Safia Ras El Hekma By Il Cazar Developments

Project details
project name Safia Ras ElHekma
The project Location Kilo 186 Ras ElHekma
Developer IL Cazar Developments
Unit area
receiving date
Payment systems down payment 5% % , 7 installment years
Finishing type تشطيب كامل
Prices start from 100,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Safia Ras El Hekma is the latest project of Il cazar Developments on an area of ​​180 acres in the heart of the Ras El Hekma area on the North Coast. The village is distinguished by the fact that it includes many diverse residential units in terms of spaces or in terms of different types of units that suit all customers.

Safia Ras El Hekma project is located near the most important landmarks: Sol Village, Swan Lake, Kattameya Coast, Fouka Bay, Almaza Bay, and Fouka Road.

Safia Ras ElHekma has various units including chalets, twin houses, townhouses, and independent villas.

Safia Village North Coast by Al Kazar Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by its competitive prices and various payment and installment systems that extend to long-term payment periods.

For more details about Safia Ras Al-Hekma, please read the article.

Safia Ras El Hekma location

Il cazar Developments recently launched the second of its projects on the North Coast, which is the Safia Ras El Hekma project, after Il cazar Company headed towards northern Egypt and began a new journey of success on the North Coast after what it achieved in the New Cairo area, and began on the North Coast with the New Nord El Alamein project. , which achieved impressive success despite the high level of competition in the New Alamein area due to the development of a large number of modern residential projects in the city.

The Nord project was a major incentive for Il cazar Company to develop more upscale, integrated coastal resorts on the North Coast, and it headed to a different area of ​​the North Coast, which is the Ras El Hekma area, specifically at Kilometer 186 of the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road.

This particular point contains many other famous projects in the Ras El Hekma area, such as the Sol project developed by Emaar, the Kattameya Coast project, and Swan Lake Village, affiliated with Hassan Allam Company, which gives you the advantage of living or investing in a lively area surrounded by various upscale residential communities in The head of wisdom.

The advantage of the location of Safia Ras El Hekma Village is not limited to the advantage of being adjacent to high-end projects only, but the project’s location has many other advantages, such as the advantage of easy access, thanks to the proximity of Safia North Coast to the Dabaa Road exit, which is considered one of the most important roads in the region, in addition to its proximity to From the Fouka Road exit, which shortens the distance between Cairo and the northern coast to half the time, and through the following we will show you the distance between Safia Ras El Hekma and other areas close to it, continue to find out more details.

Places near Safia Ras ElHekma

  • Sol Village: Safia Ras El Hekma is located next to one of the most famous villages on the North Coast, which is Sol Village.
  • Swan Lake:It is also located near Swan Lake North Coast, affiliated with Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company.
  • Katameya Coast:One of the most prominent luxurious coastal villages adjacent to Safia village is Katameya Coast.
  • Fouka Bay: Ras El Hekma is less than 100 minutes away from Fouka Bay.
  • Almaza Bay:It is also a short distance from Almaza Bay, and Almaza Bay is considered one of the most famous villages on the northern coast.
  • Fouka Road:You can reach Safia Ras El Hekma from Cairo in less than 4 hours through Fouka Road.

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Safia Ras El Hekma Location

Safia North Coast Design

Il cazar Real Estate Development Company uses a large number of engineering consultants to design all of its real estate projects, and the company did not hesitate to use them again to design the Safia North Coast project, due to their great experience at the global level and not just the local level, which guarantees Safia Ras El Hekma clients the best designs. Modern, which combines the modernity of international design methods mixed with the beauty of the Egyptian Ras El Hekma.

Safia Ras El Hekma project area

Il cazar Company is distinguished by the fact that it allocates large areas of land for its projects in order to provide residents with all the basic recreational services that make the project an integrated residential complex. Il cazar Company exploits the entire space for projects to provide a large number of residential units of different sizes, and that is what you will find in its new project, Safia Ras El Hekma. .

