Lagoon New Alamein By Arco Developments

Project details
project name Lagoon North coast
The project Location at Kilometer 108 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road
Developer أركو للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 87
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Lagoon New Alamein Village is considered a unique and unparalleled residential model. It was implemented by Arco Real Estate Development and Investment Company, which did its best to make it the best and most optimal residential destination for the largest possible segment of customers and investors, as it was implemented on a giant area of ​​33 acres.

Lagoon New Alamein Village enjoys a wonderful strategic location in the heart of New Alamein, next to the most famous tourist and residential cities, including Porto Golf Resort, and Hacienda North Coast Village, as well as many other landmarks and hubs, including El Alamein Museum, El Alamein Marina, El Alamein International Airport, and Burj Al Arab Airport. ; So that the project residents can reach anywhere within a few minutes.

The developer company relied on the finest designs in implementing the New Alamein Lagoon project, and was keen to implement a large number of residential units, ranging from chalets, apartments and penthouses, with various sizes to suit all families, small and large, as the area of ​​units in the project starts from 87 square meters, up to 153 square metres.

The residents of Lagoon North Coast Resort enjoy an exceptional and unique lifestyle, thanks to the many services and various features available everywhere in the project. The developing company provided all of these services at competitive prices, suitable for different societal segments, starting from 5,100,000 Egyptian pounds, and with reservation and payment systems. Up to 7 years.

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Location of Lagoon New Alamein

Lagoon New Alamein is located in one of the most luxurious and best areas ever in New El Alamein City, in order to provide residents with a quiet residential experience completely far from all sources of noise and pollution.

The developing company has determined the location of Lagoon Village with the utmost precision and wisdom, and after a thorough study, it has determined the location of Lagoon Village. During which the needs of customers and investors wishing to own a unit in this giant project are met.

Lagoon New Alamein is located in the heart of New Alamein, specifically at Kilometer 108 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road, directly on the Mediterranean coast. It is also located at Kilometer 113, directly after Marina 7, making it close to all major and important landmarks, hubs, and areas.

Places near the New Alamein Lagoon project

Lagoon New Alamein shines with its distinguished location close to most important axes, tourist attractions and main cities, and satisfies the desires of the residents and owners of the project, by being close to everything, in addition to its charming view of one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. These areas and axes are represented as follows: :

  • El Alamein Marina: El Alamein Marina is located only 7 kilometers from New El Alamein Lagoon Village.
  • El Alamein Museum: El Alamein Museum can be reached within a few minutes, especially since the distance between them does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Porto Golf Resort: Porto Golf Resort is only 6 kilometers away from the village.
  • New Alamein City: Project residents need only approximately 25 minutes to reach New Alamein City.
  • El Alamein International Airport: El Alamein International Airport is 53 kilometers away from the project.
  • Marsa Matrouh City: Marsa Matrouh is located 173 kilometers from the beautiful and charming city of Marsa Matrouh.
  • Cairo City: As for the heart of Cairo, it can be reached after only 3 hours from the Lagoon project

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موقع قرية لاجون الساحل الشمالي Lagoon North coast

Design of Lagoon New Alamein project

Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company relied on the finest and most beautiful designs in the Lagoon New Alamein project, where it used all the distinguished construction details, which mimic the most luxurious and best international cities and resorts, and succeeded in achieving perfect harmony between the beautiful natural landscapes, water bodies, and construction buildings.

The wonderful and attractive designs that were implemented in the Lagoon New Alamein made all customers and investors feel special and creative, after the village was created with a system of tiered terraces, so that all units overlook direct and charming views of the Mediterranean coast, where there is calm, comfort and enjoyment.

The developing company cooperated with a group of international companies; To implement the latest, best and most luxurious designs in the New Alamein Lagoon Village, where green spaces, landscapes and artificial lakes are present almost everywhere in the project, so that the owners feel the highest possible level of distinction and luxury.

New Alamein Lagoon Village area

Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company succeeded in meeting the needs and requirements of many of the clients and visitors of Lagoon New Alamein, and this became clear when it chose a large and giant plot of land to implement this successful and large investment project. It also succeeded in dividing the project area in an exceptional and more than wonderful way, so that the spaces overcome Green space on buildings, and the project area is as follows:

  • The total area: The total area of ​​the Lagoon New Alamein occupied about 33 acres.
  • Building area: Buildings and residential units were constructed in the smallest part of the project area, equivalent to only 20% of the total village area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: As for green spaces, they appeared in the vast majority of the project, reaching 80% of the total area of ​​the village.

