Group Developments

Project details
project name Isola Hadayek October
The project Location
Developer شركة المصرية جروب
Unit area 240
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 5 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 4,622,162 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Isola Hadayek October Compound implemented by the Egyptian Group for Real Estate Development, is one of the best residential projects that provides all the amenities to enjoy a unique residential experience, as the project  is distinguished by its diversity of services, ranging from basic to recreational, in addition to the unique designs that are unique to the compound to provide more tranquility and sophistication. .

The compound was implemented in the best vital areas in October Hadayek, on a large area, most of which was occupied by green spaces. This area helped provide many diverse residential units to satisfy all tastes, so the units in the project varied between residential apartments, duplex units, and penthouses at the best competitive prices.

Location of Isola Hadayek October

Isola Hadayek October location was chosen very carefully by the developer company, which chose the October Hadayek area, which is characterized by its proximity to a large number of vital services and facilities that residents need, in addition to its proximity to several important main roads, which facilitated transportation to and from the compound

Places near the Isola Hadayek October

Isola Hadayek October is distinguished by its strategic location in the residential square and the hotel area, which is characterized by its proximity to the following areas:

  • The New National Museum of Egyptian Civilization: It is separated from Isola Hadayek October by a very short distance.
  • Sports Clubs: The compound is distinguished by its proximity to a large number of sports clubs, such as the Judges Club, the Pyramids Club, the Tersana Club, and the Police Club.
  • New Administrative Capital: The Administrative Capital can be reached in just 50 minutes from the compound.
  • The most important nearby roads: The compound is close to Fayoum Road and the Ring Road.
  • Media Production City: Media Production City is located just 7 minutes from the compound.
  • Nearby universities: The compound is located near Misr University of Science and Zewail University.
  • Mall of Egypt: Mall of Egypt is approximately 10 minutes away from the compound.

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موقع كمبوند ايزولا حدائق اكتوبر | Isola Hadayek October

Design of the Isola October Hadayek project

The developing company was creative in developing the designs for Isola Hadayek October Compound, so it came as an architectural masterpiece that mimics the best residential projects around the world, where the designs were developed to suit all tastes, and came with the following details:

  • The company that owns the project relied on the best modern building materials, which match international standards, in implementing the entire project.
  • Large separation spaces were left between the units; To give clients and investors the highest level of privacy.
  • The compound includes 17 residential buildings, with two residential units on each floor.
  • The colors of the paints that were chosen were consistent with each other. To reflect a great deal of sophistication and luxury.

Isola October Hadayek area

Isola Hadayek October is distinguished by its large area, which was optimally exploited by the company that owns the project, as attention was paid to increasing the green spaces and providing all services without affecting the tranquility and privacy within the compound, so the project was divided as follows:

  • Total Area: The total area of ​​the compound was about 30,000 square meters.
  • Building area: A small part of the project area was allocated for the construction of buildings and construction works.
  • Green spaces: The largest share of the project area was for green spaces and landscaping, as they occupied the vast majority of the compound’s area. To enjoy a residential experience characterized by calm and relaxation.

Unit space in Isola Hadayek October Compound

The real estate developer of the Isola Hadayek October was interested in providing the largest possible number of units; To meet the different needs of customers, and to facilitate the choice of selecting the unit they desire, whether it is a small or large area, the unit areas are as follows:

  • Residential apartments on the ground floor: The apartments on the ground floor are attached to a private garden, and their area starts from 240 square meters, and the garden areas reach up to 100 square meters.
  • Residential apartments with duplicate floors: Apartments with duplicate floors start from 190 square meters.
  • Duplex on the ground floor: The areas of duplexes in Isola Compound start from 450 square meters, and they are attached to a garden ranging in size from 55 to 80 square meters.
  • Duplex with duplicate floors: The areas of duplexes with duplicate floors are approximately 225 square meters.
  • Penthouse: The areas of the penthouse units start from 265 square meters and reach 315 square meters, attached to a garden of 115 square meters, and a roof with areas starting from 135 square meters.

