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Project details
project name Rakan Obour City Mall
The project Location In the heart of the new Obour City on the main axis
Developer معمار الأشراف للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 27 square metres
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment % , installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 2,016,305 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Rakan Obour City Mall is one of the most important commercial projects of Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Company. The company used senior engineers and real estate consultants to design and implement this mall in order to develop a high-quality project at a high level. Rakan Obour City Mall includes within it all service, entertainment, social and medical facilities. Which all customers and visitors want.

Rakan Obour Mall consists of a ground floor and two upper floors, with all the mall units divided between them. The mall includes various investment units of varying sizes so that it is easy for all customers to find the appropriate space for the size of their projects. The company took care to divide and exploit the mall’s space from the inside and outside, as the mall is surrounded from the outside by a natural view. From the landscape and green spaces, all units have glass facades that give them a panoramic view.

The primary goal of Memaar Al-Ashraf Company when it implemented the new Rakan Mall of Obour was to reduce the burdens on citizens and investors. Therefore, the company worked to provide very low prices for the units, as well as providing convenient, interest-free payment systems.

Rakan Obour Mall location

Rakan Mall is located in the heart of New Obour City on the main axis, as it directly overlooks the axis separating the Karama neighborhood and the Horreya neighborhood. The width of the street facing it is approximately 120 meters. It is also one of the most important factors that greatly assist in the success of commercial malls and the demand of many people. Visitors visit it on a daily basis, as well as the desire of many investors to own units there due to its strategic location and ease of access.

Therefore, when Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Company decided to implement and build The Mall, it worked to choose a distinguished location close to the most important main axes and important landmarks.

Places near Rakan Obour project

Rakan Mall Obour City is surrounded by a group of the most important landmarks in New Obour City, where the mall can be reached through the following landmarks:

  • Rakan Mall is close to the main axis.
  • The mall can be reached through the ring road.
  • Rakan project is located close to the Suez Road.
  • The mall is located a short distance from Obour University.
  • The mall is easily accessible through the cities of Shorouk, Madinaty, Nasr, and New Heliopolis.
  • It is easily accessible from the Ismailia Desert Road.
  • Rakan El Obour Mall is a short distance from Cairo Airport.
  • The mall is close to important educational facilities such as the American University.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

Design of Rakan Obour project

Rakan Mall was designed in a modern European style. Al-Ashraf Company hired senior engineers and architectural consultants to produce a design for the mall at the highest level. The company’s ingenuity was demonstrated in making good use of the mall’s space inside and out.

Rakan New Obour Mall is surrounded from the outside by many landscapes and green spaces that give all the mall units a natural view. There is a glass facade for all the units that gives it a distinctive appearance and protects the units from the inside from external environmental factors such as rain and sunlight.

In the interior design of the mall, high-quality building and finishing materials with a long lifespan were used to resist weather factors such as humidity. Suitable spaces were also left between the units so that there is ample privacy for all investors. There are also corridors with suitable spaces for easy movement between them. Units and some.

The mall includes 104 various units, ranging from commercial, administrative and medical, divided into 3 floors as follows:

  • Ground floor: 6 meters high and includes 41 commercial units.
  • First floor: 3 meters high and includes 32 commercial units.
  • The second floor: 3 meters high and includes 32 administrative and medical units.

Area of ​​Rakan Obour Mall

Rakan Mall was designed on a vast area of ​​4,250 square meters. This space was exploited and divided well inside and outside the mall. From the outside, the mall includes important facilities such as green spaces, landscapes, and other service facilities, and from the inside, the spaces were divided between all the units. Differently, so that each client can find a unit with an area appropriate to the size of his project.

