Al Rawan Ras El Hikma by Shrouk El Ghad Developments

Project details
project name Al Rawan Ras El Hikma
The project Location at kilometer 79 on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh road
Unit area 90
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 80,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Al Rawan Ras El Hikma is one of the finest integrated tourism projects proposed by Shrouk El Ghad Developments on the North Coast.

The village’s area extends to about 10 acres, and the company was keen to exploit it with great care, and included unique features and services to attract entrepreneurs and distinguished customers.

The location of Al Rawan Resort played a strong role in attracting a wide segment of customers, due to its location in the most vital points on the northern coast, and its extension along the coast of Hekma Bay, which is a promising area for future investment, in addition to its proximity to the main roads leading to Cairo and Alexandria, as well as the new city of El Alamein.

The Village includes a variety of luxury residential units, ranging from chalets to stand-alone villas, and is distinguished by its sophisticated designs in the latest architectural style.

The area of ​​the village units varied. To be in line with varying market requirements, the available residential units’ area starts from 90 square metres, while unit prices start from 2 million pounds, with a 10% down payment, and a long payment period, up to 8 years.

You can find out more information and details about the village in the following lines.

Location of Al Rawan village Ras El Hikma

Al Rawan Ras El Hikma village is located at the most vital point on the northern coast, specifically at kilometer 79 on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh road. The village is also located towards the northwestern coast of Ras El Hikma tourist bay, in addition to its proximity to important main roads and axes, such as the new Fouka Road and some Luxury projects in the Golden Square, such as Mountain View Resort and La Vista Village North Coast, and there are some famous places and international cities surrounding Al Rawan Village Ras El Hikma, including the following:

  • New Alamein City: the village is about 30 minutes away from New Alamein.
  • Alexandria City: Alexandria is approximately an hour and a half apart from Al Rawan Resort.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman area: The time between Sidi Abdel Rahman and the village of Rawan, the northern coast, is estimated at about 30 minutes.
  • Cairo City: You can reach Cairo from the resort in just two and a half hours.

Design of Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village

The real estate developer of the Al Rawan Ras El Hikma project paid great attention to the interior and exterior designs, and this is clearly reflected in the division of the village and the widening of the roads and separations between the units. The design of the village is modern and innovative and depends entirely on highlighting the features of natural beauty and increasing the percentage allocated to the spaces. green than those specified for buildings.

The units were meticulously built so that most of them overlook the charming turquoise beach. This is helped by the fact that the land of Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village is flat and free of any heights that prevent the view of the sea from the units, and provides a high degree of privacy for its residents. Therefore, we find each separate building containing only four chalets, that is, two on each floor. To ensure no disturbance, the chalets on the ground floor include an attached garden, while the chalets on the second floor have a separate terrace.

The Rawan North Coast project also provides units with very sophisticated and elegant interior finishes, suitable for all different tastes.

Area of Al Rawan Ras El Hikma

The total area of ​​Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village is 10 acres, extending along the sea width with an area of ​​500 meters and a depth of up to 300 metres. The resort is characterized by good urban planning, creating a balance between the space allocated for building and construction and the green area and aesthetic views, and it was divided in this way:

  • Building area: The building area was 45% of the total area of ​​the village.
  • Green area: The percentage of green area, landscapes, and artificial lakes is no less than 50% of the total area of ​​the resort.

Area of ​​units in Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village

Al Rawan Ras El Hikma units varied in size; In order to satisfy the varying aspirations of investors, as well as to suit the different unit designs and the number of customers’ family members, the area of ​​Al Rawan Village’s units in Ras El Hikma is as follows:

  • Chalets area: starting from 90 square meters and up to 100 square meters. The chalets consist of two bedrooms and a bathroom, in addition to an attached outdoor garden.
  • Villas area: starting from 380 square meters.

Al Rawan Ras El Hikma prices

The prices of Al Rawan Ras El Hikma units are considered competitive compared to the number of services and benefits available in the village. Shorouk Al-Ghad Real Estate Company was keen to provide the best quality at the lowest price, and the cost of the units was as follows:

  • Chalet unit prices: Prices for chalets with an area of ​​90 square meters start from 2,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa unit prices: Prices for villas with an area of ​​380 square meters start from 10,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices vary slightly depending on the type of unit finish and its location in the project.

