Telal Ain Sokhna By Roya Group Developments 2024

Project details
project name Telal Ain Sokhna
The project Location
Developer Roya Developments
Unit area 140
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 25 % , 4 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 4,500,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Telal Ain Sokhna is one of the most prominent projects of Roya Group Real Estate, which is considered one of the pioneers in the field of real estate development in Egypt. The project extends over a vast area of ​​617 acres, near Zaafarana Road, giving it a strategic location close to important landmarks and main hubs, such as Porto Sokhna, Suez City and Cairo.

Telal Ain Sokhna offers a variety of residential units, including chalets and villas, allowing multiple options to meet all customers’ needs. The units in the village vary in size, starting from 140 square meters and up to 360 square meters, providing spacious and comfortable residential spaces.

What distinguishes Telal Al Sokhna is its competitive prices, as unit prices start from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds, in addition to flexible installment systems, which start with a 25% down payment, and a repayment period of up to 4 years. This makes the project an attractive option for those wishing to invest in distinct residential units. It combines the ideal location with integrated services.

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Telal Ain Sokhna location

Telal Sokhna Village is located in an unparalleled strategic location, as it is located near Zaafarana Road. This unique location gives the project the advantage of being close to the most important tourist attractions and main axes, which makes transportation easy and comfortable for the residents, as the village is the ideal destination for those looking for the perfect combination Between tranquility and luxury, thanks to its stunning view of the Red Sea, and its proximity to lively cities, making it the ideal choice for housing and investment.

Places near the Telal Ain Sokhna project

Telal Village is distinguished by its proximity to a variety of vital landmarks, which gives it more attractiveness, and ensures residents and visitors easy access to various services and recreational activities, which enhances the quality of life within the village. Among the most important of these areas are the following:

  • Telal Ain Sokhna is only 100 kilometers away from Cairo.
  • Telal Ain Sokhna is located minutes away from Zaafarana Road.
  • The project is located 30 minutes from the city of Suez.
  • The project is only a few minutes away from Porto Sokhna.

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موقع قرية تلال العين السخنة telal ain sokhna

Design of Telal Ain Sokhna

The largest portion of the total area of ​​Telal Sokhna has been allocated to green spaces and recreational services, as about 75% of the project is devoted to landscapes, facilities and artificial lakes, which enhances the natural beauty of the place and makes it an ideal destination for customers looking for distinction and luxury.

Through this planning, Roya Group Real Estate seeks to ensure that every unit owner in the project, whether a chalet or a villa, can enjoy an unparalleled experience that combines comfort and entertainment.

Once you look at the general design of Telal Ain Sokhna, you will be impressed by the splendor of the construction plans that highlight luxury and beauty, and that bring comfort and pleasure to the hearts of the residents. The project is an architectural icon, thanks to its exceptional location on the Red Sea, which provides charming views of all residential units.

This natural beauty does not stop at the sea only, but extends to the amazing green cover, and the areas designated for artificial lakes, which add a touch of elegance and distinction. The construction of the village in the form of graduated terraces ensures that the heights are compatible with each other, which enhances the attractiveness of the project, and makes living in it easier. A unique and fun experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Area of ​​the Telal Ain Sokhna

Telal Ain Sokhna extends over a vast area of ​​617 acres, making it one of the largest and most luxurious residential projects in the region. This large extension provides an integrated residential environment, including large green spaces and distinguished recreational services, in addition to artificial lakes that add a touch of natural beauty. On the village.

Thanks to this extensive planning, the village is able to offer a unique residential experience, balancing luxury and comfort, with charming views of the Red Sea, and creative engineering designs, making the project a distinct architectural icon.

Area of ​​units in Telal Village

Telal Ain Sokhna includes a variety of residential units that suit all desires and needs, ranging from luxury chalets to high-end villas. Unit areas range between 140 and 360 square meters. This diversity of spaces allows customers to choose the unit that suits their needs, whether for permanent residence, vacation, or even investment, which makes the project an ideal choice for everyone.

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خدمات قرية تلال العين السخنة telal ain sokhna

Telal Ain Sokhna prices

Prices in Telal Ain Sokhna are one of its most prominent competitive features, starting from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds, which provides exceptional value in exchange for the luxurious services and facilities it provides. These prices make the project an unparalleled investment opportunity, as it combines luxury and comfort at reasonable prices, in addition to The project’s distinctive strategic location, sophisticated architectural designs, and advanced infrastructure, which provide the village’s residents with an integrated residential experience on the shores of the Red Sea.

