Maraya Mall New Cairo By Enwan Developments 2024

Project details
project name Maraya Mall New Cairo
The project Location in the second sector of the Fifth Settlement, between North and South 90th Streets
Developer شركة عنوان للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 34
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 100,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Maraya Mall New Cairo is the latest project of Enwan Real Estate Development Company Enwan Developments, which is considered one of the leading Egyptian companies, and whose previous work is full of many important and distinguished projects.

The mall was built in the second sector of the Fifth Settlement, between North and South 90th Street, next to Mountain View and Pyramids Real Estate Development Companies, and also near Lake View Compound and Dusit Hotel. The project is located on two entrances, one 50 meters wide, and the other 30 meters wide.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 6 upper floors. The ground and first floors included commercial units, while the New and medical units were distributed between the second to sixth floors. In terms of area, the area of ​​the commercial units starts from 50 square meters, and the New units start from 45 square meters. square, and medical units of 34 square meters.

The company that owns Maraya Mall in the Fifth Settlement has offered the best possible prices to attract customers and investors, as the price per meter for commercial units starts at 165,000 Egyptian pounds, and New and medical units from 100,000 Egyptian pounds. The unit price can be paid in installments by paying a minimum of 10% down payment, and the remaining amount is paid over 7 years. A maximum.

Maraya Mall location Fifth Settlement

New Cairo is the stronghold of the new Maraya Mall, specifically in the second sector of the Fifth Settlement, between North and South 90th Streets, and next to Mountain View Real Estate Development Company and Pyramids Real Estate Development Company, which gave the project a great advantage in terms of attracting customers and investors.

Places near Maraya Mall New Cairo

The Waraya Fifth Settlement project is close to many vital areas in the region, in addition to many main roads, which facilitate the idea of ​​transportation to and from the project. Among these areas and roads are the following:

  • Dusit Hotel: The famous Dusit Hotel in Fifth Settlement is very close to the mall.
  • Lake View Compound: The distance between Maraya Mall in Fifth Settlement and Lake View Compound does not exceed a few minutes.
  • Neighboring roads: The project is located a few steps from the ring road.

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مول مرايا التجمع الخامس

Design of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement

The company that owns Maraya Mall in the Fifth Settlement relied on the latest, most innovative and modern architectural styles in designing the mall, especially since it is located at the entrance to a street with a width of 50 meters, and another street with a width of 30 metres, which gave the project units a panoramic view of the various landmarks of the Fifth Settlement.

Not only that, but the developing company used glass that reflects light and heat. In order for workers and visitors to enjoy a wonderful view on the one hand, and on the other hand to enjoy a large amount of light and a lower temperature.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 6 upper floors. The ground and first floors include commercial units, while the second to sixth floors include New and medical units. The company that owns the project also hired Azure for engineering and executive consulting to design the mall.

Area of ​​Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement

The size of the building, which includes a different number of New, commercial, and medical units, reached 35% of the total area of ​​the land on which the project was built, while the remaining percentage was the green area, which was characterized by many elements that bring calm and comfort to visitors and workers at Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement.

Area of ​​units in the Maraya Fifth Settlement

The Maraya Fifth Settlement includes many investment units of various shapes and sizes, such as New, commercial and medical units, which are available in varying sizes, allowing the establishment of any activity desired by investors, with the help of also the good division of these units, and the real estate developer’s consideration of allocating specific floors to them, and it is possible to identify On the areas of Maraya Mall New Cairo units in the following:

  • Commercial units: There are commercial units for sale in Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, with areas starting from 50 square meters.
  • New units: There are New units for sale in Maraya Mall New Cairo, with areas starting from 45 square meters.
  • Medical units: The area of ​​medical units within the project reached 34 square meters.

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مول مرايا التجمع الخامس

Prices at Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement

Enwan Real Estate Development Company has introduced the prices of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, in a way that has contributed to increasing the number of those wishing to establish many investment projects in New Cairo, as it has a competitive nature and is characterized by its suitability for all floors and investment segments. The price packages of Maraya Mall in New Cairo can be explained in the following:

  • Commercial units: The price per meter of commercial units reached 165,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • New units: The price per square meter for New units starts from 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Medical units: The price per square meter for medical units reached about 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

It is worth noting that the developer company offered prices for reserving various types of mall units, as the seriousness of reserving commercial units reached 100,000 Egyptian pounds, while the reservation value for medical and New units reached about 50,000 Egyptian pounds, which are refundable.

