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Project details
project name Millennium Mall New Cairo
The project Location In the most lively area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, in front of the New Cairo Court
Developer معمار الأشراف للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 17
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 15 % , 10 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 3,510,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Millennium Mall New Cairo is considered one of the most important and best administrative and medical projects launched by Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company – one of the leading companies that has a proven track record of many residential and commercial projects in various Egyptian cities and governorates – on a huge and large building area that can accommodate many facilities and services. Basic and recreational.

Millennium Mall New Cairo has attracted the attention of many investors and businessmen, thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, near all indispensable axes, roads and institutions such as: New Administrative Capital Airport, Al-Hamd Mall, Moamen Bashar Market, and many others.

Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, is a large commercial edifice that possesses almost all the factors of success and distinction that made it one of the most important, finest, and best commercial projects in the largest residential block in Fifth Settlement, thanks to its residential units with distinct views of green spaces and bodies of water, and of varying sizes. Suitable for different customer requirements.

In cooperation between the developed real estate company and the world’s leading engineering design experts, Millennium Mall New Cairo was implemented with the latest and best international designs, which made it shine exceptionally in the heart of New Cairo, and all of this came at affordable prices, with very distinctive and flexible installment and payment systems.

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Location Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement

The vital and strategic location joins the most important advantages that Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company paid attention to when implementing Millennium Mall in Fifth Settlement. The developing company chose the project location after an in-depth study that lasted for years, in order to enhance the chances of the project’s success with all its commercial and medical units.

Millennium Mall was implemented in the most lively areas of the Fifth Settlement area, specifically in front of the court, so that it is in close proximity to all the main axes, important roads, government and service institutions, and many residential and commercial projects, ensuring a high rate of customers and visitors daily, and thus the success of the project without delay. No way.

Places near Millennium project New Cairo

Millennium project Fifth Settlement is an investment opportunity of the utmost importance and distinction, thanks to its clear and close proximity to all the places and regions that customers or investors may need, which are as follows:

  • New Administrative Capital Airport: The project is located approximately 30 minutes from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • Al-Hamd Mosque: Al-Khalaf Mosque is only 5 minutes away from the mall.
  • B.TECH stores: The time interval between B.TECH stores and Millennium Mall does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Al Hamd Mall: Al Hamd Mall can be reached from the project in just 7 minutes.
  • Seven Stars Mall: Seven Stars Mall is located approximately 15 minutes from the mall.
  • Mo’men Bashar Market: Mall customers need only approximately 15 minutes to reach Mo’men Bashar Market.
  • Avalon Mall, Fifth Settlement: Avalon Mall, Fifth Settlement, is only 20 minutes away from Millennium Mall, New Cairo.
  • Access Medical Hub, Fifth Settlement: Access Medical Hub can be reached from the mall in just 25 minutes.

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مول ميلينيوم التجمع الخامس Millennium Mall New Cairo

Design of Millennium project Fifth Settlement

The designs of Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, came in a modern and unique European style, thanks to the developer’s assistance to a group of the most important and best engineers and design experts in the world, with the aim of obtaining a wonderful architectural masterpiece that attracts attention, and so that every meter of the project is utilized perfectly and appropriately to the needs and requirements of customers. .

Natural light enters all units of Millennium New Cairo project in a distinctive way, helping everyone to work in a more vibrant and active environment, as the external facades of the project were designed from reinforced glass, which helps prevent any external sounds or noise from entering the building or its units, whether commercial. Or medical.

Green spaces, picturesque nature, and artificial lakes surround almost all corners of the mall, which consists of a ground floor and two recurring floors only, in addition to spacious underground garages, in order to help prevent crowding in front of the project, and improve the psychological state of all customers and visitors.

Area of Millennium Fifth Settlement

Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company succeeded in choosing a large plot of land to implement its large commercial project, Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, and was able to exploit this space exceptionally and with high efficiency, so that the units vary between commercial and medical, and satisfy all customers and investors. The mall’s area is as follows:

  • Total area: Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, was implemented on a large plot of land with an area of ​​about
  • Building area: Medical commercial units and facilities occupied only 40% of the total project area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: Green spaces occupied the largest share, amounting to about 60% of the total area of ​​the project.

