Serenity Compound El Obour By Memaar Al-Ashraf Developments

Project details
project name Serenity Compound El Obour
The project Location Obour area
Developer معمار الأشراف للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 64
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 20 % , 3 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from Price upon contact
sales service number 01554999269

Serenity El Obour Compound is a large residential project, specially made for people looking for modern life and excellence. Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company, which is considered one of the pioneers of the real estate industry in Egypt, was keen to provide the project with all the elements of prosperity and happiness. To guarantee residents the highest possible level of luxury, enjoyment and relaxation.

The real estate developer company implemented the Serenity Obour project on a large plot of land, with an area of ​​about 13 acres, in the best areas of Obour City in terms of liveliness and proximity to main axes and roads. Getting to the compound from anywhere does not take long at all, but only requires several A few minutes.

Serenity Obour Compound was implemented according to a modern and advanced construction and urban plan, to include a large number of residential units, with a direct view of the green spaces that dominate the total area of ​​the project, and different and varying spaces that suit a large segment of customers, so that the area of ​​the units starts from 64 square meters, And up to 180 square meters.

In order for the real estate company developing the Serenity Obour Compound project to succeed in satisfying all its customers in various countries of the world, it provided competitive prices that may not be found in any other residential projects in the same region, and extremely distinguished and flexible installment systems that suit all budgets.

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Location of Serenity Obour Compound

Serenity Compound is located in the most lively and distinguished location in the Obour area, a quiet area known for its high population density and its many distinct residential, commercial and entertainment projects, near the most important axes, regions and facilities, so that the shortest distances can be traveled from the compound to the most important cities and famous vital areas, completely far from Overcrowding or crowding.

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company chose the location of the Serenity Obour project with unparalleled care, especially since it realizes the importance of the vital location and its impact on the success rate of any residential project, and was keen to build it in the heart of Obour City, specifically in the Fifth District, directly on Samira Moussa Street.

Places near Serenity Obour Project

The distance between Serenity Obour Compound and the most famous and largest landmarks and institutions, as well as roads and axes, requires only a short distance to be traveled, and the places near the project are as follows:

  • Orabi Axis: The compound is located just 5 minutes from Orabi Axis.
  • Carrefour Obour: Residents of the project can reach Carrefour Obour in just 3 minutes.
  • Misr Ismailia Road: Misr Ismailia Road is approximately 10 minutes away from Serenity Compound.
  • Middle Ring Road: Residents of the compound need a short distance of time, not exceeding 15 minutes, to reach the Middle Ring Road.

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Serenity Compound El Obour By Memaar Al-Ashraf Developments

Design of the Serenity Obour project

The designs of the Serenity Obour project came with a new urban trend and an exceptional and unique engineering concept, in order to enhance the sense of relaxation and comfort of the owners and residents. The developed real estate company has succeeded in presenting a new set of attractive modern appearances, so that unit owners can live in an integrated and amazing residential environment.

Residence in Serenity Obour Compound gives residents the opportunity to live a healthy and modern lifestyle, with vast green spaces and artificial lakes spread in various parts of the project, reflecting the beauty and elegance available almost everywhere, and enhancing residents’ psychological and physical comfort.

The bright sun and fresh, healthy air enter the project’s units from all directions, thanks to the developer company’s interest in taking into account the utmost levels of safety and security, in addition to its interest in having a smart lighting system in almost every unit, and the use of calm and modern paint colors, so that the owners feel more comfortable and calm.

Serenity Obour space

A huge area was allocated on a large and distinctive plot of land in the heart of Obour City to establish the Serenity Obour City project. The majority of this space was allocated to green spaces and landscaping, so that the residents of the compound can enjoy the necessities of modern life. The project area is as follows:

  • Total area: Serenity Compound was built on a huge plot of land, amounting to 13 acres.
  • Building area: Construction and buildings accounted for approximately 16% of the total project area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: The rest of the area, which amounts to about 84% of the total area, has been allocated to green spaces and landscape.