Payment and payment systems in Maraya Settlement Mall

After making the decision to purchase one of the units of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, you can easily choose from a number of systems and packages offered to facilitate this process, which the owner company immediately introduced from the first moment of announcing the project, and these systems can be identified in detail in the following:

  1. The first system: paying a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and paying the remaining amount in installments over 5 years.
  2. The second system: paying a down payment of 15% of the total unit price, and paying the remainder of the amount in installments over 6 years.
  3. The third system: a down payment of 20% of the total unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years.

The previously mentioned systems do not include the payment of any additional interest, and the developer company announced that the units will be received after 3 years from the contract date.

Price analysis of the Maraya New Cairo

The Maraya project is one of the most prominent residential projects that offer exceptional value for price. The project is characterized by competitive prices that allow customers and investors the opportunity to own luxury residential units in the heart of New Cairo. The price of units in the mall starts at reasonable levels compared to other projects in the region, which makes it an ideal choice. For individuals and families looking for quality and luxury without incurring high costs.

An analysis of the project’s prices reveals that it offers an ideal combination of modern design and carefully studied spaces, as the units are offered in a variety of sizes that meet the needs of different customers. In addition, the project is characterized by flexible payment plans that allow the unit price to be paid in installments over comfortable time periods, which enhances its attractiveness and makes investment in it easier. A smart choice in the long term, this balance between price and quality ensures a high return on investment, while providing a comfortable and safe residential environment for residents.

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Maraya Mall New Cairo services and facilities

Maraya Mall, Fifth Settlement, is equipped with many services that help various tasks and businesses enhance their productivity and push their economy forward. These services can be discussed in detail in the following points:

  • Electric elevators: There are two elevators inside Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, so that customers and visitors can reach their destinations easily, as well as avoid crowding at the entrance to the mall.
  • Garage: There is a large garage under Maraya Mall in New Cairo, which enjoys a high level of surveillance and security. This is to protect customers’ cars from vandalism or theft.
  • Reception offices: There are many offices designated to receive visitors and clients, in order to guide them to the destinations they wish to reach, in addition to receiving their complaints and inquiries, and working on them immediately.
  • Electrical generators: There are several electrical generators within the Maraya Fifth Settlement project, which operate immediately when there is a power outage, ensuring the smooth functioning of the mall’s various units and facilities.
  • Security services: The company that owns the Fifth Settlement Maraya Mall has contracted with teams dedicated to protecting individuals and property in the mall, working on a 24-hour basis. The mall has also been provided with modern surveillance cameras that monitor and record all events.
  • Maintenance services: It is difficult for an owner or visitor to encounter a malfunction in one of the Maraya Mall New Cairo facilities, thanks to the presence of a team specialized in conducting periodic maintenance work.
  • Cleaning services: Waste and garbage are disposed of inside the mall using the latest and safest methods, in cooperation with a team specialized in cleaning and sterilization.
  • Restrooms: Each floor of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, includes 2 restrooms, one designated for men, and the other designated for women. They are characterized by a high degree of cleanliness, sterilization, and the availability of their supplies.
  • Mall entrances: There are two entrances designated for entering the mall, in order to regulate entry traffic and prevent overcrowding and congestion.
  • Meeting rooms: The real estate developer of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement, has allocated meeting rooms, equipped with all the technologies and requirements that capitalists and business owners may need.
  • Internet: Tasks and work can be accomplished within Maraya Fifth Settlement Mall easily, thanks to the presence of a strong Wi-Fi wireless Internet network, whose range reaches the farthest unit within the mall.

