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Project details
project name Notion Compound New Cairo
The project Location It is located in the heart of New Cairo on Teseen Street.
Developer شركة تاون رايترز للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 60
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 2,750,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Notion New Cairo is one of the projects of Town Writers Real Estate Development Company, which was keen to build it on a huge plot of land amounting to 100 acres in the heart of New Cairo, to become one of the most residential projects that provide safety, tranquility, and luxury.

Notion New Cairo project is distinguished by its distinguished location, close to the most important landmarks and services such as: the American University, Oscar Mall, Knowledge City, the German University, Mohammed bin Zayed Axis, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, Mohamed Naguib Axis, and the New Administrative Capital.

Notion Fifth Settlement project includes many residential units of the utmost sophistication, distinction and elegance, varying between studios, apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, with varying sizes starting from 60 square meters and up to 500 square meters, to meet the needs and requirements of all customers. And investors.

Unit prices in Notion New Cairo Compound start at 2,750,000 pounds for studios, 3,298,050 for residential apartments, 12,322,370 for townhouses, and 13,250,000 for villas. Payment systems in the project start from a 10% down payment, 5% after one year, and installments up to 8 years.

Continue reading the article to learn more about Notion project, browse its distinctive photos, and learn about the prices of the available units.

Notion New Cairo

Location of Notion Compound Fifth Settlement

Town Writers Real Estate Development Company chose New Cairo, specifically the Fifth Settlement area, to be the launch site for Notion Fifth Settlement Compound, which is expected to be one of the best and largest real estate projects in the region. The real estate developer is also now working on completing all the real estate units in the project, in order for them to be complete. Finishing as quickly as possible.

Places near Notion New Cairo project

Notion Fifth Settlement is located in the heart of New Cairo on 90th Street, which has made it one of the compounds easily accessible and accessible by many customers and investors, due to its proximity to many important roads. Customers can also go to any place they want, thanks to its presence in close proximity to many establishments. The most notable of which are the following:

  • Nearby axes: Notion Fifth Settlement is close to Gamal Abdel Nasser axis and Mohamed Naguib axis, in addition to the ring road, which separates it from the compound about 5 minutes.
  • Neighboring cities: Some cities are a short distance from the compound, most notably Madinaty and Shorouk, as the distance between them and the project does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Nearby universities: The time distance between the universities near Notion New Settlement Compound is very short, such as the German University and the American University, as they can be reached within only 10 minutes.
  • Administrative Capital: The New Administrative Capital can be reached from the project within 15 minutes.

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Notion New Cairo | Own your unit now with only 10% down payment

Design of Notion Fifth Settlement project

The decision of Town Writers, the developer of Notion Fifth Settlement Compound, was not to develop a traditional residential complex. Rather, the company was seeking to design a residential community exactly as you and all the clients wished, and indeed the company succeeded in exceeding everyone’s expectations by providing residential life with a new exceptional concept.

When designing Notion Fifth Settlement, Town Writers took into account the provision of all the modern elements of comfort and luxury, while mixing them with an unprecedented sophistication, which is the combination that everyone is looking for when they move to a new residential complex, especially if it is in a modern area like the Fifth Settlement.

Speaking more clearly about the design of the project, the design feature of the compound is mainly divided into two aspects, which are the aspect of the design of the residential units themselves, and the aspect of the aesthetic view of the picturesque nature surrounding all the residential units in the compound, and through the following lines we will inform you of more details regarding each aspect of them.

Design of residential units in Notion Compound

The residential units in Notion New Cairo Compound are distinguished by a unique design, making them considered an amazing architectural masterpiece. The design feature of the units in Notion begins with the distances between the residential buildings, which provides you with the highest level of privacy and comfort in your home. These distances also facilitate the process of transportation. Inside the compound.

Then the design feature is transferred to the design of the buildings themselves. The residential units in Notion Compound have glass facades and large balconies that allow sunlight to pass through, making the beginning of your day in the compound a renewed and active start every day.

As for the interior decorations of the units within the project, they can only be described as charming decorations, as the interior decorations of Notion Fifth Settlement units have the advantage of simplicity in design, and the use of calm colors selected in accordance with the latest international standards for interior design, which were chosen and designed in a way that is consistent with the beauty of the views of the units.

