S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

Project details
project name S Bay North Coast
The project Location located at kilometer 247 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road
Developer Cleopatra Developments
Unit area 63
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 10 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 9,900,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

S Bay North Coast is a new and pioneering tourist residential edifice of extreme beauty and splendor, provided by the strongest real estate brand in the Middle East, which is Cleopatra, a private and prestigious real estate investment company, which showed its ingenuity as usual in designing S Bay Village in a modern style. Inside the North Coast on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

The S Bay North Coast belongs to the Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish Resort, which is considered one of the best luxury tourism projects. It emulates European designs that are the demand of those with sophisticated taste. It also provides all means of high-end accommodation, including facilities, services and enjoyable leisure activities, to live a different lifestyle characterized by tranquility and comfort.

To complement the advantages of this wonderful work, the company has launched this luxurious residential tourist edifice at unbeatable prices. Through this article, we will learn about the most accurate and latest information revolving around the S Bay North Coast Village project, so follow us.

Location of S Bay Village North Coast

Cleopatra Company, which is executing the project, carefully selected the S Bay North Coast location in a vital area to be distinctive, wonderful, and very strategic, as the resort is located at kilometer 247 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, specifically in Sidi Hashish Bay, which includes the most beautiful tourist beaches around the world, which made the S Bay North Coast A destination for everyone who wants to enjoy a more luxurious, relaxed and quiet life on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Places near the S Bay North Coast project

The distinguished location of S Bay Village makes it close to the most famous tourist attractions and important vital and governmental areas in North Coast This made it easier for the residents of S Bay North Coast to easily reach the places of services that are indispensable. The following is a list of the most prominent places near the project:

  • Zoya village.
  • Azha village.
  • Diamond Bay Village.
  • Cali Coast Project.
  • North Coast Hills Project
  • Silver Sands Coast project.
  • Hacienda Bay Village and Burj Al Arab.
  • Ras El Hikma and Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • El Alamein Airport, which is about 30 minutes away from the village.
  • New Fouka Road, which is 17 km away from S Bay North Coast.
  • Marsa Matrouh International Airport, which is approximately 50 kilometers away from the project.
  • Almaza Bay Village is on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, which is minutes away by car from the resort.
  • Marsa Matrouh city, which is 70 kilometers away from the S Bay Resort, so; It can be reached in just an hour.

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S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

Design of the S Bay North Coast Village project

Cleopatra Company, the developer and implementer of the project, built the S Bay North Coast in a creative and ideal way, with the finest, latest and best modern architectural designs inspired by the best beaches in the world, and in order to provide a distinctive and new tourist edifice among the tourist resorts on the North Coast, the company relied on specialized and pioneering cadres in the design and decoration works. Internal and external, such as JZMK Partners.

Which helped in defining and designing the S Bay North Coast Village project on a large area of ​​​​approximately 50 acres, and this was done as follows:

  • The Smeralda Bay North Coast project has a depth of approximately 1,200 metres, while the depth of the beach is 800 metres.
  • Landscapes and green spaces cover a large proportion of the total area of ​​the project, and surround the residential units to enjoy a wonderful and attractive view and breathe fresh air.
  • Diversity among residential units, which are designed in the form of villas, chalets, penthouses, and twin houses.
  • The presence of artificial lakes between residential units of all types.
  • Ensure that there are separations between the residential units and each other, in order to preserve the privacy of the village residents.

S Bay North Coast area

As mentioned above, Cleopatra Company succeeded in exploiting the entire area of ​​50 acres to build S Bay North Coast in an exemplary way that guarantees customers an integrated and essential life in which various recreational and basic services are available.

In addition to designing luxurious residential units of various sizes, interspersed with gardens and green spaces, to make it easy for the client to choose the space and type of residential unit based on his family and financial circumstances, and at the same time enjoy an ideal atmosphere and a wonderful view of the sea waves.

