Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

Project details
project name Katameya Coast North Coast
The project Location Ras Al-Hikma area at kilometer 208
Developer ستار لايت للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 175
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 5 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 18,200,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Katameya Coast North Coast Village is one of the main tourist destinations for many clients and investors. It was implemented by Star Light Real Estate Development Company with the utmost professionalism and precision, on a vast plot of land, exceeding 200 acres, ensuring the provision of all services, features, and activities that are appropriate for this tourist area. To which tourists and visitors come from all over the Arab and foreign countries.

The Katameya Coast North Coast location is distinctive and full of important services, as the developer proposed the project in the heart of Ras El Hekma area, where there is a direct view of one of the most beautiful and finest coasts of the Mediterranean, with its pure turquoise waters, clear blue skies, and soft yellow sand, in addition to its proximity to all Important and main areas and axes.

The company developing the project also provided a huge area, and was also keen to provide its residential units in a variety of ways and with varying sizes to suit all needs, as the project’s units vary between chalets, penthouses, twin houses and independent villas, with areas starting from 175 square meters.

The prices of residential units in Katameya Coast North Coast village are highly competitive, as unit prices start from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds, with easy and flexible installment systems, which consist of paying 10% down payment, and paying the rest of the unit price in installments over 5 years, in order to suit all categories. Community.

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Location of Katameya Coast Village North Coast

Star Light Real Estate Development Company knows very well the importance of a vital location for any distinguished residential or tourist project such as Kattameya Coast Village, and therefore it was keen to choose a very distinct geographical location and completely far from noise, pollution, crowding and many other sources of nuisance.

The location of the Katameya Coast project was chosen in the Ras Al-Hikma area at kilometer 208, as it is close to a large network of transportation and main roads, which makes it easy for customers and residents to get to or leave the village. This wonderful strategic location also enjoys being close to There are many landmarks and indispensable entertainment activities, in addition to basic, medical and other services, so that the owners feel the highest levels of relaxation and enjoyment.

Places near the Katameya Coast project

Star Light Real Estate Development Company made a great effort in selecting the Kattameya Coast location, in order to make it easier for the project residents to move between the new cities and the residential and tourism projects, which are as follows:

  • Fouka Road: The project is only 5 minutes away from Al Fouka Road.
  • International coastal road: Project residents need approximately 8 minutes to reach the International Coastal Road.
  • New Alamein City: New Alamein City is located 20 minutes from the village.
  • El Alamein International Airport: El Alamein International Airport can be reached from the village within 30 minutes.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman areaThe time distance between the project and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Sidi Hanish areaThe Katameya Coast project is only approximately 18 minutes apart from the Sidi Heneish area.
  • La Vista North Coast VillageIt is easy to reach the village of La Vista, North Coast, from the project, as the distance between them does not exceed 5 kilometers.
  • Heart of Cairo: Cairo Governorate is only 3 hours away from the resort.
  • Marsa Matrouh Governorate: Marsa Matrouh Governorate is located approximately 120 minutes from the village.
  • Alexandria city: Alexandria is only 60 minutes away from the village.

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Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

Designed by Katameya Coast North Coast

The designs of Katameya Coast North Coast Village are characterized by splendor, distinction and dazzlement, after the developing company provided all the factors of creativity and innovation in the design. The task of designing Katameya Coast Resort was entrusted to a very distinguished group of experts, who work at Star Light Real Estate Development Company, and it actually came out. The exterior and even interior design of the village is as complete as possible.

The divisions and interior designs of the residential units were based on a thoughtful and ingenious basis, as all project units have a charming and direct view of the Mediterranean coast and the green cover as well, which surrounds the village from all directions, making the project appear to us as an architectural masterpiece shining in the heart of the Ras El Hikma area.

Katameya Coast Resort was built in two phases, each of which was built with a system of tiered terraces, with European designs and decorations whose beauty cannot be resisted, with a charming view and bright, modern colors that match the surrounding natural colors, to increase the relaxation of the clients and maintain their calm and stable psychological state.

