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Project details
project name Toya Compound New Zayed
The project Location Cairo - Alexandria Road, near the Smart Village
Developer الشركة الثلاثية للاعمار والمقاولات
Unit area 350
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 15 % , 5 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 6,387,790 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Toya New Zayed is one of the most prominent residential projects in the 6th of October area, and the real estate developer – Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company – was keen to provide the utmost levels of comfort, luxury and safety in it, in order to provide an unparalleled residential experience to its customers, as the compound was built on an area Huge, approximately 21,000 square meters.

Toya New Zayed was built in a very distinctive and wonderful strategic location, close to the most important axes and roads. In addition to indispensable institutions and cities, such as: Cairo-Alexandria Road, Dahshur Road, El Remaya square, Sphinx Airport, and many other very distinct and vital axes and roads.

The units in Toya Sheikh Zayed are of the utmost sophistication and creativity, as the real estate developer was keen to create units of many and varying sizes, starting from 350 square meters, to satisfy all customers and suit their different needs.

Toya New Zayed was implemented in units of different sizes and prices, with villa prices starting from 6 million pounds, with the possibility of purchasing the unit by paying a small down payment, and paying the remaining amount in installments over 5 years, with delivery occurring only two years after the contract date.

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Toya New Zayed

Toya Compound New Zayed location

The strategic location is one of the main attractions for customers and investors, and this is what Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company was keen on when constructing Toya New Sheikh Zayed, as the company chose the Cairo-Alexandria Road near the Smart Village as a location for the project, with nearby roads and vital areas.

Places near the Toya Sheikh Zayed project

Many vital and service roads and places are close to Toya New Zayed, which has made it easier for customers and investors to meet some of their needs and reach their desired destinations with the utmost ease and convenience. Among the most famous of these areas are the following:

  • Cairo – Alexandria Road: Cairo-Alexandria Road is 4 minutes away from the project.
  • Dahshur Road: The distance between Dahshur Link and the Compound is very short, not exceeding 3 minutes.
  • El Remaya square : El Remaya square is only 10 minutes away from Toya New Zayed Compound.
  • Sphinx Airport: Sphinx Airport can be reached from Toya Compound within a few minutes.
  • Arab mall: Toya Compound is 5 minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
  • Mall of Egypt: The project is located 15 minutes from the famous Mall of Egypt.
  • Zewail University: Zewail University can be easily reached from Toya New Zayed, due to the close distance between them.
  • Dabaa axis: Only two minutes is the time separating the Dabaa axis from the project.
  • Neighboring compounds: Lake West Compound is easy to reach, as the distance between it and the project does not exceed 20 minutes.

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كمبوند تويا الشيخ زايد الجديدة Toya New Zayed



Design of Toya New Zayed project

The real estate developer responsible for Toya Compound Zayed used the latest architectural and engineering methods to design the project, making it an icon and an architectural masterpiece that many clients and businessmen flock to, as all the units of the compound overlook the picturesque green spaces and bodies of water from the artificial lakes and swimming pools available everywhere.

The paint colors for the exterior and interior facades of the residential units are very consistent with the colors of the green spaces, which surround the project from all sides and corners, giving the residents and owners an exceptional and distinct feeling of comfort, tranquility and residentialness.

The developer company took the privacy of the owners of Toya Sheikh Zayed project into consideration, so it took great care to space the residential units away from each other, separating them with beautiful green trees and colorful and cheerful flowers, in addition to introducing smart home systems in almost all units, so that residents can control their units with ease. Via remote control or mobile phone.

Toya New Zayed space

Toya Zayed shines with its appropriate area, which the developer company has exploited in a distinctive way that suits all customers and makes them feel more relaxed and enjoying, as the attractive green cover covers a large and distinct percentage of the total project area, and the area of ​​the compound is as follows:

  • Total area: Toya New Sheikh Zayed extends over an area of ​​21,000 square meters.
  • Building area: Buildings and constructions occupy about 60%, equivalent to 12,600 square meters, of the total project area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: The remaining percentage, estimated at about 40%, equivalent to 8,400 square meters of the total area, was for green spaces and landscape.

Unit space in Toya New Sheikh Zayed

Toya project Zayed includes 36 villas, all of which shine with a direct view of the green spaces, swimming pools, and artificial lakes available and spread everywhere in the project, ensuring residents and customers more comfort, enjoyment, and luxury. The area of ​​these units is as follows:

  • Villas’ area: The villas’ area starts from 350 square meters, attached to a large garden, approximately 144 square meters in size, with a swimming pool, in addition to a large rooftop. The villa is surrounded by many trees and green plants, in addition to designated seating areas.

