Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

Project details
project name Nord New Alamein
The project Location located on the Mediterranean coast
Developer IL Cazar Developments
Unit area 85
receiving date 2025
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 3,300,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Nord New Alamein Village is a new and exceptional coastal entertainment complex presented by the largest leading real estate company in the Egyptian market, IL Cazar Development, which is located in New Alamein City next to the Presidential Palace on the Mediterranean coast.

The extensive experience of the developer company enabled it to design the Nord New Alamein on a huge area divided into several residential units, each unit measuring approximately 85 square metres, with an ideal European-style destination and a charming and attractive view of various aesthetic landscapes, to provide you with a luxurious life in the heart of the city. New Alamein.

In addition, Al Casa Company has offered the village a competitive price package that suits a large segment of customers and investors, with distinctive payment systems and convenient facilities. Through this article, we will learn together more details about the designs, features, and services provided within Nord New Alamein.

Nord New Alamein Location

Alcazar Company was keen to make the location of the Nord New Alamein strategic, lively and very distinctive, to ensure the success of this new real estate edifice, as it is located on the Mediterranean coast 1,200 kilometers from the main lake within the city of El Alamein, and the skill in choosing the location enables the village residents to It is easily accessible, because it is close to main roads and important areas that meet all people’s needs and services.

Places near Nord New Alamein

The Nord New Alamein Village is located near several very important landmarks, areas and government bodies within the city of El Alamein, which are:

  • El Alamein Military Museum.
  • Water play areas.
  • Al Marasi Village.
  • Latin Quarter.
  • Porto Marina Resort.
  • Zahran City Park.
  • New Alamein towers such as North Edge and The Gate.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast.
  • Sir Abdel Rahman.
  • El Alamein Airport is four hours away from the village.
  • Alexandria Airport is an hour and a half away by car.

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Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

Nord New Alamein project design

Nord New Alamein was built under the hands of a wonderful group of senior architects and real estate designers searching for luxury and creativity in the Arab world, and who follow the latest international principles and standards developed in determining the style and modern taste of real estate, so that the village appears as a masterpiece.

As mentioned above, Nord New Alamein was designed in the modern European architectural style, and IL Cazar Development entrusted the task of developing and implementing the design of the resort project specifically to engineer Raif Fahmy, one of the leading experts in the field of engineering consulting in Egypt, and Long Black Company to obtain… The finish meets the highest standards, levels and commercial standards in the real estate market.

So; Engineer Raif Fahmy succeeded in fully exploiting an area of ​​80 acres, including entertainment areas in the village in harmony with the main services for customers. Nord New Alamein was designed as follows:

  • The residential units overlook the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so that all residents of the resort can enjoy the beauty and splendor of the sea and its waves.
  • Excellence and creativity in choosing calm, modern colors in obtaining unique exterior facades and interior architectural designs for residential units.
  • Including green spaces, artificial lakes, and swimming pools in all aspects of the residential units within Nord village resort New Alamein.

The area of ​​the Nord New Alamein

Alcazar Real Estate Development Company paid its attention in Nord New Alamein to exploiting an area of ​​approximately 80 acres, to contribute to building and constructing various residential units on varying areas, to avoid placing customers in a limited range of options, and to meet all the needs and requirements of investors and customers in a way that suits their financial and family circumstances.

So; The total area was divided between the construction of a number of residential units of varying sizes, facilities and services in a professional manner within Nord New Alamein, and the design was developed as follows:

  • Allocating 80% of the total area to create green spaces, public facilities, and services.
  • Allocate 20% for residential units and various buildings such as stand villas, duplex chalets, and twin houses.

Now, dear reader, you may be wondering about the details of the units’ area within the Nord New Alamein project, so; We will learn about them now in the following lines so that you can determine your requirements for purchasing the best residential unit within the village, so continue reading.

Unit space in Nord New Alamein

Nord New Alamein includes different areas of residential units, which are as follows:

  • Chalets: Its area ranges from 58 – 95 square meters, and it consists of one bedroom.
  • Duplex:Its area ranges from 110 – 130 square meters, and it consists of two rooms.
  • Duplex:Its area ranges from 160 – 170 square meters, and it consists of three rooms.
  • Twin House Villas:Its area starts at 205 square meters, on a land area of ​​260 square meters.
  • Colors stand villas:Its area starts at 285 square meters, on a land area of ​​605 square meters, and consists of one ground floor and a roof.
  • Alwan City Stand Villas:Its area starts at 250 square meters, on a land area of ​​350 square meters, and consists of a ground floor, first floor, and roof.

Hence, the range of choice between residential units in Nord Village Resort New Alamein expands for customers and investors.

