Moray Mall New Cairo By Main Marks Developments 2024

Project details
project name Moray Mall New Cairo
The project Location North 90th in the Fifth Settlement
Developer شركة ماين ماركس Main Marks Developments
Unit area 60
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 120,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, is one of the largest administrative projects launched by Main Marks Real Estate Company in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, on a huge area, reaching 17 acres. The mall combines all the components and elements that qualify it to be the most prominent star in the sky of other commercial and investment projects in that region.

Moray Mall enjoys a strategic location close to several vital roads, as it is located on North 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, minutes away from Cairo Festival Mall, Al-Rehab City, Al-Shorouk, Petrosport Club, and Cairo Airport. The mall can be reached from the Suez Road and the New Ring Road.

The Moray Mall project provides all the services that ensure a good working environment. To achieve the greatest financial returns, in addition to the variety of forms of units, including administrative, commercial, and medical, and their availability in varying sizes, starting from 60 square meters for both administrative and medical units.

One of the most important features of the mall is its competitive prices, which are rarely available in any mall located in the Fifth Settlement that has the same specifications, as the price per square meter starts from 120 thousand Egyptian pounds, with payment and installment systems that start with a 10% down payment, and equal installments over 8 years.

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Moray Mall location Fifth Settlement

Mine Marks Real Estate Development Company chose North 90th in the Fifth Settlement to be the location of the new Moray Mall, which is very close to the Petrosport Club, Katameya Hills Compound, and other vital places that ensure easy access to the mall.

Places near Moray Mall New Cairo

Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, is close to many vital areas. In order for the real estate developer to attract the largest number of visitors and customers, the most prominent of these places are the following:

  • Cairo Festival Mall: The mall is a short distance away from Cairo Festival Mall.
  • Nearby cities: Madinaty, Shorouk and Al Rehab are easily accessible from Moray Mall.
  • Cairo Airport: The time distance between the project and Cairo International Airport is very short.
  • Nearby roads: The New Ring Road and Suez Road are a short distance away from Moray Mall Fifth Settlement.

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موقع مول موراي التجمع الخامس Moray New Cairo

Design of the Moray Fifth Settlement

Moray Mall New Cairo has distinctive designs and exterior facades that attract the attention of passers-by. The company that owns the mall was keen to combine luxurious architectural designs and optimal use of space, with unique views of all units on the Plaza and Landscape area, with a diversity of unit types between commercial and administrative units. And medical, which makes it highly competitive with all the commercial malls in New Cairo.

Main Marks Developments has allocated investments amounting to approximately 12 billion Egyptian pounds for the construction of Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, with great expectations and hopes of achieving sales approaching 34 billion Egyptian pounds, which explains its contract with the best design companies ever to put in some distinctive decorative touches. Which contributes to attracting investors, in addition to some other elements that it chose with great care, such as the location, price packages, payment and installment systems, etc.

Moray area Fifth Settlement

Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, was built on an area that is the largest among the malls in New Cairo, with an area of ​​approximately 17 acres, equivalent to 17,000 square metres. It also has a frontage on Teseen Street of 300 metres. The project’s perimeter also reaches 1 kilometre, and the mall consists of one floor. Ground floor and 3 upper floors.

The height of the commercial units on the ground floor is about 7 metres, while the height of the administrative and medical units on the first floor reaches 5 metres, and the height of the administrative and medical units on the second and third floor also reaches 5 metres.

Unit space within Moray Mall

The investment units within Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, were diversified in a way that was appreciated by many investors, and fulfilled their hopes of establishing their dream commercial activity, with diverse and varying spaces, including the following:

  • Administrative units area: starts with a minimum of 60 square meters.
  • Medical units space: starts with a minimum of 60 square meters.

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Moray prices, Fifth Settlement

Main Marks launched its arrows towards the prices of other commercial malls in the Fifth Settlement, and offered great prices for the units of Moray Mall in the Fifth Settlement, through which it was able to emphasize its first and last goal, which is to attract customers and investors who wish to establish a successful commercial, administrative, or medical project, without incurring additional costs. Financial burdens, as unit prices within Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, can be explained as follows:

  • Price per square meter in administrative and medical units: The price per square meter for administrative units as well as medical units starts at 120,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Price per square meter in commercial units: The price per square meter for commercial units starts at about 280,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Offering many facilities and discounts upon payment.

