The Crest New Cairo Compound

Project details
project name The Crest New Cairo Compound
The project Location Near To Muhammed Nagiub Axis
Developer IL Cazar Developments
Unit area 135
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 7,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

The Crest New Cairo Compound is an integrated residential project by Il Kazar Developments. It is distinguished by its strategic location in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, close to the most important services and facilities. It is also distinguished by its luxurious engineering designs and spacious spaces, which allow you to choose from a variety of residential units to suit your needs and budget.

The compound offers its residential units at competitive prices that are among the best in the real estate market, with flexible payment systems that enable you to purchase your residential unit easily.

The Crest Compound is A guaranteed investment in the heart of New Cairo, as the compound enjoys a privileged location, luxurious designs, and integrated services, making it an ideal destination for housing and investment.

The compound includes various units, including apartments, duplexes, and independent villas, with areas starting from 85 square meters and reaching 330 square meters, all of this at prices starting from only 7 million Egyptian pounds.

The location of the compound is characterized by being surrounded by the most important residential and commercial projects in the region, which makes it an ideal destination for housing and investment. The project also has easy access to all major axes and roads, and the real estate developer offers a distinctive package of systems. Flexible installments and payments, which include a 5% down payment only, and installments over 7 years.

Location of Crest New Cairo Compound

The location of The Crest Compound is very strategic, as it is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, close to the most important vital areas, main roads and important axes. The project also enjoys easy access to all parts of Cairo. Because it is close to:

  • Gamal Abdel Nasser Corridor: The project connects Downtown, Heliopolis, and Nasr City, and can be reached from Project easily from the Muhammad Naguib axis, which is one of the most important roads The main one in New Cairo.
  • Commercial centers: The project is located near many commercial malls, such as Mall of Arabia and Misr Parks.
  • Universities: The project is a short distance from many universities, such as the American University in Cairo and Misr University for Science and Technology.
  • Hospitals: The time distance between The Crest project and the area’s hospitals is very simple, as the compound is close to Al Salam International Hospital and Cleopatra Hospital

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The Crest New Cairo

The Crest New Cairo

Places near The Crest Compound

The Crest Compound New Cairo is in a prime location that makes it close to all the services and facilities you need, which saves you time and effort. Here are some important locations located a few minutes away from The Crest:

  • The southern 90th axis (4 minutes)
  • Suez Road (short distance)
  • Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque (15 minutes)
  • The Administrative Capital (32 minutes)
  • American University (near the project)
  • Ain Sokhna Road (a few minutes)
  • Hyde Park New Cairo (14 minutes)
  • Al-Ahly Club (15 minutes)
  • Cairo International Airport (short distance).
  • Creek Town Compound, New Cairo.
  • El Patio Town, Fifth Settlement.

The Crest New Cairo Design

The developer was keen to present the Crest New Cairo project in the best possible way through:

  • Architectural designs: The best architects, led by engineer Raif Fahmy, were contracted to design elegant, modern buildings that meet the finest tastes.
  • Green spaces: An area of ​​158 acres of the total project area has been allocated to green spaces and picturesque landscapes, making it an environmentally friendly project and providing a quiet and comfortable environment for residents.

Acreage The Crest Compound Fifth Settlement

The Crest Fifth Settlement Compound With its large area, which amounts to 158 acres, the largest area of ​​the project was allocated to green spaces, which included gardens, landscaping, and artificial lakes.

This focus on natural elements embodies the company’s commitment to providing an ideal environment for residents’ lives, as green spaces add an aesthetic touch to the project, and give a feeling of calm and relaxation. These spaces also provide a wonderful opportunity to communicate with nature. And enjoy the outdoors.

The owner company allocated the remaining area of ​​the project to residential units, which are characterized by their diversity. To meet the needs of different customers and investors, these units include apartments, villas and duplexes, with different sizes and designs to suit all tastes. This diversity confirms the company’s keenness to provide wide options for customers, allowing them to choose the residential unit that suits their needs and desires.

Unit area The Crest New Cairo Compound

Here is the unit area of ​​The Crest New Cairo Project:


The apartment sizes vary in The Crest Compound to suit the needs of individuals and small families, starting from 85 square meters and up to 155 square meters. These apartments are distinguished by their modern designs and practical distributions that ensure maximum use of the space.


Duplexes offered in The Crest Compound Spacious areas suitable for large families, starting from 160 square meters and up to 200 square meters. These units feature two independent floors, which provides additional space and privacy for residents.