Area of ​​Katameya Coast North Coast Village

The Katameya Coast North Coast project was implemented on a huge area, the developer company allocated the largest part of it to green spaces, artificial lakes, and various and various recreational activities, while the rest of the area was allocated to residential units, which were clearly and distinctively diverse. To satisfy all customers and investors, the project area is as follows:

  • The total area: The project was built on an area of ​​200 acres, sufficient for this huge amount of services and features.
  • Building area: The many and varied residential units occupied only 20% of the total area of ​​the project.
  • Green spaces and landscape: Green spaces and water bodies occupied approximately 80% of the total area of ​​the village.

Unit space in Katameya Coast North Coast

Kattameya Coast North Coast is unique in the presence of various residential units, with different sizes, that meet the desires of the elite members of society, including clients and investors. The project includes almost all types of residential units, and this is always what we find in Star Light Real Estate Development Company projects, as the village’s units vary between chalets. Penthouses, twin houses and independent villas, and their areas vary in a way that meets the needs and requirements of all customers. The units’ area is represented as follows:

  • Chalets area: The area of ​​chalets starts from 200 square meters.
  • Penthouse space: The penthouse area starts from 175 square meters.
  • Twin house area: The twin house area starts from 275 square meters.
  • Area of ​​independent villas: The area of ​​independent villas starts from 300 square meters.

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Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

Katameya Coast North Coast Village prices

The developer company has offered competitive and ideal prices for owning a residential unit in the Katameya Coast North Coast project. In fact, it has succeeded in offering a variety of prices, which vary based on the unit’s area, type and location in the project. To satisfy and suit all customers, unit prices are as follows:

  • Chalet prices: Chalet prices start from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Penthouse prices: Penthouse prices start from 7,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house prices: Twin house prices start from 8,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa prices: Villa prices start from 13,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Kattameya Coast

Star Light Real Estate Development Company knows that there are some customers who find it very difficult to pay the unit price using the immediate payment system, and in order to ensure that as many customers as possible can enjoy the charming atmosphere available within the village of Katameya Coast Resort North Coast it has introduced a reservation and payment system, which is considered The best of all in the Ras El Hekma area, and this system is as follows:

  • Pay 10% down payment of the total unit price upon contracting, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over about 5 years.

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Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

Price analysis in Katameya Coast Village

If we look at the size of the features and services available at Katameya Coast Resort and the competitive prices offered by the real estate developer, we will find that the company has taken into account the interests of customers and taken them into account. Profit was not its first or last goal, but it was keen to satisfy all customers, by offering prices. Competitiveness that suits them, and does not compare to the size of the village’s services and features.

Facilities and services of Katameya Coast North Coast Village

Star Light Real Estate Development Company, which owns Katameya Coast Village North Coast, has provided everything that makes the customer feel complete and different at the same time, thanks to the large and distinguished list of features and services, which are appropriate for the charming beaches and the clear blue sea. These features and services are the following:

  • swimming pool: The project’s enormous area helped create more than one swimming pool, varying in shapes, areas and depths, so that all age groups can enjoy and spend times filled with happiness and enjoyment.
  • Green spaces: The charming green spaces with their tall trees dominate the total area of ​​the project, so that clients and residents find a great deal of psychological tranquility, comfort and tranquility.
  • Security services: The village’s security services include entry and exit gates that operate electronically, security personnel and guards deployed everywhere, as well as advanced surveillance cameras, which operate almost 24 hours a day.
  • Social clubs: The project has many sports clubs, including many recreational activities suitable for adults and children, in addition to various sports fields, through which all types of sports can be practiced.
  • BBQ areas: Katameya Coast Village North Coast, has a large area for barbecue parties, equipped with everything, so that customers can spend an enjoyable time amidst green spaces and fresh air.
  • Walking tracks: The village contains long walking paths, ideally divided between what is designated for walking, and what is designated for running and cycling. These paths are located amidst beautiful and picturesque green spaces.
  • Spacious garages: The project was provided with wide and distinct wheels, sufficient for a large number of cars, and the developing company was keen to secure them with guard personnel and surveillance cameras.
  • Medical Clinics: The project includes specialized medical clinics, operated throughout the day by a group of the most qualified and best specialized doctors.
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies are spread in different places of the project, to provide all the medicines or treatments that the project residents may need at any given time.
  • Commercial markets: The project includes many commercial markets, including very distinguished shops, especially since it provides all international and local brands and brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Katameya Coast Resort North Coast has a large list of five-star restaurants and cafes, which provide all local and international dishes, in an exceptional and distinctive atmosphere of fun and happiness.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: Maintenance and cleaning services are carried out on a daily basis within Katameya Coast North Coast, ensuring that the aesthetic appearance of the project is maintained at all times.
  • Places of worship: To perform religious duties and rituals, a large mosque was constructed, distinguished by its elegant and extremely luxurious designs, in addition to its large area sufficient for all residents of the project.
  • Private beach: The village has its own long beach, with a length of 765 square meters, so that all units have a direct view of the sea coast.
  • Aqua park for children: The village contains an Aqua Park in Kubra, equipped with many fun recreational activities suitable for all ages, and secured at the highest level to maintain the safety of all children.
  • Hypermarket: All household goods and supplies can be obtained with ease, thanks to the village containing a large hypermarket, located in the most vital areas of the project, and providing home delivery service.
  • five stars hotelThere is a large five-star hotel in the village, which shines with its dazzling designs and direct view of the sea, in addition to providing hotel services in the best possible way.

