Palm Island El Shorouk | Own your unit now with a 15% down payment

Project details
project name Palm Island El Shorouk
The project Location It is located on Suez Road, directly in front of Medini Gate 3
Developer شركة طاحون جروب للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 80 square meters
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 15 % , 10 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 3,900,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
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Palm Island El Shorouk Compound was made specifically for all people looking for excellence and modern life, which guarantees all the elements of happiness and joy. The project was implemented by TG Development Company, which is one of the pioneers of the real estate industry in the Middle East, and therefore it enjoys a high and prestigious status among a large base of Clients and investors.

The developing company implemented Palm Island Project in Shorouk Compound on a huge and huge area, estimated at about 13 acres, and it also put all its focus on choosing the best and most prestigious areas in Shorouk City for its implementation, to be close to all the main roads and axes, those that connect the surrounding areas to each other, and make access To and from the project does not take long.

The developer company provided various units within Palm Island Shorouk, varying between apartments and duplexes, and came in different areas, starting from 80 square meters and up to 185 square meters, to suit the desires and requirements of a large group of customers and investors. These units also came with attractive and extremely architectural designs. Creativity and sophistication.

Palm Island Elshorouk project is an architectural and artistic masterpiece that attracts customers and investors with their various desires and tastes. In addition to the attractive architectural designs and diverse residential units, the developing company announced a competitive price list that suits all budgets, in addition to easy and flexible payment and repayment systems.

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كمبوند بالم ايلاند الشروق Palm Island Elshorouk

Location of Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

In the heart of New Cairo, within the most prestigious and best neighborhoods in Shorouk City, you will find an exceptional residential destination, which is Palm Island, Shorouk Compound. It is located on Suez Road directly in front of Madani Gate 3, an upscale area that is characterized by the presence of many service facilities and a group of the largest and finest Residential projects as well as important commercial malls.

Because a huge percentage of the success of any residential project lies in its geographical and vital location, TG Real Estate Development Company was keen to implement Palm Island Elshorouk Compound in a distinctive location, close to various main destinations and landmarks in the region, as well as the pivotal roads that connect New Cairo to many regions and cities. Other vitals.

Places near Palm Island El Shorouk project

Palm Island Elshorouk is located in the most lively and distinguished areas of Shorouk City, near the most important areas and landmarks, so that residents feel more comfortable and happy. These areas and places are as follows:

  • New Administrative Capital: Palm Island Shorouk Compound is located just 10 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Madinaty 3: The distance between the project and Madinaty 3 does not exceed only 5 minutes.
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis: Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis can be reached from Palm Island, Shorouk City, in just 20 minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: Project residents only need 30 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport.
  • Suez Road: Suez Road is located a very short distance from the project.
  • Central Ring Road: The Central Ring Road is approximately 35 minutes from Palm Island project.
  • Al-Rehab City: Project residents need approximately 15 minutes to reach Al-Rehab City.
  • Sodic East New Cairo Compound: Sodic East New Cairo Compound is only 20 minutes away from the project.
  • La Vista City Project: La Vista City Compound is located 35 minutes from Palm Island El Shorouk.

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Design of Palm Island El Shorouk project

The developing real estate company implemented the designs of Palm Island Elshorouk Compound in an innovative and attractive way that won the admiration of all tastes and customers, in cooperation with the famous and well-known engineer Mohamed Hafez, who was keen to present several attractive and modern appearances, helping the residents of the compound to live exceptionally in an amazing and integrated residential environment that combines… Originality and modernity at the same time.

Palm Island project in Shorouk City gives you an ideal and wonderful opportunity to enjoy a modern and healthy lifestyle, through the vast green spaces, swimming pools and artificial lakes available in different areas of the project, in order to enrich the general appearance and help customers enjoy an additional amount of elegance and beauty.

All residential units in Palm Island Elshorouk Compound have a charming and attractive view of the various natural features spread everywhere in the project, in order to enhance the physical and psychological comfort of customers and increase their feeling of enjoyment and relaxation, especially since the project has an ideal and smart lighting system, to provide a unique urban experience for all. Owners and residents.

