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Project details
project name Sector Mall New Capital
The project Location It is located in the financial district of the Administrative Capital
Developer شركة موداد للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 45 square meters
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 6 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 3,900,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Sector Mall New Capital is one of the latest projects of Modad Development Company, on an area of ​​18 thousand square meters, which owns a large land portfolio in the Fifth Settlement, the North Coast, and the New Administrative Capital.

Sector Mall New Capital, is located in one of the best investment areas in the New Capital, namely the Financial District, which is close to several vital areas and important roads, the most prominent of which are the monorail station, the iconic tower, Terraside Mall, and Okan Mall New Capital, in addition to the Central Bank, and the New Capital building. Egyptian Post and Stock Exchange.

Types of investment units in Sector Mall, the capital, which are administrative units, and they were offered in varying sizes, as there are administrative units for sale in Sector project with areas starting from 45 square meters and up to 115 square meters, with prices starting from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds, with a reservation seriousness of 30,000 Egyptian pounds.

These advantages were supported by the company that owns the project with an easy payment system, which requires payment of 10% down payment of the total unit price, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 6 years in the form of equal installments without interest.

To know more details and information about Sector Mall, and browse photos of the project and the mall’s master plan, and the available prices offered by the real estate developer, you can read the following article.

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كمبوند سيكتور العاصمة الادارية Sector Mall New Capital

Location of Sector Mall New Capital

Sector Mall New Capital, is located in the Financial District, with 3 plots of land, each with an area of ​​6,000 square meters, carefully distributed between the investment buildings and the surrounding green spaces and landscape, in order to give all units a wonderful panoramic view, providing comfort and tranquility for workers. The mall also has new visitors.

Places near Sector Mall project New Capital

Sector Mall New Capital, is close to several vital areas and places in New Capital. The developing company has helped attract a large sector of investors, and the most prominent of these areas are the following:

  • Central Bank: The new Central Bank is a short distance from the mall.
  • Post and Stock Exchange Building: The time distance between both buildings and Sector Mall New Capital, is very short.
  • Diplomatic Quarter: The Diplomatic Quarter is located a short distance from the mall.
  • The Iconic Tower: The Iconic Tower is considered one of the most famous new landmarks in the Administrative Capital, and the project can be reached within a few minutes.
  • Monorail station: The monorail station can be easily reached from the mall.
  • Nearby malls: The project is close to several important malls in the New Capital, including Terra Side Mall New Capital, and Okan Mall New Capital.

Facilities and services of Sector Mall New Capital

Sector New Capital project is saturated with a large number of services and benefits provided by the company that owns the project, with the aim of providing the best work and production environment for customers and investors, and serving their various investment activities. Among the most prominent services offered within the mall are the following:

  • Security services: Sector Mall includes the highest levels of protection and security, thanks to the good deployment of guard teams charged with protecting individuals and property, in addition to surveillance cameras that monitor and record all events 24 hours a day.
  • Technological systems: Sector project has the latest technological systems, such as fire extinguishing systems that work immediately to control any fire as soon as it breaks out, in addition to advanced entry and exit systems, and other technologies.
  • Meeting rooms: The real estate developer allocated several large halls to the project. To hold important conferences for investors and capitalists, it is equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems, in addition to a large display screen and comfortable seating places.
  • Maintenance services: All mall facilities operate at the highest level, due to the presence of a team specialized in performing regular maintenance, who also work to fix any technical or technical malfunction as soon as it occurs and once it is reported.
  • Restrooms: There are many restrooms designated for both men and women within the mall’s floors, and they are characterized by large spaces between them, and they also have a high degree of cleanliness and sterilization.
  • Cleaning services: Waste and garbage are disposed of inside Sector Mall using the latest modern methods and methods, also relying on individuals specialized in cleaning work, who continuously sterilize the floors and units.
  • Medical clinics: If a visitor or customer feels tired or exhausted, he or she can go to one of the medical clinics located inside Sector, the capital, and purchase the medical medications he needs. He can also benefit from some additional medical services, such as measuring blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Garage: The mall includes 3 underground garages, which can accommodate a large number of cars for customers and visitors, which prevents distortion of the general view of the mall from the outside, and maintains the organization and appearance of the mall’s external streets.
  • Reception offices: The project has many offices for receiving clients and investors, in order to guide them to the units or the destination they need to reach.
  • Automated teller machines: Many banking transactions can easily be carried out inside the mall, without the need to go out anywhere else, thanks to the spread of many automated teller machines, belonging to the largest Egyptian and international banks.
  • Internet: Business can be done easily within Sector Mall New Capital, thanks to the presence of high-speed Internet networks, which have high coverage and are constantly maintained. To prevent disruption of customer tasks.
  • Central air conditioning: The mall includes central air conditioning, which controls the temperature of the mall and the units. To provide an ideal atmosphere for visitors and project workers.
  • Elevators: There are many distinctive panoramic elevators spread within the mall, transporting visitors and workers easily and quickly to their desired destinations. There are also a number of elevators designated for transporting heavy goods to the administrative units.