Payment and repayment systems in Telal Sokhna project

The Telal Ain Sokhna project is characterized by a variety of payment systems, which provide great flexibility to customers, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to invest and live in luxury.

Roya Group Real Estate Company offers convenient installment systems, starting with a down payment of 25% of the unit value, with the possibility of paying the rest of the amount over 4 years in equal installments, allowing customers to benefit from flexible financial facilities without any pressure.

This diversity of payment systems within Telal Al Sokhna reflects the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers, and providing attractive investment opportunities that suit various budgets. This financial flexibility, coupled with the strategic location and luxurious services, makes the project an exceptional opportunity for upscale living and profitable investment.

Price analysis of Telal Sokhna

Price analysis in the Telal Ain Sokhna project highlights a distinct investment value that exceeds general standards, as this project has an ideal balance between price, quality and services provided, as the project enjoys a distinguished strategic location in the Sokhna area, which adds additional value to it, in terms of easy access to Main areas and tourist attractions.

In addition, the project is distinguished by providing a comprehensive range of facilities and services, including spacious green spaces, artificial lakes, and entertainment and sports areas. These facilities not only provide an ideal environment for living and relaxation, but also guarantee a unique and integrated residential experience, given these features and available services, The price of the project units is an excellent consideration, as the investment value is in line with the multiple benefits that the project offers.

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مساحات قرية تلال العين السخنة telal ain sokhna

Facilities and services at Telal Ain Sokhna

Roya Group Real Estate Company offers a comprehensive set of features and services that ensure that all the needs of residents and investors alike are met. Here are a set of points about the most important services available:

  • Strategic location: Telal Village is located in the Ain Sokhna area, making it one of the most attractive tourist sites in Egypt.
  • Wide green spaces: Green spaces extend over large areas within the project, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for residents.
  • Artificial lakes: The project has artificial lakes that enhance the beauty of the place and provide a distinctive natural appearance.
  • Advanced security systems: An advanced security system and high-level surveillance cameras have been provided within the village of Telal Ain Sokhna. To ensure the safety of residents and protect their property.
  • Commercial and entertainment facilities: The project has commercial facilities, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers. To meet the needs of the population.
  • Fitness centers: The village has health clubs equipped with the latest equipment. To enhance the health and fitness of residents within Ain Sokhna Telal.
  • Swimming pools: There are multiple swimming pools suitable for different ages to enjoy swimming and entertainment.
  • Sports fields: There are a group of sports fields, including football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and others. To practice various sports activities.
  • Areas for barbecues and social gatherings: Designated areas for barbecues and outdoor social gatherings have been provided within Ain Sokhna Telal; In order to increase social interaction among residents.
  • Paths for walking, running, and cycling: The company that owns the project within Sokhna Telal provided paths designated for walking, running, and cycling. To promote physical activity and hiking.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: Periodic services are available within the village to clean and maintain buildings and facilities. To maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the project.
  • Covered parking: The company that owns Telal Ain Sokhna provided covered and monitored parking. For the comfort of residents and the safety of their cars.
  • Medical and health services: Medical and health services are available around the clock; To meet the health needs of the population.

Advantages of investing in Telal Ain Sokhna

Investing in Ain Sokhna Telal is considered a unique and excellent opportunity for investors, due to a group of striking investment advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • Flexible payment facilities plans: The project provides flexible payment facilities plans that suit the various needs and financial circumstances of investors, which attracts a wide range of investors.
  • Stable real estate value: The project is expected to achieve stable growth in real estate value in the long term, as a result of its attractive location and distinguished services.
  • Modern designs and integrated facilities: The project includes modern architectural designs and integrated facilities, making it an ideal destination for families and tourists.
  • Opportunity for investment returns: The project is considered an ideal opportunity to achieve lucrative investment returns, as a result of the increasing demand for residential and tourist units in the region.
  • Distinctive strategic location: The project is located in a distinguished tourist area, near vital areas, such as Porto Sokhna and the city of Suez, which increases the project’s attractiveness to tourists and investors.
  • High residential and investment value: The aesthetic area and integrated services provide high residential and investment value, making Telal Ain Sokhna Village a preferred choice for investors.
  • Diversity in residential units: The project offers a wide variety of residential units available, including apartments, chalets and villas, which meets the needs of different investors.