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Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

Prices of the new village of North El Alamein Village North Coast

The company developing Nord New Alamein was keen to offer competitive prices that suit all segments of society, based on the variation in areas, types of units, and their location of public services and facilities, so; The latest residential unit prices in Nord New Alamein were set as follows:

  • One-room chalets:Starting from 2,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two bedroom duplex:Starting from 3,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Three-bedroom duplex: Starting from 4,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin House Villas:Starting from 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  •  Some types of independent villas: Starting from 11,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Color stand villas:Starting from 13,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in the New Nord El Alamein project

The reservation and payment systems in the Nord Village New Alamein project are multiple, convenient and flexible, and extend over long periods of time that may reach 7 years, to increase the demand of customers and investors to own residential units in the Nord New Alamein project.

So; You can reserve and pay for the chosen residential unit from Nord New Alamein New Alamein as follows:

  • Pay a contract deposit of 5% of the total amount, and pay the rest in installments over 7 years without paying interest.
  • He paid 50 thousand pounds to seriously reserve the chalets.
  • Payment of 100 thousand Egyptian pounds for the seriousness of booking villas in Nord village resort New Alamein.

Taking into account that all units in the Nord New Alamein will be delivered fully finished in the fourth quarter of 2025.

Price analysis in Nord New Alamein

Prices offered by the company developing Nord New Alamein، Of course, it was largely suitable for a wide range of different segments of society, based on the quality of services and facilities created within the village.

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Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

Nord New Alamein Facilities and Services

The most important basic and recreational services and facilities included within New Nord Alamein, to be the focus of customers’ attention, are as follows:

  • Medical complex:The complex consists of a hospital equipped with the latest and most accurate medical devices, specialized centers and clinics that include all specialties, and pharmacies equipped with all therapeutic and preventive medications, providing 24-hour home delivery service.
  • sports club:Nord New Alamein Club includes all types of stadiums and gyms, and is equipped with all high-quality sports equipment for practice and training in all types of sports.
  • Health club: It consists of two huge gyms equipped with the latest fitness equipment, one for men and the other for women. It also includes a jacuzzi and a spa.
  • social Club: Nord Resort New Alamein includes the largest social club extending over a large area, to provide all social activities for friends and family members, in addition to allocating a place for bicycle racing enthusiasts and practicing running and walking.
  • Ladies beachThe developing company paid attention to having a beach designated for women, equipped with all kinds of services, in order to preserve their privacy and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere without restriction.
  • swimming pool:There are a large number of swimming pools near the residential units, varying in size and depth to suit all age groups.
  • Kidar Area: Nord New Alamein Village It also has an entertainment area designated for children to play and have fun, while providing all means of protection and safety.
  • Security services: Nord New Alamein Resort is keen to secure and guard the resort within 24 hours, as there are security and guard personnel trained at the highest level at the entrance to the village, in addition to the presence of surveillance cameras well distributed throughout Nord New Alamein.
  • Multiple places of worship:The resort includes a large number of mosques and churches designed on large areas to accommodate a large number of people, and close to the residential units.
  • Shops: Nord New Alamein includes a large number of different shops, keen to provide the best food and household supplies with the best international brands.
  • Automated teller machines for many international and local banks.
  • The most luxurious restaurants and cafes: The company was keen to be well distributed throughout the village, to provide the most delicious types of food and drinks, while providing home delivery service throughout the day.
  • Maintenance and cleaning servicesAn integrated center equipped with the best and latest technologies dedicated to maintaining and cleaning all village facilities 24 hours a day.
  • Nord New Alamein Equipped with continuous electric generators to avoid power outages.
  • Car garages: Throughout the village, there are garages with large spaces to park the largest number of cars and various vehicles, near residential units, businesses, and institutions.
  • Designed within the village as a club house, to spend an enjoyable time on the seashore, in addition to a marina for yachts and ships to enjoy sea excursions.
  • Halls and hotels:Nord New Alamein Village has halls designated for holding events and parties.

 Advantages of investing in Nord New Alamein

There is no doubt that investing in Nord resort New Alamein is a wise and ideal choice that contributes to the success and expansion of real estate investments, because it achieves the following:

  • Feeling comfortable, reassured, and more relaxed and luxurious during vacations and summer vacations.
  • Facilitating payment systems for customers for many years, to make it easier for investors and customers.
  • Providing the opportunity to resell the residential unit to make a financial profit from the price difference if you think about selling the residential unit after purchasing it, because the purchasing value of residential units increases over time.
  • Providing the opportunity to rent the residential unit and obtain a monthly income or financial return, especially in the summer months.