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كمبوند تويا الشيخ زايد الجديدة Toya New Zayed

Toya project Sheikh Zayed prices

Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company has offered competitive and wonderful prices for the units of Toya Sheikh Zayed. Despite the features and services available in the project, the real estate developer is always keen to reduce the material and financial burdens on its clients and investors.

It is worth noting that this competitive package of wonderful prices never came out of nowhere, but rather depends on a set of criteria, which are the unit’s area, type, and location within the project, and therefore the units’ area is as follows:

  • Villa prices: The prices of villa units in Toya New Zayed project start from 6,387,790 Egyptian pounds, and reach 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and settlement systems in Toya Sheikh Zayed

In continuation of the competitive prices and distinctive services offered by the developer of Toya New Zayed, it also provided a flexible installment and payment system, which consists of paying a small amount of the total unit price upon contracting, with the rest of the amount being paid over a long and appropriate number of years. This system is represented in: Following:

  • Pay 15% of the unit value as a down payment, with the remaining amount paid in equal installments over 5 years without interest.
  • With the possibility of obtaining a discount of up to 30% if the unit price is paid in cash.

Price analysis in Toya New Sheikh Zayed Compound

The prices in Toya New Sheikh Zayed are within everyone’s reach, as the developing company was keen to satisfy all customers and investors, so it was keen to offer competitive and discounted prices compared to many other projects available in the same area. These prices are also considered low and appropriate compared to the prices and the size of the services and features available. With the project.

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Facilities and services of Toya New Sheikh Zayed

The real estate developer was keen to provide all the basic and entertainment services that make the owners’ lives better, easier, and more comfortable, which prompted many to search for prices for Toya Compound New Zayed, and the most important of these services and benefits are the following:

  • Security services: Security services inside the compound are carried out at the highest level, thanks to the deployment of security personnel day and night, in addition to the presence of high-tech cameras, distributed at all entrances and exits, in addition to the presence of 4 electronic gates, which facilitate the process of entering and exiting the compound.
  • Swimming pools: You can easily spend some fun times in the swimming pools spread throughout the compound, which are distinguished by their different depths and shapes. To suit all categories.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: Garbage and waste inside Toya Compound Sheikh Zayed are disposed of easily and safely, and all facilities also operate with high efficiency, due to the keenness of a team of technicians to perform regular maintenance on them on a regular basis.
  • Areas for barbecue parties: The real estate developer has allocated a space for holding distinctive barbecue parties, in addition to the possibility of holding some family events in it. The most important feature that distinguishes it is the availability of all the appropriate tools for that, so that customers can spend a special and unforgettable time.
  • Restaurants and cafes: You can easily consume all local and international food and drinks, due to the presence of a designated area for restaurants and cafes within this unique project.
  • Kids Area: In order to provide enjoyable times for children, a large area has been provided for them, which includes many entertaining games, which are distinguished by being entertaining and educational games at the same time.
  • Schools and nurseries: Toya project New Zayed has many distinctive nurseries, as well as a number of educational schools, which operate according to the latest and most advanced educational curricula.
  • A social sports club: Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company provided a social sports club on a large area, through which one can practice many different sports, spend a lot of time with family and friends, and also participate in many distinctive social activities.
  • Paved track: There is a long, paved track in the middle of the green spaces and landscape, allowing running and cycling enthusiasts to practice these sports in the open air.
  • Mosque: In Toya Compound Sheikh Zayed, there is a large mosque, designed in the high Islamic style, known for its dignity and beauty, and it also adds a lot of distinctive religious and spiritual atmosphere. This mosque is distinguished by its large area, which is sufficient for all residents of the project.
  • Electrical generators: In Toya Zayed project, there are high-quality and efficient electrical generators that work automatically in the event of a power outage, which ensures that all facilities and units operate very efficiently 24 hours a day.
  • Jim: Bodybuilding is one of the favorite sports for many clients, which is what made the real estate developer work to launch many gyms, which have many advanced equipment, and are also supervised by an elite group of the most qualified trainers specialized in this field.
  • Clubhouse: The compound includes a Clubhouse with a very high level of luxury, including Jacuzzi and spa lounges.
  • Free Internet: Free Wi-Fi service reaches almost all units and facilities of the project, so that the compound’s clients and residents can use social media sites with ease.