Unit space in the Serenity project

Serenity Obour Compound contains approximately 18 residential buildings, each building consisting of a ground floor and five upper floors. The project included a large number of residential units, varying between apartments and studios, and these units came in different sizes; In order to meet the needs and requirements of all customers, the units’ area is as follows:

  • Apartments’ area: Apartments’ area starts from 64 square meters and reaches 180 square meters.
  • Studios space: Studios space starts from 100 square meters and reaches 160 square meters.

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Serenity Compound El Obour By Memaar Al-Ashraf Developments

Serenity Obour project prices

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in presenting an integrated residential project at the highest possible level of sophistication and urbanization, which is the Serenity Obour Compound. In addition to all these important features, which everyone is looking forward to owning, especially at the present time, the developing company was keen to provide an additional advantage; To complete this luxurious living experience, it is a competitive price package that suits all budgets.

The unit prices in the Serenity Obour project were suitable for the largest number of customers and investors from different social groups, as the unit’s area, type, and location in the project controlled its competitive price, which was admired and welcomed by many customers and investors.

Payment and payment systems in the Serenity Obour project

In addition to all these competitive facilities and wonderful prices, the developed real estate company has provided a range of payment and payment systems suitable for many customers, so that people wishing to live in Serenity Obour Compound can reside there with the utmost ease and comfort, and these systems are as follows:

  • The first system: Pay 20% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 3 years.
  • The second system: Paying 25% down payment of the total unit price, and paying the rest of the amount in installments over 4 years.
  • Third system: Paying 30% down payment of the total unit price, and paying the rest of the amount in installments over 5 years.

Price analysis in Serenity Obour Compound

The prices of residential units in Serenity Obour Compound are very distinguished and competitive, and they are suitable for a large segment of society. The developing company has been keen from the beginning to provide reasonable prices suitable for young people, so that they can start their lives in a distinctive and upscale place, guaranteeing them the happy life that they have always enjoyed. They wanted it and preferred it.

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Serenity Compound El Obour By Memaar Al-Ashraf Developments

Facilities and services of Serenity Compound Obour

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company presented an integrated residential community, namely the Serenity Obour Compound. The project contains almost all the basic services and features as well as entertainment. So that residents and guests can enjoy their time and spend a residential experience that lacks nothing, and these features are as follows:

  • Security services: A large group of security and guard personnel – trained at the highest level – were appointed in various places of the project, and surveillance cameras were installed in every place. In order to maintain the safety and security of all residents.
  • Celebration halls: The real estate developer designed a large hall for celebrations. So that investors and businessmen can hold their various meetings simply and easily.
  • Educational services: The compound includes an international school for different age levels, which works to provide educational curricula using modern technological educational methods, in addition to the availability of a large nursery, which helps children receive information with the utmost simplicity and ease.
  • Restaurants and cafés: Within the Serenity Obour project there are a large number of restaurants and cafés, serving all local and international cuisine and dishes. These restaurants are also distinguished by their distinctive decor and spacious area.
  • Shops: For shopping lovers, a large chain of shops has been established, stocked with all local and international brands, which are suitable for those with high and refined taste.
  • Hypermarkets: The real estate developer of the compound provided a large hypermarket, which includes all household, personal, and basic goods and products.
  • Green spaces: Serenity Compound includes green spaces of the utmost distinction and elegance, sparkling with tall green trees and colorful flowers, to help improve the psychological state of customers.
  • An area for barbecue parties: The developer company provided a large area for barbecue parties, and provided it with everything that customers might need; So that they can spend enjoyable and unforgettable times.
  • Recreation halls: Serenity Obour includes spa halls, jacuzzi and sauna, equipped with everything; To provide more recreation and relaxation for the residents of the compound.
  • Medical clinics: The project includes modern medical clinics, staffed by a team of the most qualified and best doctors, in addition to a nursing team available throughout the day. To keep all residents and customers safe.
  • Pharmacies: The project contains more than one pharmacy, located in various different places, and includes almost all imported and authorized treatments.
  • Fitness Center: Serenity Obour Compound contains a large fitness center, which includes a large number of modern sports devices and equipment, to maintain the fitness of all clients and build their bodies.
  • Kids Area: There is a distinctive Kids Area inside the compound, which includes many fun and entertaining games suitable for almost all ages.
  • Maintenance services: There is a large maintenance office within the project, staffed by a large team of technicians and engineers, specialized in discovering and repairing any malfunctions in the project.
  • Electrical generators: All buildings in the project contain modern electrical generators, as they work immediately and quickly in the event of a power outage or any defect in it.
  • Swimming pools: The compound includes more than one swimming pool, varying in size and even in area. To suit all ages and satisfy all customers.

