Jazbeya 6 October By Upwyde Developments

Project details
project name Jazbeya Compound 6 October
The project Location ocated specifically on the 26th of July axis
Developer شركة أب وايد للتطوير العقاري | Upwyde Developments
Unit area 40
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 0 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 3,250,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Jazbeya Compound 6 October Upwyde Developments’ latest project, which was keen to implement it on an area of ​​40 acres, gave customers the opportunity to live in a quiet and comfortable residential environment, among the wide green spaces and integrated services, thanks to the use of the best planning and design companies in Egypt for the construction This giant residential edifice.

Jazbeya Compound 6 October It is considered one of the most prestigious residential projects in 6th of October City, as it is distinguished by its distinguished location close to the most important landmarks, such as the Alexandria Desert Road and the Dahshur Link. Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, October University, Mohammed bin Zayed Corridor, 26th of July Corridor, and Gamal Abdel Nasser Corridor.

The Jazbeya 6 October project is distinguished by its modern engineering designs, vast green spaces, Its facilities and integrated services meet all your needs, in addition to the fact that the compound includes a wide variety of residential units, including apartments, villas and townhouses, with areas starting from 45 square meters.

Jazbeya Compound 6 Octoberis the first project within 6 October that includes units Commercial, administrative and medical, therefore it is not only a residential opportunity, but it is also considered an opportunity for capital owners and investors to establish their commercial project in the best areas 6th of October City, as unit prices start from 5 million Egyptian pounds, which are competitive prices compared to many other projects in 6th of October City.

  Compound Jazbeya 6 October Location

Up Wide Real Estate Development Company chose 6th of October City to build its new residential project Jazbeya Compound 6 October, which was welcomed by many customers and investors as soon as the company announced its launch, due to its proximity to many important roads and hubs, as well as the service places surrounding it.

Jazbeya Compound 6 October is located specifically on the 26th of July axis, which connects Between a group of roads and other vital and main areas, it has become easy to reach any destination the client desires from the compound.

Places near Jazbeya Compound 6 October

The attractiveness of the compound from many areas and axes, which ensures the highest traffic for the commercial and medical units in the project In addition to universities and important tourist attractions, which can be reached with the utmost ease, the most prominent of these landmarks are the following:

  • Alexandria Desert Road:The distance between Jazbeya Compound 6 October and Alexandria Desert Road does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Dahshur link: can be accessed To Dahshur link from Jadaza Compound in approximately 17 minutes.
  • Mall of Egypt: Mall of Egypt is a short distance from the compound, not exceeding 10 minutes.
  • Mall of Arabia: Jazbeya Compound 6 October is located 14 minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
  • Misr University of Science and Technology:The distance between Misr University of Science and Technology and the project does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch: The project is only 35 minutes away from Cairo University.
  • The Egyptian Museum: compound is located 35 minutes away from the famous Egyptian Museum.
  • The Pyramids of Giza: The distance between Jazbeya Compound 6 October and the Pyramids of Giza does not exceed 40 minutes

Jazbeya Compound 6 October design

October Project by the well-known architectural office Raef Fahmy Architects, which is owned by the engineer Raef Fahmy It is one of the most famous names in the field of architectural designs in the Middle East, as the designs of the well-known engineer Raif Fahmy are distinguished by being inspired by European models, with the addition of a unique touch of innovation, stemming from the company’s depth of experience in design, as the office is interested in designing a unique idea for each project. Projects he is working on.

And for Jazbeya Compound 6 October, It was designed according to an idea inspired by the name of the compound itself, where The design of the compound attracts everyone’s attention, thanks to its many features, starting with dividing the spaces between the residential units, services and facilities in the compound, taking into account the privacy feature of the units, and all the way to all the minute details in the design of the residential units themselves.

Residential units are spaced Jazbeya Compound 6 October from each other, The developing company was keen on this, to ensure tranquility and privacy for all residents of the project, as green spaces with their beautiful natural landscapes spread everywhere, with wonderful views of the residential units and a distinguished view. Which brings relaxation and comfort to the souls of all residents.