Payment and payment systems at Moray Mall New Cairo

The payment and settlement systems at Moray Mall, Fifth Settlement, included 3 systems, from which the customer can choose what suits his financial capabilities, and these systems are represented in detail as follows:

  • The first system: paying a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and paying the remaining amount in installments over 6 years.
  • The second system: paying a down payment of 15% of the total unit price, and paying the rest of the amount in installments over 7 years.
  • The third system: The unit is paid in installments over 8 years, with a down payment agreed upon upon contracting to purchase the unit.

Price analysis of Moray Mall Fifth Settlement

Moray New Cairo’s prices are considered unbeatable, which you will not find in any multi-use investment mall located in the vicinity of this great edifice, as the mall combines all the services that create a productive work environment, in addition to the wonderful view of the plaza and landscape that makes you feel comfortable and calm at work. With the availability of all basic and recreational methods that serve workers and business owners, which achieves financial returns in a quick time, so it can be said that Moray Mall’s prices are among the ideal and fair prices.

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Moray Mall New Cairo Facilities and Services

The services offered by the real estate developer within Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, are highly efficient and able to complete tasks and work easily, as the company was keen to fully meet the needs and requirements of investors, and provide the best environment for work and productivity, and the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • Security services: There is no worry about tampering with individuals’ property or capital inside the mall, due to the presence of security personnel assigned to monitor the mall throughout the day, in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras inside the units on the various floors of the project.
  • Advanced Systems: Main Marks Real Estate Development Company has applied the most advanced security technologies, using fire alarms and extinguishers that work to control any fire immediately after it breaks out, in addition to having more than one emergency exit.
  • Internet network: In order to complete work and conduct work efficiently within Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, a high-speed Internet network has been provided, covering all floors of the mall.
  • Panoramic elevators: Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, includes a number of large panoramic elevators, which allow visitors to see the mall’s various floors and units.
  • Escalators: To relieve pressure on panoramic elevators, many escalators are spread across the mall’s floors, which also help customers reach their destination as quickly as possible.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: The real estate developer has provided technicians specialized in repairing technical and technical faults in the mall, and performing periodic maintenance for all its facilities, in addition to a group of cleaning teams that roam the mall’s floors. In order to dispose of waste and rubbish and carry out sterilization operations.
  • Equipped halls: Moray Mall New Cairo has a number of halls equipped to a high standard for holding important meetings and discussing the latest business developments. These halls also include the best sound and lighting equipment.
  • Restaurants and cafes: You can eat lunch and take a short rest inside Moray Mall New Cairo, in one of the mall’s restaurants and cafes, all of which feature delicious food and drinks, under the supervision of a group of the most skilled chefs and chefs.
  • Garage: The real estate developer of Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, allocated a garage on a large area, accommodating the largest possible number of cars. To prevent overcrowding or congestion in front of the mall gates.
  • Automated teller machines: There are a number of automated teller machines (ATM) affiliated with the largest banks in Egypt spread across the various floors of the mall. These machines allow many banking operations to be carried out easily.
  • Electrical generators: The real estate developer of the mall ensures that the administrative, commercial, and medical units operate with high efficiency throughout the day, even in the event of a power outage, due to the presence of an alternative source of energy, represented by electrical generators.
  • Designated smoking areas: There is a large area inside the mall designated for smokers, away from the mall’s investment units. For more freedom and privacy.
  • Reception desk: New customers or visitors looking for a specific service inside the mall can use the reception desk located in the mall, which is staffed by a group of the most qualified employees who can guide them to their correct destination.