Landscape design in Notion Compound

Town Writers has hired major engineering companies to design the landscape in Notion Fifth Settlement, which has already been designed creatively, as green spaces intersect between the residential units in the compound to surround them on all sides, providing you with a charming view of all the windows of your home, and also providing you with a high level Higher privacy inside your unit.

The compound’s noon also includes landscape areas, large areas of water bodies, in addition to the services and facilities available in the compound, so that all these features come together and form an artistic painting with integrated features.

Space of Notion New Cairo

Notion Fifth Settlement Compound was built on a very large and enormous area, which the developer company divided perfectly to suit large and small families separately, to fulfill the hopes and ambitions of customers to live in one of the quiet places far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the area of ​​the compound is as follows:

  • Total area: The project was built on a large plot of land of about 100 acres.
  • Building area: The area of ​​units and buildings occupied about 20% of the total project area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: Green spaces and landscape occupied about 80% of the total area of ​​the project.

Unit space in Notion Fifth Settlement project

The residential units within Notion Fifth Settlement project varied, and the spaces offered by the real estate developer differed, which gained the approval and acceptance of many customers and investors. These spaces can be identified in detail in the following points:

  • Studio space: Studio spaces in Notion New Cairo start from 60 square meters, up to 80 square meters.
  • Apartments’ area: Apartments’ area starts from 63 square meters and reaches 171 square meters.
  • Townhouse area: The townhouse area within Notion Compound reached 181 square metres
  • Twin house area: The minimum area of ​​the twin house within the compound reached 300 square meters, and a maximum of 400 square meters.
  • Area of ​​independent villas: The area of ​​villas in the project starts from 400 square meters and reaches 500 square meters.

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كمبوند نوشن التجمع الخامس Notion New Cairo

Prices of Notion Fifth Settlement project

The prices of residential units within Notion New Cairo Compound are determined according to the price per meter, which varies from time to time depending on the state of the Egyptian real estate market, but some prices of residential units can be clarified at the present time, including the following:

  • Studios prices: Studios prices start from 2,750,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartment prices: Apartment prices start from 7,486,050 and 8,409,550 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse prices: Townhouse prices start from 12,322,370 Egyptian pounds and reach 12,615,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house prices: Twin house prices start from 12,538,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villa prices: Villa prices start from 13,250,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in Notion New Cairo

The real estate developer within Notion New Cairo project has provided a distinctive installment system suitable for a large segment of customers and businessmen. This system is as follows:

  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, pay another 5% after one year of contracting, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years.

Price analysis in Notion Compound Fifth Settlement

Not only that, but they are also suitable for a very large segment of customers and investors, as the developed real estate company was keen to satisfy many of its customers and meet their various needs.

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كمبوند نوشن التجمع الخامس Notion New Cairo

Facilities and services of Notion New Cairo Compound

Town Writers Real Estate Development Company in Notion Fifth Settlement Compound has provided a unique residential experience to its customers, by providing a set of services and benefits that contribute to making residents’ lives better and more comfortable, whether on the entertainment level or even on the level of meeting their basic needs, and among the most prominent of these are Services include:

  • Sports fields: There are many sports fields spread within Notion Fifth Settlement Compound, including football fields, basketball courts, and others. The sports club within the project also offers many large and important sporting events.
  • Clubhouse: The Clubhouse is located within the compound with a high degree of efficiency and well-design, through which one can spend the best quiet and relaxing times.
  • Security services: The company that owns the project provided the best security services ever, represented by advanced fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, in addition to surveillance cameras and security personnel distributed in different areas.
  • Electrical generators: To prevent the project’s facilities from being disrupted in the event of a power outage, the real estate developer has provided many backup generators, which operate immediately after a power outage.
  • Barbecue parties: Taking advantage of the large green spaces within Notion New Cairo, the real estate developer allocated an area for holding barbecue parties, holidays, and various family events.
  • Maintenance services: Facility malfunctions can be repaired as quickly as possible, thanks to the presence of a team specialized in repairing technical malfunctions as soon as they are reported.
  • Medical Center: On a large area within Notion Compound and with the availability of the best modern medical equipment, and an elite group of the most qualified and experienced doctors, the real estate developer built an international medical center, providing many medical services to customers.
  • Kids Area: Customers can let their children spend the best and most enjoyable times inside the compound, thanks to the presence of a large play area, fully secured with surveillance cameras and security personnel, and equipped with many entertainment games.
  • Large garage: In order to ensure the general appearance of the project’s streets, the real estate developer provided more than one garage under the residential units. In order for the cars to line up inside, and at the same time protect them from any acts of vandalism or harsh weather conditions.
  • Commercial Mall: All basic and entertainment supplies can be purchased within the project, thanks to the presence of a huge commercial mall, which provides many services, such as withdrawal and financial deposit services through ATM machines, and large cinemas; Specializing in showing foreign and Arabic films.
  • Cleaning services: Cleaning workers constantly roam the streets of Notion Al-Tajmaa project. In order to constantly dispose of waste and garbage, and to maintain the general appearance of the project and its facilities.
  • Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools, suitable for all ages and groups within the project, due to their availability in different designs and depths.
  • Paved path: The compound has a paved path through which one can practice running, walking, or cycling early in the morning, away from where cars move.

