Masaya North Coast By Egy Gab Developments 2024

Project details
project name Masaya North Coast
The project Location specifically at kilometer 134 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road
Developer إيجي جاب للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 88
receiving date 2025
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 9 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 2,320,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Masaya North Coast is the perfect choice for spending the most enjoyable times in a strategic location, within a huge tourist city, with a distinctive view of the most beautiful North Coast beaches and green spaces. The project was implemented by EgyGab Real Estate Company, on a large area, reaching 30 acres.

The project is located within the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, near the most important landmarks and services of the North Coast, and near important roads and axes, as the project is located next to Fouka Road, El Dabaa Road, El Alamein Airport, Borg El Arab Airport, and 30 kilometers from the city of El Alamein.

The project offers a package of residential and tourist units, as it includes units of chalets, duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and independent villas, coming in various sizes, starting from 88 square meters and up to 345 square meters.

The owner company offered the project units at competitive prices, with unit prices starting from 2,320,000 Egyptian pounds. The units were also offered with very flexible payment systems, where a 10% down payment can be made, and the rest can be paid in installments over 9 years.

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Location of Masaya North Coast

Because the vital location is considered one of the most important factors for the success of any project, the company that owns Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman was keen to build it in a vital area, close to important services and facilities, as the project is located in the heart of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and is located specifically at kilometer 134 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. It is characterized by its proximity to important roads and axes, villages and tourist resorts, in addition to its proximity to the most important services and landmarks of the North Coast.

Places near Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast is located next to the most important vital areas, including roads, airports, commercial malls and other areas where all customers’ needs are available. Among the most prominent places close to the project are the following:

  • New Alamein Airport: Masaya North Coast is located half an hour from New Alamein Airport.
  • Burj Al Arab Airport: Burj Al Arab Airport is 30 minutes away from the village.
  • Dabaa City: Masaya North Coast is located only 15 minutes from Dabaa City.
  • New Alamein City: The project is located 30 kilometers from New Alamein City.
  • Alexandria City: Masaya North Coast is only 133 kilometers away from Alexandria.
  • Cairo City: Cairo is 265 kilometers away from the resort.
  • Sidi Heneish area: The Sidi Heneish area is located near the project.
  • Ras El Hekma Bay: The village is a short distance from Ras El Hekma Bay.
  • Fouka Road: Fouka Road is located near Masaya Ras El Hekma.
  • Nearby villages: The project is located near the village of De Bay North Coast, and the Marassi North Coast project.

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الشركة المطورة في قرية مسايا الساحل الشمالي Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast design

EGYGAP Company chose the most famous architectural and engineering design engineers to produce Masaya North Coast in its best light, as the project is distinguished by its high-end designs that came in a unique and charming European style, where the colors of the project merge with the colors of the surrounding nature, as it is located directly on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by It has a landscape of green spaces and landscape.

The project is distinguished by its luxurious designs, which are in the form of graduated terraces divided into 6 different levels. The units have a direct view of the sea, and the company that owns the project took care to provide all the comfort and tranquility factors, by separating the units with long distances. To achieve privacy for residents.

The project was built on a large area of ​​about 30 acres. The project is located on a beach with a length of 300 meters and a depth of about 850 metres. The project provides various units of chalets, duplexes, independent villas, twin houses and ton houses, which come with very sophisticated designs. Creativity and different spaces; Let the customer choose what suits him.

The area of ​​Masaya Ras El-Hikma

The village of Masaya North Coast extends over a large area, most of which has been allocated to green spaces, as the project units overlook the lagoon and landscape, which adds beauty and sophistication to it. This large area also allowed for the presence of a large number of residential units of different styles and varied spaces, and the area of ​​​​the resort Masaya North Coast as follows:

  • Total area: The total area is about 30 acres.
  • Building area: The project buildings occupy 30% of the total area.
  • Green spaces and landscape: 70% of the total area has been allocated to establish green spaces and landscape

Unit space in Masaya North Coast

The size of the units in Masaya North Coast varies, as you can find small, medium and large spaces, allowing customers to choose what suits their financial capabilities and the number of their family members, as there are units of different sizes, starting from 88 square meters and up to 345 square meters, and the area of ​​the project units can be clarified. Below:

  • Chalet space: The area of ​​Masaya Resort chalets starts from 88 square meters and reaches 131 square meters.
  • Duplex space: Duplex units are available within the project with areas starting from 234 square meters.
  • Twin house area: The twin house area starts from 220 square meters and reaches 250 square meters.
  • Townhouse area: The townhouse area within the Masaya North Coast starts from 190 square meters.
  • Villas’ area: The villas’ area starts from 310 square meters and reaches 345 square meters.

