Zahra North Coast

Project details
project name Zahra North Coast
The project Location located at Kilometer 124 of the Alexandria/Matrouh Road near Sidi Abdel Rahman
Developer معمار المرشدي للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 40
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 6 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 8,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

With a huge investment volume, Zahra North Coast Village by Memaar Al Morshedy Company, one of its most prominent tourism projects, on a huge area of ​​up to 900 acres.

The village enjoys a strategic location at kilometer 124 of Alexandria/Matrouh Road, near Sidi Abdel Rahman, 15 minutes from El Alamein Airport, and 28 minutes from Marassi, next to Hacienda Bay Village.

Available in Zahra Village A variety of residential unit types, including chalets, cabins, and villas of all kinds, including townhouses, garden villas, and sky villas, all of which have a direct view of a 650-meter sandy beach. meters, with chalet sizes varying from 29 square metres, up to 255 square metres.

One ​​of the most prominent features of Zahra North Coast Those competitive prices that suit a large segment of customers and investors, which contribute to providing an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs, as unit prices start at The project costs 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds. These prices were provided with flexible payment systems, most notably a 15% down payment and installments over 5 years.

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Zahra North Coast Village location

One ​​of the most important features of Zahra North Coast is its strategic location near New Alamein City and the most lively area on the coast, as it is located specifically at Kilometer 124 of the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road near Sidi Abdel Rahman. The area is characterized by its proximity to the most important roads and axes that facilitate access to the village in a short time.

Places near Zahra North Coast

Zahra village north coast In a vast plot of land that enjoys proximity to the most prominent landmarks of the northern coast, including the following:

  • New Alamein Airport: Zahra village resort north coast Only a quarter-hour drive from New Alamein Airport
  • Marsa Matrouh: Approaching Zahra Al Sahel from the city of Marsa Matrouh.
  • Cairo City: Zahra village is 265 kilometers from Cairo.
  • New Alamein City: Zahra North Coast Project specifically in the area between New Alamein City and Hacienda Bay Village.
  • Nearby tourist villages: Zahra North Coast Project is only 13 minutes from Bo Island, and 14 minutes from Hacienda Bay And 28 minutes from Marasi village.

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Zahra North Coast village location

Design by Zahra Al Sahel Sidi Abdel Rahman

Zahra North Coast With high-end designs that rival in beauty the latest Greek styles, the buildings in the village were designed with international designs, in accordance with the latest quality standards and advanced architectural techniques, as they were adopted The company that owns the project includes major design companies and specialists in engineering, construction, facades, modern decorations, paints, etc. To launch this distinguished edifice at the highest level, and in an atmosphere of innovation, uniqueness and creativity.

Memaar Al Morshedy Company cooperated in designing and implementing Zahra Resort North Coast Village With three huge companies, they are the company of the well-known engineer Raif Fahmy, who has many businesses. Distinctive inside and outside Egypt, in addition to cooperation in implementing the village with the international designer, engineer Vanderpa Design in Europe, and the international consulting engineer, Mohamed Hadid.

These designers participated in developing the project’s master plan, which consists of 6 huge stages; In order to become one of the most luxurious coastal cities in Egypt, and to become the first sustainable city that can be lived in all year round, all units are characterized by picturesque rear and front views, natural landscapes, green spaces, and a view for all units, on a 650-meter-long beach, due to the entire village being built on tiered terraces.

مساحة مشروع زهرة الساحل

Zahra North Coast on a huge area, sufficient to combine the picturesque nature with a special and unique character, represented by green spaces, artificial lakes, and natural landscapes, and to combine all of this in a snapshot One with those residential buildings, which carry extremely wonderful and beautiful designs, and the resort area can be explained in detail as follows:

  • Total area: Zahra North Coast About 900 acres, equivalent to 100 thousand square meters.
  • Building area: 17% of the total area of ​​the project has been allocated for the implementation of units, service buildings, and all construction.
  • Green spaces and landscape: 83% of the total area was allocated to Zahra village resort north coast for the green cover around the units, as well About bodies of water, landscapes, and stunning landscapes.

Area of ​​units in Zahra village resort north coast

The units in Zahra North Coast varied between chalets, townhouses and villas, which were implemented in 6 phases. In order to suit all the different desires and requirements of customers and investors, the village has small and large units that suit all families, and these spaces can be explained as follows:

  • Studios space: Studios space starts at Zahra Resort North Coast from 40 square meters.
  • One-bedroom chalet space: Chalet space starts at
  • Area of ​​2-bedroom chalets: The area of ​​2-bedroom chalets starts at Zahra North Coast Bedrooms of 60 square meters
  • bedroom chalets: chalet area starts Zahra resort north coast approximately 3 bedrooms of 75 square meters.
  • Area of ​​4-bedroom chalets: The area of ​​4-bedroom chalets starts from 115 square meters.
  • Townhouse unit area: Townhouse area for sale starts at Zahra North Coast from 225 square meters, up to 250 square meters.
  • Garden Villa unit area: Garden Villa unit area starts at Zahra North Coast of 220 square meters.
  • Sky Villa spaces: Sky Villa spaces Zahra Resort North Coast starts from 175 square meters.

