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Nurai Compound New Cairo is the latest project of Mercon Real Estate Development Company on an area of ​​16 acres in the heart of the Golden Square area in New Cairo. The compound is distinguished by the presence of many diverse residential units in terms of spaces that suit all customers.

Nurai New Cairo is located near the most important landmarks such as: North 90th Street, South 90th Street, Suez Road, Al-Rehab City, the American University, and Mohammed bin Zayed Axis.

Nurai New Cairo has residential apartments of various sizes ranging from 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments.

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Location of Nurai Compound, New Cairo

Mercon Real Estate Development Company chose one of the best areas in New Cairo, which is the Golden area Square, which is considered one of the most vital and important areas in the Fifth Settlement, and Golden Square begins at the end of Al-Mushir Axis Road at the Ring Road.

Golden Square overlooks the most important roads in New Cairo, which are North 90th Street and South 90th Street, in addition to the fact that the area is minutes away from Nasr City, Heliopolis, and many other major neighborhoods, which makes the Nurai project enjoy the same advantage of being close to those areas, through the following: We will show you the most important places near Nurai New Cairo.

Places near the Nurai Fifth Settlement project

  • North 90th Street:Nurai New Cairo is only two minutes away from North 90th Street.
  • Southern 90th Street:Noray also approaches South 90th Street at the same distance, which is two minutes.
  • Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis:Nurai Compound directly overlooks Bin Zayed Axis, and is considered one of the most important axes in the region.
  • Suez Road:You can reach Nurai Compound through Suez Road, which is 6 minutes away.
  • Al-Rehab City:One of the most prominent cities adjacent to Nurai Compound is Al-Rehab City, which is 5 minutes away.
  • American University:One of the most prominent landmarks near Nurai Fifth Settlement is the American University.
  • Monorail station:The compound also overlooks the monorail station, which makes it easy to reach the compound within minutes.

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Nurai New Cairo

Nuri New Cairo Design

The word Nurai, in English Nurai, is a word of Turkish origin which means the light of the moon, which was the inspiration for Mercon Company when designing the Nurai Compound in New Cairo, because in Nurai, every detail was designed with enchanting care, so that the compound would be distinctive among the many other compounds in New Cairo, and the buildings would stand The residential compound is clearly visible, just like the moonlight.

The magic of Nurai starts from the tranquil landscapes to the residences designed with the utmost care and according to the latest international design standards. Enjoy experiencing a lifestyle that exceeds expectations. Mercon describes it as a meeting point between the luxury of high-end life with the beauty of the moonlight, so that the project will be a new era of real estate development, as the compound includes. It has standards and features capable of competing with international projects and not just competing with New Cairo projects.

Design of residential buildings in Nurai New Cairo

Nurai Fifth Settlement Compound contains a large number of residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 3 floors with a penthouse area. Each floor of the building includes 4 residential units as an average number of units in each floor, and their number varies according to the area of ​​the residential units themselves, and the buildings were distributed over The area of ​​the compound in order to provide an equal opportunity to obtain the same features in any unit in the compound.

Area of ​​Nurai Compound New Cairo

Nurai New Cairo Compound extends over a land area equal to 16 acres, equivalent to about 65,000 square metres, which is a large and sufficient area to provide a large number of residential units. Indeed, Mercon Real Estate Development Company has divided the area of ​​its new Nurai project into an area designated for landscaping and the various facilities and services available in The project represents about 80% of the compound area.

The remaining percentage of the compound is allocated to residential buildings, represented by 4-storey residential buildings, and through the following we will show you more details regarding the residential units available in Nurai, Fifth Settlement. Continue to find out the details.

Area of ​​units in Nurai project

As we mentioned previously regarding the type of residential units available in Nurai Compound, the compound includes residential apartments only, distributed over a number of residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 3 recurring floors. As for the residential units themselves, they are available in the following spaces:

  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: Residential apartments in Nurai New Cairo are available in small sizes and one-bedroom.
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: There are also units available with a larger area than the previous units, consisting of 2 bedrooms.
  • 3-bedroom apartment: As for the last type of apartment in Nurai, Fifth Settlement, it consists of 3 bedrooms.

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كمبوند نوراي التجمع الخامس

Nuri New Cairo prices

Nurai New Cairo Compound is located in the heart of the Golden Square area, which contains the most luxurious residential compounds in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement, which makes the price level in the area high due to the high standard of life there.