Advantages of investing in Toya Compound

Toya Compound Sheikh Zayed is an investment opportunity for those who want to achieve large profitable returns, as the unit can be resold or rented throughout the year, and the purchase process also allows customers to save their capital for a long period, especially since the compound is very ideal, and is characterized by many advantages that many projects lack. Other residential areas, most notably the following:

  • The ideal location: The location for the construction of Toya Sheikh Zayed Compound was ideal, as it is located near many roads, axes, and various educational as well as residential institutions, which makes it easy for residents to meet their needs in the compound.
  • Available services: There are many basic and recreational facilities and services spread throughout Toya, which give the project residents more luxury, prosperity and tranquility.
  • Residential units: There are many different spaces for residential units in Toya Compound New Sheikh Zayed, which suit customers who prefer large spaces, because the project includes many villa units, which are known for their large area and distinguished services.
  • Prices and payment systems: The prices offered by the real estate developer, in addition to payment and payment systems, were the password for customers’ interest in purchasing units in the project.

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كمبوند تويا الشيخ زايد الجديدة Toya New Zayed

About the Al Tholathea For Construction And Contracting

Al Tholathea For Construction And Contracting Company is the real estate developer of Toya Compound Zayed Compound, and it is one of the leading companies in this field, as its experience in the Egyptian real estate market exceeds 30 years, through which it was able to gain the trust and loyalty of many customers and investors.

The developer company’s ingenuity was evident in the construction and design of Toya Compound, as it is always keen to use the best and most advanced technological technologies ever, and its reliance on the best design companies in Egypt, to bring to light a residential project with integrated facilities and services.

Not only that, but the company was able to build many different educational and commercial facilities, which reflects the extent of its distinctive investment vision and its keenness to provide the best services to its customers, whether commercial, residential, or even educational.

Al Tholathea For Construction And Contracting projects

The ingenuity of the Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company was evident in its implementation of many residential, commercial and administrative projects in many Egyptian cities and governorates, and among its most prominent and important projects are the following:

  • New Damietta University buildings

Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company implemented the buildings of the New Damietta University with the utmost professionalism and precision. These buildings shined with their vast and gigantic area, which offered an unlimited number of services and features, and their attractive and elegant designs that attracted the attention of many customers and investors.

  • Administrative Prosecutions Complex in Cairo

Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company launched the Administrative Prosecutions Complex in Cairo Governorate. This complex shines with its strategic location and proximity to all important and main institutions, axes, and roads, in addition to its units, which shine with their elegant architectural and engineering designs and their wide and varying areas.

  • Faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University

Al Tholathea Company for Construction and Contracting implemented the Faculty of Medicine at Fayoum University based on a set of international standards, in order to emulate and match the most important educational institutions in the world, as this ancient college is known and famous for its wide and attractive area, its vital location and its luxurious designs that suit it as an important educational edifice.

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كمبوند تويا الشيخ زايد الجديدة Toya New Zayed

The goal of Toya New Sheikh Zayed project

Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company implemented Toya New Zayed project to be an integrated city that its customers do not need to leave for any reason, and so that it becomes an ideal residential interface for all people and customers looking for a unique and unparalleled residential experience, with a limited number of services and features, residential units with views. Attractive and spacious spaces, in addition to the picturesque green spaces spread in every nook and corner.

The beauty of life in New Zayed area

New Sheikh Zayed City It is one of the important cities that has received great interest and demand from many customers and businessmen, especially in recent times, thanks to its elegant and very luxurious designs, its containment of many important residential and commercial projects, and its distinctive proximity to major and indispensable axes and roads.

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Disadvantages of Toya New Sheikh Zayed Compound

Despite the number of services and features offered in Toya New Zayed Compound, there is one flaw that may affect the turnout of customers and investors, which is that the project units are limited to villas only, which many consider a fatal flaw.

The goal of developing the villa units in the compound was the keenness of the real estate developer – Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company – to give customers and investors a large outlet and wide spaces, through which they can obtain more freedom, privacy and security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Toya Sheikh Zayed Compound?
It is located on the Cairo-Alexandria road near the Smart Village.
What is the area of the units in Toya New Zayed Compound?
Unit areas start from 350 square meters, in addition to a garden of 144 square meters.
Who is the company that owns the Toya New Zayed?
The developing company is the Al Tholathea Construction and Contracting Company.
What is the number of sales representatives in Toya New Zayed?
To contact the sales management of Toya New Zayed, please contact us at 01554999269.
down payment
15 %
350 m²
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