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أسعار كمبوند ايزولا حدائق اكتوبر | Isola Hadayek October

Isola Hadayek October prices

The prices of Isola Hadayek October are one of the most important factors that attracted many investors to buy units in the compound, as all units were offered at special prices that suit all categories. The following is an overview of the average prices of the compound’s units:

  • Residential apartments: Residential apartment prices start from 4,622,162 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplex: Duplex unit prices average 6,868,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Penthouse: The average price of penthouse units is approximately 5,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in the Isola Hadayek October

The company that owns Isola Hadayek October was keen to offer easy payment systems that make it easier for customers to own units without being exposed to financial pressures like those imposed by many other residential projects. Among these systems are:

  • A down payment of 10% of the total unit price, with the remaining amount of the unit price being paid in equal installments over a repayment period of 5 years.
  • Pay 20% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 7 years.
  • When paying 35% of the unit price, the customer gets a repayment period of 10 years.

Price analysis of Isola Hadayek October

Isola Hadayek October Compound is distinguished by its competitive prices that were determined after a detailed study of the real estate market in Egypt. All units were offered at fair prices, in line with the high level of designs and services included in the compound, and the wide variety of unit prices helped investors choose units that are in line with their capabilities. purchasing, and making them able to live a unique residential experience.

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عيوب كمبوند ايزولا حدائق اكتوبر | Isola Hadayek October

Facilities and services of Isola Compound 6 October

Al-Masria Group Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide the Isola Hadayek October project with the greatest amount of facilities and services that facilitate life within the compound. The compound included the following services:

  • Commercial Mall: The compound includes a large commercial mall with a large number of shops displaying all the various products of the most famous international brands.
  • Medical Center: The company that owns the compound was keen to provide the highest quality medical services to residents, so a medical center was provided at the highest level, equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment, with a medical team of the most skilled doctors in various medical specialties.
  • Sports Club: The compound has a sports club with a distinctive area, which includes a large number of various sports fields, including football, basketball, tennis and other various sports, in addition to the presence of paved paths suitable for practicing walking, jogging and cycling.
  • Swimming pools: The compound includes more than one swimming pool in different areas and spaces suitable for all ages, in addition to covered pools designated for women. For more privacy.
  • Mosque: To perform religious rituals with ease at any time, a large mosque designed in the famous Islamic style was provided, with an area sufficient to accommodate a large number of worshipers.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: There are a large number of restaurants and cafes inside Isola Hadayek October, all of which are distinguished by designs that encourage calm and comfort, and also offer the most delicious types of food and drink.
  • Security and guarding system: Isola Hadayek October has imposed a tight security system throughout, thanks to the deployment of a large number of security personnel in every part of the compound, in addition to modern surveillance cameras, which operate around the clock to monitor all movements.
  • Party areas: The village administration has allocated specific areas in the compound for holding family parties, such as barbecues and birthday parties, equipping them with all the necessary equipment and some distinctive decoration works.
  • Pharmacy: Isola Hadayek October includes a large pharmacy, which provides all types of medicines, and provides a 24-hour delivery service to the units.
  • Children’s area: The compound’s management did not neglect to pay attention to children, providing them with an entertainment area equipped with the latest games and distinctive entertainment activities. To spend enjoyable times in complete safety.
  • Garage: All residential buildings have a garage underneath them to place cars in easily and safely, without causing crowding inside the compound and in front of the units.
  • Social Club: To spend more enjoyable times with friends and family, the compound provides a distinctive social club, with many different activities that suit all family members.

Advantages of investing in Isola Hadayek October

Customers and investors within Isola Hadayek October enjoy a huge number of features that make it one of the best options available for investment, thanks to the following factors:

  • Multiple services: The compound is characterized by the presence of a huge number of services that investors need, whether basic or recreational.
  • Strategic location: The compound is located in a strategic location close to the most important vital landmarks in 6th of October City.
  • High unit prices: The features of the compound ensure a continuous rise in unit prices, which ensures achieving a large financial profit in the event of reselling the unit, with the possibility of obtaining a monthly income by renting the unit.