Advantages of investing in Notion Compound

The Egyptian real estate market is now witnessing major changes, and a continuous change in prices at large rates, which has led to many clients and investors rushing to pump their money into the latest residential projects in the major new cities in Egypt, such as the Fifth Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, as well as the Administrative Capital.

Speaking about the advantages of investing in Notion Fifth Settlement specifically, the most prominent advantages can be clarified through the following points:

  • Location of the compound: Notion Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, which is considered one of the most important and prominent modern areas in the Egyptian real estate market, and which has witnessed a large number of residents of Greater Cairo and other surrounding cities moving to live there in the past years, due to the advantages that the area includes. Unmatched.
  • Areas near the compound: The advantage of the project is not limited to being in a modern area only, but the main advantage lies in the areas surrounding the compound, as it is located directly on Teseen Street, which is one of the most important main streets in the Fifth Settlement, which connects many residential neighborhoods together. In addition, the compound is close to many service and entertainment areas, which is one of the biggest investment advantages that any client is looking for.
  • Unit prices: Unit prices in Notion Settlement start from 2,750,000 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of all units in various sizes are considered among the best competitive prices in the Fifth Settlement, and in all of New Cairo.
  • Payment systems: The price advantage in Notion Compound is not limited to the level of specified prices only, but rather its advantage increases through the payment systems specified by the company developing the compound, where you can pay the value of your unit over a period of up to 8 full years, with a down payment of only 10%.

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كمبوند نوشن التجمع الخامس Notion New Cairo

About Town Writers Developments

The company that owns Notion Fifth Settlement project is Town Writers Real Estate Development Company, which was in the past Eight Real Estate Development Company. The company began its work under its new name in 2017, and was able to provide approximately 52 residential and commercial projects in just 7 years, which is It made it strongly enter the competition with other real estate development companies in attracting the largest possible number of clients and investors.

Town Writers Developments projects

Town Reuters Real Estate Development Company has implemented a very large number of important residential projects, all of which shine with a lively location close to all services and hubs, attractive designs, and diverse residential units of varying sizes. These projects are represented in the following:

  • The Street Mall, New Administrative Capital

He sits in his seat The Street Mall New Capital It is on the throne of many important and distinguished commercial projects, thanks to its distinguished location near the most important areas and hubs in the New Capital, its diverse services that meet the needs and requirements of all customers and investors, in addition to its wide area, which occupies about 72,000 square meters.

  • Downtown Mall, New Administrative Capital

Downtown Mall New Capital It is a distinctive architectural masterpiece implemented by Town Writers Real Estate Development Company in the Downtown area, which is considered one of the most important and lively areas in the New Capital. The mall includes many administrative and commercial units with areas starting from 15 square meters, in order to meet the needs and requirements of all customers and investors.

  • Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement

Revolve Mall Fifth Settlement One of the important projects that the developer was keen to build on a huge area of ​​3.5 acres, the project shines with its dazzling architectural designs and countless services, in addition to its diverse residential units, which vary between administrative units, commercial units, and medical units, with areas starting from 35 square metres, up to 175 square metres.

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Notion New Cairo | Own your unit now with only 10% down payment

The goal of Notion Compound Fifth Settlement

Notion Fifth Settlement Compound is a huge and distinctive residential project, implemented by Town Writers Real Estate Development Company with the aim of providing an exceptional and unique residential experience for its customers looking for luxury, pleasure, tranquility, and enjoyment. The project contains an unlimited number of important investment advantages, those that made it take the lead. On top of other residential projects in the same area.