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أسعار قرية تلال العين السخنة telal ain sokhna

About Roya Group for Real Estate Development

Vision Group for Real Estate Development represents an Egyptian success story, characterized by amazing development and dedication to providing the best services and real estate projects in Egypt since its founding in 2007. Vision Group has flourished to become one of the leaders in the real estate development industry in the country, with an increasing focus on excellence and innovation.

The company’s relationships with customers are not just commercial relationships, but rather relationships built on trust, satisfaction and loyalty. The Group’s vision focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers, and the beginning of the relationship is the beginning of receiving the property, as the company strives to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and provide distinguished services at Long term, through investments exceeding $2 billion in real estate development.

Projects of Roya Group for Real Estate Development

The company’s previous work included a large group of suitable residential projects, including the following:

Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement

Stone Park Compound Fifth Settlement It is an exceptional project that reflects the spirit of luxury and excellence in every detail. This upscale compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, ensuring convenient access to the most important areas of life and entertainment in New Cairo, with its vast area extending over 460 acres.

Stone Park Compound offers a variety of residential units, ranging from luxury apartments, to duplexes, penthouses, townhouses and twin houses, in addition to independent villas.

The area of ​​these units starts from 135 square meters, allowing residents to choose from a variety of designs and spaces according to their needs and preferred lifestyle.

The Big Business District Mall  Fifth Settlement

mall The Big Business District Fifth Settlement It is considered a distinguished achievement for Roaya Group for Real Estate Development, as it represents a modern project that combines sophistication and sophistication in one place. The mall is located on the ring road in New Cairo, making it easily accessible and central for transportation.

The project includes a group of modern buildings containing commercial units and administrative offices of various sizes, starting with 45 square meters, in addition to medical centers and clinics, which meets the needs of various companies and individuals efficiently and effectively.

Telal East Compound Fifth Settlement

Telal East Compound Fifth Settlement It is considered one of those unique landmarks that blend luxury and sophistication in New Cairo. The project is located on the Suez Road, and its location was chosen with great care to ensure easy access and movement for residents, in an ideal environment in which the picturesque nature blends with luxurious architectural design.

The spaces of the villas in the compound are distinguished by their diversity and distinction, ranging from 205 to 575 square meters, which provides multiple options to suit the needs and preferences of different customers.

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The goal of Ain Sokhna Telal

The goal of Roya Group Real Estate Company through this prestigious project is to achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence in all aspects of its work, as the company adopts the best methods and modern technologies in building and constructing its projects, with a focus on resisting all environmental factors and earthquakes. To ensure the sustainability and durability of buildings.

The company also ensures that it follows thoughtful strategies and applies local and international laws in all its projects, and follows modern international designs. To ensure harmony and consistency with the surrounding environment.

Vision Group undertakes to study the market in detail; To identify customer needs and meet them effectively, it is also keen to deliver projects on agreed upon dates without delay, and it also places customer comfort at the top of its priorities, by providing distinguished services and integrated facilities in all its projects, and always seeks innovation and innovation. To gain the trust of customers and gain a new segment of them.

The beauty of life in Ain Sokhna

Life is characterized in Ain Sokhna An enchanting experience, in which the beauty of stunning nature blends seamlessly with high-end services that add a touch of luxury and comfort and the ideal location on the Red Sea coast, which gives it a unique appeal, as it enjoys golden sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, attracting lovers of nature and charming landscapes.

In addition to the beauty of nature, Ain Sokhna provides an ideal environment for modern life, where residents can enjoy a variety of activities and services that meet their needs. Its strategic location makes it an ideal destination for living and investment, as it provides various opportunities for permanent housing or for vacations, due to its proximity to important facilities and areas. Main tourist.

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Disadvantages of Telal Ain Sokhna Village

Ain Sokhna Telal is characterized by providing a wide range of features and services, which make it undeniably unique and distinct. Its modern and luxurious architectural designs give it exceptional appeal, while the integrated services available within the project provide an integrated environment for housing and recreation, and make it difficult to find faults in the project. Due to careful planning and attention to the smallest details during the development process, and thanks to its comprehensive and integrated facilities.

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