Zahra North Coast coast prices

Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company has presented a list of prices outside the scope of competition within the village of Zahra North Coast, which is considered one of the best prices offered in the villages of the North Coast, and which is suitable for a huge segment of customers and investors. A list of these prices can be clarified through the following:

  • أسعار الاستوديوهات: تبدأ أسعار الاستديوهات في Zahra resort north coast من 8,000,000 جنيه.
  • Chalet prices: Chalet prices range in Zahra North Coast Between 10,500,000 pounds, and up to 15,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • أسعار التاون هاوس: تبدأ أسعار تاون هاوس Zahra north coast من 20,000,000 جنيه.

Reservation and payment systems in Zahra North Coast

Memaar Al Morshedy has developed many payment systems for booking Zahra units. These systems are characterized by flexibility and ease, and are among the best payment systems within the coast and New Alamein. These systems can be explained as follows:

  • The first system: 5% down payment, and the rest of the unit price in installments over 6 years without interest.
  • The second system: 10% down payment, and the rest of the unit price in installments over 7 years without interest.
  • Units in Village Zahra North Coast will be delivered within 3 and a half years from the contract date.

Analysis of the prices of Zahra North Coast Village

These aforementioned prices may have changed depending on the change in economic conditions in the country, but in general, the prices of Zahra Village are among the best prices that you rarely find in any other tourist resort located in the vicinity of this developed village. The prices are fair and competitive, especially when compared to the features and services that the village provides to its customers and investors.

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Zahra North Coast Village Areas

Facilities and services of Zahra north coast

Zahra Al Sahel includes many services and facilities, ranging from entertainment, commercial, and public facilities. So that unit owners in the village can enjoy advanced services that keep pace with the requirements of the modern era, and among the most prominent services available in Zahra north coast Next:

  • Swimming pools: Zahra North Coast Resort includes about 8 swimming pools, distributed parallelly throughout the village, and available in small and large sizes and different depths. To suit all ages, with designated swimming pools for women.
  • Aisles and tracks: Available in Zahra North Coast Areas and corridors designated for walking and various sports such as running and cycling, as well as picnicking and entertainment And relax in the open air.
  • Entertainment area: Zahra North Coast Village contains an integrated entertainment area, which includes many games and recreational activities that suit the desires of adults and children.
  • Restaurants and cafes: includes Zahra north coast Many restaurants and cafes that offer customers the most delicious food and drinks, which are prepared by skilled chefs
  • Kids Aria: The resort has a Kids Aria area designated for children, which includes many games and activities that develop their skills and thinking abilities.
  • Integrated commercial area: The village has a huge commercial area, which includes many shops, displaying the latest brands and goods that suit the desires of family members.
  • Green spaces: Green spaces and landscapes occupy most of the total area of ​​the project, giving a wonderful view to the units. These green spaces are interspersed with crystal lakes in cheerful colors, landscapes, and landscapes. Stunning.
  • Hypermarket: Available in Zahra North Coast Village A huge hypermarket that includes all the basic goods that every modern home needs.
  • Car garages: There are garages in the village for parking cars; To avoid crowding or crowding in the city streets, in addition to the availability of a designated garage for each unit within the village.
  • Sports fields: The resort contains a huge area of ​​sports fields, which include many activities, including football, basketball, volleyball, and others.
  • Health Club: Include Zahra north coast A huge health club spread over an area of ​​8 acres, and includes the latest fitness equipment, as well as lounges Gym, spa and jacuzzi.
  • Medical centers: Available in Zahra north coast Various medical services including pharmacies and a medical center, equipped with all medical supplies and medications.
  • Main gates and entrances: The village contains 3 main gates and entrances to facilitate entry and exit to and from the village, and the width of the streets is North Coast Flower 24 meters, and the project was surrounded by a wall, making it an integrated city closed in on itself.
  • Entertainment services: Available in Zahra North Coast Village Lots of entertainment services from a cinema complex, Central Park, fishing marina and yachts, Which provides residents with an enjoyable entertainment experience.
  • Security and guarding: The village was secured and protected 24 hours a day by equipping it with the latest security devices, including a security team trained at the highest level, and working surveillance cameras. With high quality and other methods that guarantee the protection and safety of owners.

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Zahra North Coast Village Services

Advantages of investing in Zahra North Coast

There are many characteristics and components that are unique to Zahra North Coast, which makes it the first destination for investors and entrepreneurs, as the village has a vital location near the most prominent roads and axes, which facilitates It is accessible from any area, and it is close to several vital areas on the coast, including the Sidi Abdel Rahman area and the new city of El Alamein, in addition to its proximity to important tourist villages such as Hacienda Bay and Marassi.

