Saada Mall New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Developments

Project details
project name Saada Mall New Cairo
The project Location Direct on Suez Road
Developer Horizon Egypt Developments
Unit area 60
receiving date
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 190,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Saada Mall New Cairo is one of the projects of Horizon Egypt Developments On an area of ​​​​370,000 square meters on New Suez Road in the heart of New Cairo, it is characterized by the presence of many multi-use units that are diverse in terms of spaces or in terms of different types of units that suit all customers.

Saada Mall on Suez Road is distinguished by its proximity to important areas and main axes, such as Mohamed Naguib Axis, the Middle Ring Road, in addition to Saada Compound, the American University, and the German University, and it is a short distance from both the capital. New Administrative City, Fifth Settlement, Madinaty, Al-Rehab City, Shorouk City.

Mall Saada New Cairo is distinguished by providing a variety of units, which include commercial and administrative units, starting from 60 square meters.

Unit prices, start at being competitive and proportionate to the available spaces of the units, with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period for the value of your unit in the project.

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Saada Mall Project Location

The location of Saada Mall New Cairo, is considered one of the newest shopping and entertainment destinations in the Egyptian capital. The mall is located on the New Suez Road, next to Saada Compound, It is distinguished by its strategic location in a lively area, surrounded by residential areas and vital facilities.

Places near Saada Mall Horizon Egypt

  • Fifth Settlement: Saada Mall New Cairo, is a few minutes away from Fifth Settlement.
  • Mohamed Naguib Axis: Located minutes away from Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • Suez Road: Located directly on the Suez Road.
  • Universities: On Suez Road is only a few minutes away from the American University and the German University.
  • New Cities: A few minutes away from the Administrative Capital, Madinaty, Al Rehab City, and Shorouk City.
  • Central Ring Road: A few minutes away from the Central Ring Road.

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Saada Mall New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Developments

Design of Saada Mall New Suez Road

In order to design Saada Mall Horizon Egypt uses one of Horizon’s most important partner companies, Engineer Adnan Safarini Company, which is the engineering office that the company relies on in order to implement the best designs for all its projects, and through the following lines, some details regarding the office will be clarified.

Engineering consultant for Saada Mall New Cairo

Engineer Adnam Safaniri’s office is considered one of the largest engineering offices in the Middle East, and Horizon Company used it in its projects in Egypt and outside Egypt, due to the company’s long-term experience and strong work history.

The office of Engineer Adnan Safaniri, known as EAS, was established in the sixties of the last century in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, and the office’s activity expanded to serve the other emirates in the country and many other countries outside the region. Among the expansions that the company made was its expansions in the number of its branches. It owns The company now has 7 branches inside and outside the Emirates, in addition to the main headquarters itself in Dubai, making the company’s total offices 8 offices around the world.

The company seeks, with the help of all employees in the work teams in all the company’s offices, to provide projects with the highest standards of quality, and the company succeeds in achieving this in all its projects by focusing on developing the work teams themselves through training and developing the employees’ skills in accordance with the latest international standards and using technological methods.

The company designs various types of engineering projects, such as towers, buildings, residential complexes, commercial projects, educational services buildings, and commercial centers. One of the company’s most prominent projects is the Princess Tower, which has been certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest residential tower in the world.

The company was also awarded by the Middle East Architecture Magazine, where the office was chosen as the third best engineering office in the Gulf region.

Design by Adnan Safarini office for Saada Mall Suez Road

The experience of Engineer Adnan’s office extends to more than 50 years, and thanks to that experience, the company was able to choose the best design for the mall that is compatible with the latest international quality standards, to be compatible with the vision of both the consulting office and Horizon Egypt, the owner and developer of the project, as the two companies seek to present projects that are at the forefront List of the most luxurious international projects.

To be in line with the distinguished level of design of the outlet through cooperation between the two companies, the Saada Mall was designed next to it to be a full-service project.

Saada Mall Fifth Settlement area

In addition to a wide and diverse range of shops and services, which comprehensively meets the needs and preferences of visitors and investors, it also ensures the provision of ample space to roam and enjoy the various activities and events within the mall, making it an ideal destination for visitors. And investors alike.

Unit space in Saada Mall Suez Road

The company that owns Saada Mall offers various spaces for commercial and administrative units, meeting the needs of various brands and companies, and providing an ideal environment for shopping and business. Unit prices within the mall can be discussed as follows:

  • The area of ​​all units starts from 60 square meters.

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Saada Mall New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Developments

Prices of stores and commercial units in Saada Mall

Saada Mall New Cairo project is distinguished by its competitive prices, as the company seeks to provide profitable investment opportunities for customers. Thanks to the diversity of spaces and designs available, companies and brands can choose from a variety of units that… It suits their budgets and needs, and these prices vary according to the type and area of ​​the unit, in addition to its location within the project, which provides customers with multiple options at competitive prices.

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Payment and settlement systems in Saada Mall

Saada Fifth Settlement Mall is distinguished by providing advanced and flexible payment and settlement systems that meet the needs and preferences of all customers. Thanks to these advanced systems, customers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable shopping experience, without facing the hassle of the payment process. This system is as follows:

  • An amount of 250,000 Egyptian pounds is paid in advance for the reservation of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over long periods of time.

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Analysis of prices in Saada Mall Fifth Settlement

By analyzing the prices of units in Saada Mall New Cairo provided by Horizon Egypt Real Estate Company, we find that it is proportional to the volume of services and luxury features that the company has offered in the project, and the price level of the project is also considered very competitive when comparing prices with the rest of the prices of modern commercial projects in New Cairo.