The villas in the compound are the ideal choice for large families wishing to have a spacious and luxurious space. The villas’ areas start from 210 square meters and reach 330 square meters.These units feature private gardens and swimming pools, providing an ideal environment to relax and enjoy luxurious life.

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The Crest Compound

The Crest Compound

Prices of The Crest New Cairo Compound

Alcazar Real Estate Company is aware of the developer of The Crest New Cairo Compound The importance of providing competitive prices to its valued customers, and therefore the company offers a distinctive package of prices that is considered one of the best prices in the Egyptian real estate market, compared to what it offers Unique services and features that are unparalleled in any other project, and residential unit prices start at The Crest Compound as follows:

  • Apartments: starting from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplexes: starting from 13,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villas: starting from 19,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in The Crest project

In order to facilitate the ownership process for its valued customers, Alcazar Company offers a very flexible payment system, which is as follows:

  • Pay a small contract downpayment of only 5% of the unit price, and pay the rest of the unit price in installments over 7 years without interest.

Analysis of prices in The Crest Compound

The prices offered within the project are the best among New Cairo projects. The minimum unit price of 7 million pounds is a suitable price for many segments and groups of society, especially with the introduction of an easy and flexible installment system, which reduces the financial burdens on customers, thus The compound is considered a very distinctive investment and residential opportunity.

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Amenities of The Crest New Cairo

exceeds The Crest Compound Being just a residential compound, it is considered an ideal destination for upscale life and enjoyable entertainment, through what it offers of a wide range of facilities and services that meet all the needs of its residents.

The project aims to provide an integrated residential environment that meets all the needs of its residents. Therefore, it provides a wide range of basic and recreational facilities and services, guaranteeing them a distinguished life and complete comfort. The most important of these facilities and services are:

  • Security services around the clock: A specialized security company provides 24-hour guarding services, using the latest surveillance technologies to ensure the safety of residents and the security of their property.
  • Advanced surveillance system: High-resolution surveillance cameras cover all corners of The Compound, which allows continuous monitoring of all residents’ activities and protection of their property.
  • Private car garages: Each residential unit is allocated a private garage for at least one car, which saves residents the trouble of searching for outdoor parking.
  • Smart electronic gates: The entry and exit of residents is controlled through smart electronic gates, which allow easy entry and exit while ensuring the highest levels of security.
  • Permanent maintenance and cleaning services: The company that owns the project provides 24-hour maintenance and cleaning services for all facilities and services within the compound, which maintains its cleanliness and beauty.
  • Swimming pools for all ages: There are swimming pools for children and adults, as well as an indoor swimming pool for women.
  • Places designated for family gatherings and barbecue parties: There are designated places for holding family gatherings and barbecue parties, allowing residents to spend enjoyable times with their families and friends.
  • Facile financial services: There are automated teller machines within the project to facilitate banking transactions for residents.
  • Equipped gym: There is a gym equipped with the latest equipment for practicing healthy sports.
  • Equipped sports fields: There are sports fields equipped with the highest level for practicing football, tennis, and other sports.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafes: The compound offers a variety of restaurants and cafes that suit all tastes, allowing residents to enjoy various types of food and drinks.
  • Beauty centers for recreation and entertainment: located inside The Crest Compound Fifth Settlement Many beauty centers that provide various services for men and women, allowing them to relax and unwind.
  • Kids Aria is safe and fun for children: There is a designated place for children equipped with safe and fun games for all ages, under the supervision of specialists to ensure their safety.
  • Trails for cycling and walking lovers: Within the compound there are paths designated for cycling and walking, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor sports.
  • Medical services available around the clock: Inside the compound there are clinics and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day; To provide various medical services to the population.
  • Electricity generators to ensure continuity of services: There are electricity generators inside the compound to ensure continuity of basic services in the event of a power outage.
  • A huge mall that includes the most famous international and local brands: Inside the compound there is a huge mall that includes the most famous international and local brands, allowing residents to shop and buy all their needs. Easily.
  • A mosque for performing religious duties: It contains The Crest Compound contains a mosque for performing religious duties, allowing residents to practice their worship with ease.
  • Wide green spaces and artificial lakes: The buildings are surrounded by wide green spaces and artificial lakes, which give the compound an atmosphere of calm and beauty, and provide residents with large spaces for rest and relaxation.
  • Clubhouse for more entertainment: located inside The Crest Compound Clubhouse equipped with the latest facilities; To practice various recreational activities.
  • High-speed Internet within the compound: It provides Project High-speed Internet service to all its residents, allowing them to benefit from the Internet in the best possible way.
  • Solar panels for a healthy environment: uses The Compound Solar panels to generate electrical energy, which contributes to preserving the environment and reducing dependence on traditional energy.