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Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

Advantages of investing in Katameya Coast Ras Elhekma

Kattameya Coast is one of the important tourism projects that met with great success immediately after its announcement, due to the investment advantages it contains, which made it sit at the top of many other tourism projects available in the same region, as it has a wonderful strategic location and is close to all landmarks, axes and regions, and the vast area, Those that are expertly divided are unparalleled.

The village of Katameya Coast Resort North Coast, shines with its international architectural design, which is in line with the charming nature of the place, in addition to its residential units with charming views of the open areas and green spaces spread everywhere in the project. The project is nothing but a great investment advantage, helping you double your capital and within a period of time. Very short period of time.

About Star Light Developments

Star Light Real Estate Development Company is the one that launched Katameya Coast Village, North Coast. This developer company put all its experience into implementing this distinguished tourism project. It succeeded in building a bridge of trust between it and its customers, by presenting a new urban concept that meets all their desires and requirements. .

Star Light Real Estate Development Company follows a well-thought-out plan and international quality standards, to be able to implement its residential and tourism projects in an exceptional and unique way. This was clearly demonstrated in its choice of vital locations close to all services and important landmarks, and in its keenness to provide these projects with the greatest possible amount of services. And the advantages, to move from being residential or tourist projects to integrated cities and communities without missing anything.

Star light Developments projects

Star Light Real Estate Development Company’s interest in the smallest and smallest details in its projects, whether tourist, residential, or even commercial, has helped it build many distinguished and successful projects, including, for example, the following:

Katameya Heights Compound New Cairo

Katameya Heights New Cairo Compound is considered one of the largest and most prestigious residential projects located in the heart of Cairo, with a wonderful strategic location, close to all services and axes, and far from all sources of pollution or annoying traffic congestion, in addition to the vast area, which helped Star Light Real Estate Development Company To build a large and diverse number of wonderful residential units.

Katameya Creeks Project, New Cairo

Project attraction Katameya Creeks New Cairo The interest of many customers and investors immediately after its announcement, thanks to its countless services and features, as Star Light Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide them everywhere in the project, to meet the needs of all customers and investors on the one hand, and in order for them to enjoy the highest levels of luxury and enjoyment on the other hand.

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Target Katameya Coast North Coast

Kattameya Coast Village was established North Coast In order to suit people with high and refined taste from the elite of society, the developer has created a large number of residential and summer units, which increase customers’ feelings of enjoyment, happiness, cheerfulness and vitality, thanks to their exceptional views of the Mediterranean coast and the beautiful and charming green spaces.

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Katameya Coast North Coast By star light Developments

The beauty of nature in Ras El Hekma area

Star Light Real Estate Development Company built the project in the Ras El Hekma area, a wonderful area that has become one of the most important and finest tourist attractions on the North Coast, with a lively location and close to all services, landmarks and hubs, a unique view of the blue waters and soft sand, in addition to containing For all basic and entertainment projects, which can never be dispensed with.

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Disadvantages of Katameya Coast Resort North Coast

 There is almost nothing wrong with it, especially since it shines with its spacious area and very elegant and luxurious designs. Despite this, some customers see that the village is a long distance from the heart of Cairo, but with the state’s interest in axes, roads and infrastructure in general. This defect has been completely eliminated, and access to the village from anywhere is no more than a few minutes.

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