Despite this, Mercon Company – the owner of Nurai New Cairo Compound – was keen to offer its new project at the most competitive prices, taking into account the type of units available, which are residential apartments only, which are characterized by their low prices compared to other types such as villas.

  •  1 Bedroom: Starting at 5.1 million.
  •  2 Bedroom: Starting at 6.3 million.
  •  3 Bedroom: Starting at 8.6 million.

Reservation and payment systems in the Nurai New Cairo project

The advantages of owning a unit in Nurai New Cairo are not limited to competitive prices only, but Mercon has also taken care to provide long-term reservation and payment systems, with the smallest down payment percentage, which makes it easier for you to own a luxury residential unit in the most prestigious areas of the Fifth Settlement.

pay 10% downpayment, with 8 years for installments

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Facilities and services of Nurai Compound, Fifth Settlement

The lifestyle in Nurai, Fifth Settlement, focuses on providing the best standard of life for the residents of the compound, and one of the most important aspects of life in this style is the comfort aspect and the availability of basic services that are easy to obtain, to meet the needs of the residents on a daily basis, in addition to providing entertainment services so that Mercon Company provides its customers with the best standard of luxury life. Full of entertainment.

Through the following, you can learn about the most important basic and entertainment services available in Nurai New Cairo Compound:

  • Bicycle lanes:You can enjoy riding your bike safely in the designated bike lanes in Nurai New Cairo Compound.
  • Walking and jogging paths:You can also enjoy walking or jogging in the landscape on paths designed for pedestrians.
  • Kids Area:For children, your children can spend the best recreational times in the Kids Area, which is secured and equipped with various activities.
  • Bodies of water:All residential units in Nurai Compound are surrounded by a large area of ​​water bodies, which cool the atmosphere.
  • Swimming pools:Nurai Compound also includes a number of swimming pools, for you to enjoy swimming or sitting and relaxing around them.
  • Commercial area:You can buy everything you need without leaving Nurai Compound, as the compound includes a large commercial area with a large number of shops.
  • Gym:Beside the shops, inside the commercial area in Nurai Compound there is a large gym containing the latest sports equipment.
  • Underground parking: In order to fully utilize the area of ​​Nurai Compound, an underground space has been allocated for parking.

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مشروع نوراي القاهرة الجديدة

Advantages of investing in Nurai Compound

The Nurai project is considered the best investment opportunity in the modern Fifth Settlement projects, as it is located in the Golden Square area, which is known to include the best residential projects in the Fifth Settlement, and that is what makes Nurai an investment opportunity that will not be repeated, as the project has all the investment components that vary between the distinguished location and life. High-end residential housing in the middle of a lively area, in addition to the availability of all basic and entertainment services inside and around the compound, all of which is offered by the company at the best competitive prices and with the longest period to pay the value of the unit.

About Mercon Real Estate Development Company

Mercon Real Estate Development Company was established in 2019, and although the company was newly established, the company’s board members have more than 15 years of experience in the real estate development market, and during that period more than 70 projects were developed with a number of residential units amounting to 840 units.

The company’s work and successes are not limited to the field of real estate development only, but rather its experience extends to many other engineering fields, as a partnership was formed between Mercon and the Chinese Construction Engineering Company, and this successful partnership resulted in many huge engineering projects such as:

  • The government district in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Dubai Port in Suez Governorate.
  • The iconic tower in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Monorail train in New Cairo.

كمبوند نوراي

Mercon Real Estate Development Company projects

Through the following lines, you can view an overview of the most prominent Mercon Company projects in the field of development Real estate:

  • G7 Mall, Fifth Settlement

G7 Mall, Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of The 90th, specifically next to Al-Marasem International Hospital, and near many important areas in the Fifth Settlement, such as: Future University, Tulip Hotel, and Mohamed Naguib Corridor.

The total area of ​​G7 is about 11,400 square meters, and more than half of the space was allocated to construct the mall building, and as for the rest of the space, it was allocated to green landscape spaces. The mall building includes multi-use units varied between medical units, administrative units, and commercial stores with areas starting from 34 meters. Square.

  • Bavo Tower, New Administrative Capital

It is considered The Pavo Tower Administrative Capital project is one of the company’s latest projects Mercon Real Estate is located in the New Capital area. It is considered one of the largest projects in the central business district in the heart of the capital. The project extends over an area of ​​6,000 square meters and includes units ranging from administrative offices to commercial stores with areas starting from 25 square meters.

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