Safia Ras al-Hikma project extends over a large land area of ​​more than 180 acres, and the company divided that area between various residential units and various services and facilities in the village, and through the following we will inform you of the types of residential units available in the project.

Residential units in Safia

As we mentioned previously, Il cazar Real Estate Development Company is one of the most famous real estate companies in the Egyptian market that is interested in providing different types of residential units in its projects, whether in New Cairo or on the North Coast, in order to provide an opportunity for customers and investors to choose the unit that meets their needs from among A large and diverse package of luxury residential units.

As for the Safia Ras El Hikma project, the following types of residential units were provided:

  • Chalets:You can get a chalet in Safia Ras El Hekma with spaces ranging from small to large spaces, depending on what meets your needs.
  • Twin House:Or you can own a twin house in Safia Ras ElHekma, and choose between a middle unit or a corner unit and enjoy the benefits of each according to your desire.
  • Townhouses:For those who like to live or invest in townhouse units, Safia Ras ElHekma includes a large number of townhouse units of various sizes.
  • Independent villas:As for families consisting of large numbers and needing a large residential unit, they can own an independent villa in Safia Ras El Hikma.

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Ras El Hekma North Coast net prices

Il cazar Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the most prominent companies that offer competitive prices for its distinguished real estate projects, and despite the recent increase in the level of prices in the Ras El Hekma area, Il cazar Company took into account the desire of customers to obtain reasonable and appropriate prices, and provided them with that advantage in its new project, Safia. The head of wisdom.

Safia Ras El Hikma is distinguished by the fact that the prices of its residential units are proportional to the types and sizes of available units, as the village contains units ranging from medium to large areas, and the prices are also proportional to the distinguished level of various services, ranging from basic services to recreational services, which the company provides in the village at the highest level. level.

Payment and settlement systems in the Safia Ras El Hekma project

Il cazar Company announced a unique feature in its new Safia Ras Al-Hekma project, which is the feature of diversifying payment systems. In general, Il cazar Company is famous for providing flexible and long-term payment systems, in order to facilitate the process of paying the value of their unit in the company’s projects for customers without bearing any financial burdens. Especially since the company specifies a small down payment that does not exceed 10% of the unit value, with repayment periods of up to 7 years.

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Facilities and services of Safia Ras El Hikma Village

Safia Ras El Hekma Village extends over a vast land area, which amounts to about 180 acres. As we mentioned previously, Il cazar Real Estate Development Company chooses large areas of land to implement its residential projects, to ensure the residents’ availability of all basic and recreational services that meet their needs at every moment.

Especially coastal projects such as Safia Ras El Hekma, in order to provide an atmosphere of comfort and entertainment unparalleled anywhere else in Ras El Hekma, and to save residents time and effort to meet their needs without having to leave their residential complex, and through the following we will show you the most prominent services and facilities. Available in net:

  • Security and guarding services: Safia Ras al-Hikma has a strong security and guarding system through the availability of modern cameras throughout the village, in addition to the presence of security personnel in all places around the clock.
  • Kids Area:Children can enjoy the best entertainment times in the Kids Area in Safia, which contains various entertainment facilities and is fully secured for children.
  • Health Club:One of the most important recreational services available in the village is the health club, which provides many services at the highest level of hotel services.
  • Swimming pools: Safia Ras El Hekma contains a large number of swimming pools located around the residential units, which gives you a more beautiful view of the unit in addition to the opportunity to enjoy swimming in them.
  • Green spaces:Safia North Coast is characterized by being a mixture of diverse aspects of natural beauty, and one of the most prominent elements of that mixture is that the village contains a large percentage of green spaces.
  • Shopping area:You can enjoy shopping in the stores of the most famous local and international brands in the shopping area in the village, which contains a large number of diverse stores.

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Safia Ras El Hekma

Advantages of investing in the Safia project from Il cazar Company

Safia North Coast is considered one of the best investment opportunities in the new North Coast projects, specifically the projects affiliated with the Ras El Hekma area, which in recent months has witnessed a significant increase in its investment value, which makes the location of the village itself one of the biggest advantages of investing in it, as you can benefit from the continuous rise in Project prices in the region.

