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Project details
project name PX Palm Hills Compound October
The project Location 6 October
Developer Palm Hills Developments
Unit area 60
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

PX Palm Hills October Compound is the latest project of Palm Hills Development Company, which is considered one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, and whose projects are flocked to by a very large segment of clients and investors.

The compound was built on a huge area of ​​about 373 acres. This area is sufficient to combine residential units of different styles and spaces, with landscaping and distinctive green spaces, which add more joy and happy times to the compound’s clients and their families.

The project includes residential apartments, independent villas, and twin houses, and the number of rooms varies, starting from 1 bedroom and up to 4 bedrooms, with various and varying sizes starting from 60 square meters to suit various needs, at a price per square meter reaching a maximum of 110,000 Egyptian pounds. .

The prices of apartments within PX Palm Hills October Compound range between 9,000,000 Egyptian pounds and 45,500,000 Egyptian pounds, supported by a payment system that requires paying 5% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and paying the remaining amount in interest-free installments over 7 and a half years.

You can learn more about the details of the compound by following the following article.

Location of PX Palm Hills October Compound

The Palm Hills PX October Compound has been located in 6th of October City in a very distinguished location, not just because it is designed in 6th of October City, which is considered one of the most important strategic places close to several vital areas, important roads and distinctive service areas. Rather, its location is distinguished. The compound is on the highest hill in the Palm Hills neighborhood in western Cairo.

The compound is located in the heart of the Palm Hills residential neighborhood in the heart of October, and is close to all the other Palm Hills projects surrounding it, which provides you with the advantage of living in a high area, from which you can see all the areas around you while enjoying the advantage of privacy and silence due to your height above the residential complexes. The other, and at the same time you can get all the advantages of those complexes because you are located right in their heart.

Another advantage of the location of PX Palm Hills Compound is that the compound is located next to the Great Pyramids of Giza, as well as the main roads that make you move easily within the city of October, and even make it easier for you to reach areas outside October.

Places near PX October project

PX October Compound is close to the following areas:

  • The Crown Compound: PX Compound is located directly next to The Crown Palm Hills Compound.
  • Palm Hills Sports Club: The compound is no more than 15 minutes away from Palm Hills Sports Club.
  • Mall of Egypt: The compound is also close to Mall of Egypt at approximately the same distance, as it is located only 17 minutes from the mall.
  • New Sheikh Zayed: The distance between the compound and New Sheikh Zayed City does not exceed a few minutes.
  • Dreamland: The project is a short distance from the entertainment city, taking only about 10 minutes.
  • Al-Gezira Club: PX Compound is 10 minutes away from Al-Gezira Club, and it is one of the largest sports clubs in Giza.
  • Al Wahat Road: The compound can be reached easily through Al Wahat Road, due to the close distance between them.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

Design of PX Palm Hills October project

PX Palm Hills is designed to promote advanced and futuristic thinking, to achieve Palm Hills’ goal of always moving forward, as the compound creates a space that interacts with the aspirations and aesthetics of contemporary people, who are targeting to live in the compound.

The types of residential units in PX, which vary between apartments, villas, and twin houses, share wonderful, unprecedented views, as the compound is located on the highest point of the highest hill of the Palm Hills residential complex in October, where your unit overlooks the three great pyramids in the city of Giza. , major city rooftops and green golf courses are adjacent to your home in PX from all angles.

Imagine your life in a residential unit designed on high terrain in a unique, dynamic way, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the hues of heavenly colors from the windows of your home. It may seem at first that you are isolated from the rest of the other residential communities surrounding you, but by traveling only a short distance You will find that you can easily obtain all the basic and entertainment services you need, and you will also find the opportunity to communicate with the rest of the distinguished residents of Palm Hills like you.

So it can be said that living in PX takes you to greater heights, but without taking you away from the distinguished community of Palm Hills in the heart of October.

In order to provide a deeper explanation of the design details of PX Palm Hills October Compound, we can divide the design elements into the following basic points:

Master plan for PX Palm Hills Compound

The master plan was designed by a group of international design companies, the most prominent of which is Chapman Taylor, an international engineering company, made up of a group of international award-winning architects. Its fields range from master plan planning to interior design, and they have spread their expertise in more than 300 projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

The main inspiration when designing the project’s Master Plan was to combine elegant, modern designs with the height of the compound. This inspiration prompted the pioneering minds at Chapman Taylor to create an organized framework for the landscape, in order to allow for the harmony of air, light and sun from all parts of the main spaces of the stage. The first of PX Compound, and the phase’s space was exploited with the aim of creating a new residential lifestyle, provided that everything in the phase is connected, interactive, and entertaining.