Unit space in the Lagoon project

The New El Alamein Lagoon project contains approximately 33 residential buildings, all of which have luxurious and more than wonderful designs, and comfortable views of the Mediterranean coast and green spaces. These buildings contain many residential units, varying between chalets, apartments and penthouses, of varying sizes. It is suitable for all families, and the units’ area is as follows:

  • Chalets area: Chalets space starts at Lagoon New Alamein From 108 square meters, up to 142 square meters.
  • Apartments area: Apartment areas start from 93 square meters and reach 153 square meters.
  • Penthouse space: The penthouse area starts from 87 square meters and reaches 147 square meters

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أسعار قرية لاجون الساحل الشمالي Lagoon North coast

Lagoon New Alamein prices

The prices of Lagoon New Alamein were completely appropriate to the size of the features and services present in the various parts of the project. They differ based on the type, area and type of the unit. This is something that has won the admiration of many investors and businessmen, as the developing company has succeeded in achieving everything the residents need for life. Luxury and enjoyment, unit prices are as follows:

  • Chalet prices: Chalet prices in New Alamein Lagoon Resort start from 5,100,000 Egyptian pounds and reach 8,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Penthouse prices: Penthouse prices start from 9,145,908 Egyptian pounds and reach 13,292,803 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Lagoon New Alamein project

The developer company has provided and introduced more than one installment system in New Alamein Lagoon Village, in order to satisfy the largest possible segment of customers and investors. It strongly desires to make it easier for customers to purchase residential units offered for sale, and these systems are as follows:

  • Pay 15% down payment of the total unit price, 10% upon receipt, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over about 4 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment of the total unit price, 10% upon receipt, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over about 7 years

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مساحات قرية لاجون الساحل الشمالي Lagoon North coast

Facilities and services of Lagoon New Alamein

ARCO Real Estate Development and Investment Company was keen to provide the residents of Lagoon New Alamein with the highest levels of enjoyment and luxury, and this was clearly evident from the number of services and features available in all corners of the project, so that anyone can obtain and enjoy these services for free, and so that they also do not need to leave the area. The village for any reason, and these facilities and services are as follows:

  • swimming pool: There are many swimming pools in Lagoon New Alamein, exceptionally designed, varying in shapes, sizes and spaces, and suitable for all age groups.
  • Commercial area: There is a very luxurious commercial mall in the village, which includes a large number of shops, displaying and offering all kinds of brands and labels, to suit all tastes and satisfy all customers.
  • Aqua park: A large and distinct aqua park was created directly in front of the beach in the Lagoon project, and includes many distinct and entertaining water games.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Along the beach, a series of restaurants and cafes have been established, so that customers can eat the most delicious and delicious food, while enjoying the picturesque and charming sea views.
  • Security and guarding systems: The developing company was keen to appoint a number of security and guard personnel to work throughout the day and maintain security and order everywhere in the village. It also worked to distribute surveillance cameras in all vital places and at entrances and exits, to ensure that all movements and events are monitored.
  • Spacious garages: All units and buildings of the project are provided with spacious forests, secured by surveillance cameras. To prevent crowding in the village and preserve its general appearance.
  • Private beach: The village has its own private beach, sparkling with clear blue waters and soft yellow sand, in addition to many enjoyable recreational activities, which guarantee customers the greatest amount of enjoyment and relaxation.
  • Medical Clinics: Medical and therapeutic services in the village are provided in the best possible way, thanks to the specialized medical clinics, in which a full team of the most skilled doctors works almost 24 hours a day.
  • Electric generators: All village buildings are equipped with a modern electric generator, with automatic and immediate inclusion in the event of a power outage.
  • Maintenance Services: A large team of engineers works in Lagoon New Alamein on the North Coast, who detect any faults in the project using the latest and best devices.
  • Free wifi: The project and all its units are equipped with Wi-Fi service, so that customers can enjoy free Internet service at all times.
  • Cinema: For more luxury and enjoyment, an international cinema hall has been established, and its organizers are interested in showing the latest and best films and shows.
  • Large conference hall: Lagoon New Alamein contains a very large hall, designated for holding conferences, meetings and special events.
  • Kids Area: The village includes a Kids Area, which includes many wonderful entertainment games, suitable for almost all children. It is also distinguished by its high walls, to maintain the safety of all the village children.
  • Crystal Lagoon: Beautiful green spaces surround the village from everywhere, as the developing company succeeded in providing the project with a world-class Crystal Lagoon. To provide customers and residents with the highest levels of enjoyment and uniqueness.
  • Gym: Lagoon New Alamein contains an international gym, staffed by a group of the best and most efficient trainers, and also includes the largest possible number of sports equipment and devices.
  • Clubhouse: There is a very sophisticated and luxurious clubhouse in the village, which includes many sections and lounges, including a spa, jacuzzi, sauna and many others, which guarantee customers a level of comfort and distinction that suits them.

