Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment

Project details
project name Latin District New Alamein
The project Location South of New Alamein City near the old heritage city
Developer Saudi Egyptian Developers
Unit area 70
receiving date 2023
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type Fully finished - semi finished
Prices start from 4,083,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
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Latin District New Alamein is a huge new residential edifice in the world of residential projects built on the Mediterranean coast. It was designed and developed by Saudi Egyptian Development Company in the ancient Greek architectural style, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate in the Middle East.

Latin District project is an integrated tourism project developed specifically for those who love a life of luxury and tranquility, as the developing company succeeded in offering a distinctive group of residential units of various designs and spaces with a price package and flexible payment and installment systems, which is an essential requirement for all clients, investors and entrepreneurs.

Latin District was designed on a large area, through which the Saudi Egyptian Company was able to provide 12,000 residential units designed in the finest and most modern architectural style, allowing customers the freedom of choice. It is natural for you now to wonder about the types of these residential units and their specific area, so; Through this topic, we present the most accurate and up-to-date information related to Latin District project, to be able to reach the optimal and most profitable option, so follow us until the end..

Location of Latin District New Alamein

The location of Latin District Resort is south New Alamein City Close to the old heritage city, it is a distinctive, strategic, lively, and attractive location, which makes the project close to important main roads and axes and easy to reach or exit from. It can also be reached from two roads, either the Alexandria-Matrouh Road or the New Fouka Road.

Saudi Egyptian Developers responsible for the project have indeed succeeded in choosing the location with precision and great care, given the many important places and landmarks close to Latin District.

Places near Latin District project in New Alamein

  • Marina Village is about 5 minutes away.
  • Hacienda Bay Village is about 20 minutes away.
  • New Alamein Airport is approximately 45 minutes away.
  • New Fouka Road.
  • Alexandria is approximately 90 minutes away.
  • Marassi North Coast is 20 minutes away.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman area, a few minutes.
  • New Alamein Library.
  • Heritage City and Cultural District.
  • El Alamein Towers are only a few minutes away.

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Latin District New Alamein

Design of the New Alamein Latin District project

The Saudi-Egyptian company designed Latin District New Alamein Resort in the heart of New El Alamein according to the latest international standards and elegant classic style with high quality and innovative and distinctive designs as a dazzling masterpiece on the ground with all unparalleled international standards.

In designing Latin District project, the developing company used a number of expert engineers and consultants in the field of real estate, to implement the design plan with precision, ingenuity and professionalism. The company also took into consideration, during the development of the first lines in the design of Latin District New Alamein and the development of infrastructure and concrete works, that the project take on a Unique and distinct, expressing the sophisticated concept and new modern thought, the project was designed as follows:

  • Dividing an area of ​​650 acres into two parts: the first is that an area of ​​250 acres will include the project’s services and facilities, and an area of ​​400 acres will include buildings.
  • The total project area includes 6 areas, each of which includes a number of residential buildings, and the area of ​​each area differs from the other as follows:


    • The area of ​​the first area is 66 acres.
    • The area of ​​the second zone is 56 acres.
    • The area of ​​the third zone is 51 acres.
    • The area of ​​the fourth district is 50 acres.
    • The area of ​​the fifth district is 86 acres.
    • The area of ​​the sixth district is 93 acres.

Area of Latin District ​​New Alamein

The area of ​​Latin District of New Alamein is 650 acres, which is a huge area for a tourist residential project. Despite this, the company developing the project demonstrated its ingenuity and expertise in exploiting it in a wonderful and distinctive way as follows:

  • 80% of the total area consists of water bodies, green spaces, and services and facilities that meet all individuals’ needs, whether basic or recreational.
  • 20% of the total area is residential areas and was divided into 6 areas containing 249 residential buildings to eventually reach 12 thousand residential units.
  • The length of the Corniche of Latin District project on the Mediterranean Sea is 14 kilometers.

