Isola New Cairo By Al-Masria Group Developments

Project details
project name Isola New Cairo
The project Location New Cairo
Developer شركة المصرية جروب
Unit area 190
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 60,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Isola New Cairo is a new journey of urban creativity with a new evolutionary facade presented by Al-Masria Group for Real Estate Development. It is a modern and rare work, built with excellence in order to beautify the present and illuminate the future. It is also considered one of the projects supported by all the ingredients for success.

Iso Compound is located in a vital and strategic location in New Cairo, specifically in the heart of Fifth Settlement, close to major landmarks, roads, and axes that guarantee customers easy access to all their daily needs.

The company developing the project took advantage of an area of ​​45 acres in designing the compound. It is a large area that was divided into a part that includes green spaces, parks, gardens, and recreational services, and the other part includes residential units, which is the smallest part compared to the area of ​​facilities and services.

The company was keen to offer residential units of different types and sizes. To expand the circle of freedom of choice for customers and investors, not only that, but I offered it at fantastic prices compared to the services and facilities it provides to the customer, and to learn about the prices of the units in the Isola Compound and the rest of the project’s other details, follow this article.

Location of Isola Compound New Cairo

As is the custom of the Egyptian Real Estate Development Company, its first priority is choosing a unique strategic location, characterized by the highest standards of sophistication and urbanization for implementing the project. The location of the Isola project was located in an ideal plot of land, located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement City, which is the most prestigious modern city in Egypt, far away from all It is far from crowding and congestion and is characterized by calm and sophistication.

Thus, the implementing company succeeded in providing a world-class residential edifice in the best strategic destinations in the Fifth Settlement, located near the main roads and axes that facilitate the process of getting to the compound, not to mention its proximity to service malls and many hospitals and universities.

Places near Isola New Cairo

There are many roads, landmarks, and important vital places near Isola Compound, and the following is a list of the most prominent of them:

  • Ring Road: The compound can be easily reached from the Ring Road; Because it is very close to him.
  • Golden Square area: This area can be reached from the compound within a few minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: The distance between the project and Cairo International Airport takes a few minutes by car.
  • 90th Street: The compound is located a few minutes away from 90th Street, which is the most important and vital street in the community.
  • The strongest international educational spots: The project is located near the American University AUC and the German University.
  • Important commercial centers: Residents of Isola Compound can reach Cairo Festival City CFC within a few minutes.
  • Suez Road: The compound can be reached easily from Suez Road. Because they are located close to each other.
  • The most prominent modern upscale cities: You can reach Al Rehab City, Shorouk, and Heliopolis from the compound within a few minutes.

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Design of Isola New Cairo Compound

The Egyptian company designed Isola New Cairo Compound according to innovative, high-end architectural designs, which move towards a modern urban concept, ensuring that the individual feels that he is living in the heart of the most prestigious European cities, and also helps the residents of the compound live in an integrated residential environment that enhances the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

To ensure the achievement of this goal, the Egyptian company cooperated with the most experienced and accomplished architects and designers in this field, and they have a successful work history that presents a wonderful and distinctive set of architectural ideas, which keep pace with the aspirations of customers at the present time.

So; The company implemented the Isola New Cairo project in a unique way, showing precision in design through the harmonious exterior shape of the various buildings and residential units, in addition to the most luxurious interior decorations of the units that enhance the permanent feeling of distinction and luxury.

On the other hand, the developing company was interested in designing the parts of the compound in a way that makes it easier for individuals to conduct their daily lives and obtain all their needs without exerting any effort, by providing all basic public and recreational services and facilities.

The compound includes wide green spaces, roads with bright natural colors, a landscape, and a crystal lagoon that surrounds the residential units from all sides, creating a panoramic picture that inspires a feeling of psychological serenity, calm, and relaxation over time.

In addition, the implementing company was keen to provide the highest standards of complete privacy by leaving sufficient spaces between the residential units.

Isola New Cairo space

The Egyptian company allocated a huge area of ​​45 acres to build the Isola New Cairo Compound. To expand all the desired goals of establishing this project, which is to meet all the needs of the population, starting with service facilities that facilitate daily life and rely on fourth generation systems, in addition to recreational services, activities, education and health services.

So; The company executing the project divided this huge area in an ideal way into two parts. The larger part includes all the elements of picturesque nature, such as various parks, artificial lakes, vast green spaces, service areas, and recreational activities, and the smaller part occupies the various building units between apartments and villas.

Unit space in the Isola project

Based on the large area of ​​the project, the area of ​​the units in Isola New Cairo Compound varied, as the company was able to provide limited, medium and large spaces, and the area of ​​the units was as follows:

  • Apartments: Apartments’ area starts from 190 square meters.
  • Duplex villas: The area of ​​duplexes starts from 265 square meters

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Isola New Cairo prices

The Egyptian Real Estate Development Company did not forget its customers in providing the best competitive prices suitable for its luxurious residential building, Isola New Cairo, in order to help them make the purchase decision without any hesitation or exposure to any financial pressures.