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منتجع الروان رأس الحكمة

Facilities and services of Al Rawan Village Ras El Hikma

Al Rawan Village progress A diverse package of services and benefits that achieve an enjoyable living experience for customers. The resort’s proximity to famous projects on the North Coast and the units’ view of the charming turquoise beach are among the main attractions that the real estate developer was keen to include in the village, all in addition to the abundant green spaces and competitive prices. The most prominent services and advantages of Al Rawat Village, North Coast, include:

  • Security and guarding services: The village provides security personnel and guard patrols 24 hours a day.
  • Surveillance cameras and alarms: The village is equipped with the latest smart surveillance cameras in every corner of the resort, in addition to widespread alarm devices. To preserve the safety of owners and workers.
  • Golf Car: The administration of Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village was keen to provide a golf car. For easy movement between chalets, service areas and beaches.
  • Swimming pools: There is more than one swimming pool of varying sizes, suitable for adults and others intended for children.
  • Kids Aria: Children’s happiness is a priority in the village. Therefore, we find many fun games suitable for different age groups for children, in addition to the presence of an amusement park on the beach that includes some games suitable for them. The area is also monitored with cameras to ensure the safety of children.
  • Fun water games: The project includes a large aqua park, which includes many entertaining and enjoyable games, and is designed in accordance with security and safety standards.
  • Restaurants and cafes: You can eat the most delicious dishes and try the most delicious drinks on the village’s charming beach. There are a number of cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach, and there are others overlooking the swimming pools.
  • Paths for running and cycling: The village has designated paths for cycling and moving around safely, and there are other paths for running and walking.
  • Spacious playgrounds: Inside the resort there are football fields and tennis courts.
  • Landscape: The company that owns the village was interested in distributing the landscape throughout the project. To add peace and comfort to the soul, we find before us a very ideal aesthetic scene, especially with the harmony of green spaces and turquoise shades of beaches.
  • Distinctive views of the units: The units feature direct views of the sea and stunning views.
  • Gardens and parks: The Resort offers a number of gardens and parks. To practice various activities in the green spaces.
  • Artificial lakes: There are artificial lakes and wonderful water fountains in Al Rawan Ras Al-Hekma village.
  • Places for holding events and celebrations: You can celebrate birthdays and various occasions among your friends in the best tourist villages on the North Coast.
  • Places for rest and sitting: The village has allocated large seats for rest and sitting to relax and contemplate the beauty of nature.
  • Fast Internet: The resort provides a strong Wi-Fi network covering the entire village.
  • Supermarket: In order to meet all customers’ needs, the village has provided a large supermarket to purchase supplies without having to leave the resort.
  • Automated teller machines: The Resort includes more than one ATM machine and some electronic bank branches, to conduct financial transactions at any time smoothly and conveniently.
  • Large Mosque: The resort provides a large mosque in the middle of the village. To perform prayers and religious rituals.
  • Pharmacy: The resort has a large pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day.
  • A large car garage: The Al Rawan Ras El Hikma project includes a spacious car garage to maintain the general view, regulate movement and prevent congestion. It also provides the necessary services for cars.
  • Water desalination plant: The company implementing the village, Al Rawan Ras El Hikma, designed a water desalination plant to ensure the provision of clean water in the project.

Reservation and payment systems in the Al Rawan Ras El Hikma project

Shorouk Al-Ghad Real Estate Investment and Marketing Company was keen to provide flexible payment systems in line with customers’ capabilities, enabling them to obtain luxury residential units at competitive prices and long payment periods, without fear of defaulting on payment. The payment systems were as follows:

  • Pay 10% down payment of the total unit value and pay the rest in installments up to 8 years.
  • There are discounts of up to 5% when paying the unit value in cash.