Advantages of investing in the Moray New Cairo

Moray Mall is located in one of the areas that guarantee a large investment return for its owners, as traffic in the Fifth Settlement is very efficient and continuous throughout the day and at all times. Therefore, the opportunity to invest within the mall is a golden opportunity that must be seized. Mine Marks Development Company has proposed The project is considered one of the largest administrative and commercial malls in New Cairo, due to the distinctive features and attractions it contains, the most notable of which are the following:

  • The project has a large frontage on North Teseen Street.
  • The mall extended over a huge area, making it one of the largest administrative projects in Egypt.
  • Moray Mall has different shapes and types of investment units.
  • The unit spaces within the mall are characterized by diversity and pluralism. To suit various investment activities.
  • The variety of basic services available within the mall, which aims to serve all investment activities, which ensures achieving the greatest financial returns for capital owners.
  • The mall has a garage – a full floor – whose area is equivalent to the mall’s area.

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About Main Marks Developments

Main Marks Developments is the real estate developer and owner of the Moray Fifth Settlement project, an architectural masterpiece into which the company was able to pour all its vast experience into the Egyptian real estate market over many years, and provide it with all the elements and components that make it the ideal choice for everyone who wants to Safe, successful and profitable investment.

Main Marks Developments projects

Main Marks has been on the throne of real estate development companies in Egypt – and still is – for many years, due to the real estate projects it has provided that are no less ingenious and meticulous in design and construction than Moray Mall Fifth Settlement. It has implemented many residential projects in the Andalus, Narges and Beit El Watan areas, the Settlement. Fifth, in addition to luxury commercial malls, including the following:

Main Marks Mall New Cairo

The new Main Marks Cairo Mall is located in a vital location on North 90th Street, the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, minutes away from Suez Road, the Ring Road, Al-Naseem Hospital, and the Specialized Air Hospital. The mall can also be reached from Mohamed Naguib Axis and Mostafa Kamel Axis. It has a ground floor and 3 upper floors. It also includes commercial, administrative, and medical units at ideal prices and spaces.

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The goal of the Moray Mall project is 90th Street

The Moray project aims to implement Fifth Settlement To provide a promising investment opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs that carries all the elements of the success of any investment project, regardless of its activity, the company that owns the project was keen to create a multi-activity investment mall that combines several basic activities that are sufficient for visitors’ requirements and needs and provides them for them in one place, thus achieving a profitable return for the investor. Distinctive fast time.

Advantages of investing in the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement area is considered one of the most prominent investment areas located in New Cairo, which has multiple factors to attract thousands of investors and businessmen, in addition to attracting residents to live within it. Among the most prominent components that the Fifth Settlement area possesses and makes it rank first among the best investment areas in Egypt are the following: :

  • The Fifth Settlement area has a vital location in the heart of New Cairo, near the most prominent new investment cities in Egypt, as it is 10 minutes away from the Administrative Capital, in addition to its proximity to Al-Rehab, Al-Shorouk, Madinaty, Mostaqbal City, and others.
  • One of the most prominent elements that attract investment in the Fifth Settlement is the high price per meter, in addition to the high annual return on real estate. There is a continuous increase in the price per square meter in the Fifth Settlement, which results in an increase in the value of assets over the years.
  • The Fifth Settlement area is receiving an increase in demand, with the aim of staying away from the noise and crowds that fill the major governorates and enjoying the tranquility and healthy environment that New Cairo enjoys.
  • The diversity of unit types within the Fifth Settlement is one of the things that attracts investors and residents, as the area has residential units of various styles and tastes, including what is suitable for the middle and upper middle classes, in addition to the availability of many commercial, administrative and medical units at prices that suit a large segment of entrepreneurs. .

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Disadvantages of Moray Mall Fifth Settlement

The most important thing that distinguishes Moray Mall Fifth Settlement, is the interest of the real estate developer – Main Marks Company – in the smallest details that are of interest to visitors and investors, and this is clearly evident in its keenness to divide the mall between its units in a distinctive way, so that they do not overlap with each other. The mall’s units were also offered at unacceptable prices. Competition, and the best payment and installment systems, extending up to 8 years.

For these reasons, we can say that Moray Fifth Settlement is a large, distinctive edifice that adorns the entire New Cairo, avoiding many of the defects that other Settlement projects suffered from, such as the lack of administrative, commercial, or medical units, or the small area of ​​the units of these projects.

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