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موقع قرية مسايا الساحل الشمالي Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast prices

The company that owns the Masaya North Coast has offered units of chalets, villas, and duplexes at very competitive prices. Which increased the demand for purchasing units, and there are fully finished units and unfinished units available within the project. Unit prices vary according to the percentage of finishes, and according to the type and area of ​​the unit. The project prices can be clarified as follows:

  • Chalet prices: Chalet prices start from 2,320,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse prices: Townhouse prices start from 8,554,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house prices: Twin house prices start from 14,360,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa prices: Villa prices start from 23,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and repayment systems in the Masaya North Coast

EGYGAP Company, which owns Masaya North Coast, was keen to provide a flexible payment system with the lowest down payment, while providing installment systems extending over several years, to help customers purchase project units and pay in convenient installments. The payment system comes as follows:

  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the price in installments over 9 years.
  • Units will be delivered within 3 years of contracting.
  • The villa units are delivered fully finished, and the rest of the units are delivered without finishing, so that the customer can finish to his own taste.

Masaya Resort price analysis

The appropriate price for customers is considered one of the most important elements of the success of any project, and that is why EGYGAP Company was keen to offer Masaya North Coast at competitive prices, as the project offers units with high-end international designs, and a charming view of the most beautiful natural landscapes, in addition to the integrated finishes. If the prices are compared to the amount of services and features available In the project, it will become clear that their prices are unbeatable.

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مميزات قرية مسايا الساحل الشمالي Masaya North Coast

Masaya North Coast Facilities and Services

When we talk about the facilities and services of Masaya North Coast, we will find all kinds of services that meet all the needs and requirements of customers, where you will find entertainment services, basic services and countless other services, which made the project one of the most prominent tourist, residential and summer resorts that has achieved great success thanks to its It has many advantages, and the project services are as follows:

  • Gym and sports fields: The project contains gym halls, in addition to sports fields for football, squash, basketball, and other sports.
  • Health clubs: The resort includes health clubs, providing spa sessions, jacuzzi and sauna; For more luxury, relaxation and comfort.
  • Hotel for pets: The project provides a hotel dedicated to animals, which receives all types of pets who are cared for with the highest quality and in the best ways.
  • Boutique Hotel: Five-star hotels are available within the village for visitors and residents of the project, and it provides hotel services at the highest level.
  • Golf cars: The project contains golf cars, which help the village residents move between the units and areas of the project with ease.
  • Recreational areas for children: Within the village there are recreational areas for children, which include all kinds of entertaining games as well as useful educational games.
  • Minimarket: The Masaya North Coast includes a minimarket that provides all the residents’ necessities of food commodities.
  • Shops: Inside the resort there are many malls and shops that stock all the basic and luxury products of the most famous international and local brands.
  • Security and guarding services: It is possible to live safely inside Masaya North Coast thanks to the presence of security and guarding personnel trained to protect all areas and units of the project, available 24 hours a day.
  • Medical centers and pharmacies: The project contains medical centers at the highest level under the supervision of the most senior doctors in all specialties. There are also multiple pharmacies available throughout the day, providing all types of medical drugs.
  • Green spaces and swimming pools: The project units are surrounded by a large group of green spaces, adding an atmosphere of calm, comfort and beauty to the place. Swimming pools are also available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Within Masaya North Coast there are restaurants and cafes under the supervision of the most famous chefs, serving all types of local and international dishes, while providing the most delicious drinks.
  • Aqua Park and Clubhouse: There is an Aqua Park within Masaya North Coast equipped with various entertainment and water games, in addition to a clubhouse at the highest level.
  • Garages for cars: The village provides garages for cars with a large area. It accommodates the largest number of cars, and reduces congestion and congestion inside the resort.
  • Electrical generators: The company that owns the project was keen to provide high-quality electrical generators that operate automatically in the event of a power outage.