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The Crest Compound New Cairo

The Crest Compound New Cairo

Advantages of investing in The Crest New Cairo Compound

The Crest Fifth Settlement Compound A distinguished investment option for all those looking for a rewarding return on their investments, due to its strategic location, diverse spaces, competitive prices, and integrated services and facilities, as Al-Kazar Real Estate Company offers… Through The Crest Compound A unique investment opportunity for all clients and investors due to the many unique advantages that this project has, including the following:

A distinguished strategic location

The Crest New Cairo Compound In the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, close to the most important main roads, such as Mohamed Naguib Axis and Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, making it easily accessible from all parts of Cairo.

Diverse spaces that meet all needs

The sizes of residential units vary in The Crest New Cairo Compound to suit all customers’ needs, starting from apartments with areas starting from 85 square meters, up to villas with areas up to 330 square meters, as these include The units have modern designs and thoughtful distribution processes to provide maximum use of space. Suitable commercial spaces are also available for creating prosperous commercial projects.

Competitive prices and flexible payment systems

Alcazar Company offers competitive prices for The Crest Compound In comparison to the unique services and features it offers, it also provides flexible payment systems that suit all customer needs, with a simple contract down payment and a long interest-free payment period.

Integrated services and facilities

The Crest Compound A wide range of integrated services and facilities; To ensure a luxurious life for its residents.

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About Al Cazar Real Estate Development CompanyIL Cazar Developments

Alcazar Real Estate Development Company is one of the pioneers in the real estate sector in Egypt, as it has extensive experience spanning more than 60 years. It was started in 1960 by engineer Helmy Khozam, and during its busy career, the company proved its excellence by completing pioneering real estate projects that embody its passion for innovation and its commitment to fully meeting the needs of its customers.

The Crest CompoundWith the clarity of Alcazar Company’s expertise and its embodiment of its vision of creating an ideal residential environment that meets all the needs of its residents, Alcazar Company is distinguished by many factors that make it an ideal choice for investors and those looking for an upscale residential environment, including:

  • Extensive experience: Alcazar Company is one of the most prestigious real estate development companies in Egypt, as it has more than 60 years of experience in this field.
  • Commitment to quality: Alcazar pays great attention to the quality of its projects, from innovative architectural designs to high-quality finishes.
  • Diversity in projects: Alcazar Company offers a variety of real estate projects that meet all customer needs, from luxury apartments to spacious villas.
  • Competitive prices: Alcazar Company offers competitive prices for its projects, with the possibility of benefiting from flexible payment systems.
  • Distinctive services: Alcazar Company provides its customers with a range of distinguished services, which meet their needs and satisfy their requirements and desires.

IL Cazar Developments ProjectsIL Cazar Developments

Alcazar Real Estate Company offers a variety of luxury real estate projects that meet all the needs of customers and investors, starting from luxury apartments in New Cairo, all the way to large villas on the northern sea coast, and some projects include Featured company:

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the crest new cairo
the crest new cairo

The goal of The Crest New Cairo project

The company developing The Crest aims to create an ideal residential environment for all its customers, by selecting the best strategic locations and vital roads in order to be close to the project, with the aim of facilitating access to and moving from it. It is also keen to provide the best basic and recreational services to customers and investors. For an unparalleled residential experience, which reflects positively on the company’s mental image and its position among other real estate development companies.

The beauty of life in The Crest Fifth Settlement project

Fifth Settlement has become one of the attractive areas for residents and clients who want to invest their money, either through projects Commercially, or through residential units in the best projects in the region, including The Crest Compound. The region enjoys the beauty of nature, and the stunning landscapes spread throughout all corners, in addition to the wonderful atmosphere in the different seasons of the year, which helps residents enjoy their time, without being disturbed by the temperature differences depending on the seasons of the year.

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Disadvantages of The Crest New Cairo project

Project The Crest Compound A distinguished residential project with advantages that entice investment without hesitation, despite the concerns that some may raise about purchasing units under construction.

We would like to emphasize that purchasing The Crest units under construction represents a unique investment opportunity. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a profitable real estate investment in a distinguished location, with a high quality guarantee by the company. Reliable real estate, so do not hesitate to invest in The Crest, and do not let concerns about purchasing under-construction units hinder your path towards achieving a rewarding investment return.

In conclusion, we have explained to you all the details about The Crest Compound, such as the location of the project and the places near it, in addition to To its design and other details, we hope you have benefited from this article.

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