Most importantly, Cleopatra, the project developer, has allocated an area of ​​up to 40 acres to create a 5-star Cleopatra Hotel that is distinguished by its splendor and beauty.

The question that may come to mind now is exactly how large are the residential units within the S Bay Sidi Hasheesh Resort? If you are interested and looking to purchase a residential unit with a specific area, continue reading

Unit space in the S Bay North Coast

The company developing the project was keen to contrast the areas of residential units of different types within S Bay North Coast, and the spaces were designed as follows:

  • Chalets: which are characterized by a floating deck, ranging in size from 63, 82, and perhaps up to 126 square meters, and consisting of 4 residential rooms overlooking the artificial lakes in the village.
  • Panoramic Chalet at S Bay Resort: Its area ranges from 114-165 square meters and also consists of 4 residential rooms.
  • S Bay Coast townhouse villas: their area ranges between 165-175 square meters.
  • Independent villas: their area starts from 200-500 square meters.
  • Palaces: their area starts from a minimum of 526 square meters. It is the largest residential unit within this great tourist edifice.
  • Various residential apartments: There are one-room apartments with an area of ​​45 square metres, and others consisting of two living rooms with an area ranging from 79-95 square metres, while 3-room residential apartments range in area from 97-126 square metres.

Thus, the company was keen to have a difference in the areas and types of residential units in S Bay North Coast, in order to leave customers the freedom to choose for better investment.

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S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

S Bay North Coast prices

The project developer has introduced an exceptional and distinctive S Bay Sidi Hashish price package that is unparalleled compared to neighboring resorts. It makes it easier for you to acquire a residential unit within an architectural masterpiece on the North Coast, as Cleopatra Company, which implements the Smeralda Bay Resort on the North Coast, has paid full attention to providing all the needs of customers within the village with the highest quality and the lowest price, and at the same time serve as a strong investment interface for investors and entrepreneurs.

The following is a list showing the details of the price package for some residential units within the resort:

  • Two-room residential apartments: prices start from 3,000,000 – 3,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • 3-room residential apartments: prices start from 3,540,000 – 5,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets: Prices range from 6,200,000 – 9,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse: Prices range from 7,700,000-8,400,000 Egyptian pounds.

Although Cleopatra Company offered a discount of up to 5% of the final value of the residential units, it was not satisfied with this amount of marketing characteristics of the project, but rather complemented its facilities in this wonderful tourist resort by offering long-term payment and reservation systems, very distinctive and smooth, and we will explain to you the details. This system will be discussed in the next paragraph, so continue reading

Reservation and payment systems in the S Bay North Coast project

Cleopatra introduced convenient and flexible payment and installment systems for a long period of time that may reach 8 years, in order to attract and open the door to a large segment of customers, investors and entrepreneurs to own residential units within S Bay North Coast. The reservation and payment system statement from the developer company came as follows:

  • Customers can pay a 10% down payment of the value of the residential unit chosen by S Bay Resort, then pay 10% of the amount again upon receipt, then pay the remaining amount in installments over 6 years without paying interest on the amount.
  • Buy chalets in Smeralda Bay Village, pay the amount in cash, and benefit from a discount of up to 25% of the total amount.
  • Pay 30% of the total amount in advance, then pay the rest in installments over 3 years.

Taking into account, 10% of the value of the amount will be paid upon receipt under the name of a maintenance deposit, with all payment and payment systems, and the residential units in the project will be delivered fully finished in 2025.

S Bay North Coast Price analysis

It is worth noting that the price package offered by Cleopatra Company in the S Bay North Coast project is unbeatable and very reasonable, and has gained the satisfaction of a very large number of customers and investors, because it is very consistent with the quality of the interior and exterior designs of the village, and all types of services and features available within the village. Seize the opportunity and do not hesitate to reserve your residential unit in SE Village on the North Coast now.