Advantages of investing in the Masaya North Coast project

Masaya Sidi Abdel Rahman Village is considered one of the best projects that provide a great investment opportunity for entrepreneurs, as it has many features that set it apart from other projects, as it provides integrated services, a vital location, competitive prices, and other features that come as follows:

  • The strategic location is close to the main axes, roads, and basic services in the region.
  • Various units of chalets, villas, twin houses, and townhouses.
  • Different spaces that allow the customer to choose what suits him.
  • The distinctive designs are in the latest elegant architectural style, similar to international buildings in their elegance and beauty.
  • A distinctive view of the most beautiful landscapes of green spaces, swimming pools, and the Mediterranean beach.
  • Unbeatable prices, easy payment systems with the lowest down payment and installments over long periods.

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مساحات قرية مسايا الساحل الشمالي Masaya North Coast

About Egy Gab Real Estate Development Company

EGYGAB Real Estate Development Company is the developer and owner of Masaya North Coast. The company was established in 1977 under the leadership of Engineer Samir Jaballah, and since its founding, it has presented many successful projects; Which makes it at the forefront of real estate development companies in Egypt. The company also owns many distinguished businesses in other fields, including industrial, agricultural, educational investment and other prominent fields, as the company is keen to provide everything that is new and advanced, which has made it gain the trust of its customers. aptly.

Egy Gab Developments projects

EGYGAP Company presented residential, commercial, administrative and other types of projects through which it provided the best architectural designs, in addition to its keenness to choose vital sites to establish its projects, while providing competitive prices, which contributed to entrusting it with the task of constructing public transportation garages, and developing the Authority building. Atomic energy, in addition to the maintenance workshops of EgyptAir, and other works. Among the company’s most important previous works are the following:

The Edge Mall Shorouk

EGYGAP Company introduced The Edge Mall Shorouk In a lively area in the heart of Shorouk City, the mall has an area of ​​4,364 square metres, and contains commercial, administrative and medical units, which come in various sizes, starting from 45 square metres, and can be obtained at competitive prices and flexible payment systems.

The Font Mall Fifth Settlement

The Font Mall, Fifth Settlement, is one of the most prominent malls located in the Fifth Settlement area. It was built by EGYGAP on a large area, reaching 1,200 square metres, and it provided commercial, medical, and administrative units. The project also provides units of different sizes, and unbeatable prices.

Granda Shorouk Compound

EGYGAP Company presented the Granda Shorouk Compound on a huge area, and provided residential units located within buildings with high-quality designs. The project includes 27 buildings, and the buildings contain residential apartments, duplexes and penthouses. The units come in a variety of sizes starting from 150 square meters, and come at very competitive prices, with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period.

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Masaya North Coast Goal

Masaya Village has achieved all the means of luxury, comfort and privacy. It is one of the most prominent tourism and residential projects with integrated services that meet all customer requirements, in terms of sophisticated design, strategic location, competitive prices, easy payment systems and a large area that allowed the presence of many units, which came in different types and sizes. Multiple, which is why it is considered a great opportunity for all investors and entrepreneurs.

The beauty of life on the North Coast

The North Coast is considered a huge residential and summer tourist attraction. It has limitless service and entertainment capabilities, as it combines the beauty of enchanting nature with basic and recreational services. The North Coast is characterized by the presence of luxurious tourist resorts, strong infrastructure, a vital location, and important roads and axes. Educational institutions, medical services, and huge commercial malls that stock all the supplies and international and local brands.

North Coast It is a flat land with no highlands, characterized by an abundance of grass, and a moderate climate throughout the seasons of the year, in addition to the calm waves there, which makes it one of the safe areas that attracts visitors from all over the world, and you find residential projects that provide various units of chalets. And villas, with the best prices and the most beautiful designs, which is why the North Coast attracts all investors and entrepreneurs, thanks to the advantages it possesses.

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خدمات قرية مسايا الساحل الشمالي Masaya North Coast

Disadvantages of Masaya North Coast

The village is considered one of the flawless projects, and this is because it has many features that make it one of the most successful residential projects that have received great demand thanks to its strategic location and countless services. Despite the project’s advantages, some believe that the village’s location on the northern coast is far from Cairo, but new roads and axes were constructed, linking the project to all other cities, the most prominent of which is Al-Fouka Road, through which one can reach Cairo in a short distance.

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