PX Palm Hills design philosophy

PX’s design philosophy is based on following the approach of ALCHEMY, a Sydney-based company with experience extending to more than 20 years, through which the company has applied its philosophy, which is summed up in using the skills of the company’s work team to overcome the difficulty of designing every project the company has implemented, and by talking about the project PX, the difficulty of the project lies in the idea of ​​incorporating the advantage of being higher than the surrounding areas, with the need to be in harmony with those areas and benefit from their services and features.

ALCHEMY company describes its work as being like chemistry, because it is one of the fields that most requires courage and high precision in work, and the design of PX is very related to chemistry, as the company organized the design elements in an interactive way with each other, and those elements are represented in the natural colors used to paint residential units and all buildings.

It is located in the compound and is inspired by the colors of nature surrounding the compound, taking into account its combination with shiny glass windows that give you the complete advantage of seeing the surroundings of your home, while maintaining your privacy inside the house by blocking the view of what is inside the house for those outside.

Chemistry is also characterized by the fact that you can observe the result of its interaction through many of your senses. Likewise, in PX you can use all of your senses to realize the beauty of the design, by seeing your wonderful surroundings, while breathing the fresh air resulting from the height of the compound at a height of 140 meters above ground level. Touching and feeling all these features is a real reality in your hands.

Polygram design at PX Palm Hills

Palm Hills Company, the developer of PX October project, adopted a smart engineering design, in partnership with the engineering companies that the company hired, and Polygram is a method of engineering design, which consists of using geometric shapes, lines, and angles, in order to design the project spaces in a way that allows you to see all What surrounds your residential unit, it also focuses on connecting all areas together with a plan that makes it easy for you to reach any area in the compound, no matter how far it is from the area in which you live within PX Compound.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

Area of ​​PX Palm Hills October Compound

Palm Hills PX October Compound occupied a very large area of ​​about 373 acres, and it was deducted from the largest city in Cairo, which is 6th of October City, so that Palm Hills customers could enjoy an exceptional residential experience, filled with many residential units of different shapes and styles, in addition to… All the basic and entertainment services you need.

120 acres of the compound were allocated for the launch of the first phase of the project, which was divided into 8 different areas, as follows:

  • Linear Park Zone.
  • Garden Residence Zone.
  • Horizon Villa Zone.
  • Club Residence Zone.
  • Uphill Residence.
  • King Residence.
  • Skyline Villas.

This division contributed to providing different types and sizes of residential units in PX Palm Hills, and each area has a distinctive and different view of the residential units from other areas, which provides you with the opportunity to choose between a large group of residential units, according to what suits your taste and needs.

Area of ​​units in PX project

The first phase of PX Palm Hills October Compound witnessed a diverse number of residential units, which varied in their sizes as well. Until customers find what suits their needs, some of them prefer small spaces, and some of them want more freedom through units with large spaces.

The residential units in PX Compound were divided in terms of area into the following types:

Villa 1

Villa 1 units are distinguished by their largest area among the rest of the residential units of the first phase in PX, as they were designed with a total area of ​​about 420 square meters.

Villa 2

As for the second type of villas in PX, they are designed with a smaller area than Villa 1, and are suitable for smaller families, as they were designed with an area of ​​about 299 square meters.

Townhouse X

As for the available townhouse units, they are available in different sizes, starting from 200 square meters and up to 213 square meters, and you can choose between a middle or a corner unit.


As for the first design of residential apartments, it is what the company calls Dusk, which includes:

  • Residential apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms, with an area starting from 144 square meters and up to 164 square meters.
  • It also includes 4-bedroom residential apartments, with an area of ​​258 square metres.


As for smaller residential apartments, they are as follows:

  • A two-bedroom apartment, its area starts from 119 square meters and reaches 139 square meters.
  • As for the 3-bedroom apartments, it consists of an area of ​​171 square meters.

Skye 1

Sky 1 in PX Palm Hills includes a wide variety of residential apartments, which include the following:

  • 1 Bedroom: One-bedroom residential units are available with a total area of ​​78 square meters.
  • 2-Bedroom: 2-bedroom units are also available, with areas starting from 113 square meters and up to 139 square meters.
  • 3 bedrooms: While the areas of 3-bedroom apartments vary between 147 square meters and up to 171 square meters.