Advantages of investing in Maraya Mall

Investing in Maraya Mall New Cairo is considered a golden opportunity for investors looking for guaranteed returns and many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • Strategic location: The mall is located in the heart of New Cairo, ensuring easy access to vital areas and main centers.
  • Modern design: The project features a modern design that meets the modern needs of customers and enhances the mall’s attractiveness.
  • Diversity of units: Maraya Settlement Mall provides a variety of commercial and New units that meet different needs and tastes.
  • Integrated services: The Maraya Settlement project contains a comprehensive set of services and facilities such as parking, 24-hour security, and green spaces.
  • High return on investment: Thanks to Maraya Mall’s strategic location in Fifth Settlement and its distinguished design, it is expected to achieve a high and sustainable return on investment.

About Enwan Developments Enwan Real Estate Development Company

Enwan Real Estate Development Company Enwan Developments is the company that owns and is implementing the Maraya New Cairo project, and it is one of the newly emerging companies with great strength in the Egyptian real estate market, as it was able to achieve many successes and achievements in a very short time, thanks to its adoption of clear policies and distinctive future visions, regarding In modern urban planning style.

The developed company relies on expertise and distinguished engineering cadres in the field of construction. It also seeks the help of local and international entities that have experience and competence, making them capable of implementing the most luxurious and sophisticated residential and investment projects, which has made Enwan for Real Estate Development a place of trust for a large segment of clients and investors.

Projects of the Enwan Real Estate Development Company Enwan Developments

The real estate developer’s previous work includes many wonderful projects, including the following:

Life Medical Tower Mall New Capital

Life Medical Tower Mall in the New New Capital is an integrated medical project, developed specifically to meet the needs of the medical and healthcare sector. The mall is distinguished by its strategic location in one of the most developed areas in the New Capital, and provides a wide range of medical clinics, health centers and pharmacies, in addition to facilities. And specialized medical services, with modern design and modern technologies.

Life Medical Tower aims to provide an ideal working environment for doctors and medical professionals, while ensuring comfort and ease of access for patients and clients.

Pixel Mall New Capital

Pixel Mall in the New New Capital It is a modern commercial project that combines modern design and a strategic location in the heart of the New New Capital. The project was developed to provide a distinctive shopping experience and an integrated work environment, with a variety of commercial units and New offices designed to the highest quality standards.

Pixel Mall extends over a large area and contains a group of entertainment and service facilities that meet the needs of visitors and investors. Thanks to its innovative design and distinctive location near vital areas and main hubs, the mall is considered an ideal destination for shopping and investment.

Oxygen Medical Tower Mall, New Capital

Oxygen Medical Tower Mall in the New New Capital is an innovative medical facility designed to provide the highest levels of health care and integrated medical services. The mall is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the New Capital, making it easily accessible from various regions. The project also includes a variety of medical clinics and health centers, Laboratories and pharmacies are equipped with the latest medical technology. To ensure the best services are provided to patients.

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The goal of the Maraya Fifth Settlement

The Maraya Fifth Settlement project aims to create an upscale commercial community that combines luxury and comfort, providing an integrated commercial experience in one of the most lively areas in New Cairo. The project focuses on providing various commercial units that meet the needs of all customers, with attention to the smallest details of design and construction. To ensure the highest quality standards, in addition, the project seeks to provide a comfortable and safe environment, with an integrated set of modern facilities and services that ensure a comfortable experience for visitors and investors alike.

The beauty of life in the Fifth Settlement

Life is characterized in Fifth Settlement With its unique beauty, which combines sophistication and comfort in an integrated modern environment, this area is one of the most vibrant and growing areas in New Cairo, as it has wide green spaces and beautiful gardens, which give an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. In addition, it provides advanced infrastructure and integrated facilities. From international schools and universities, luxury shopping centers, upscale restaurants and sports clubs, all of which allow residents to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. This beauty is complemented by the presence of organized residential neighborhoods and wide roads, making the Fifth Settlement the ideal choice for families looking for quality of life and comfort in the heart of the capital.

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Maraya Mall New Cairo

Problems and disadvantages of Maraya Mall Fifth Settlement

No residential or investment project is free of some problems or defects that may affect owners and investors, but Maraya Fifth Settlement Mall was able to defeat this rule, through its distinctive and wonderful designs, and the good division of the different units within it, in addition to the number of services and features provided. Through it, it enhances the productivity of investment projects.

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