The floors of residential architecture within Latin District in New Alamein varied between buildings that included a ground floor and 4 upper floors, and others that included a ground floor and 7 upper floors. Various residential units also appeared with luxurious architectural designs with international classic touches that blend Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilization. The units were diverse. Between apartments and studios.

Area of ​​units in Latin District project

The residential units within Latin District New Alamein project varied between apartments and studios of different sizes as follows:

  • The average studio area is about 70 square meters.
  • The average area of ​​one-room apartments ranges from 90-100 square meters.
  • The area of ​​two-room apartments ranges from 120-135 square meters.
  • The area of ​​3-room residential apartments ranges from 158-205 square meters.
  • The area of ​​4-room residential apartments ranges from 235 square meters.

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Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment

Latin District New Alamein prices

The Saudi Egyptian Company has offered a competitive price package for residential units within Latin District project, the details of which are explained as follows:

  • Apartment prices start from 4,083,000 Egyptian pounds, and the price varies from one apartment to another based on its area and the beauty of the view.
  • Studio prices start from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and the larger the studio area, the higher the price.

Reservation and payment systems in Latin District New Alamein project

In continuation of the developer company’s efforts to provide amazing features continuously, with a desire for the success of the project, promoting its marketing process, and expanding the housing circle for all residential units in Latin District Resort, it was not satisfied with the distinctive price package that it presented to customers, but was keen to announce discounts and flexible reservation and payment systems that facilitate operations. Payment for several years, and different contract introductions to suit everyone, as follows:

  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit price and then pay the rest of the amount in equal installments over 7 years.
  • A 5% discount on the unit price if the amount is paid within 5 years.
  • 10% discount when all installments are paid within 3 years.
  • Payment of 5% of the unit price for all systems upon delivery, called a maintenance deposit.

Price analysis

The prices offered by the company developing Latin District project are truly unbeatable among other tourist resorts in New Alamein, as they have gained the satisfaction of a large segment of customers and entrepreneurial investors, which has increased the demand for owning residential units in Latin District Village .

It is worth noting that the price tags are consistent with the quality of the interior and exterior designs of the residential units and the level of service within the project provided at the highest level.

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Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment

Latin District Village facilities and services

The Saudi Egyptian Company paid its attention to providing all means of comfort and luxury within the project, to obtain a full-service tourist resort to spend the best and most beautiful times throughout the year. The following is a list of the most prominent services and facilities included within the project:

  • Green spaces and natural landscaping: The developer was keen to provide green spaces of dense trees and public gardens around the project’s residential buildings, to increase the feeling of joy and relaxation.
  • Artificial lakes and swimming pools: The design of Latin District project did not forget to place the wonderful artificial lakes near the residential units, and to create swimming pools of different depth and area to suit children and adults.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Design the largest and most luxurious restaurants and cafes, and distribute them near residential units, to enjoy the most delicious types of food and drinks, while providing home delivery service throughout the day.
  • Security services: The company was keen to secure and guard the resort throughout the day, as there are security and guard personnel trained at the highest level at the entrance to Latin District Village not to mention the presence of surveillance cameras well distributed throughout the resort.
  • Medical Center: There is the largest treatment center equipped with the latest and most accurate medical devices ready to receive all emergency cases, in addition to the presence of specialized clinics that include all medical specialties. The treatment center is also surrounded by pharmacies equipped with all therapeutic and preventive medications, and it also provides a home delivery service for medicines at any time.
  • Places of worship: The developing company was interested in designing more than one mosque and church within the project on huge areas surrounded by trees and green spaces, to carry out religious rituals of various religions at all times.
  • The most luxurious hotels and event halls: These hotels were designed with the latest wonderful and excellent designs to spend a wonderful and quiet time for a short period within Latin District Village.
  • The largest international schools and universities: The company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, was keen to build schools and a university within the project equipped with the latest technologies in the world, because it is a tourist residential city.
  • Commercial Mall: The project includes a large, multi-storey commercial mall, and includes a large number of shops that market the best famous international brands.
  • Sports club: Latin District project has all kinds of playgrounds, gyms, and high-quality sports equipment, equipped with large green spaces.
  • Health Club: It is a gym for women and another for men, designed on a large area and equipped with the latest physical exercise devices and equipment, in addition to a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  • A huge hypermarket: It provides customers with all kinds of food goods and other household needs near the residential units.
  • Electrical generators: One of the best and most distinguished services is the provision of electrical generators that operate automatically in the event of a power outage at any time.
  • Entertainment places: Latin District Resort includes many entertainment places, including Kids Area parks and amusement parks for children.
  • Maintenance and cleaning center: It includes an elite of the most skilled technicians and specialists in repair and maintenance of equipment and devices, and it is also equipped with the latest and most accurate technologies.
  • In addition to providing a clubhouse equipped to the highest standard, and a private fishing marina for fishing lovers and enthusiasts.