Saada Mall New Cairo by Horizon Egypt Developments

Saada Mall New Cairo services and facilities

Saada Mall Suez Road is considered one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in the region. It offers a variety of services and features that comprehensively meet the needs of visitors and investors alike. These services are as follows:

  • Saada Mall Fifth Settlement, is distinguished by a unique and attractive architectural design that brilliantly combines modern character and natural elements.
  • It provides a wide range of international and local stores and brands, making the shopping experience enjoyable and diverse for visitors.
  • It includes a variety of restaurants and cafes that serve local and international cuisine, and provide a comfortable atmosphere for dining and relaxing.
  • The project is characterized by a distinctive strategic location on the New Suez Road, making it close to vital areas and main axes.
  • It is distinguished by providing cinema halls equipped with the latest technology, where visitors can enjoy watching the latest films and cinematic shows in high quality.
  • It includes a special family entertainment area, which includes fun games and activities for children and adults alike.
  • It provides high-quality security and comfort services for visitors, making them feel safe and reassured during their visit. Security services include the availability of security personnel distributed on the mall’s floors, in addition to modern surveillance cameras, electronic gates, and fire extinguishing systems.
  • It has spacious and comfortable parking lots for visitors, which makes it easy for cars to line up in a safe place, thus preventing crowding and crowding in front of the mall gates.
  • The project constantly organizes various cultural and entertainment events, such as art shows, exhibitions, and concerts.
  • There is a team specialized in maintenance work inside Saada Mall, who repair faults immediately and perform regular maintenance for all facilities, ensuring their efficient operation.
  • Saada Mall New Cairo is distinguished by offering competitive prices compared to other projects in the region.
  • It contains a huge shopping center, to meet all the needs of visitors.
  • It provides high-speed Internet service, which serves the requirements of various tasks and businesses within the mall.
  • There is a team of cleaners available, who work to clean the mall’s floors and bathrooms, as well as the units inside it. They also sterilize the floors and units, ensuring a healthy environment suitable for work and production.

Advantages of investing in Saada Mall Suez Road

Saada Mall is considered one of the best modern investment opportunities in the New Cairo area, and one of the most prominent features is that the project is designed to serve the compound affiliated with Horizon Egypt, the developer of the mall, which guarantees you high traffic from the residents of the compound, in addition to many other features that can be explained through The following points:

  • Mall location: It has a strategic and distinct location in the heart of New Cairo and close to many main roads that guarantee you high traffic through the advantage of easy access to the mall.
  • Mall Services:Saada Fifth Settlement Mall includes a wide range of services and facilities that guarantee you the best experience in the mall, as well as a better return on your investment.
  • Diversity of units:It is characterized by the fact that it includes a variety of units with different activities and sizes, so you can choose what suits you from the units according to what meets your desires.
  • Prices and payment systems: You can get the above features and more at the best competitive prices in New Cairo, with a long-term payment system only.

About Horizon Egypt Real Estate Company Horizon Egypt Developments

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development Company is one of the most prominent companies specialized in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market. The company is originally an Emirati company with long-term experience in the field of developing residential complexes and commercial projects. This is done by using a strong team of individuals with extensive experience in their fields of work.

Within a few years, the company was able to implement a number of distinguished projects that do not merely represent a precedent for the company, but rather represent a heritage that combines the beauty of Egyptian culture and the modernity of Emirati culture, which the company combined together to develop new real estate projects with a new concept that makes the projects compete with the strongest projects in the world. The Middle East.

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Projects Horizon Egypt Developments

Saada New Cairo Compound is one of the most prominent residential projects developed by Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development Company. The company developed the compound on a huge area of ​​about 370 acres in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, and close to the most important landmarks such as: Mohamed Naguib Axis, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, and the Ring Road. , American University, Cairo International Airport, New Administrative Capital.

The compound is distinguished by the fact that it includes a large number of diverse residential units in terms of area and in terms of different types of units that meet all needs. Saada Compound provides various residential units, including independent villas, twin houses, and townhouses, with total areas ranging from medium areas, up to large areas. It is large, and the unit areas start from 185 square meters and reach 717 square meters.

As for the project prices, unit prices start at 13 million pounds for a twin house, 19 million pounds for a townhouse, and 22 million pounds for independent villas, with a 5% down payment and an installment period of 7 years.

The goal of the New Cairo Happiness Project

The goal of the Saada Mall New Cairo project is to provide integrated services by providing a mall that includes a diverse number of units with different activities. The mall also includes a large number of basic and entertainment services that mainly meet the needs of the compound’s residents. The mall also works to serve New Cairo and its entire surroundings.

The second goal is the company’s desire to continue its successful journey in the Egyptian real estate market by developing more distinctive real estate projects that compete with other projects in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, by developing projects with Emirati expertise on Egyptian lands.

Features of Saada Mall New Cairo

Saada Mall includes a large number of features that make the mall one of the best investment opportunities in the heart of New Cairo, which can be clarified through the following points:

  • It is located in a prime location in New Cairo, close to the main roads that make access to the mall through many areas inside and outside New Cairo only takes a few minutes.
  • The developer company used the famous engineering office, the office of Engineer Adnan Saffarini, to implement the latest international designs for the mall, which guarantees you extremely luxurious units.
  • It contains different types of units, available in a large number, starting from an area of ​​60 square meters, and reaching large areas suitable for various activities.
  • It includes a large number of basic services that meet the needs of unit owners as well as the needs of visitors to the mall, making the mall the ideal choice for investment and shopping.

Disadvantages of Saada Horizon Egypt Mall

It embodies complete integration and careful attention to the smallest details, ensuring that there are no noticeable defects. The mall provides a unique shopping and entertainment experience, in addition to investment units that guarantee investors the success of their businesses, with a convenient central location and a wide and integrated range of services, making it an ideal destination for visitors. And investors alike.

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