Advantages of investing in October Hadayek

The city of October Hadayek is one of the most important modern cities that is witnessing great development and interest from the Egyptian government, which makes it one of the best cities that can be invested in for more than one different category, as it includes residential units of different levels that vary between national housing, upper-average housing, and luxury units.

Hadayek October City is located in a distinctive strategic location near the Ring Road and Remaya Square. It is less than half an hour away from Sheikh Zayed City and 6th of October, with a large number of advantages that can be summarized as follows:

  • Infrastructure: Recently, the city has witnessed significant infrastructure development, which was clearly demonstrated by the construction of schools, shopping centers and hospitals, in addition to several highways.
  • Services: Hadayek October City is distinguished by its multiplicity of services, as it includes the best schools, restaurants, famous shopping centers, and other recreational and basic services.
  • Distinctive prices: October Hadayek offers competitive prices when compared to many other areas, which has caused an increase in investment demand there.

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مميزات الاستثمار في كمبوند ايزولا حدائق اكتوبر | Isola Hadayek October

About El Masria Group Developments

Al-Masria Group for Real Estate Development is the owner company of Isola Hadayek October, and it is one of the strongest real estate development companies in the Egyptian market, as it has many years of experience of more than 35 years, during which it presented a group of the best exceptional projects that are unique in many details that a large number are searching for. From investors.

Advantages of investing with El Masria Group for Real Estate Development

It is always advisable to choose a real estate developer that has a good reputation; To ensure that you obtain a residential unit that meets your expectations, which is what can be obtained when investing with the Egyptian Group Company, which dates back to 1987, and since that time the company has been interested in adhering to all international standards in implementing all its projects to provide projects of the highest possible quality, while ensuring that Receiving the units on the previously announced date with all the details that were contracted.

Projects of El Masria Group Real Estate Developments

Over the course of nearly 35 years, Al-Masria Group Real Estate Development Company has been able to rise to the top of the Egyptian market, by providing a huge number of projects that meet all customers’ needs, and among the best of these projects are:

Isola New Villa Zayed Compound

Isola Villa Compound is located in the Hod 11 area in New Zayed City, on a total area of ​​15 acres, and includes a large number of villas, with areas ranging between 269 and 316 square meters, with prices starting from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Isola Sheraton Heliopolis Compound

Isola Shearton An integrated project that includes residential, commercial, and administrative units, located in the Heliopolis neighborhood on Al-Saqa Street. The areas of the administrative units start from 259 square meters, while the areas of the commercial units start from 77 square meters, while the areas of residential apartments start from 170 square meters.

Beit El Masreya Compound Hadayek October

Beit El Masreya October Hadayek Compound is located on Fayoum Road. It includes 64 residential buildings with 1,716 units, with areas of approximately 105 and 110 square metres. It is distinguished by its multiplicity of services and its location close to all vital landmarks in the area.

Learn about projects El Masria Group Real Estate Development Company

The goal of the Isola October Hadayek project

Isola Hadayek October aims to provide a different residential experience by providing services that meet all investors’ needs. A huge number of services have been provided with many diverse residential units that can be easily chosen from; To enjoy an atmosphere characterized by calm and sophistication with a great deal of luxury.

The beauty of life in October

You can enjoy the true meaning of sophisticated and quiet life in the city October Hadayek It is dotted with green spaces and residential units with high-end designs, and you can also enjoy all the various services such as the most famous Egyptian universities and the famous entertainment areas that enjoy great demand, such as the Golf Corner Mall and many other entertainment areas.

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Disadvantages of Isola Hadayek October

All customers who own units within Isola October Hadayek praised the compound at all levels. The compound was distinguished by many factors that made it an ideal experience for many investors. However, some customers pointed out that there was one flaw in it, which was the compound’s lack of villas. The compound compensated for this with a wide variety of units. Residential, with a large spread of gardens, parks and swimming pools for more enjoyment.

Contact the customer service team now to reserve your distinctive unit in Isola Hadayek October, and enjoy a large number of services and facilities, with the best competitive prices and easy payment systems.

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