One 33 Compound October | Pay only 10% now and own your unit with installments over 5 years

Project details
project name One 33 Compound October
The project Location The compound is located behind the Shooting Club in Sheikh Zayed
Developer بدر الدين العقارية
Unit area 70 square meters
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 5 installment years
Finishing type Semi-Final - Full Finisher
Prices start from 8,500,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

One 33 October Compound is the latest project of Badr El Din Development Company. It was built on an area of ​​approximately 133 acres, most of which includes gardens, green spaces, and parks, surrounded by a large number of facilities and services, which will provide the best possible residential experience to customers.

One 33 project is located in the most prestigious areas of Sheikh Zayed, behind the Shooting Club and minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor, Rod Al-Farag Corridor, Waslet Dahshur Road, Alexandria Road, and minutes away from the Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

The units in One 33 October Compound vary between luxury residential apartments and duplex units, with varying sizes to suit customers and investors, as the area of ​​the apartments starts from 70 square meters, while the area of ​​the duplex units starts from 220 square meters.

All units within the project are available at competitive prices starting from 37,000 per meter, and an easy payment system helps the customer pay the unit price over 6 years in equal installments. For more details about prices and spaces, please follow the rest of the article.

كمبوند وان 33 اكتوبر | One 33 October

One 33 October Compound location

One 33 October Compound is located in one of the best areas of Sheikh Zayed, as it is located behind the Shooting Club. This area is characterized by its calm and proximity to many vital areas, which gave the residents of the compound an ideal life, in which it is easy to fulfill all their various needs.

Places near One 33 October project

One 33 October Compound is close to a number of different service areas, other than the roads that connect the compound and a number of main areas, and these areas are as follows:

  • Proximal axes: The compound is close to the 26th of July axis and the Rod Al-Farag axis.
  • Main roads: The distance between Waslet Dahshur Road and Alexandria Road is very close.
  • Malls: Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia are just a few minutes away from the compound.
  • Nearby universities: October University and Nile University are within a short distance of the compound.
  • Public squares: Remaya Square, El Hosary Square, and the Compound are only a few minutes apart.
  • Banks complex: 7 minutes separate the compound from the banking complex.
  • Nearby compounds: The project is close to Mountain View iCity Compound and Paradise Compound.

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كمبوند وان 33 اكتوبر | One 33 October

One 33 October project design

The project has high-end architectural designs that are in harmony with the spirit of picturesque nature. It is like an artistic painting that embraces the service residential buildings available in the project, which are surrounded on all sides by terraced gardens via circular stairs, which forms a wonderful and attractive appearance that is similar in design to green islands.

Badr El Din Development Company has begun to increase the area of ​​One 33 October Compound, and to provide a new outlet for customers, by adding a number of residential units different from the existing ones, especially since most of the units have been sold. In addition, the company seeks to provide discounted prices for the units on the date of their launch.

Area of ​​One 33 Compound Sheikh Zayed

Badr El Din Development Company, which owns One 33 October Compound, was keen to build the compound on a large area. So that residents can enjoy the greatest possible amount of services and residential units. The area of ​​One 33 project was about 133 acres, and it was divided in a distinctive way, as the percentage of green spaces was about 72%, while the percentage of the building area was 28%, which explains the increased demand of many customers to purchase units in the compound.

Unit space in One 33 Compound

One 33 Sheikh Zayed project included a number of distinctive apartment and duplex units, which came in different sizes. To suit different customer needs, these spaces are as follows:

  • Apartments: There are apartments for sale in One 33 October Compound starting from 70 square meters.
  • Duplex: The duplex area in the project reached about 220 square meters.

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One 33 October Compound prices

Badr El Din Development Company has offered a set of competitive prices, which have never been offered before in any residential project in October, which prompts many customers to buy private residential units since they will not incur any major financial burdens.

Apartment prices within One 33 Sheikh Zayed Compound

The price per meter for apartments in the compound starts at 121,400 pounds, and therefore the total prices of apartments vary due to their area and size, in addition to their location within the project. The price of apartments within buildings consisting of 3 floors differs from those in buildings with 4 floors.

Unit prices within One 33 October project

As for duplex units, the price per square meter starts at 37,000 pounds, so unit prices start at 8,500,000 pounds. These units are distinguished by their good division and splendor of design, and the colors of the external units are in harmony with the surrounding environment of the compound.

Payment systems in One 33 October Compound

The developer company has introduced one payment system, which requires paying 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 5 years. In the case of reserving a residential apartment, 50,000 EGP is paid first, while for duplex units, 100,000 EGP is paid. Serious booking, these amounts are refundable.

Price analysis of One 33 Sheikh Zayed Compound

The prices of One 33 are considered among the best prices offered in Sheikh Zayed City, which you rarely find in any residential project located in its surroundings and has the same specifications, designs and countless features, in addition to basic and recreational services, and the diversity in unit areas and styles, and all of this makes them reasonable and non-competitive prices.