The village contains many services and features that distinguish it from other villages on the North Coast, which varied between basic entertainment services and security and guarding services, in addition to the availability of international hotels, restaurants, cafes, golf courses, and others. It is also a sustainable city, suitable for habitation throughout the year, surrounded by a wall to protect it from any external intrusion.

The investor can achieve the maximum profitable return from the village units by owning, renting, or reselling the unit, which achieves a stable and constantly increasing income, due to the difference in prices over different time periods, in addition to The value of the property changes and its price increases over the years, while ensuring the stability of the capital without change or loss.

About Memaar Al Morshedy Developments

Memaar Al Morshedy Developments is the company that developed and implemented the village Zahra north coast, which is considered one of the leading companies that was established by Mr. Muhammad Al Morshedy has been working for more than thirty years, in cooperation with a group of engineers and architects with cadres and experience in the real estate sector.

Since its establishment, Memaar Al Morshedy has implemented many successful real estate projects, including residential, commercial and tourist properties, in several vital areas in Egypt. In these projects, it relied on a distinct and advanced architectural methodology, as well as It focused on meeting customers’ desires and needs within these projects, which made them achieve amazing successes and huge sales rates.

Projects of Memaar Al Morshedy Real Estate Development Company

There are many projects that Memaar Al Morshedy Company has implemented, which have all the elements of modern life, and the most prominent of these projects are the following:

Lake Front Compound, 6 October

is considered Lake Front 6th of October Compound is one of the most prominent works of Memaar Al Morshedy Company, which is located in the heart of 6th of October City and near Al Wahat Road, Mall of Egypt , Al Ashgar District, Dreamland and Media Production City, where the project extends over an area of ​​37 acres, and provides various units between apartments, villas and duplexes, with 1,302 residential units, with varying areas and competitive prices.

Degla Landmark Memaar Al Morshedy

The Degla Landmark project enjoys a vital location in the heart of Nasr City. The project has sophisticated and innovative designs, as the Degla Landmark extends over an area of ​​14 acres, and enjoys many services, from green spaces, Landscape, security and guarding, restaurants and cafes, etc.

Katameya Gate Memaar Al Morshedy Compound

Katameya Gate Compound is one of the most prominent works of Memaar Al Morshedy Company located in Katameya, near Cairo Festival. The project extends over an area of ​​10 acres and includes multiple types of residential units, including Apartments and studios, as well as the availability of commercial units at various prices and sizes.

One Kattameya Memaar Al Morshedy Compound

One ​​Katameya Compound extends over an area of ​​25 acres, and is located in the heart of New Cairo, just 5 minutes from the Fifth Settlement, 20 minutes from 6th of October, and 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport. It is an integrated residential project, containing 30 residential buildings and 8 administrative buildings.

Katameya Business Gate Project

The Katameya Business Gate project extends over an area of ​​43,700 square meters, and is located in Katameya near Ain Sokhna Road. It is a commercial residential project, which includes 2,896 units, and includes 2 garages and a ground floor. And 11 upper floors.

Crystal Plaza Maadi

The Crystal Plaza Maadi project has a vital location on Maadi Ring Road, next to the British School and on the opposite side of the Shooting Clubs Complex, and minutes away from the Fifth Settlement and Nasr City. It is a hotel building, It includes many distinguished services, including a commercial mall, restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, hotel entrances, etc.

Degla Towers, Nasr City

The Degla Towers project is located in the heart of Nasr City, near Al-Ahly Club and Abbas Al-Akkad Street. The project extends over an area of ​​5 acres, equivalent to 21 thousand square meters, and consists of 6 towers, each A tower consisting of a ground floor and 11 floors.

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Features of Zahra North Coast Village

The goal of the Zahra North Coast Project

Zahra North Coast was implemented with the aim of creating an integrated and sustainable city closed on itself, suitable for living throughout the year, and enjoying all basic and recreational services that keep pace with the latest technological technologies and the requirements of the modern era, which provides customers and investors with an excellent experience. A summer life full of luxury and absolute luxury, far from crowding, crowds and noise.

The beauty of life on the North Coast

The North Coast is the first tourist destination for investors and customers, as this unique region occupies a distinguished location that is easily accessible from anywhere. It also enjoys a combination of picturesque nature and urban development, which has made it a focus of attraction. For Arab and foreign tourists, its soft sandy beaches have turned into a wonderful tourist destination, attracting many seekers of excellence, sophistication and absolute luxury.

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Investment advantages in Zahra North Coast Village

Disadvantages of Zahra North Coast Village

Despite the countless advantages that Zahra North Coast Village enjoys, some clients may see that the lack of immediate delivery units is one of the tangible defects within the project, but on the face of it Finally, we find that Memaar Al Morshedy Company has allocated a huge amount of investment to speed up the implementation of the village works and deliver them as soon as the contract date.

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