Unit space in Millennium project

The developed real estate company was keen to provide many and varied investment units within Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, which vary between commercial units and medical units, with various and varying spaces, and designs of the utmost sophistication and elegance, so that each client can choose the unit that suits his needs and helps him start his investment project. Simply and conveniently, the units’ area is as follows:

  • Commercial units area: The mall’s commercial units area starts from 34 square meters and reaches 114 square meters.
  • Medical units area: The area of ​​medical units in Millennium Mall starts from 17 square meters and reaches 43 square meters.

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Millennium project Fifth Settlement prices

The matter of owning a commercial or medical unit in Millennium Mall in the Fifth Settlement has become very easy and distinguished. Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company has presented a competitive price package, which is considered the best ever in the Fifth Settlement area, as unit prices in this large edifice vary based on the type of unit and its area. And its location in the mall.

Unit prices in Millennium New Cairo project are in line with the different financial capabilities of customers and investors, as the price per square meter for commercial units starts from 90,000 Egyptian pounds, while the price per square meter for medical units starts from 45,000 Egyptian pounds. Unit prices are detailed as follows:

  • Price of commercial units: The price of commercial units in Millennium Mall starts from 7,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Price of medical units: The price of medical units starts from 3,510,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and payment systems in Millennium project Fifth Settlement

Because Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company always seeks to provide its best, in order to provide its customers with all means of comfort, and help them own an investment unit in Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, with simple procedures that suit them, it has introduced a payment and repayment system with the utmost flexibility and ease, and this system is represented in: Following:

  • Pay 15% as a reservation deposit upon contracting of the total value of the unit, and pay the rest of the amount over 10 years.

Price analysis in Millennium Mall New Cairo

The prices of the investment units in Millennium New Cairo project were extremely distinguished. The developed real estate company was keen to offer prices within the reach of many customers and investors, so that they could start their investment project without bearing any financial burdens. Indeed, the company has succeeded in providing an investment opportunity. Great, very affordable and suitable for everyone.

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Facilities and services of Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement

Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, is an integrated and distinguished investment project, thanks to the availability of a variety of different complementary and necessary facilities and services, which meet the needs and requirements of all customers and investors, and guarantee them the highest possible level of luxury and enjoyment. These features and services are as follows:

  • Places for people with special needs: The developing company provided comfortable, safe and air-conditioned places for people with special needs in the most lively and distinguished places in Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Luxurious gym: The mall contains a very luxurious and elegant gym, which includes a lot of sports equipment and devices, which help maintain the physical fitness of all customers.
  • Spacious garages: Underneath the mall there are spacious garages, secured as best as possible with surveillance cameras and guards, and sufficient for the largest possible number of cars.
  • A tight security system: There are security and guard personnel everywhere in the mall, and very modern surveillance cameras, which help in monitoring all events and movements, so that all the project’s clients are protected.
  • Modern electrical generators: Millennium Mall contains backup electrical generators that operate automatically and immediately in the event of a power outage.
  • Automated teller machines: There are a number of automated teller machines in the mall, spread out in various places, which help facilitate banking transactions, withdrawals, and deposits for all customers and visitors.
  • Maintenance services: Maintenance engineers carry out their work throughout the mall, to solve all malfunctions and make life easier for the project’s customers.
  • Cleaning services: A full team of cleaners works on the project, in order to maintain the distinctive and elegant aesthetic appearance of every part and corner of the mall.
  • Green spaces: Green spaces are spread everywhere in the mall, to increase the feeling of comfort, calm and serenity for customers, investors and visitors.
  • Shops: Inside the mall there is a large chain of shops, providing all local and international goods, brands and brands, to satisfy all tastes and requirements.
  • Alarm devices: The developing company has provided very modern alarm devices, so that any emergency problem can be dealt with quickly and immediately.
  • Restaurants and cafés: The mall includes a group of restaurants and cafés, famous for serving all the delicious and appetizing dishes and foods, in an atmosphere of pleasure and luxury, helping customers get rid of the never-ending pressures of life and work.
  • Medical clinics: The mall contains medical clinics in all specialties, operated by a team of the most skilled and efficient doctors, and the developing company was keen to equip them with everything, to ensure the highest possible level of medical service.
  • Pharmacies: There are large pharmacies within Millennium Mall New Cairo project, which include all medical supplies and medications, and operate approximately 24 hours a day, to serve all customers.
  • Conference halls: The project contains spacious halls for conferences and meetings, equipped to the highest possible level with modern sound technologies and upscale furniture suitable for people of high and refined taste.
  • Electric elevators: Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, has elevators and escalators, to facilitate the process of moving between different floors and each other.
  • Large Mosque: The project contains a large and distinctive mosque, shining with its elegant and dazzling Islamic design, and sufficient for a large number of customers and visitors to the mall.
  • Hypermarket: The mall includes a large hypermarket, which contains all the goods, products, and supplies that customers may need at any given time.