Area of ​​units in Rakan Obour project

The most important thing that distinguishes the various investment units within The Mall is the varying distribution of the units. The unit areas have been divided between the mall’s floors as follows:

  • The area of ​​units in Rakan Mall on the ground floor starts from 27 square meters and reaches 200 square meters.
  • The area of ​​units on the first and second floors starts from 35 square meters and reaches 300 square meters.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

Rakan Obour Mall prices

One of the most important goals that Memaar Al-Ashraf Company seeks to implement in the projects it establishes is to provide distinguished services of high quality at reduced and competitive prices compared to commercial projects belonging to other real estate companies, as the price per square meter in the commercial units in the mall starts from 34,304 thousand Egyptian pounds, and in the administrative units. For medical, the price per meter starts from 31,505 Egyptian pounds. The advance reservation for units within the mall floors is:

  • Administrative units: Commercial unit prices start from 2,016,305 Egyptian pounds up to 7,714,476 Egyptian pounds.
  • Commercial units: Commercial unit prices start from 2,685,038 Egyptian pounds up to 12,365,813 Egyptian pounds.
  • Medical units: Medical unit prices start from 2,450,000 Egyptian pounds up to 10,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Rakan Obour project

When comparing the success achieved by Rakan Mall in Obour City and other commercial malls, we find that Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Company has been able to achieve great success rates and sales within Rakan Mall. The most important thing that an investor is looking for when he owns an investment unit within a commercial mall is the payment system that the company provides to him. Who owns the mall and is it within his reach or not?

Therefore, Memaar Al-Ashraf sought to provide convenient payment systems suitable for many customers within the new Rakan Mall of Obour, as it contributed to relieving investors’ burden and provided suitable interest-free payment systems for multiple years.

Price analysis inside Rakan Obour Mall

When looking at the price per square meter for units in Rakan Mall, we find that it is a first-class competitive price, and that price is not available in other commercial malls, while the price of the entire unit and the reservation deposit, the owner company has been able to achieve the equation of high-quality services at competitive prices, and that equation is Difficult to achieve in commercial projects.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

Facilities and services of Rakan Obour Mall

Rakan Mall includes all service facilities that meet the needs of all customers and visitors inside it. The most important services included in the mall are the following:

  • Modern operating systems: The units within Rakan project are controlled using modern technology systems that facilitate the process of controlling the units closely or remotely.
  • Garages: The project includes many smart garages with large parking spaces and reducing congestion.
  • Reception offices: There are reception offices inside the mall to meet customer requests and work to assist them.
  • Meeting rooms: Rakan Al Obour Mall includes many meeting rooms equipped to the highest level, including all the devices and equipment necessary to hold meetings and conferences of major companies and institutions.
  • Gyms: There are many gyms within the project that are fully equipped and include the latest sports equipment. They also include trainers who provide all exercises and sports systems to all clients.
  • Health clubs: The mall includes clubs that provide all health and medical services.
  • Kids Area: Rakan Mall includes a large children’s area equipped with all the toys suitable for different ages of children and adults as well.
  • Electrical generators: The electricity is not cut off inside the mall thanks to these generators that operate automatically when the electricity is cut off.
  • Electric escalators: facilitate and speed up the process of moving between floors and units within the mall.
  • Electric elevators: They help facilitate movement between the mall’s floors and also help reduce congestion on the escalators.
  • Surveillance cameras: Rakan New Obour Mall is equipped with a network of modern surveillance cameras distributed in all corners of the mall to secure it and protect the customers and visitors inside.
  • Restaurants and cafes: They offer all types of food and drinks from different countries of the world to all customers inside the mall.
  • Security men: All entrances and exits of the mall have security men and security guards to secure customers inside.
  • Automated teller machines: Rakan project includes a large number of ATM machines distributed throughout all parts of the mall in order to facilitate financial transactions.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Available 24 hours a day for all investors and clients.
  • Central air conditioners: They help cool the atmosphere inside the mall and reduce high temperatures.
  • Maintenance services: The mall provides all maintenance services on an ongoing basis for all units and facilities within the mall.
  • Cleaning workers: They work to completely clean Rakan Obour Mall, inside and out, throughout the day, as well as cleaning all units and facilities of the mall.
  • Fire alarm: It is one of the most important safety factors within the project because it works automatically and quickly when a fire occurs anywhere inside the mall.
  • Electronic gates: They help organize the process of entering and exiting the mall throughout the day.
  • Storage space: The mall includes special storage units that customers can rent and store their goods inside.