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Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment

Advantages of investing in Latin District Village

It is worth noting that New Alamein City is a good investment opportunity, given what experts expect of real estate prices to rise in the future, especially with the urban expansion of the city, but what distinguishes investment in Latin District project in particular is the following:

  • The distinctive classic design that gives Latin District Village a distinctive charm attracts customers and investors who love classic designs from all over the world, which increases the opportunity to buy and sell units within Latin District Resort.
  • Increasing the number of tourists and visitors to visit it again and again, which enhances the economy, as a result of providing integrated services to feel more comfortable and luxurious, not to mention its proximity to the heritage city and its view of the charming beaches of the wonderful hearts and towers.
  • Benefit from the rental fee for the residential unit throughout the year because it is a tourist attraction and a residential area throughout the year, as it contains all regional service centers and universities.
  • It combines all classes due to the diversity of residential units within it to suit a wide segment of clients, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • The Egyptian government supports real estate development projects in Latin District Village by providing payment facilities and offering a competitive price package, as well as establishing advanced infrastructure.

About Saudi Egyptian Developers

Saudi Egyptian Developers SED is one of the largest leading companies specialized in the field of real estate and construction, which has swept the market forcefully and succeeded, thanks to its experience and skill, in gaining the trust of a wide segment of customers, investors and entrepreneurs.

The Saudi Egyptian Company was launched in 1975 AD after the People’s Assembly approved the Saudi-Egyptian government agreement, and since that time it has been able to create a distinguished and rich history of unique projects, achievements, and huge works.

In fact, the company has many resistances that have made it a leader in its field, among them, it always takes into consideration that customer comfort is its first goal, keeping pace with progress and development to create projects with the finest and most luxurious designs, careful consideration and precision in choosing the project location to be strategic and distinctive, as well as It announces that it delivers its various units on time.

The company has cooperated to establish many luxurious residential and administrative buildings in various governorates of Egypt, in addition to villages and tourist residential communities with integrated facilities and services. The next paragraph explains the company’s most important and prominent works.

Projects of the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company

The Saudi Egyptian Company was keen to implement projects in various places throughout the Republic, in order to approach the most important vital spots that receive investment promotion and attract the desires of customers, and the following are the most important of them:

Blue Vert Compound New New Capital

It is one of the finest residential compounds provided by the company, which is located in the Administrative Capital on the Bin Zayed Axis and was designed on a large area of ​​about 70 acres with the finest and latest international luxury urban designs. The residential units within the project varied to include residential apartments, townhouse villas, and twinhouse villas.

It includes the best integrated facilities and services that customers need, and its strategic location makes it close to important places and roads such as the regional ring road, the new head quarters of the Ministry of Defense, the Capital International Airport, and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.

 Jade New Cairo

The company laid the foundation of the project in the Fifth Settlement, near the Suez Road, on a large area of ​​approximately 70 acres. The company succeeded in exploiting the space well and provided all the needs of the customers within the project, so that the residents of the resort could enjoy a unique and comfortable residential experience.