Advantages of investing in Lagoon New Alamein

The North Coast Lagoon project has all the investment features that any client or investor could be looking for, starting with the unique location, which is close to all the most important landmarks and hubs and even the main regions and cities, in addition to the elegant and wonderful designs. Which was implemented with high professionalism, in line with the most important and luxurious international tourist resorts.

Lagoon New Alamein shines with its spacious area, which includes many services and features. In order to serve all the clients and residents of the project, and provide them with the greatest possible degree of distinction and luxury, in addition to the premium unit prices, which the developer company set after studying the real estate market on the North Coast, and the flexible and easy installment systems.

About Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company

Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company is considered one of the most important and best real estate development companies in Egypt. It was founded in 2005 and has succeeded in implementing and developing a huge number of real estate projects with brilliant designs and large and spacious spaces. Desiring to meet the needs and requirements of its customers from different countries of the world.

Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company deals with a group of the most important and distinguished engineers and design experts in the world, and therefore all of its projects, whether touristic or residential, shine and shine with their attractive architectural designs, which have won the admiration of many investors and businessmen.

Projects of Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company

Arco Real Estate Development and Investment Company’s projects are the best and most ideal choice for all people wishing to invest in real estate, thanks to its attention to every detail of the project, from the strategic location to the payment systems. Among its most prominent projects are the following:

City Stars North Coast Village

City Stars North Coast Village is considered one of the largest and most important tourist villages available in the heart of the North Coast, with an exceptional and distinct view directly on the Mediterranean coast, in addition to the attractive designs, which allow the project’s clients and residents the greatest possible amount of enjoyment, relaxation and privacy.

Dyar Park Compound Fifth Settlement

Dyar Park Fifth Settlement Compound is considered one of the preferred options for many investors and businessmen, because it contains many residential units, not only varied in their types, but also varied in their area in an unparalleled way, in order to satisfy all customers and investors and suit all families.

Stella Di Mare Marina Village

Stella Di Mare Marina is one of the best tourist destinations to stay in; To spend an enjoyable and more than wonderful summer vacation, where green spaces and wonderful bodies of water surround you from almost all directions, in addition to a direct view of the sea. The project also has a huge area, which the developer company chose with great care, in order to be able to provide residents and unit owners with all basic services and features. Including entertainment.

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The goal of Lagoon New Alamein

Arco Development and Real Estate Investment Company implemented the New El Alamein Lagoon project with the highest quality standards, out of its desire to create a small residential and entertainment city that lacks nothing. It provided a group of wonderful residential units that meet and suit various needs and tastes, and was keen to provide them with all services and features, so that Residents of the project do not need to move out

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Lagoon New Alamein

The beauty of life in the New Alamein area

Form a city New Alamein A major attraction for many clients and investors, thanks to the exceptional natural beauty that surrounds the region from all directions, with stunning green spaces and pure turquoise sea water, in addition to many other aspects of natural beauty, which have made the region a wonderful haven for all those seeking distinction and sophistication. And the difference.

The New Alamein area is distinguished by its magnificent architectural design and highly advanced infrastructure, in addition to containing many successful and distinguished tourism and residential projects, offering residents and customers an exceptional experience that combines natural beauty, comfort, privacy, and luxury.

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Disadvantages of Lagoon New Alamein

Lagoon New Alamein is one of the important projects, which was implemented with great professionalism so that it does not lack anything that customers or investors may need. Despite this, some customers found that it is one of the tourist villages completely far from the heart of Cairo, but with the state’s clear interest in developing roads and infrastructure. Interviewer, this problem has been finally overcome.

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