Advantages of investing in Rakan Obour Mall

One of the most important things investors look for is the advantages they will get when putting their money into commercial projects. Therefore, investing in Rakan Mall guarantees you many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • The mall is located in a vital strategic location, close to main roads and axes, as well as important landmarks in New Obour City, which in turn is an important factor in attracting customers and visitors to the mall.
  • The project includes all the facilities and services that meet the needs of investors, which is what made the mall the first choice for a large number of investors.
  • The mall includes various investment units with varying sizes, which helps customers find the appropriate units for them.
  • Rakan Mall is located in New Obour City, which is one of the most important developed cities and is considered one of the most important areas that includes many investment projects that attract investors.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

About Memaar Al Ashraaf Development Company

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Company is one of the largest and most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market. The company has extensive experience in the field of establishment and real estate development for more than 40 years. This experience has qualified the company to form a large client base and implement a large number of diverse real estate projects.

In all the projects that it implements and develops, the company uses a group of senior real estate engineers and consultants in order to produce high-quality projects that represent an integrated residential complex, as they include all the necessary service facilities within them.

Projects of Memaar Al Ashraaf Development

The company has implemented a good number of real estate projects, but the most important of these projects are the following:

Revel Compound Obour City

Revel Obour Compound On a large area in the best location in Obour City, this area included a group of diverse units that suit all tastes. The project’s units varied between apartments, studios, duplexes, sky villas and garden villas, all of which were distinguished by their unique designs and competitive prices.

Al Majd Mall 2 New Obour City

Al Majd 2 New Obour Mall is the latest project that the company has implemented. The mall is located on the axis separating Misr Residence, Al Horreya District, Al Karama District and Al Majd District. The mall consists of 3 floors that include various commercial, medical and administrative investment units. The first floor begins with an area Units in it range from 71 square meters up to 124 square meters. On the second and third floors, the area of ​​the units starts from 45 square meters up to 131 square meters.

The total area of ​​the project was divided between investment units and service facilities within the mall. The mall includes competitive prices for the units in addition to the presence of payment systems within the reach of customers.

Serenity Obour Compound

Located Serenity Obour Compound In the Fifth District of Obour City, a few minutes away from the Central Ring Road and the Egypt-Ismailia Desert Road, it includes various units with varying sizes between 64 and 180 square meters.

Narges Extension Project, Fifth Settlement

The project is located in the Narges Extension area in the Fifth Settlement area, close to many main axes such as the ring road and important landmarks within the Fifth Settlement area. The total area of ​​the project is divided between landscaping, green spaces, and residential units. The area of ​​units within the project starts from 134 square meters up to 158 square meters. Square meters, the company has provided easy and suitable payment systems for all customers, where a reservation deposit of 10% of the total unit price is paid and the rest of the amount is paid over several years in the form of equal installments.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

The goal of Rakan Obour Project

One of the most important goals that the company seeks to achieve through Rakan Mall is to form an integrated commercial complex that includes all products from various brands and trademarks. The mall also includes multiple service facilities that make the visitor, when he enters the mall, not leave it unless he obtains the service he wants.

The beauty of life is in transit

Obour City It is one of the cities that has received a great deal of development and modernization for all its facilities and services. The experience of living, working and investing in Obour City is one of the best life experiences you will have. All the advanced facilities in the city operate with the latest technological systems that make it easier for you to carry out your daily tasks. The city also includes all the important landmarks and service facilities that meet all your needs if you want to obtain various types of services.

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مول راكان العبور سيتي Rakan Obour City Mall

Disadvantages of Rakan Obour Mall

Despite all the advantages that Rakan Mall provides to all customers, some people may see that the distribution of units within the mall is not consistent. The administrative and medical units were placed on the last floor of the mall, and they should be on the first floor. To solve this problem, the project includes Internal navigation that facilitates the process of movement within the mall for customers and visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Rakan Obour City Mall project located?
In the heart of the new Obour City, on the main axis, directly overlooking the axis separating the Karama neighborhood and the Horreya neighborhood.
What are the prices of the Rakan Obour City Mall project?
Start from 2,016,305 Egyptian pounds
Who is the developer of the Rakan Obour City Mall project?
Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company
27 square metres m²
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