Advantages of investing in Serenity Compound

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company paid attention to every detail of the Serenity Obour Compound, so that it appears to us today as an almost flawless residential and entertainment city. The compound includes a large number of features and services, as it has a large number of investment advantages, which begin with its vital and strategic location in the heart of Obour City, close to all important and main services, hubs, and facilities.

Passing through its many residential units of various shapes and spaces; In order to meet the needs and desires of many customers and investors, these units are also distinguished by their attractive designs, which were implemented by a group of the most skilled and best engineers, in addition to the large project area, in which green spaces and landscaping dominate the total project area.

Accessing the Serenity Obour Project’s countless services, ranging from basic to recreational; So that the project’s residents do not have to leave it, in addition to the competitive unit prices and flexible installment systems, which the real estate developer provided to satisfy the largest possible segment of customers and investors.

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Serenity Compound

About Memmar Al Ashraaf Developments

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company has implemented the Serenity Obour Compound, one of the important and leading companies in the world of real estate, as it has implemented a large group of residential and commercial projects in many Egyptian cities, and all of these projects have won the satisfaction and admiration of many clients and businessmen around the world. .

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company has taken into account international standards in all its projects, and is keen to seek the help of specialized people, to succeed in providing residential and commercial projects that are almost free of defects. The company is keen to implement its projects in vital locations and close to hubs and services, in addition to its constant keenness To create a large and diverse number of residential units.

Memmar Al Ashraaf Developments projects

Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company entered the field of real estate development a long time ago, gained great experience, and succeeded in implementing a good number of residential and commercial projects, the most notable of which are the following:

The Core Mall, New Cairo

The Core Mall New Cairo is one of the important commercial malls that was implemented by Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company on a huge area, amounting to about 3,500 square meters, and with a huge investment volume, reaching 300 million Egyptian pounds. The project includes many units, varying between commercial and administrative units, With varying sizes starting from 52 square meters, up to 59 square metres.

Heska Compound, Fifth Settlement

Heska Compound is a residential project implemented by Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, near the most important landmarks and axes. The project was built on a huge area, which the developer company divided so that the green spaces dominated the area of ​​​​the residential units, which were built in different types and sizes starting from 127 Square meters, with prices starting from 2,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Al-Diaa Mall, 6th of October

Al-Diaa Mall is one of the most important commercial projects launched by Memaar Al-Ashraf Real Estate Development Company in the heart of 6th of October City. The mall contains very many commercial, administrative and medical units, in addition to its countless services and features, which the developer company provided to satisfy all customers and meet… their different needs.

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The beauty of life in the Oubor area

It is one of the important and attractive areas for investment, thanks to it containing a sophisticated and advanced infrastructure, starting with the road and transportation network that the Egyptian government was keen to pay attention to, with the aim of helping customers reach any place or city within a short period of time.

Since it contains a large group of residential and commercial projects, in addition to its distinguished strategic location close to the heart of Cairo and many other vital cities, all of these features have made investors rely on this vital area in implementing their projects, which increases the possibility of achieving quick and sustainable profits.

Disadvantages of Serenity Obour Compound

Despite the many advantages enjoyed by the Serenity Obour project and its lack of many other residential projects, some customers complained about the lack of villas in the project, and therefore the developed real estate company was keen to provide residential units with large and spacious areas, up to 180 square meters.

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