Area of ​​Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

A huge and large area was allocated on a very special plot of land in Shorouk City, to build Palm Island Shorouk Compound, and the developing company was keen to allocate the majority of it to green spaces and various water features in terms of both sizes and design, so that all customers can become familiar with the elements of modern life and forget about pollution. And noise completely, and the project area is as follows:

  • Total area: The project extends over a large area, approximately 13 acres.
  • Building area: 20% of the total project area has been allocated to buildings and construction.
  • Green spaces and landscape: 80% of the total area of ​​the compound has been allocated to green spaces and landscape.

Unit space in Palm Island project

The developer company succeeded in exploiting the large area of Palm Island El Shorouk City project, and implemented and created a large number of residential units, with different areas and specifications, and elegant and unparalleled decor, suitable for all tastes and meeting all needs. The area of ​​these units is as follows:

  • Apartments’ area: Apartments’ area starts from 80 square meters and reaches 170 square meters.
  • Duplex area: The duplex area starts from 140 square meters and reaches 185 square meters.

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كمبوند بالم ايلاند الشروق Palm Island Elshorouk

Prices of Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

TG Real Estate Development Company was able to present its large and distinguished residential project, Palm Island, Shorouk Compound, at the highest possible level of sophistication and urbanization, to enhance the high-end life that many people are looking forward to owning, especially at the present time. The developer company was also keen to provide an additional advantage, which is a competitive and imaginative price package. , which may not be present in any other projects in the same area.

The prices in Palm Island Elshorouk project are appropriate and suitable for the largest possible number of clients and investors from different social groups, so that they can purchase residential units in an upscale place, guaranteeing them a quiet life and a bright and unparalleled future, especially since the prices of the units in the project vary depending on their area and type. And their designs, and unit prices are as follows:

  • Apartment prices: Apartment prices in the project start from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplex prices: Duplex apartment prices start from 5,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Palm Island El Shorouk

The investment advantages and advantages provided by the real estate developer responsible for Palm Island Shorouk Compound did not stop there only, but rather these advantages extended to the easy payment and installment system suitable for a large segment of customers and businessmen, and this flexible system is represented in the following:

  • Pay 15% down payment of the total unit price upon contracting, with the rest of the amount paid in installments over 10 years.

Price analysis in Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

The prices in Palm Island Elshorouk Compound were very flexible and distinguished. The developer company announced this imaginative package of prices, in order to suit the various segments of society, and to constitute a general; The prices of the units available in the project are commensurate with the size of the features and services provided by the real estate developer and are spread throughout all corners of the compound.

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كمبوند بالم ايلاند الشروق Palm Island Elshorouk

Facilities and services of Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

The presence of a large and distinguished amount of services and features is considered one of the important and fundamental factors for the success of any large residential project, as customers and investors are attracted to integrated residential projects so that they do not have to leave it for any reason, and this is what happened with Palm Island Shorouk project, and the services and features of this large edifice are represented in: Following:

  • Commercial area: Palm Island Elshorouk Compound contains a large commercial area, which includes shops for the most famous local and international brands and brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The project has a distinctive chain of the most famous restaurants and cafes, offering delicious food and dishes to suit all tastes.
  • Backup power generators: Backup power generators have been provided in more than one place in the compound, to control the problem of power outages.
  • Free Internet: The project, with all its residential and service units, enjoys free, high-speed Internet service.
  • ATM machines: The compound has ATM machines for the most important banks, to facilitate various banking transactions for everyone.
  • Walking paths: Palm Island Shorouk has long walking, running, and cycling paths, so everyone can practice their favorite sports.
  • Cleaning services: Cleaners work throughout the day in the project, and the developer company has allocated specific areas for all garbage, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the project and the health of customers and residents.
  • High security services: The developing company has installed surveillance cameras everywhere, in addition to guarding and security personnel, who are trained to a high level in order to protect residents and property.
  • An area for barbecue parties: The developer has provided a large area for barbecue parties, so that the owners can enjoy more fun and enjoyment.
  • Kids Area: The Kids Area project has the utmost distinction, including many entertainment games that are compatible with adults and children.
  • Medical clinics: Palm Island El Shorouk project contains modern medical clinics, equipped with a large number of medical devices, and staffed by a large team of specialized doctors, in addition to a first aid team, which deals quickly and immediately with any injuries.
  • Alarm devices: The project was provided with advanced alarm devices to deal with emergency situations.
  • Spacious garages: The compound has spacious garages, which accommodate a large number of cars, and are equipped with many security services, to preserve the property of customers and investors.
  • Smart Home Devices: The project units include smart home devices of the highest standard, so that residents and customers can easily control the devices via remote control.