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S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

S Bay North Coast facilities and services

The residents of Smeralda Bay North Coast are surrounded by many important facilities and services, whether basic, medical, commercial or recreational as well, which add feelings of enjoyment and joy to life within the tourist village. They can obtain them within a few seconds without having to wait or make an effort. Below is a list The most prominent services and facilities.

Basic services include:

  • The most luxurious cafes and restaurants: There are many types of restaurants and cafes within the S Bay North Coast Resort, providing the most delicious international food and drinks while providing home delivery service throughout the day.
  • Mosques and places of worship: The developer was keen to build the most luxurious mosques and churches near the residential units on large areas and with a wonderful view.
  • Luxury 5-star hotels: They were built with the most amazing and modern architectural designs to receive individuals who do not own residential units within S Bay North Coast, and they are also equipped to hold the largest parties and events.
  • It provides electricity to the population 24 hours a day, because it is constantly equipped with generators to avoid power outages.
  • Inside S Bay North Coast, there is an automated teller machine (ATM) dedicated to various banks.
  • Maintenance and cleanliness: S Bay North Coast appears clean and attractive at all times, due to the maintenance and cleaning teams working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medical services and facilities:

  • Medical clinics: S Bay Resort has the best specialized medical clinics managed by a leading group of doctors in various specialties, in addition to the most famous analysis and radiology laboratories.
  • Emergency Hospital: It includes a hospital equipped with the latest and most accurate medical equipment to receive and treat critical cases 24 hours a day.
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies have been established near clinics and hospitals for easy access to medicines. They are also equipped with all types of therapeutic and preventive medicines, and operate 24 hours a day.

 Sports services include:

  • Swimming pools: What is unique within the S Bay North Coast is the design of the swimming pools very close to the residential units, different in depth and area, and equipped at the highest level, to suit adults and children of different age groups.
  • Sports clubs: The company executing the project was keen to establish the largest sports academy for tennis, football and basketball within S Bay North Coast, and to provide all sports equipment and tools for training in sports.
  • Health clubs: It includes a huge area with two fitness gyms, one of which is designated for women, in addition to providing a women’s spa, a jacuzzi, and a luxurious Paradise Cove resort.
  • Social Club: The company built the club on a large area to practice all kinds of social activities that bring together families and friends.
  • Sports tracks for jogging and cycling: Cleopatra was keen to allocate a path for bicycle racing enthusiasts, and to practice walking and running in this great tourist edifice.

 Commercial facilities and services:

  • The largest commercial mall: S Bay North Coast Village includes a large number of different shops, which provide residents with all their needs, such as the best food items, the finest clothes, shoes, bags, and household supplies with the best international brands.
  • Gas stations: There is more than one gas station to provide car services and maintenance.

Recreational facilities include:

  • Green spaces: The resort is full of gardens and parks rich in green spaces that provide the village residents with an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, tranquility and psychological comfort.
  • Artificial lakes: The company developing the S Bay North Coast project was keen to design many artificial lakes near residential areas and units, appearing as if they were a completely natural lake.
  • Kids Area: The village includes the largest children’s area with the highest level of safety and protection, with all kinds of favorite games for children at different ages.
  • Beach for women: In order to preserve the privacy of women inside the residential building, Cleopatra Real Estate Development Company took into account the design of a beach dedicated to women, equipped with all kinds of services, so they can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on the beach without restriction.
  • Aqua Park: which includes wonderful water games for adults, children, and the elderly.

Security facilities:

  • Security services: The developing company was keen to secure and guard S Bay North Coast Village within 24 hours, by employing security personnel and guards trained at the highest level.
  • Surveillance cameras: Cleopatra Company placed surveillance cameras accurately distributed throughout the village’s residential units, services, and facilities.

