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Project details
project name Valore El Thawra Sheraton
The project Location The intersection of Al-Thawra Street with Hussein Kamel Street, Heliopolis
Developer شركة بنيان للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 45 square meters
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 0 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 6,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound by Bonyan Developments, on an area of ​​6 acres in the heart of New Cairo, is located near Al-Ahly Club, Heliopolis Club, City Center Almaza Mall, City Stars Mall, Wadi Degla Club, Suez Road, Salah Salem Road, El Thawra Street, and Cairo Airport. In addition to Sheraton.

The project has various units, including studios, residential apartments, commercial units, and administrative units, with areas starting from 66 square meters and up to 795 square meters. Unit prices start from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds for residential units, from 8,100,000 Egyptian pounds for administrative units, and from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds for commercial units without a down payment. Installment periods up to 7 years.

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Location of Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound

Bonyan Real Estate Development Company chose the heart of Cairo in particular to be a distinctive location for Valore El Thawra Compound, as this area is considered one of the strategic areas, which witnesses a high demand from residents and customers. To meet their basic and recreational needs, as well as access to many other areas. The project is located specifically at the intersection of El Thawra Street and Hussein Kamel Street, Heliopolis, in front of the Artillery Officers House.

Places near Valore El Thawra project Heliopolis

The distinguished location of Valore El Thawra Compound, Heliopolis, has attracted a large number of customers and investors, as the project is close to several commercial and sports places and important roads, such as:

  • Al-Ahly Club and Heliopolis Club: The project is about 700 meters away from them.
  • Malls: The compound is located near City Center Almaza Mall and City Stars Mall.
  • Wadi Degla Club: 3 minutes is the time interval between the compound and the club.
  • Nearby streets: The compound is close to Suez Road, Salah Salem Road, and El Thawra Street.
  • Cairo Airport: A few minutes separate the project from Cairo International Airport.
  • Sheraton: Sheraton can be reached within a few minutes from the compound.

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موقع كمبوند فالوري الثورة مصر الجديدة Valore El Thawra

Design of Valore El Thawra Heliopolis Compound

The design of Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound blends modern European style with ancient Egyptian touches, creating an enchanting environment that combines luxury and tranquility. The compound features spacious green gardens and artificial lakes that provide an ideal atmosphere for relaxation.

The units within the compound vary to include residential, administrative, and commercial units with modern designs and different spaces that meet everyone’s needs. All units have stunning views of the gardens, lakes, or main Thawra Street.

The area of Valore El Thawra project Heliopolis

The area of ​​Valore El Thawra Compound, Heliopolis, is about 32,000 square meters, equivalent to 6 acres. The compound was built in a style resembling high-style European designs, supported by many Egyptian artistic touches, which suit those with fine taste.

The compound includes many residential and commercial buildings as well. To be the real beginning for many investors, especially with the presence of approximately 9 buildings for commercial units, of varying sizes, suitable for all commercial activities. In addition, the compound includes more than 9 residential buildings, each consisting of 7 floors.

The area of ​​the units in Valore El Thawra Compound Heliopolis

The area of ​​units within the project included the following:

  • Studio: The studio area starts from 66 square meters and reaches 83 square meters.
  • Apartments: Unit areas start from 107 square meters and reach 240 square meters. It consists of approximately 2 to 4 rooms.
  • Commercial units: The area of ​​​​commercial units ranges between 45 and 795 square meters.
  • Administrative units: The area of ​​administrative units reached a minimum of 62 square meters, and a maximum of 274 square meters.

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Prices of Valore El Thawra Sheraton

Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound included a variety of the most competitive prices in the downtown Cairo area, as the real estate developer was keen to attract the largest possible segment of customers and investors by offering these prices, in addition to the services and features that are already present within the compound.

Prices of apartments within Valore El Thawra Compound Heliopolis

The price per square meter in Valore Heliopolis Compound reached 47,000 pounds, and the prices of apartments within the project ranged between 6,000,000 and 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and the price of the unit varies according to its area and the floor it is on, as well as its location within the compound, and its view.

Unit prices within Valore El Thawra Sheraton project

The prices of administrative units reached 8,100,000 Egyptian pounds, while the prices of commercial units in the project reached 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds. Please note that these prices are constantly changing, so if you want to reserve one of these units, you should take advantage of the opportunity now and do not hesitate.

Payment systems in Valore El Thawra Compound Heliopolis

Valore Compound, El Thawra Street, Heliopolis, offers many payment facilities, as it is possible to pay an advance of the unit price, with the remaining amount to be paid over a certain number of years and without any interest, and these systems in detail are as follows:

  • The unit is paid in installments over 4 years without any down payment.
  • Pay 10% of the total unit price, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 5 years.
  • Pay 20% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years.
  • The total unit price can be paid in installments over 7 years, but a down payment of 30% of the unit price must first be paid.
  • In the case of cash payment, the customer gets many financial privileges and discounts.
  • All units are delivered fully finished, with the units provided with all basic facilities, supported by a livable infrastructure and superstructure.

Now, after learning all the details of the compound, enjoy living a unique residential experience in the heart of Cairo, where vital places surround you from every direction, and seize the opportunity to purchase a commercial unit, enabling you to start your commercial activity and achieve many guaranteed financial returns.

Price analysis of Valore El Thawra project Heliopolis

Price analysis of Valore El Thawra Sheraton project reveals a smart pricing strategy that combines reasonable cost and high quality, making it an ideal choice for investors and buyers looking for real value. The project is distinguished by the diversity of its residential units, which include apartments and commercial and administrative units of different sizes and designs, allowing multiple options that meet the needs of all customers, taking into account its distinguished location in the heart of the city and the high-end services and facilities available, the prices are considered competitive and reflect a feasible investment that balances cost and actual value, which enhances the project’s attractiveness in the real estate market.

