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Project details
project name Noble Compound New Cairo
The project Location In the heart of the Fifth Settlement
Developer المصرية الكويتية للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 200 square meters
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 12,500,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Noble Fifth Settlement is one of the projects of Egyptian Kuwaiti Development. It is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of Taj City in the Fifth Settlement. It is also distinguished by its proximity to the most important areas and main axes such as the Ring Road, Cairo International Airport, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Madinaty, and Al Rehab City. , which facilitates access to various vital places in Cairo.

Noble New Cairo extends over a vast area that offers a wonderful variety of residential units, from luxury villas to townhouses and twin houses carefully designed to meet all needs. The villas’ areas start from 465 square meters and reach 700 square meters, providing spacious areas for luxurious living.

At very competitive prices, customers can purchase their luxury units within the project at the lowest cost. Townhouse unit prices start from 12,500,000 Egyptian pounds, while villa prices start from 27,750,000 Egyptian pounds.

Noble project offers flexible installment systems, allowing customers to pay a down payment starting from 10% and pay the rest in installments over 8 years, which makes investing in the compound an attractive and comfortable option for customers.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

Location of Noble Compound New Cairo

Noble New Cairo Compound enjoys a distinct strategic location in the heart of Taj City in the Fifth Settlement, making it an ideal residential destination that combines tranquility, comfort and easy access to everywhere in Cairo. The compound is located near the most important roads and main axes, which facilitates transportation to various vital areas, and thus It gives it a competitive advantage that makes it the ideal choice for those wishing to enjoy a comfortable and integrated life in the heart of New Cairo.

Areas near Noble Fifth Settlement project

Noble Settlement Compound is characterized by its proximity to a variety of vital and important areas, which allows residents quick access to various services and facilities, which provide all their daily needs with ease. Among the most important areas near the project are the following:

  • The compound is located minutes away from the most important main axes such as the ring road.
  • The compound is only a few minutes away from Nasr City.
  • The project is separated from Heliopolis by a few minutes.
  • Al Rehab City is only a few minutes away from the compound.
  • The project is located close to my city, separated by a few minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport and the compound are several minutes apart.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

Design of Noble Compound New Cairo

Noble Compound Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its unique architectural design in the European style, making it one of the most prominent residential projects in the region. The project was designed using the latest engineering and technological methods to ensure the provision of an upscale residential environment characterized by comfort and beauty. The compound is distinguished by the distinct distribution of its residential units, while providing spaces Vast greenery and carefully designed gardens give residents a feeling of calm and relaxation.

The residential units in the project are distinguished by their elegant designs, as the units consist of a ground floor on an area of ​​193 square meters with a large and distinct garden, as well as a first floor on an area of ​​210 square meters, followed by a penthouse on an area of ​​62 square meters with a distinct roof to ensure luxury, comfort and beauty.

Space of Noble Fifth Settlement

Noble Fifth Settlement project extends over a vast area to create an integrated residential community that meets all the residents’ needs. The space was carefully planned, as the building percentage in the compound occupies more than 50% of the total area, while the remaining percentage was allocated to green spaces and water bodies, this balance between built and natural spaces. The project gives an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, where residents can enjoy picturesque gardens and water bodies that have been carefully designed to be a natural center of attraction for customers and investors.

The area of ​​the units in Noble Egyptian Kuwaiti

Noble Compound is distinguished by the diversity of its residential units to meet the needs and tastes of customers. The project includes a distinguished group of luxury villas, townhouses, and twin houses, which have luxurious modern designs, providing residents with a large space to live in luxury and comfort. The residential units in the compound were designed using the latest engineering methods, to provide spaces A harmonious interior equipped with the best finishes and high-quality materials.

  •  The areas of townhouse villas within the project start from 200 square meters.
  • The areas of twin house villas within the village start from 312 square meters.
  • The areas of independent villas within the project start from 380 square meters.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

Prices of Noble project Fifth Settlement

Noble Settlement Compound offers a unique opportunity for those wishing to own a luxury residential unit in the heart of New Cairo, at competitive prices that suit all budgets. The developing company is committed to providing real value for money, as it offers twin house, townhouse, and villa units at prices that make owning these units accessible to everyone:

  • Prices for townhouse units in the project start from 12,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for standalone villas start from 27,750,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and reimbursement systems in Noble New Cairo

Noble Fifth Settlement project has flexible payment systems that suit the needs of different customers, which makes the process of purchasing a residential unit within the project easier and more convenient. The developer company provides convenient installment options that allow customers to pay a suitable down payment and pay the remainder in installments over long periods of time, which reduces the financial burden and opens doors. There are many residential and investment opportunities.

  • 10% down payment of the total unit price in the project is paid, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 8 years in equal installments without interest.
  • A serious amount of 250,000 Egyptian pounds is paid for the reservation of townhouse units.
  • An earnest amount of 500,000 Egyptian pounds is paid for the reservation of twin house units.
  • An earnest amount of 500,000 Egyptian pounds is paid for the reservation of independent villas.