Advantages of investing in S Bay North Coast

Nothing compares to the value of investing in the village of Smeralda Bay North Coast, as it is one of the right decisions that is financially and morally profitable, and the North Coast has recently become the first destination in the world of investment, due to its wonderful view of the best beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

So; Acquiring a residential unit with the aim of investing in the project may achieve the following:

  • Owning a residential unit in a strategic location at a reasonable price and easy payment for several years.
  •   Preserving capital and ensuring that it is not lost at any time in S Bay North Coast.
  • Ease of selling after payment is completed, because it is a tourist resort designed in a distinctive and unique way with a cheerful and attractive character.
  • Achieving double profits because the prices of residential units within S Bay Village are constantly increasing.
  • Obtaining additional income from renting residential units to others on a daily during the summer vacation period.

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S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

About Cleopatra Real Estate Development Company

Cleopatra Development and Real Estate Investment Company is the owner and executor of the S Bay North Coast project. It is one of the best leading companies in this field in Egypt and the Middle East, and has gained the trust of many customers thanks to its successful and distinguished real estate work in many places.

Cleopatra Company was established in 1983, by the well-known businessman Muhammad Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, who is famous for his wonderful services and projects that are characterized by luxury, sophistication and creativity throughout the Republic, and through the next paragraph we will explain the most prominent of his wonderful projects.

Projects of Cleopatra Real Estate Development Company

The most prominent projects presented by Cleopatra Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to the S Bay North Coast project, are as follows:

Cleopatra Resort El Gouna

Cleopatra Resort El Gouna is a luxury project by Cleopatra Real Estate Development Company, which is located on the Red Sea, 3.6 km from Porto Sharm El Sheikh. It was designed in an ingenious and wonderful way, as it includes a huge 5-star hotel designed with the finest and most modern designs, 8 outdoor swimming pools, and the resort’s own diving center. And a designated beach for resort residents.

In addition to the availability of many stores, supermarkets and bazaars, the hotel’s interior designs consist of rooms and suites. The rooms are decorated in very beautiful and elegant colors and contain a small seating area, a TV screen and a minibar, while the suites include a balcony directly overlooking the The sea, a coffee machine, and most importantly an en suite bathroom with a bathtub.

The resort’s location is very lively, as it is 10 km from Makadi Bay, 35 km from Hurghada Marina, and 30 km from Hurghada Airport. The resort constantly provides shuttle services throughout the day.

Cleopatra Palace El Shorouk

One of the projects that demonstrated the level of experience and ingenuity of the engineers and specialists executing the Cleopatra Company, it is an upscale residential area designed on an area of ​​200,000 square meters in Shorouk City, which is characterized by a wonderful climate and a calm atmosphere free of overcrowding, congestion, and pollution.

The location of the compound is very strategic and vital, as it is located specifically on the Suez Road, close to all the main axes. Among the most prominent areas near Cleopatra Palace, Shorouk, the American University, the Administrative Capital, Cairo Airport, in addition to Heliopolis City, Al-Rehab, and the Fifth Settlement.

The residential units within the project vary between apartments, independent villas, twin houses, and townhouses, and it also provides all services and facilities that meet all residents’ needs, at competitive prices that are satisfactory for all different categories.

Cleopatra Compound North Coast

Cleopatra Company designed this project in a special and distinctive way that suits sophisticated taste. It was designed on an area equivalent to 250 acres with a system that allows all residential units to see the beauty of the sea and its charming beaches. The company was keen to diversify the residential units between chalets and villas and vary their area in this project, to suit a large segment of the population. Families, investors and entrepreneurs.

The compound is located close to the main and important places and hubs, such as Matrouh International Airport, El Alamein Airport, Almaza Village and La Vista, and provides all the owners’ needs of services and facilities within the project.

Cleopatra Plaza Compound Nasr City

This residential complex was designed on an area of ​​5,000 square meters on Al-Nasr Road inside Nasr City, near City Stars. It consists of 4 residential buildings, each building consisting of 9 floors and including many apartments of different sizes. The front façade is designed from the finest types of marble, and the apartments are from the inside. It includes a terrace with glass railings and panoramic windows made of aluminum.

A vital location close to hospitals and universities, the most important of which is Al-Azhar University, malls, the Cairo International Conference Center and schools.