Skye 2

Sky 2 units include residential apartments of various sizes, including the following units and areas:

  • 1 Bedroom: One-bedroom apartments start from 60 square meters, up to 77 square meters.
  • 2 bedrooms: While the area of ​​the 2-bedroom apartment starts from 113 square meters and reaches 139 square meters.
  • 3-bedroom: You can also get a 3-bedroom apartment, with an area starting from 148 square meters and reaching an area of ​​171 square meters.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

Prices of PX October Compound

The price packages of PX Palm Hills October Compound included a list of pleasant surprises for the customers of Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company, which is constantly keen to meet the requirements and needs of customers within its projects, at competitive prices that are difficult to find in any other residential project, whether within the 6th of October City. October or outside, and the price list of the compound can be clarified in the following:

  • One-room apartments: There are apartments for sale in Palm Hills PX October Compound with prices starting from 9,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and up to 11,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-bedroom apartments: Prices range between 14,000,000 Egyptian pounds and 17,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • 3-bedroom apartments: Prices start at a minimum of 17,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and reach a maximum of 20,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villas: prices start from 24,000,000 Egyptian pounds and reach 45,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per meter within PX Palm Hills ranges between 105,000 Egyptian pounds and 110,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and settlement systems at PX Palm Hills October

Palm Hills Developments has introduced payment systems in PX Palm Hills October project with a great deal of flexibility and convenience, which has allowed a large number of customers and investors to easily own a unit within the project. The payment and installment system can be explained in the following:

  • A down payment of 5% of the total unit price is paid, and another 10% is paid after 3 months, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 7 and a half years, with the unit being received 4 years after the contract date.
  • An 8% maintenance fee is paid.
  • 800,000 Egyptian pounds are paid as club subscription fees within the compound.

PX 6 October price analysis

The prices of PX Palm Hills Compound are considered to be outside the competitive range, and are commensurate with the features and components that the project offers to residents, including integrated services and facilities, and a variety of unit types, including residential apartments and villas, with their sizes varying between small and large spaces in order to suit the requirements and desires of a huge segment of customers. And other features that make it fair and suitable prices for all clients and investors.

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Facilities and services of PX Palm Hills October Compound

PX Palm Hills October Compound includes many recreational and basic services that residents need in their daily lives. All they had to do was reserve their units as quickly as possible. To obtain one of the distinctive units within the compound, you can talk about the project’s features and services in the following:

  • Luxury Hotels: There are 2 of the most international hotels in PX Palm Hills October Compound within 6th of October City, suitable for spending some wonderful times. These hotels are distinguished by their high level of service, which ensures the customer’s comfort.
  • Sports Club: On an area of ​​14 acres, a sports club was built within PX Palm Hills October project, which includes many different courts, which are suitable for customers wishing to practice any sport they prefer.
  • Security services: PX Palm Hills 6 October Compound features security services at the highest level, starting with security personnel and guards who work 24 hours a day, through advanced surveillance cameras, as well as electronic gates and modern fire extinguishing systems.
  • ATM machines: There are ATM machines within PX Palm Hills, affiliated with a large number of international and local banks, allowing customers to make withdrawals and deposits without the need to go out to the compound.
  • Garage: There are large garages under the residential units within PX Palm Hills October Compound, through which cars can be lined up in an organized manner. To avoid any traffic problem or crowding inside the compound.
  • Electrical generators: There are several backup generators in the Palm Hills PX October project, which operate in the event of a power outage in the compound, which makes all facilities within the compound operate perfectly 24 hours a day.
  • Commercial mall: You can buy all basic and luxury needs and spend a lot of fun and entertaining times inside the mall located in the project, which includes commercial stores for the largest brands, a hypermarket, movie theaters and other facilities.
  • Internet services: Work can be done easily and various websites can be browsed within the compound, thanks to the availability of a high-speed wireless internet network, which is maintained on a regular basis, and has the ability to cover the entire area of ​​the compound.
  • Cafes and restaurants: Any customer can have his favorite meal within the project through the group of available restaurants and cafes, which are keen to provide them with the best service. These restaurants are also characterized by attractive designs, which add a more calm and happy atmosphere.
  • Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools spread throughout the different corners of the compound, which are suitable for all ages and groups, due to the availability of large numbers of them of various sizes and designs.
  • Kids Area: There are many distinctive games for children spread within Kids Area, which were built on a large area. In order to accommodate the largest number of them; So that the children of the compound can spend special and enjoyable times inside it.
  • Additional services: There are many other additional services within Palm Hills PX October Compound, including cleaning and maintenance services, the availability of a paved track for running, and the presence of a health club at the highest level for the purpose of providing relaxation and recreation services preferred by a large segment of customers.