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Gazbeya October Compound | Jazbeya 6 October

Area of Jazbeya Compound 6 October

The attractiveness of Jazbeya Compound 6 October was built on a large and enormous area. The developer company was creative in its selection, and was also creative in dividing it, so that the green cover dominates the total project area. The project is not only distinguished by its vital location close to everything, but it is distinguished by its large area, which was greatly admired by many clients and investors, and the project area is represented as follows:

  • Total area: occupies Jazbeya Compound 6 October The college is about 40 acres.
  • Building area: The buildings and residential units in the project were constructed on a small area, estimated at about 20% of the total area of ​​the compound.
  • Green spaces and landscaping: As for green spaces, they occupied the largest proportion, and their area was estimated at about 80% of the total project area.

The area of ​​the units in the Gazia Compound project

Jazbeya Compound 6 October Compoundincludes different types of investment and residential units, It consisted of apartment units, duplexes, studios, commercial units, administrative units, and medical units. The developing company implemented this large number of residential units, so that every client could find the unit that suits him and was looking for, and the details of the project area can be found in the following:

  • Area of ​​the medical and administrative units:The area of ​​the medical and administrative units starts from 40 square meters.
  • Commercial units area: Commercial units area starts from 50 square meters.
  • Apartment area:There are apartments for sale in the Ghabia 6th of October project of different and varied sizes. Some of them include one bedroom, others two bedrooms, in addition to some 3-bedroom units, with an area starting from 55 square meters.

Prices of Gazara 6 October Compound

The prices offered by the real estate developer for the units of Jazbeya Compound 6 October are one of the paths Imagination, especially in light of the significant rise in the prices of residential and commercial units in Egypt currently, and the interest of many customers and investors in them; In the hope of preserving their capital, the prices of studio units inside the Ghabaya 6th of October Compound start from 3,250,000 Egyptian pounds, while the prices reached The rest of the units are as follows:

  • Apartment prices:starting from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplex prices:starts from 13,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the price per meter in the administrative, medical, and commercial units, it was affordable for everyone, and the prices of these units are represented in detail as follows:

  • The price of administrative units:The price per meter is 65,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of medical units:The price per square meter is 78,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Commercial units price:The price per meter is 160,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Jazbeya Compound 6 October

The developer of Jazbeya Compound 6 October on the need to provide more facilities to its customers; Not only in order to increase its sales of commercial and residential units, but also in order to satisfy customers and help them obtain their favorite unit according to their available financial capabilities. Payment and installment systems include the following:

  • The first system:It is based on paying the unit in installments over 5 years without paying any down payment.
  • The second system: is based on a down payment of 5% of the total unit price, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over 6 years.
  • The third system: is based on a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years.

Price analysis of Jazbeya Compound 6 October

By analyzing the price level in Jazbeya Compound 6 October, is considered one of the The best competitive prices in the 6th of October area, as the real estate developer presented a price list with the utmost flexibility and distinction, to suit the economic conditions of the largest possible segment of customers and investors, which makes the compound a golden investment opportunity, and the prices of the units were attractive With this large residential edifice, the size of the features and services available in every nook and corner of the project is very consistent.

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Jazbeya 6 October By Upwyde Developments

جاذبية كمبوند اكتوبر

Features and Facilities of Jazbeya Compound 6 October

Features provided by Up Wide Real Estate Development Company within Jazbeya Compound 6 October It has never been seen before, in terms of the quality and experience that it was keen to provide with highly qualified hands, which made the compound one of the best newly developed compounds in October. We can talk in detail about the services available in October Jazbeya In the following:

  • Kids Aria: Kids Aria includes a large area, dedicated to various children’s games; To enjoy their time inside the compound, and establish social relationships with their peers.
  • Cleaning services: Jazbeya Compound 6 October always shows up In the best light among the compounds in the region, due to the presence of a team specialized in disposing of waste and rubbish using the latest, most effective and safe methods.
  • Mega club: located inside Jazbeya 6 October Compound A sports club that includes many different fields, and also accommodates paved tracks, through which one can practice some exercise in the morning, amidst a calm atmosphere and fresh breezes.
  • Swimming pools: You can spend some recreational times in the swimming pools, which are spread between the units Jazbeya Compound 6 October There are also large and small depths; To suit different age levels in the compound.
  • Restaurants and cafes:A group of the most luxurious local and international restaurants and cafes are spread within the Up Wide October attraction strong, which made the idea of ​​eating any meal or drink very easy.
  • Internet: It is possible to easily complete tasks and work, browse websites, and follow everything new within Jazbeya Compound 6 October, Thanks to the presence of a high-quality and efficient Internet network, which has great coverage, reaching the farthest points within the project
  • Clubhouse :featuring Jazbeya Compound 6 October The clubhouse is at the highest level, with a gym with the latest sports equipment, sauna and Jacuzzi rooms, and other recreational services.
  • Maintenance services :One ​​of the difficulties that any client cannot face within the project is the presence of a malfunction within his unit or in one of the Compound facilities, due to the presence of a specialized team to perform periodic maintenance of the project facilities.
  • Garage:The car can easily be left safely inside Jazbeya Compound 6 October, as a result of the spread of a number of large garages designated for this purpose, which are located under the residential units and enjoy a high degree of protection and security.
  • Security services:Up Wide Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide the strongest security systems inside Jazbeya Compound 6 October; By appointing security and guard personnel to work day and night, in addition to providing high-quality and technical cameras that record all movements inside the compound with audio and video.
  • Advanced systems:Gravity units operate using Smart Home technology, which allows control With remote unit elements, otherwise, the real estate developer has used advanced technology; To provide support to the residents of Jazbeya Compound in emergency situations, and this appears in the compound’s alarm and firefighting systems.

Advantages of investing in Jazbeya Compound 6 October

The real estate market has currently witnessed a major boom, due to the high prices of residential and real estate units, which has prompted many customers and investors to search for the best projects equipped with a variety of services and benefits, as well as Its proximity to roads and axes makes it easier for them to reach the destination they want. Therefore, the trend is now towards Jazbeya Compound 6 October, It has many competitive advantages, which make it your ideal choice for investment in October, which are as follows:

  • Strategic location: Enjoys an attractive compound In a very strategic location, which contributes to raising the investment value of the units in the compound depending on their type and size over time.
  • Types and spaces of units: The Compound includes a wide variety of units, which mainly include Residential units of various and suitable sizes; To meet the needs of all customers, in addition to it includes commercial, medical and administrative units, with areas starting from 40 square meters.
  • Unit prices: Units launched in Jazbeya Compound 6 October At currently acceptable prices, therefore the idea of ​​reselling or renting it at frequent intervals is considered a profitable investment idea.
  • Developing company: One ​​of the most important features of attractive is that it bears the name of Up Wide Real Estate Development Company It is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market, which enjoys a medical reputation due to its commitment to unit delivery dates, in addition to the company’s long experience, which guarantees you integrated and guaranteed advantages.

About UpWyde Development

UpWyde Development is considered one of the leading and well-known real estate companies, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of real estate, which has helped it implement, create and develop many successful real estate projects. Brilliant with international quality standards.

UpWyde Development seeks to satisfy all its customers, and therefore it does its best to deliver all its projects on time and agreed upon with customers, in addition to its clear interest in implementing these projects whether Residential or commercial in vital locations and on large, spacious areas.

UpWyde Development was founded by 6 of the most famous and best engineers and businessmen in the Arab Republic of Egypt, who pumped huge investments, enabling them to achieve great and huge successes in the New Administrative Capital. The North Coast, New Alamein and many other residential and coastal cities.