This is done by owning a distinguished residential unit in Safia Ras El Hikma, which was offered by Il cazar Real Estate Development Company at the best competitive prices, and investing in it by renting it with a monthly financial return, or you can sell it after a period and guarantee a high investment return thanks to the continuous rise in prices, especially in Safia Village, which contains… It has all the features that guarantee you the best investment in it.

About Il cazar Real Estate Development Company

Al Kazar Real Estate Development Company is one of the most prominent companies specialized in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market. It was established in 2019 under the name Al Khozam Company, named after its founder, Nader Khozam, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the company.

He then decided to change the company’s name to Il cazar, a name inspired by the name Julius Caesar, His era was famous for its strength in the field of construction and real estate development, which is currently considered one of the most prominent global monuments. Therefore, Il cazar Company derived inspiration from his power and his spirit of innovation.

The company has achieved a major transformation in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market by creating unparalleled residential projects because they are designed according to the highest international standards. The company is striving to launch more residential projects that are scheduled to be distinctive and unique in every detail, in order to leave The company has a positive imprint in the world of real estate development for modern residential complexes in Egypt.

Safia North Coast

Il cazar Real Estate Development Company projects

Although Il cazar Company is considered one of the newest companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, it has succeeded in developing a large number of different real estate projects in various regions of Egypt’s cities, and Safia Ras Al-Hikma is considered the most recent project among them, which was started to be implemented after the company achieved Il cazar has achieved impressive successes in 5 different projects before it, and through the following you can see an overview of the projects of Il cazar Real Estate Development Company:

  • Creek Town New Cairo

The project Creek Town New Cairo is located directly on the Suez Road. It is considered one of the most important strategic locations in the First Settlement in New Cairo. The project extends over a large land area of ​​about 100 acres, and the percentage of green spaces and water bodies is more than 80% of the project.

The rest of the area of ​​Creek Town New Cairo has been allocated to provide different types of residential units, as the units in Creek Town vary between independent villas, twin houses, and residential apartments.

  • Creek District, New Cairo

The Creek District New Cairo project is a strip mall. It is affiliated with Creek Town Compound, and it is one of the largest commercial areas in New Cairo. The mall extends over a land area of ​​1,000 square meters. This land is located in the heart of New Cairo and overlooks the Suez Road directly, and is a few minutes away from the surrounding residential neighborhoods, making it an ideal destination. For many diverse activities inside the mall.

Creek District Mall contains various units, including commercial stores, administrative offices, and medical clinics, which makes the mall a distinguished investment destination. It is also considered a service destination for residents of the compound and visitors from anywhere inside or outside the First Settlement.

Learn more: Il cazar Company Projects

Safia Ras ElHekma

The goal of the Safia Ras El Hikma project

The main objective of the Safia Ras al-Hikma project is to achieve a wonderful way to achieve Il cazar Company’s goal in the field of real estate development in Egypt, whose goal is the company’s quest to develop luxury residential complexes that are compatible with the latest international standards, and among those standards is that the projects be in Areas where clients and investors seek new opportunities.

It is considered Ras Al-Hikma area is one of the most prominent areas that customers focus their attention on, so Il cazar Company seeks to meet customers’ desire to obtain distinctive residential units in Ras Al-Hikma, and has begun implementing the net of Ras Al-Hikma. Wisdom in order to satisfy the desire of its customers, which always seeks to gain their satisfaction, to gain more customers to expand its customer base, and to achieve greater successes in short periods of time.

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Pure Disadvantages of the Head of Wisdom

Safia Ras El Hikma contains only 4 types of residential units, which are twin houses, townhouses, chalets, and independent villas, and it does not contain residential apartments, which makes customers who prefer to own residential apartments consider it a disadvantage.

But in reality, the company provided these types of residential units and offered them at competitive prices, making it an opportunity for customers to enjoy a combination of the luxury of large residential units, while obtaining distinctive prices at the level of residential apartment prices.

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