Cleopatra Plaza Compound Alexandria

Located in the heart of the city of Alexandria, it is a residential and commercial complex or tower designed on an area of ​​​​approximately 5,000 square meters, designed with modern and sophisticated architectural designs by Cleopatra Company using the most famous Italian designers.

The compound includes modern apartments of various sizes, directly overlooking the sea, and the most prominent places near the residential project are Shatby Beach, the Library of Alexandria, Downtown, and Nozha Airport.

Cleopatra Square Compound Sheikh Zayed

The compound was designed in the heart of 6th of October City and is a strategic and upscale location close to all vital areas. The developer company used the Italian company GB Bella Gamba to implement the design to ultimately obtain a masterpiece in the world of real estate projects.

The project was designed on an area of ​​​​up to 48 acres, and a small percentage was allocated for the construction of buildings within the project. Despite this, the company was able to provide a variety of residential units such as apartments, townhouses and twin houses. The compound includes approximately 117 residential units. Not to mention the spacious green facilities and multiple entertainment parks spread over large areas within the compound.

Smeralda Bay North Coast Village

The developer company established this project on an area of ​​250 acres in a distinctive location on the sea on Side Island, specifically at kilometer 247 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, and the residential units within the village are chalets and villas of different sizes, designed according to the best unique international styles in order to allow a view of the sea to all owners within the project.

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S Bay North Coast By Cleopatra Developments

The goal of the S Bay North Coast project

Cleopatra Real Estate Development Company always aims to improve the lifestyle of its customers with the highest quality, and the goal of designing S Bay North Coast Village is to expand the circle of real estate investment in Egypt, exploit and reconstruct the wonderful strategic locations on the North Coast, and fulfill customers’ dreams of enjoying a wonderful atmosphere.

Not only that, but it seeks to develop and provide the best and latest versions of world-class tourist resorts, and has already succeeded in designing residential units with a modern and attractive architectural design, as well as diversifying the area and type of residential units within the project to suit the needs and tastes of customers, entrepreneurs and investors.

The beauty of life on the North Coast

Life on the North Coast is enough to make you feel fun, energetic, relaxed and calm throughout the year, and create an exceptional and unforgettable experience, due to its attractive aesthetic aspects, including:

  • Its picturesque nature: which appears in its beautiful white sandy beaches and clear sea water, which provides an exceptional environment and atmosphere for relaxing and practicing water activities.
  • Its moderate climate and clean air provide an ideal environment to attract residents and visitors.
  • Its high-end tourist facilities: such as international hotels and restaurants that serve delicious cuisine.
  • Its nightlife atmosphere: The nighttime atmosphere on the North Coast creates an atmosphere of fun, joy, and enjoyment of night parties, entertainment, singing, and social events, especially in several dancing places and bars.
  • It is unique in its delightful recreational activities: The North Coast is the only place that provides a wonderful array of recreational activities for everyone, such as cruises, desert safaris, and water sports.
  • Its diversity of culture and heritage: Visitors can learn about the traditions and cultures of many societies, because it includes a huge population with diverse cultures.

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Disadvantages of S Bay North Coast Village

Despite the many features available at Hyatt S Bay Resort, there are those who believe that reaching S Bay Village on the North Coast takes more time, but this is a wrong belief, especially after the construction of new roads and axes that facilitated and shortened a lot of time when traveling to North Coast villages.

S Bay North Coast is the ideal and best choice for any client who wants to enjoy a wonderful and comfortable stay in a charming, unparalleled natural atmosphere on the North Coast, where the blue color of the sea water blends with the color of the vast green spaces, in addition to the landscape that penetrates throughout the village.

S Bay North Coast is an integrated and upscale lifestyle that provides all types of services and needs, whether basic, commercial, entertainment, medical or security, with reasonable prices and smooth and convenient payment systems so; Seize the opportunity, dear reader, and contact the project officials now and do not hesitate to own an entertainment and investment residential unit.

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