And for this reason; The compound is located in the first place among the ideal opportunities for successful real estate investment, and among the prices offered for the units is 60,000 pounds per meter.

Isola New Cairo

Isola New Cairo

Reservation and payment systems in the Isola New Cairo project

The company executing Isola, Fifth Settlement, has offered price packages for the project units with flexible facilities, allowing the amount to be paid with the lowest down payment, with the possibility of paying the rest over several years without interest, which gives the client or investor sufficient time to pay.

Among the payment and reservation systems proposed by Al-Masria Group are the following:

  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the total value of the residential unit, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 7 years.

Price analysis of Isola Compound

The prices of Isola New Cairo Compound are among the fair prices that you rarely find in any residential project that carries these standard specifications. It is also accessible to everyone and suitable for its vital location, high-end designs, and unique views, with the diversity of unit types, areas, integrated services and features, and more.

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Facilities and services of Isola Compound New Cairo

Paying attention to the facilities and services within residential projects is one of the most important factors that greatly help in the success of any residential project, and this is what the Egyptian Group sought during the establishment of Isola New Cairo. Therefore, the company sought the help of the best experts and specialists in designing this project and choosing the facilities and services with great care, and was able to Indeed, all services and entertainment methods have been offered within the project, which include the following:

  • Electrical power generators: The company has provided more than one electric power generator within the compound, which operates automatically in the event of a power outage. To provide electricity all the time.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: An elite group of specialists and technicians were hired to perform maintenance on all facilities and damages in the compound. To ensure it works well, there are cleaners who constantly work to dispose of waste; So that the compound is in a decent shape that satisfies the residents.
  • Central air conditioning systems: All residential units and facilities within the compound include cooling and air conditioning systems to distribute cool air in the summer, ensuring a comfortable experience.
  • Medical services: The compound includes the largest centers and hospitals equipped with the latest modern medical technologies, which include a distinguished elite in the field of medicine, including doctors and consultants in all specialties.
  • Swimming pools: Various swimming pools are spread in depth and area within the project. To spend the best fun times for all ages.
  • Schools and nurseries: Isola New Cairo Compound includes many distinguished nurseries and educational schools, which rely on teaching the latest advanced educational curricula.
  • Parks, gardens, and green spaces: The green spaces within the project are distributed in an ideal and attractive way, giving an aesthetic and more pleasant view, and ensuring that residents breathe fresh, healthy air and a comfortable psychological outlook.
  • Commercial area: The project includes a commercial area that includes different types of shops that provide all the requirements of daily life, with the highest and best materials and international brands, and achieve a unique shopping experience.
  • Security services and regular guarding: Security and guarding services work in the compound throughout the day to provide comfort and safety for all residents of the project, in addition to increasing the safety factor through the presence of modern surveillance cameras in all facilities and residential buildings.
  • Spacious garages: Near the residential units and facilities there are garages designated for cars and other vehicles. To avoid crowding in the compound.
  • International cafes and distinctive restaurants: The restaurants offer all types of food and drinks, whether local or international, and also provide 24-hour delivery service.
  • Kids Area: There are entertainment areas designated for children, including all entertaining games suitable for all ages.
  • Clubhouse: The project includes a large and luxurious clubhouse, which includes areas designated for a spa and a jacuzzi.
  • Sports club: The company was keen to design a large sports club that includes many sports fields, including a football field, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and other stadiums.

Advantages of investing in Isola New Cairo Compound

Investing in Isola New Cairo Compound is a golden opportunity for those clients and investors looking to acquire a residential unit within an upscale and modern compound with the highest levels of luxury, while at the same time preserving the value of capital, achieving lucrative financial returns in the long term, and enjoying residential stability and luxury services. This is due to the rapid urban development in New Cairo, which reflects strong and steady economic growth.

There are many reasons or advantages related to successful investment within the Isola cluster, and these advantages are summarized as follows:

  • The compound is located in the middle of an upscale and different world that creates a feeling of distinction and sophistication, which attracts many customers to reside in the project, and this helps the investor to sell and rent units and obtain great gains and returns throughout the year.
  • The compound includes the most luxurious residential units; To provide an integrated residential community.
  • Obtaining residential or commercial units at reasonable prices with flexible payment systems that may last for several years.
  • The variety of unit areas within the project gives customers the opportunity to purchase the residential unit suitable for their circumstances.
  • The compound was designed with the finest construction materials, so it is resistant to natural disasters that are likely to occur.

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About El Masria Group Developments

El Masria Group Developments is one of the real estate companies that has extensive experience and occupies a leading position in the field of real estate development, as it has been distinguished since its founding in 1987 AD by providing the strongest residential and investment projects. To meet all the diverse needs and interests of the market.

Al-Masria Company is distinguished by its global footprint of unique innovation and integration with the latest international standards to achieve comfort and excellence for its customers. It has also succeeded in gaining the trust of a huge segment of customers due to its transparency, full commitment to customers, and delivery before the contracted date.