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Jazbeya 6 October By Upwyde Developments

مشروع جاذبية 6 اكتوبر

UpWyde Development Company projects

The long experience and good reputation that Up Wade Real Estate Development Company enjoys has helped it implement many successful and vital projects, the most important of which are the following:

New Sky Ramp Zayed Compound

On an area of ​​10 acres in the famous Zayed area, Up Wade Real Estate Development Company implemented New Sky Ramp Zayed Compound, which is considered one of the

White Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement

Popular White Residence Compound Fifth Settlement, with its residential units of varying sizes and types, characterized by exquisite and sophisticated engineering designs, that suit all tastes. . The area of ​​the units in the project starts from 50 square meters, and the developing company has offered competitive prices for these units, starting from 2,100,000 Egyptian pounds, with installment systems based on paying 5% down payment of the total unit price, and paying the rest in installments over 8 years.

Eight Business Hub Mall, Fifth Settlement

Eight Business Hub Mall Fifth Settlement is one of the newest and finest commercial malls implemented by Up Wide Real Estate Development Company in New Cairo, specifically in Fifth Settlement City, as the project consists of very impressive administrative, commercial and medical units, with an area starting from 39 square meters, and the developing company provided these units at prices starting from 58,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter. Desiring to satisfy all customers and meet their different needs.

White Walk Mall New Cairo

Up Wade Real Estate Development Company has implemented the White Walk Mall, New Cairo, on the Mohamed Naguib axis in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. It is a large and distinctive commercial mall, consisting of many administrative and commercial units, with an area starting from 30 square feet. square meters, and the developer company offered these units at simple and competitive prices, with an installment system with a repayment period of up to 7 years.

Cinco Mall New Cairo

The developer Cinco Mall New Cairo In the most lively location in the Fifth Settlement, to be close to everything that is main and important, It was also keen to implement it on a large area, estimated at approximately 21,000 square metres, dominated by beautiful green spaces, giving the units distinct and unique views.

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Purpose of Jazbeya Compound 6 October

Up Wade Real Estate Development Company implemented the Jazbeya 6 October project In an innovative and modern way, to provide the best residential project and the highest possible level of luxury and excellence, and relied on a new strategy based on commitment and quality, with the aim of meeting the needs and requirements of all customers and investors, so that the residents and customers of the project feel the distinction and creativity that may not exist in any of the projects. Other residential.

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Jazbeya Compound 6 October

Jazbeya Compound 6 October

The beauty of life in the 6th of October area

As we mentioned previously, Up Wide Company targeted October City to be the center of its new distinguished project, due to the city’s endless advantages for residential life, which attracted a large number of residents to move there and settle. These features can be explained through the following points:

  • October City is characterized by good urban planning and a strong infrastructure, which helped provide all the necessary facilities for a comfortable and stable residential life.
  • The city includes a special network of roads and transportation, which facilitates access to it from many areas near and even far from it, and also facilitates movement within the city itself.
  • One ​​of the most important major features that the city contains is the educational services available in October, which you will be interested in when choosing a residential unit, as the city includes branches of many International universities, including Al-Ahram Canadian University, Misr University of Science and Technology, Zewail University of Science and Technology, in addition to many different institutes and governmental and international schools.
  • October includes health services at the highest level, represented by hospitals affiliated with Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, Al-Zohour Hospital, and many other hospitals affiliated with universities in October.
  • 6th of October City includes a large number of commercial malls, which ensure that you get your daily requirements quickly and easily without the need to visit distant areas for shopping.

Learn more about City 6 October

Disadvantages of the Jazbeya 6 October Project

Despite the previously mentioned advantages, some people were somewhat concerned about the delivery date for the units of Jazbeya Compound, which the company set after 4 years from the date Contracting, but this is something that goes without saying, especially since the compound consists of several stages, and the developing company is also working on fully finishing the units, so it needs some time to deliver the units to its customers.

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