Advantages of life in the Fifth Settlement area

The Fifth Settlement area is considered one of the best modern residential areas in Egypt, which has many countless advantages, starting with the unique location away from the crowded population in the heart of Cairo, and close to the main roads in the area that connect the Fifth Settlement to many areas within New Cairo. And outside, in addition to many other features that we will inform you of in detail through the following lines:

Fifth Settlement location

The Fifth Settlement area is located in the east of Cairo, specifically between the Suez Road in the north, and the Katameya-Ain Sokhna Road in the south. Speaking of the two roads, they are among the most important main roads that make reaching the Fifth Settlement from many neighborhoods in Greater Cairo no more than a few minutes away. Few.

Given the new, easily accessible area, this gives it the advantage of liveliness and ease of daily life, and removes the impression from individuals that it is an area far from the heart of Cairo, because already when it was established Fifth Settlement The majority opinion was that it is a remote area and not suitable for residential life, but in fact, the area is very close to the heart of Cairo, and you can reach it and move within it with ease thanks to the availability of many roads and means of transportation in the Fifth Settlement.

On the other hand, the Fifth Settlement is close to the old neighborhoods in Cairo, and the area is also close to modern residential neighborhoods and cities such as Shorouk City, Madinaty, and the New Administrative Capital, which makes you feel that you are living in the heart of an upscale community that is completely suitable for your needs and desire for housing. In an area populated by people similar to you.

Fifth Settlement services and facilities

The Fifth Settlement has almost all the services you need for a comfortable residential life, and the services in the area are not limited to basic services only. Rather, entertainment services in the Fifth Settlement occupy the largest proportion of the available services, thanks to the presence of a large number of commercial malls that include all local brands. And the global one through which you can buy everything you need.

The Fifth Settlement malls also include many different entertainment areas, suitable for all members of your family. The area also includes large areas of landscape and public gardens that cool down the temperature in the area, and also provide wonderful views of all the residential complexes in the Fifth Settlement.

Among the other most important and prominent services available in the Fifth Settlement is that it includes a number of government and international schools, and it also includes many universities, including the American University, the German University, and other major universities, institutes and academies, which guarantees you easy access to the best educational services for your children in various fields. Phases, unlike high-end residential compounds, such as Notion Fifth Settlement Compound

Investing in the Fifth Settlement

One of the most important advantages of living or even investing in the Fifth Settlement is that the region is considered a great investment strength, and although investment in the region began years ago, it still maintains its investment strength, which offers you a double advantage, which we will explain to you further throughout the lines. next:

The advantage of investing in the Fifth Settlement can be described as a double advantage; Because it brings great benefit to everyone who wants to invest in the region, or even live in it, because the Fifth Settlement was the beginning of its establishment by the Egyptian state, when it decided to establish a modern residential area in eastern Cairo with the aim of transferring the population bloc to it, and reducing the concentration of the huge population in the area. Greater Cairo, but the state’s vision required a large volume of investments, which made it provide an opportunity for real estate investment companies to invest in the region.

This point was the beginning of the distinction of the Fifth Settlement area, because the area received the attention of the state along with many large private companies, which made them cooperate together in order to build a modern, integrated residential area. Therefore, we say that you are a beneficiary if you desire housing, as you will find everything you need for your residential life. New, or even if your desire is to invest, because you will get a golden opportunity to invest in an area that is of interest to all those responsible for it.

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Disadvantages of Notion New Cairo

No project launched recently has ever been integrated in all aspects. It usually suffers from the problem of lack of residential units in terms of type, area, or even delivery date. However, Notion Fifth Settlement Compound broke this rule, as it is considered one of the modern residential projects in New Cairo. Which makes it difficult for the customer to find any defects.

This is because the real estate developer of Notion Fifth Settlement is keen to provide the best services and benefits to customers, whether they are units of various shapes and sizes, or competitive prices and flexible installment systems, or even offering the date of receipt of the units, to be suitable for a large category of customers and investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Notion Fifth Settlement Compound located?
Notion Compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically on 90 Street.
Who is the developer of Notion New Cairo Compound?
The real estate developer of Notion New Cairo Compound is Town Writers Real Estate Development Company.
What is the payment system in Notion Fifth Settlement Compound?
Pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.
Project Features
  • Cafes
  • famous brands
  • Green spaces
  • Gym
  • Private Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • swimming pool
down payment
10 %
60 m²
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