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Palm Island El Shorouk | Own your unit now with a 15% down payment

Advantages of investing in Palm Island Compound Elshorouq

The investment advantages of Palm Island Shorouk project are many and varied, thanks to the developer company’s interest in every detail of the compound, even if it is small and limited, starting with the strategic and vital location close to various important landmarks in the region, in addition to the large and enormous area of ​​the project, and its diverse residential units of varying sizes.

Palm Island Al Shorouq is the best and ideal choice for those looking for excellence, sophistication and luxury, with the attractive and exceptional designs that were implemented by a large group of the most skilled and best engineers, in addition to the competitive and imaginative prices and comfortable installment programs, which are commensurate with the huge amount of services and features available in every corner. And a corner of the project.

About TG Development Company

TG Development Company was able to form a new concept of modern life, and this was clearly demonstrated by its implementation of Palm Island Shorouk project, and many other residential, commercial and administrative projects in accordance with the highest international quality standards. During its career, which lasted for more than 10 years, the company was able to attract many clients to its various residential and commercial projects.

TG Real Estate Development Company relies on a group of the most qualified workers and architects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be able to implement many projects, all of which suit people with high and refined taste, especially since it pays attention to the smallest details and works all the time to meet the needs and requirements of all its clients and help them live exceptionally and uniquely. Of his kind.

Projects of Tahoun Group Development Company

Tahoun Group Developments Company has succeeded and implemented a large list of projects with attractive designs, competitive prices, and easy installment systems suitable for various segments of society. Among its most prominent projects are the following:

  • Palm Capital Shorouk Compound

Palm Capital Shorouk City Compound is considered one of the important residential projects, which TG Real Estate Development Company implemented in the most prestigious areas of Shorouk City and on a huge and large area. It also worked to provide the project with an unlimited number of features and services, with the aim of meeting the needs of all its clients and helping them live comfortably. Exceptional and unique.

  • Palm Hub El Shorouk Mall

Palm Hub Al-Shorouk Mall is one of the latest and most important commercial projects, which was implemented by TG Real Estate Development Company. The project shines with its diverse and different units between administrative units, commercial units, and medical units, in addition to its varying and varying area, which starts from 60 square meters, in order to suit With the requirements of all customers.

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كمبوند بالم ايلاند الشروق Palm Island Elshorouk

The goal of Palm Island Shorouk project

Palm Island Shorouk project is a wonderful investment opportunity presented by TG Real Estate Development Company, to provide an environment with a different and integrated urban character, where many diverse facilities and services meet modernity and modernity, to meet all modern needs, requirements and desires, and provide a luxurious residential experience in every sense of the word. By providing countless facilities and services.

The beauty of life in the Shorouk area

Shorouk area One of the important and favorite areas for many Egyptian families, thanks to the parks and green spaces spread everywhere, in addition to its strategic and vital location close to the most important areas, axes, roads, as well as shopping centers and indispensable service and entertainment attractions.

Shorouk City shines among other residential cities thanks to its wonderful engineering and architectural designs, which were made by a group of the most important engineers and design experts in Egypt, in addition to its vast area and containing a large group of important educational institutions that vary between universities and schools, and therefore it is truly… An ideal environment for all people looking for comfort, luxury and enjoyment.

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Palm Island El Shorouk | Own your unit now with a 15% down payment

Disadvantages of Palm Island El Shorouk Compound

Palm Island Shorouk Compound has many advantages and services, which have made it an important residential destination for many customers and investors. Despite this, some customers see that the project is flawed by the delay in delivery of the residential units, and therefore the developing company pledged to finish all the units and try to deliver them as quickly as possible. To reduce the hassle of finishing and save time and effort for its customers.

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