Advantages of investing in PX Compound October

PX project is considered one of the best investment opportunities currently in October City, as the compound provides all the features you want in one place, starting from the project location in the middle of the Palm Hills residential neighborhood in the heart of October, all the way to everything the compound includes from the inside, and it can be divided The advantages of investing in PX include the following points:

  • Location of the compound: PX Compound has a distinct strategic location, as the compound’s location combines the advantage of being within the residential Palm Hills, with the advantage of being in October City, and close to one of the most important major tourist areas in Egypt, which is the Pyramids of Giza, which raised the advantage of investing in Compound to fold.
  • Compound services: PX Compound includes integrated and diverse services, and the services in it are not limited to services within the compound only, but the compound is distinguished by the fact that it enjoys the services of the rest of the projects surrounding the compound and belonging to Palm Hills Company, and you can also benefit from the rest of the services of October City itself.
  • Diversity of units: One of the most prominent investment features in PX October Compound is that the compound contains different residential units between apartments, villas, and twin houses, which are characterized by areas starting from 60 square meters and up to 420 square meters, giving you the opportunity to choose Between this great variety and the prices that suit you.
  • Developing company: One of the most prominent investment features of PX project is Palm Hills, the developer of the project. The company has a strong work history and experience in the Egyptian real estate market extending to about 20 years, which guarantees you a guaranteed investment and commitment to all details related to the project, the most important of which is commitment. On delivery date.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

About Palm Hills Development Company

Palm Hills Company is the real estate developer of PX October Compound, and it is one of the companies that has a long history in the field of real estate development, as it began its journey in 2005, and over the course of more than 19 years, it has been able to be trusted by a large number of clients and investors. Due to its long experience, which has given it the ability to provide the best compounds and commercial malls, with international designs and competitive prices.

Palm Hills Development relies on many wonderful engineering cadres, which have achieved many local and international successes as well, as a result of its keenness to meet the client’s various needs, from a distinctive location that is easy to reach from and to any area he desires, in addition to the services provided in its projects and other advantages. The other.

Palm Hills Development projects

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company’s previous work included many distinguished projects inside and outside 6th of October City, and we can review the most important of these projects in the following points:

Palm Hills Tycoon October Compound

Palm Hills Tycoon October Compound is located in the heart of 6th of October City and near the most prominent roads, main axes, and vital facilities. The compound includes many basic and recreational services that meet the needs of the owners, as well as the diversity of unit types, areas, and competitive prices.

Badya Palm Hills October project

Located Badya Palm Hills October Compound On Al Wahat Road in the heart of 6th of October and near the Fayoum Desert Road and Dahshur Road, the compound extends over an area of ​​3,000 acres and includes various units, including apartments, penthouses, twin houses, townhouses, and villas, with competitive sizes and prices.

The Crown Palm Hills Compound

Located The Crown Palm Hills Compound Close to the Mall of Egypt in 6th of October City, and minutes away from Media Production City and Dream Park, the compound extends over an area of ​​190 acres and the units vary between residential apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, with areas starting from 217 square meters. Square.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

The goal of PX October project

The idea of ​​PX October project and the goal of developing Palm Hills itself for the project can be explained by explaining the meaning of the name itself, as the name of the compound is divided into three parts, which are as follows:

  • P: The first letter of the project name stands for Palm Hills Company.
  • /: While the / sign symbolizes Palm Hills Company’s expression of the way it follows in its way of thinking, which is moving forward, steadily leaning upward, and the company’s continuous progress until it reaches the top of the hill.
  • X: As for the letter X, it is used to symbolize the company’s project itself, which embodies the quadrangular view of Palm Hills.

The idea of ​​PX Palm Hills can be summarized, by collecting the previous points, to conclude that the goal of Palm Hills Company is to raise the precedent of its strong work to the highest and strongest level, and seeks continuous progress, which it will make great strides in through its new project in the heart of October.

The beauty of life in 6th of October City

considered as Sixth of October City It is one of the fourth generation cities, which belongs to the Giza Governorate and is located on the Oasis Road. It is also 38 kilometers from Cairo. 6th of October is characterized by a low population density. It also enjoys a moderate climate due to its height above sea level. It has many services and facilities that meet the requirements of the population, such as hospitals. Universities, schools, parks, commercial centers, and it has its own airport. It also includes 6th of October, the media production city, and it is considered one of the most prominent industrial and urban cities in Egypt.

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كمبوند بي اكس بالم هيلز اكتوبر PX Palm Hills October

Disadvantages of PX Palm Hills 6 October

Palm Hills PX October Compound is one of the high-end residential projects designed in a unique style, including all types of units that enhance the residential life of many customers, and equipped with a variety of basic and entertainment services. All of this was at competitive prices and a flexible payment system.

Therefore, it is difficult to say that this compound has defects and problems that make it a source of concern for customers, especially since it is located in a residential city crowded with various services and facilities, not to mention that it bears the name of one of the most prestigious real estate development companies in Egypt, which is Palm Hills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of Palm Hills BX October Compound?
The price of apartments starts from 9,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of villas reach 45,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
What is the location of Palm Hills PX October Compound?
Palm Hills BX Compound is located in 6th of October City, next to the Pyramids.
What is the sales number of Palm Hills PX October Compound?
To contact the sales management of Palm Hills PX October Compound, please call us on 01554999269.
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