Price analysis of Noble project New Cairo

The prices offered in the project are considered a distinguished investment opportunity compared to other projects in the region. The company offers residential units with luxurious designs and high construction quality, at very competitive prices. This makes the project a distinguished choice for buyers who are looking for value for price. The prices allow customers to benefit from the project’s location. Its distinguished and integrated services without the need to bear exorbitant costs, which enhances the attractiveness of the project as a distinctive investment opportunity.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

Services and facilities in Noble Compound Fifth Settlement

Noble Compound New Cairo is characterized by providing a variety of features and services that make it an ideal destination for housing and investment. Here is a group of the most important services and facilities available:

  • The compound is strategically located in the heart of Taj City, near vital areas and main hubs, making it easy to move to and from.
  • The compound features large green spaces that occupy more than 50% of the total area, which increases the beauty and attractiveness of the project.
  • The project features a luxurious architectural design that adds a wonderful aesthetic appearance.
  • The project features a variety of units, including villas, townhouses, and twin houses to meet all desires.
  • There are surveillance cameras and a security team working around the clock to ensure the safety of residents.
  • The compound features a social club that provides multiple social and cultural activities.
  • The presence of various sports fields such as: football, basketball and tennis.
  • The project contains designated children’s play areas equipped with many safe games.
  • The compound includes a variety of swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
  • The presence of various shopping centers and shops that meet all needs within the project.
  • The project includes various medical clinics and pharmacies to meet the population’s health needs.
  • The compound includes large garages and secured parking to prevent crowding in front of the units.
  • The compound contains a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment for fitness lovers.
  • The project includes a variety of international and local restaurants and upscale cafes that meet all needs.
  • The project features places designated for barbecues and family gatherings.
  • The compound contains halls for celebrations and special events.
  • The project provides specialized maintenance teams available around the clock to ensure the quality of the facilities.
  • There are jogging and cycling paths designated for outdoor sports.

Advantages of investing in Noble Compound project

Investing in Noble Fifth Settlement project provides many opportunities and advantages that make it a distinctive choice for investors:

  • The project is located in a strategic location in the heart of Taj City, close to main roads and vital areas, which enhances the value of the property.
  • The project features modern and luxurious designs that ensure the comfort and happiness of residents, which enhances its appeal.
  • Noble Fifth Settlement project is located in an area witnessing rapid growth and development, which enhances the investment value of the property in the long term.
  • Due to its prime location and integrated services, the project offers excellent opportunities for high returns when offering units for rent.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

About Egyptian Kuwaiti Development Company

Egyptian Kuwaiti Development was established in 1974 as a strategic partnership between the Egyptian and Kuwaiti governments, which reflects the two countries’ commitment to strengthening economic cooperation and developing infrastructure in Egypt. Egyptian Kuwaiti Development has extensive experience spanning more than 50 years in the field of real estate development and has implemented a variety of projects that include units Luxury residential buildings, modern administrative buildings, and major commercial centers.

These projects are distinguished by their modern designs, use of the latest construction technologies, and attention to fine details to provide a comfortable and integrated living environment for residents. Therefore, Egyptian Kuwaiti Development was able to secure its position as one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

Previous work of Egyptian Kuwaiti Development

Island View Hurghada Village

Island View Hurghada Village Located in a strategic location in Hurghada, with a direct view of the Red Sea, the project was implemented on an area exceeding 200,000 square meters, and includes 4 residential buildings containing about 150 apartments. Each residential unit in the village has an amazing view of the sea, which adds value. The experience of living there is exceptional, and makes it a distinctive destination for housing and investment.

Hurghada Esplanada project

The Hurghada Esplanade project is a tourist real estate project located in the city of Hurghada, and is distinguished by its distinguished location on the shore of the Red Sea. The project includes a group of luxury residential units, recreational facilities, and luxurious services, making it an ideal destination for spending holidays and enjoying the sea atmosphere and picturesque beaches.

Hurghada Marina Resort

Hurghada Marina Resort is a residential and tourist complex located in the city of Hurghada on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. It is distinguished by the presence of luxurious facilities such as a tourist marina, restaurants and cafes on the banks of turquoise blue waters, in addition to hotels and private beaches that provide an exceptional relaxation experience for tourists and locals alike.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

The goal of Noble Project is the Fifth Settlement

Noble New Cairo project aims to meet the diverse needs of residents, as it provides an integrated residential environment that combines luxury, comfort and stability. The project seeks to provide high-quality residential units that meet the needs of residents and investors alike, in addition to providing integrated facilities and excellent services, focusing on quality design. Construction and facilities, the project aims to create a vibrant and sustainable environment that provides residents with a distinct living experience that enjoys luxury and comfort.

The beauty of life in the Fifth Settlement

life in Fifth Settlement Representing a unique combination of beauty, comfort and diversity, this area is characterized by a quiet living environment, where all the services and facilities residents need to spend a comfortable and integrated life are available. The advanced infrastructure and high security add an atmosphere of reassurance and comfort to the residents of the Fifth Settlement, making it the ideal place for families. And individuals looking for a stable lifestyle in the heart of New Cairo.

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كمبوند نوبل التجمع الخامس Noble New Cairo

Disadvantages of Noble New Cairo project

Despite the many positives offered by Noble Fifth Settlement Compound, there may be some potential disadvantages, and among these disadvantages are the somewhat high prices that may be a challenge for some investors or potential buyers. However, when we take a look at what the company offers Luxurious units with high-level designs, in addition to the luxurious services they provide, we find that these prices are balanced and appropriate.

The company strives to provide a distinguished residential environment that meets the needs and aspirations of residents with the highest levels of comfort and luxury. In addition, we must take into account that the prices reflect quality and excellence in design and infrastructure, in addition to the services provided, which are considered a future investment for the project’s residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Noble Compound Fifth Settlement located?
Noble Compound is located in Fifth Settlement.
Who is the company developing the Noble Fifth Settlement project?
The real estate developer of Noble Fifth Settlement Compound is the Egyptian Kuwaiti Real Estate Development Company.
What is the payment system in Noble Compound Fifth Settlement?
The prices of Noble Fifth Settlement units start at 12.5 million Egyptian pounds, and the unit price can be paid in installments over a maximum of 8 years, with a minimum contract payment starting from 10%.
down payment
10 %
200 square meters m²
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