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أسعار كمبوند فالوري الثورة شيراتون Valore El Thawra

Facilities and services in Valore Sheraton Compound

Valore El Thawra Heliopolis project is distinguished by the diversity of its services that meet the needs of all residents and guarantee them an integrated living experience, including the following:

  • Security: The real estate developer was keen to provide the highest levels of safety and protection for the owners, by providing a group of individuals specialized in maintaining security within the compound, and relying on modern surveillance cameras. To monitor all events immediately.
  • Swimming pools: There is nothing better than enjoying some morning swimming, in the swimming pools designated for all ages within the compound.
  • Party areas: Many different parties can be held within the compound, such as barbecue parties, birthday parties, and others.
  • Clubhouse: The project includes a clubhouse with a high level of development and excellence, including spa rooms, jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Clubs: Valore El Thawra has a large sports club, which includes a different number of sports fields, in addition to a social club, which supervises the holding of many distinctive activities.
  • Commercial Mall: For shopping enthusiasts, the compound has a commercial complex, which contains many shops for various products and supplies.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There is an area designated for restaurants and cafes, offering delicious food and drinks, served by a group of the most skilled chefs and chefs around the world.
  • Garage: Underneath the residential and commercial units is a large garage, which allows cars to be parked in a controlled manner, which prevents distortion of the general view of the compound.
  • Electric elevators: Residential and commercial buildings have a group of advanced elevators, which transport residents and owners to their units easily.
  • Maintenance services: Valore Sheraton Compound supports regular maintenance services for the various facilities of the compound, by a group of specialized technicians. To ensure the compound’s services run efficiently.

Advantages of investing in Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound

There is no doubt that Valore Heliopolis Compound is a real opportunity for long-term investment, as it includes a large number of units suitable for starting any possible commercial or administrative activity, in addition to the diversity of residential units within it, which can be resold or rented at varying periods in one year. With real estate market prices constantly rising, many profits can be made.

It is also possible to exploit the location of the compound, which is located near many important areas and facilities, and the prices and payment systems proposed by the real estate developer serve as the greatest incentive to purchase a unit within the compound.

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The company that owns Valore El Thawra Compound Heliopolis

Over the course of nearly 37 years, Bonyan Real Estate Development Company, which is responsible for the construction of Valore El Thawra Compound, Heliopolis, has been able to build a distinctive mental image and brand within the Egyptian real estate market, thanks to its constant keenness to provide the best urban and commercial projects in various parts of Egypt.

Bonyan Company relies primarily on an elite group of the best engineers and designers with contemporary visions, which is reflected in the designs of its residential compounds, which combine the European architectural style, supported by authentic Egyptian glimpses. To suit different customer tastes.

The company also always seeks to provide sufficient comfort and relaxation for its customers, by providing an unlimited number of services and features in its projects, which have naturally been appreciated by many.

Previous work of Bonyan Real Estate Development Company

  • Beit Al Watan Compound Fifth Settlement.

Beit Al Watan Compound in the Fifth Settlement is considered a distinctive and integrated residential destination, as it is located in a distinct area near many vital facilities and services. The compound provides a quiet and safe residential environment that includes a variety of residential units with modern architectural designs, in addition to entertainment facilities and various services that meet the needs of residents and contribute to improving the quality of life.

  • Beit Al Watan Sheikh Zayed project.

Beit Al Watan in Sheikh Zayed represents a symbol of urban development and modern life in Egypt, as it is distinguished by its innovative design and modern facilities that comprehensively meet the needs of residents. The project is located in a strategic location that ensures easy access to various vital areas in Greater Cairo, and provides an ideal environment for living and investment.

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كمبوند فالوري الثورة شيراتون Valore El Thawra

The goal of Valore project Heliopolis

Valore El Thawra Heliopolis project aims to provide a distinguished and comfortable residential environment that meets the needs of residents, as the project seeks to achieve an ideal balance between comfort and modern life. The main goal is to provide high-quality residential units with innovative designs and integrated facilities that guarantee luxury and comfort for residents, in addition to commercial units. The project also aims to add an atmosphere of recovery and vitality to the region by investing in advanced infrastructure and providing green spaces and recreational places that enhance the quality of life.

The beauty of life in Sheraton

The beauty of life in Sheraton It is evident in the diversity of options provided by the modern city, as it combines modern life with ancient traditions in a distinctive way. New Cairo is characterized by an advanced infrastructure that includes entertainment facilities and integrated services that perfectly meet the needs of residents. It is also characterized by the presence of a variety of commercial, recreational and cultural areas that provide opportunities to enjoy with a vibrant nightlife, shopping in modern malls, visiting museums and art galleries, in addition, New Cairo has a variety of parks and natural parks that provide ideal places to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

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Disadvantages of Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound

Despite the advantages of Valore El Thawra Sheraton Compound, some may see some defects and problems at the level of planning and design of the compound, most notably the lack of villas, twin house units, or townhouses, but the company that owns the project was keen to provide residential apartments with areas of up to 240 square meters, and these The units are intended for lovers of large spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of Valore Al Thawra Compound?
It is Bonyan Real Estate Development Company.
What type of units are available in Valore Al Thawra Compound?
Commercial, administrative and residential units.
What is the area of Valore Al Thawra Compound?
The area of the compound is equivalent to 6 acres.
What is the number of sales representatives in Valore Heliopolis Compound?
To contact the sales management of Valore Compound Heliopolis, please contact us at 01554999269.
45 square meters m²
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