Advantages of investing in Millennium Mall New Cairo

Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, is a real investment opportunity, thanks to its strategic and vital location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement – a quiet area with a high population density – in addition to its wonderful and luxurious designs, its spacious area, and its competitive and appropriate prices for a very large segment of society.

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About Memaar Al Ashraaf Development

Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company is considered one of the important and leading real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It has more than 40 years of experience, and a full team of architects and design experts capable of implementing many residential and commercial projects with international quality standards.

Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company is always keen to meet the needs of its valued customers in all of its projects, and this was clearly evident in its selection of distinguished vital and strategic locations close to all landmarks and hubs, elegant and luxurious architectural and engineering designs, spacious spaces, various residential and commercial units, in addition to the prices. Competitiveness and flexible and appropriate installment systems.

Projects of Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company

Revel New Obour Compound

Revel New Obour Compound It is the first smart residential project in Obour City from Memaar Al-Ashraf Company. It is characterized by providing many basic and recreational facilities and services to facilitate the lives of residents. It was implemented on a large area in a distinctive location in the city, and includes various units including apartments, studios, duplexes, sky villas, and garden villas, all of which feature unique designs and competitive prices.

Serenity Obour Compound

Serenity Obour Compound It is a large residential project by Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company, aiming to provide a modern and distinguished life. The compound provides all the elements of prosperity and happiness to ensure the highest level of luxury, enjoyment and recreation for residents.

The developer also implemented the Serenity Obour project on an area of ​​about 13 acres in the best areas of Obour City, characterized by its liveliness and proximity to main axes and roads, which makes it easy to reach the compound in a few minutes from anywhere.

Rakan Obour City Mall

Rakan Obour City Mall It is implemented by Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Company, and is characterized by high-quality design and implementation by senior engineers and consultants. The mall includes all the required service, entertainment, social and medical facilities. It consists of a ground floor and two upper floors, with various investment units of different sizes to suit all projects. The mall is surrounded by green spaces and panoramic glass facades. The project aims to alleviate the burdens on citizens and investors by providing units at low prices and convenient payment systems.

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مول ميلينيوم التجمع الخامس Millennium Mall New Cairo

Target Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement

Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company established Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement, with the aim of providing a comprehensive experience that satisfies all inclinations and tastes. The project not only contains a large number of shops that are keen to provide all international brands and brands, but it also provides many distinctive and advanced services, which make shopping and touring the mall a comfortable experience. Very enjoyable.

The beauty of life in the Fifth Settlement area

It is considered an area Fifth Settlement It is one of the important areas in New Cairo, and today it has become one of the main sources of attraction for many investors and businessmen, thanks to the extremely important and distinguished residential, commercial and investment projects in it, especially since they help meet the needs and requirements of all residents and clients of the region.

The Fifth Settlement area is distinguished by its vital and strategic location close to all axes, roads, cities and areas that can never be dispensed with, in addition to its advanced infrastructure, which has received great attention from the Egyptian government at the present time, in order to provide all its residents with a luxurious and distinguished standard of living.

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Disadvantages of Millennium Mall Fifth Settlement

Millennium Mall New Cairo is considered one of the very important investment projects that is almost flawless, but some customers and investors believe that the multiplicity of commercial activities may raise some problems with customers and each other, and therefore the developing company was keen to provide a large administrative office, specialized only in managing commercial activities, So that we deal quickly and immediately with any problem and work to solve it as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Millennium Mall located in Fifth Settlement?
In the most lively area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, in front of the New Cairo Court
What are the prices of the Millennium Fifth Settlement project?
Project prices start from 3,510,000 Egyptian pounds.
Who is the developer of the Millennium Mall project in Fifth Settlement?
Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company.
down payment
15 %
17 m²
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