The project was distinctively designed by the most famous experts and designers, and the design varied between luxury residential apartments, modern or classic duplexes, in a strategic location close to the main important areas and axes such as Al-Rehab City, Cairo International Airport, Mirage Mall, 90th Street, and the American University. .

Central Mall New Cairo

The mall was designed in a distinct, strategic and lively location in the heart of New Cairo, close to the North and South 90th and Mohamed Naguib Axis, on an area of ​​about 21 acres. The mall has 7 floors divided into a ground floor and 6 other floors, and the height of each floor is 3.8 meters, to provide all amenities. Comfort and services for customers.

The company provided many services and entertainment means in the mall, such as large and fast elevators, a large garage, and automated teller machines. The units in the mall also diversified to include commercial stores, administrative offices, and medical clinics, and prices start at up to 15,351,000 Egyptian pounds.

Sawary Compound Alexandria

An upscale residential complex with full services, consisting of residential apartments and villas, and was designed in a distinctive and strategic location, which is at the intersection of the International Coast Road and the Cairo-Alexandria Road, on an area of ​​417 acres, and its strategic location makes it close to the most important vital sites such as Burj Al Arab Airport.

In addition to the Hilton New Damietta Compound, Zahrat Fifth Settlement Compound, New Maadi Housing, the Dorra and Zahra Project in New Assiut, a compound that will be on the Maadi Nile Corniche, and the Amal Housing Project.

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Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment


The goal of Latin District New Alamein project

The ultimate and fundamental goal that the Egyptian Saudi Real Estate Development and Investment Company seeks to design Latin District Resort is to create a vibrant, global city that reflects the future of Egypt, provides many diverse economic opportunities and gains, and a regional urban center, in order to achieve integrated development.

In addition to providing residential units of various shapes and sizes and with a modern and attractive architectural design, to suit all the needs and tastes of customers and investors.

The beauty of life in New Alamein

New Alamein is one of the promising cities that includes all the components of the fourth generation smart cities in the future, as it includes residential, tourist, heritage, commercial, industrial and entertainment areas. Therefore; The new city is a city to live and work in all fields.

Life within the city of New Alamein is attractive, wonderful, safe and quiet, because it is one of the distinguished tourist cities with a strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, so it combines the beauty of charming nature with modern facilities, not to mention the precision of its organization at the entrances and exits of the resort.

The city was designed in a modern urban style that is comparable to the best cities in the world. When you look at its features and details, you feel that you are in another world with a European atmosphere, as a result of the beauty of its tall towers, charming beaches, and modern buildings, in addition to the fact that it is characterized by the wonderful, moderate weather desired by many tourists and citizens. All year round.

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Latin District New Alamein | Own your unit with only 10% down payment

Disadvantages of Latin District of New Alamein

The developer company made every effort to provide distinctive features in the construction of Latin District Village. Despite this, some may think that the price of a residential unit with an area of ​​70 square meters may be high, but upon closer examination and scrutiny of the details of the project, we find that the client will receive a fully finished residential unit. With furniture, which justifies the price value offered.

In the End, Latin District New Alamein It is your haven to enjoy a different life blessed with all means of comfort and a source of energy renewal that helps you overcome the pressures of work and life, due to its strategic location with integrated services, whether basic or recreational, as well as its proximity to the most prominent landmarks in the city of New Alamein.

Inside Latin District Resort, you will enjoy the classic, ancient character of Alexandria influenced by the urban and Greek style, with extremely exquisite and beautiful interior and exterior finishes, as it is considered a residential area and a tourist attraction at the same time.

In Latin District project, you will find everything you are looking for to win the ideal life that you have always dreamed of, so do not hesitate and achieve your dream now, communicate with the project officials and own your fully finished unit with a down payment of only 5%.

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