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الروان الساحل الشمالي

About Shrouk El Ghad Developments for real estate investment and marketing

Shrouk El Ghad Developments, the owner and developer of Al Rawan Village, Ras Al-Hekma, has succeeded in implementing many huge projects in the Egyptian real estate market. Its history extends to more than 15 years, during which it has gained wide fame and a good reputation. It has gained the trust of a wide range of customers and entrepreneurs from all segments.

Al-Shorouk Company’s projects are characterized by innovative designs and sophisticated decorations, whether for external facades or internal finishes, in addition to the quality of buildings, constructions and meticulous urban planning in new and coastal cities. We do not forget its great interest in offering integrated service projects that provide a unique living experience for lovers of excellence at competitive prices. To achieve the principle of the lowest price with the highest quality.

Projects of Shrouk El Ghad Developments for Real Estate Investment and Marketing

Although Al Rawan Ras El Hikma Village is the only project of Al-Shorouk Company on the North Coast; However, it has implemented many residential and commercial projects in other new cities, and among the most important works of Shorouk Al-Ghad Company for Investment and Real Estate Marketing are the following:

  • Remat Buildings Project in the New Heliopolis area.
  • Golf Al-Andalus Buildings Project in New Cairo.
  • Investors Buildings Project in New Cairo.
  • Golden Badr project in Badr City.

Problems of Al Rawan village Ras El Hikma

Despite the advantages and services enjoyed by the owners of the units of Al Rawan Village, Ras Al-Hekma, there are some units that have not been completed yet, and some customers consider them one of the defects of the villages.

You can find out the latest prices and talk to the sales team from here
Al Rawan Ras El Hikma

The best villages in Ras El Hikma North Coast

The Ras El Hikma area is considered one of the natural treasures that God gave to Egypt, and its beaches are unique in that they have a stunning view with a charming natural hue of colors, as if it were a piece of paradise on earth. Therefore, the state paid great attention to that region, to serve as a new investment front for a number of local and international projects. The Ras El Hekma North Coast area includes a group of the best tourist villages, including the following:

Mountain View North Coast Resort

It is one of the most prestigious residential projects implemented by Mountain View Real Estate Development Company in the Ras El Hekma area. It is distinguished by a strategic location on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and includes a group of chalet, villa, penthouse, and twin house units of varying sizes and international designs, in addition to distinguished services and competitive prices.

La Vista Bay North Coast Village

Unique La Vista Bay North Coast Village With a picturesque sandy beach at an altitude of more than one million square meters along the coast of the White Sea, La Vista Real Estate Development, which owns the project, has succeeded in including all investment attractions; Starting from the distinctive location and innovative designs to the multiple types and sizes of units and their competitive prices.

 Al-Jawhara village Ras El Hikma

Prepare Al-Jawhara village Ras El Hikma It is one of the resorts that is characterized by the simplicity of its designs and its greater reliance on natural views. Therefore, Saqqara Real Estate Development Company, which implemented the village, worked to highlight the natural aesthetic features of the Ras El Hekma area, by designing units with unique decor and competitive prices for the services provided and the strategic location.

Royal Beach Ras El Hekma Village

Project falls Royal Beach Ras El Hekma In the most prestigious area on the North Coast, amidst the charming natural landscape overlooking the best coastal beaches in Egypt, in addition to the services and benefits available at the resort, the village includes a distinctive group of chalet, villa, and twin house units of varying sizes and prices.

Cali Coast North Coast project

Features a village Cali Coast North Coast With its vast area, Maven Real Estate Development Company, which is implementing the project, was keen to exploit it to the fullest extent, and we find this in the number of unique services available in the project, such as the strategic location at the most prestigious point on the northern coast and the distinctive designs inspired by the American style of modern architecture. The village includes independent villa units and twin houses with varying sizes and prices

Referring to the best villages of the North Coast, there are many resorts overlooking the charming turquoise beaches with designs and services that are at the forefront as investment destinations for major entrepreneurs and investors, and among these projects are Palm Hills Ras El Hekma, Naya Bay Village, Etape Resort, Sea View Village, and Caesar Bay Ras El Hekma.

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