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كمبوند وان 33 اكتوبر | One 33 October

Facilities and services of One 33 October Compound

The services available in the residential project are the most important thing that any client who wants to live a full-fledged life is looking for, which is what prompted Badr El Din Company to provide a package of the best services and features, which can be explained in detail in the following:

  • Cafes: The project has a number of international cafes and restaurants, which offer the most delicious food and the best drinks. To satisfy different customer tastes.
  • Commercial mall: The mall includes a large number of shops with the most famous international brands, through which all basic and luxury products can be purchased.
  • The garage: In order to ensure its upscale look and feel, garages have been allocated under the residential units for cars to park inside.
  • security service: Security services include the availability of a large number of security personnel at gates and entrances, as well as the use of the best surveillance cameras and the most advanced electronic gates ever.
  • Barbecues: The landscape area of ​​the compound was approximately 95 acres, which helped the real estate developer allocate space for barbecue parties, in a wonderful family atmosphere.
  • Kids Area: Children enjoy more fun and enjoyable times, thanks to the presence of Kids Area, which includes many entertaining and educational games.
  • Sports fields: For lovers of practicing sports in all its forms and types, a sports club was built within the 33 October Sheikh Zayed project on a large area, which includes a number of different sports fields.
  • social Club: A social club was built on a large area, supervising the establishment of many social activities for the families and residents of the compound. With the aim of helping them create distinctive social relationships between them.
  • Paved paths: For those who love running and exercising early in the morning amid the green spaces, and enjoying the clear air, paved tracks have been allocated, a great distance from the car path.
  • Hypermarket: There is a large hypermarket inside the compound, displaying all the goods and supplies that families need in their daily lives.
  • medical Center: The project includes a medical center with a high level of readiness, whether human or material, as it includes the best medical personnel, the latest medical devices and therapeutic tools.
  • Electric generators: In order to ensure the functioning of all facilities and residential units in the event of a power outage, electric generators were provided, which operate automatically when the main power is interrupted.
  • The mosque: To hold prayers and religious rituals on various occasions, a mosque was built in a high Islamic style, with a large area. To accommodate the largest number of worshipers.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: Services within the compound include safe and quick disposal of garbage, in addition to the presence of a group of technicians specialized in repairing all faults in the compound as soon as they are reported.

Advantages of investing in One 33 October project

The advantages of One 33 October are countless, as it is the address of the ideal life that all those who aspire to a better life for themselves and their children dream of, thanks to the strategic location of One 33 October Compound, and the services available near the residential units, as well as the prices and installment system offered by By the developing company.

Living in One 33 October is considered one of the investment opportunities that is difficult to replace, in light of the compound’s location between a number of main axes and roads, which makes access to any place easy and simple. Also, the features of the compound and the diversity of its units in terms of shape and spaces are a strong motivation for those who are thinking about Reselling or renting their unit, and in light of the increasing rise in real estate prices, many are guaranteed a very large profit return.

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About Badr El Din Developments

Badr El Din Developments is responsible for the construction of One 33 October Compound, as it has wide sales and fame, making it the first choice for many clients and investors, especially since its experience in this field exceeds 17 years, as it began its work specifically in the year 2006.

In record time, the company was able to build a brand name in the real estate market. Relying on engineering cadres in the field of design, planning, and construction who are known for their experience and excellence, as well as the materials and tools used in the construction operations that conform to international standards, and that withstand the factors of erosion and various climatic fluctuations.

Badr El Din Developments projects

The Badr El Din Company project, known as One 33, was not the first, but was preceded by a number of distinguished projects, which won the approval of many clients. The company’s previous work is represented in the following:

Al Karma Sheikh Zayed Compound

He owns Al Karma Sheikh Zayed Compound A vital location at the entrance to Sheikh Zayed City and near Al Rabwa Compound. It is also located minutes away from Juhayna Square and Hyper One. The compound extends over an area of ​​16 acres and includes many apartments, duplexes, townhouses, twin houses, and separate villas, with sized areas Starting from 129 square meters.

Kayan 6 October project

Located Kayan Compound 6 October In front of Entrance 4 in Sheikh Zayed City, specifically behind the Mall of Arabia, and near Dandy Mall, Hyper One, 26th of July Corridor, and Dahshur Link, where the compound extends over an area of ​​100 acres, and also offers customers residential apartments of various sizes and prices.

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كمبوند وان 33 اكتوبر | One 33 October

The goal of One 33 Sheikh Zayed project

One 33 October project aims to build a residential city with integrated services and public facilities, which eliminates the need for residents to leave to meet their daily desires and requirements. It is like a city closed in on itself, characterized by high-end designs and distinguished finishes that keep pace with the latest architectural technologies in the world.

The beauty of life in 6th of October City

Located Sixth of October City In Giza Governorate, on the Oasis Road, it is divided into several neighborhoods and residential areas, and each neighborhood is divided into neighborhoods, and the residential neighborhoods are divided by numbers from the first to the twelfth, this is in addition to the distinguished neighborhood, El Bashayer neighborhood, the southern residential neighborhoods area, the West Somid neighborhood, In addition to the northern tourist areas, these residential areas contain sophisticated architectural designs, a variety of unit types surrounded by wide green spaces, as well as integrated services and competitive prices, which provide customers and investors with a unique life or investment experience.

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Disadvantages of One 33 October Compound

It is difficult to find any defects or problems in One 33 October Compound, but despite this, some customers prefer to live in independent villas, which is the type that is not found in the compound, and the prices of residential units are constantly changing; Depending on the state of the real estate market, which is not appreciated by some.

Finally, we can only say that One 33 October project is one of the most prestigious residential compounds in the 6th of October area, which has become one of the new cities blessed with a large amount of distinguished services, facilities and infrastructure, so hurry up and reserve your unit now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the area of ​​One 33 October Compound?
The compound area is 133 acres.
What is the type of units in One 33 October Compound?
The units vary between residential apartments and duplexes.
Who is the company that owns One 33 October Compound?
It is Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company.
What is the number of sales representatives in One 33 October Compound?
To contact the One 33 October Compound sales department, please contact us at 01554999269.
down payment
10 %
70 square meters m²
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