The Egyptian company is always keen to choose high-quality materials in construction to resist any accidents or natural disasters that may occur. It also chooses the finest modern designs that suit different tastes, as stated at the forefront of its interests in creating projects is targeting the most prestigious spots and the most important destinations. To ensure customers ease of movement, avoid overcrowding, and achieve the highest return on investment.

Projects of El Masria Group Real Estate Developments

The list of works of the Egyptian Company has exceeded 120 projects since its establishment. The following is a list of the most prominent projects of the Egyptian Real Estate Development Company:

Isola Sheraton Compound

Isola Sheraton Compound It is one of the residential projects that combine sophistication, luxury life, and guaranteed investment. The company designed the project in a strategic and important location in New Cairo, which is Al-Saqa Street in front of the Border Guard Club near Al-Nasr and Suez Roads, on a huge area of ​​45 acres.

The company took advantage of that space perfectly, so that the compound includes many residential units of varying design and size, namely apartments, villas, shops, and administrative offices. The company offered competitive prices for the project, starting from 4,580,000 Egyptian pounds, with flexible, long-term payment systems.

Isola Hadayek October Compound

Located Isola Gardens October CompoundIt is located in a strategic location in 6th of October City, in the residential square and hotel area, near the high-speed train station, the ring road, and Fayoum Road. It is also close to Zewail University and the Misr University of Science and Technology, and is separated from the Zamalek Club by a few minutes.

The project was designed on an area of ​​30,000 square meters, which was carefully divided by space experts and the best offices providing engineering consulting services, and the space was utilized in a distinctive way. To provide all public services and facilities that meet the needs of the owners, and provide them with different ways of luxury.

The compound includes 17 residential buildings, which include different units between apartments, duplexes and penthouses. These residential units also vary in size, as the apartments start at 240 square metres, and the duplex units reach an area of ​​450 square metres. The company provides easy and flexible reservation and payment systems. Up to 10 years installments of the unit price.

Isola Villa Sheikh Zayed

Al-Masria Company was keen to choose the location of Basin 11 in Sheikh Zayed to create Isola Villa, because it is the most lively area and close to the vital and famous landmarks that help customers meet all their needs. The company designed the compound on an area of ​​15 acres, and succeeded brilliantly in exploiting it to provide all the basic and recreational facilities and services that… It helps you enjoy a comfortable and quiet life.

The developing company was able to achieve the difficult equation in this project, as it combined the diversity of the unit area, which ranges between 156 and 316 square meters, and offered an unparalleled competitive price package starting from 12 million Egyptian pounds, as well as offering flexible and easy payment systems that extend to several… Years.

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The goal of the Isola New Cairo project

The main goal of constructing Isola in New Cairo is to exploit the best and largest attractive strategic locations in New Cairo to create a high-quality residential community that provides the highest levels of comfort and luxury housing for residents and investors.

So that individuals can enjoy a residential environment with the latest architectural style, imitating European design, complete with services and facilities, far away from overcrowding and congestion, in addition to achieving lucrative financial returns and securing a stable future.

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The beauty of life in New Cairo

It is indisputable that life in New Cairo It is a preferred destination for many people for residence and investment, as it is a model of an integrated modern city that combines urban development, comfort and safety, due to the wonderful aesthetic aspects of life within it, centered on the following:

  • Wide green spaces and gardens: New Cairo has a large number of parks and green spaces that provide an aesthetic environment for families and children, and a great place to relax and take a walk.
  • Moderate weather: The large area of ​​New Cairo at an altitude of 180 meters from sea level helped provide moderate weather in summer and winter.
  • Advanced infrastructure: The area contains an advanced network of electricity, water, and sewage, as well as a modern road network linking it to all parts of Cairo.
  • Excellent health and educational services: New Cairo includes a large number of hospitals and medical centers, equipped with the latest and most accurate medical technology, not to mention local and international schools and universities that provide the highest levels of education.
  • Cultural and social diversity: New Cairo includes many cultures, which creates a culturally diverse environment. New Cairo also hosts many artistic and cultural events that enhance cultural exchange and social interaction.

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Disadvantages of Isola New Cairo Compound

No defects were noticed in Isola New Cairo Compound because the developing company succeeded in constructing an integrated residential project, which includes all the services and features that customers are looking for. However, there are those who believe that the location may be somewhat far from the main areas, but this is a false and incorrect belief. ; Because the compound is located near the main axes and roads that connect the parts of the Fifth Settlement, and is easy to reach and from within a few minutes.

Isola New Cairo is an integrated residential project, presented by the best real estate development companies in Egypt. The aim of its establishment is to give customers and investors a large outlet with spacious areas that supports them psychologically by providing a feeling of comfort, calm and relaxation, and financially by meeting all the residents’ daily needs, so; Your investment in the compound is a successful and wonderful step that will help you build a stable and prosperous financial future, so do not waste the opportunity.

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