كمبوند سيكتور العاصمة الادارية Sector Mall New Capital

Design of Sector Mall New Capital

Mall Sector New Capital project was implemented by the well-known engineer Raif Fahmy, who designed many huge investment projects, not only in the Administrative Capital, but in all other new cities.

The project consists of 3 floors dedicated to the garage, in addition to a ground floor and 7 upper floors, all of which are divided in a way that gives unit owners privacy and complete freedom while carrying out their work tasks. The company that owns the mall also assigned the task of managing the project facilities to Inspire Integrated.

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Area of ​​Sector Mall New Capital

Sector Mall New Capital is located within 3 lands belonging to Modad Group – the real estate developer of Sector Mall. The area of ​​these lands was approximately 18,000 square meters, divided equally between them, and the real estate developer was able to exploit this space perfectly; To provide a suitable work environment for mall employees, and to achieve all elements that will achieve the best financial and investment returns for customers.

Unit space in Sector Mall New Capital

Sector Mall New Capital, included only administrative units, their area started from 45 square meters, and reached a maximum of 115 square meters, all of them equipped with all the facilities that customers need, and finished with the highest level of equipment, whether in terms of infrastructure or superstructure, represented by In surveillance cameras, air conditioners, etc.

Prices of Sector Mall New Capital

Modad Group Real Estate Development Company has offered a package of competitive prices, whether to reserve or purchase one of the units of Sector Mall in New Capital, as the value of the reservation amounted to approximately 30,000 Egyptian pounds, which can be refunded immediately if the customer is unable to complete all matters related to purchasing the unit. Prices also begin Administrative units in the mall start from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Sector Mall New Capital

Despite the special prices offered by the owner company, it considered that this was not enough to satisfy customers, which prompted it to provide a payment and payment system, in the form of equal installments and without any interest, and the payment and installment system can be identified in the following:

  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years, with the units being delivered fully finished 3 years after the contract date.

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You can find out the latest prices and talk to the sales team from here

كمبوند سيكتور العاصمة الادارية Sector Mall New Capital

About Modad Group Development Company

The company that owns Sector Mall New Capital, is Modad Group, a real estate development company, which is one of the Egyptian companies consisting of 3 different entities, which are Modad Finishing Company, Modad Charitable Trust Company, in addition to Modad Construction Company, which owns a large land portfolio on the North Coast and the Settlement. Fifth, it was able to develop more than 500 projects.

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Disadvantages of Sector New Capital project

Despite the advantages and services offered by Modad Real Estate Development Company in Sector Mall, there are some disadvantages that many customers and investors see, the most prominent of which is that the mall is limited to administrative units only, thus it is difficult to establish any other commercial or medical activity, in addition to the difficulty Reaching New Capital, and many people endured the hardship of going to that area.

Within the framework of the owner company’s policy, which works to overcome all obstacles facing customers, it is now in the process of offering various units other than administrative units. As for the difficulty of reaching the new capital, it can be said that this problem has been overcome by the Egyptian government thanks to a network of new roads and transportation, which has facilitated Getting to that area, the most prominent of these transportation is the monorail station.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of Sector Mall, Administrative Capital?
Prices for Sector Mall units in the Administrative Capital start at 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds, and the seriousness of reserving a unit reaches 30,000 Egyptian pounds.
What is the area of ​​Sector Mall, Administrative Capital?
Sector Mall consists of 3 plots of land, each of which has an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters.
What is the sales number of Sector Mall in the Administrative Capital?
More details about the units of Sector Mall in the New Administrative Capital can easily be found by contacting the customer service team on 01554999269.
down payment
10 %
45 square meters m²
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