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Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

About IL Cazar Development

IL Cazar Development is the developer of Nord New Alamein, and it is also a primary trademark for Al-Khozam Real Estate Development Company, which was founded by Mr. Helmy Khozam in 1960, but the name was recently updated as part of the updates that took place in the company, and the word Al-Kazar is an international word inspired by The Great Tsar.

Alcazar Company always seeks to establish a brand in Egypt, in order to have a strong imprint in the Egyptian real estate market, through the development and construction of huge projects in Egypt, and from here it has become one of the leading companies in the field of business and distinctive residential projects.

IL Cazar Development projects

Alcazar Company’s projects did not stop at the Nord New Alamein Only, but as mentioned above, the developing company has demonstrated its ingenuity, leadership and extensive experience in providing the best residential, commercial and other tourism projects, for example:

Creek Town Compound New Cairo

The company succeeded in constructing Creek Compound in a distinguished and quiet place away from crowding and pollution on an area of ​​100 acres. Its design was of the highest degree of sophistication in the form of villas, apartments, and many services and facilities necessary to facilitate life within the compound.

Compound location Creek Town New Cairo Distinctive and strategic, as it is located directly on the Suez Road at the entrance to Al-Rehab, and is close to the vital places and landmarks in Cairo, and the residential units within it are characterized by a wonderful and delightful view of the artificial lakes and green spaces. What is distinctive about the project is that it is a few minutes away from the Tulip Hotel, and from the Family Park for 5 minutes. Minutes by car.

Go Heliopolis Compound Heliopolis

Go Heliopolis Compound is one of the most prestigious residential projects recently constructed by Alcazar Real Estate Development Company. The project was designed with the latest international style on a land area of ​​18,000 square meters. It includes all the facilities, services, and entertainment places that provide comfort to the compound’s residents.

The location of Go Heliopolis Compound is very strategic and away from crowding and the hustle and bustle of cities, and it is close to upscale residential areas, and main roads and axes to make it easy for customers to reach any place. Among the most prominent places close to it are Al-Nasr Road, Cairo International Airport, the Fifth Settlement, and New Cairo, and it is also far away. Only 5 minutes away from Salah Salem Road.

Astoda Sheraton Compound in New Cairo

Designed by Alcazar Astoda Sheraton New Cairo Compound On an area of ​​113 acres, in the form of apartments with an architectural design that embraces beauty, sophistication and luxury, the compound was established in a lively and easily accessible place, which is the Sheraton area on the Suez Road in the heart of Heliopolis.

Among the most prominent and important places near Studhi Compound are Salah Salem Road, Al-Nasr Road, Suez Road, Al-Ahly Club, and Wadi Degla Club. It also includes many facilities and services that give customers a smooth, harmonious and enjoyable experience while staying inside the compound, and it also provides all security services. Integrated for customers.

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Purpose Nord New Alamein

The ultimate goal pursued by IL Cazar Development, designed by the Nord New Alamein، It is to provide residential units with a modern and attractive architectural design، In addition to the diversity of residential units within the village and the diversity of their areas to suit all the needs and tastes of customers and investors.

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Nord New Alamein By Il Cazar Developments

The beauty of life in the two new works

New Alamein City A new smart tourist city, one of the fourth generation cities, with a modern urban design comparable to the best international cities. Once you look at it, the beauty of its high-rise towers, charming beaches, and modern buildings takes you to another world, as if you are living in a European country.

It is characterized by wonderful weather that is enjoyable for many tourists and citizens throughout the year, and the Nord New Alamein includes all types of services and facilities to meet all the needs of the city’s residents, and provides security and safety elements in all areas of the city at the highest level, as well as the ease and organization of the city’s entrances and exits to regulate traffic in a smooth manner. Cool and comfortable.

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Disadvantages of the new Nord El Alamein village

Despite the beauty and advantages of life in Nord Resort New Alamein Village، However, a few people may find that the village is far away due to its location in Hurghada, but the company developing this project made every effort to design the village within a strategic and attractive location close to all landmarks and important government areas, and was also keen to provide all kinds of services and facilities within the residential resort. Tourist Nord resort New Alamein As I mentioned above.

Nord New Alamein is the choice if you want to own a European-style tourist residential unit that provides you with a feeling of comfort, calm, relaxation, and enjoying the moderate atmosphere, charming beaches, and stunning views during the summer vacations.

In addition to its wonderful and profitable opportunity in real estate investment and earning more profits, because the company developing the project allows selling or renting the residential unit after owning it, so do not hesitate and contact the project sales officials now and choose from among the residential units offered by the company that are suitable for you at the best prices.

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