Marqs North Coast by The MarQ Communities

Project details
project name MarQs North Coast
The project Location Sidi Abd El Rahman
Developer ذا مارك العقارية
Unit area 60
receiving date
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 6 installment years
Finishing type fully finished
Prices start from 100,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

MarQs Village North Coast is the latest project of The Mark Real Estate Development Company on an area in the heart of the North Coast. The Mark Company is considered one of the largest Egyptian companies specialized in the field of construction and real estate development.

MarQs Sidi Abdel Rahman Village is distinguished by its strategic location near many main areas such as: Al Fouka Road, El Alamein City, El Alamein Airport, Sidi Abdel Rahman Village, Hacienda Bay Village, and El Dabaa Road.

MarQs North Coast Village offers a variety of residential units that include: chalets, independent villas, and townhouses.

The village includes a wide variety of residential unit areas, with areas starting from 60 square meters and at competitive prices, with a reservation of 100,000 Egyptian pounds and the longest payment period for the unit value.

To learn more about MarQs Village North Coast, you can read the article and learn all the details of the project.

MarQs Village North Coast location

MarQs North Coast Resort, developed by The Marqs Communities, enjoys a strategic and distinctive location in the heart of the North Coast, specifically in Sidi Abdel Rahman area and close to many main areas that make the village enjoy an excellent level of services.

In addition to being close to many main roads that facilitate access to the village from other cities, the most prominent of which is the Fouka Road, which connects Cairo and the North Coast, and reduces half the time it takes to travel the road between Cairo and the North Coast.

Places near the MarQs North Coast project

  • Hacienda Bay Village:Hacienda Bay Village is considered one of the most prominent residential complexes near MarQs, as it is located just steps away from it.
  • El Alamein City:You can reach the village from El Alamein City in less than half an hour.
  • El Alamein International Airport:You can also reach it from El Alamein International Airport in a short period not exceeding half an hour.
  • Alexandria City: Thanks to the village’s distinguished location on the northern coast, this makes it close to the city of Alexandria, and the distance between it and the village is only an hour and a half.
  • Borg El Arab Airport:The village is located just one hour away from Borg El Arab Airport.
  • Marsa Matrouh:You can reach MarQs Village from Marsa Matrouh city in less than an hour.
  • Fouka Road:One of the most prominent features of the village’s location is that it is close and minutes away from the Fouka Road exit, making it easily accessible from Greater Cairo.

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Marqs North Coast by The MarQ Communities

MarQs North Coast Resort Design

The designs of all residential communities owned by MarQ are inspired by the Marquise diamond, which is the most famous gemstone in the entire world. The Marquise diamond has been recognized globally as the most valuable stone, and this stone gains its value from the great effort made by the artists and those responsible for extracting the stone from the heart of… nature.

The meticulous process that a marquise stone goes through begins with the mining and extraction of the stone from nature, all the way to the final unveiling of the stone in the form of a diamond that can be used in making precious jewelry. Artists carefully craft each diamond to perfection.

MARC Company says that in its company and with the hands of a work team consisting of artists in many specialties, the company strives to achieve the excellence that artists achieve when they present every piece of Marquise diamond, and for this reason the company chose the Marquise diamond as its logo for its natural beauty and beautiful edges.

Master plan design for MarQs Village, North Coast

The company developing MarQs North Coast project has hired one of the most prominent international companies in the field of planning and engineering design, namely WATG, which has extensive experience in the field of design, and has implemented a large number of diverse projects in Egypt, the most prominent of which are luxury residential projects such as MarQs Village.

The company’s ingenuity is evident in the way it designed the Master Plan, by dividing the area of ​​MarQs Village into 9 different residential plots, which reduces crowding when walking or strolling in the green spaces and paths designated for walking between the residential units, and which also provides a higher level of privacy for the residential units in the village. So that your unit is surrounded by a small number of other residential units, and is a reasonable distance from your unit.

In addition to allocating part of the project area to implement many service areas that make the village integrated with services and with all the features that you would like to have within your village on the North Coast, and speaking of the services available in the rest of the project area besides the residential units, it includes 3 hotels and 3 clubhouses, And a large commercial area, all of which are designed using the latest international design methods that WATG is famous for.

MarQs Coast Resort Area

The area of ​​Marqs Village, North Coast, is 900 acres, and as we mentioned regarding the Master Plan design for Marqs Village, the area allocated for residential units is divided into 12 residential plots, and each plot includes a large number of residential units of different types, spaces, and designs.

As for the rest of the project area, which occupies the largest percentage of the project’s land area, it is allocated to basic facilities and services and various recreational areas, including clubhouses and luxury international hotels, and a large, full-service commercial area, which provides you with the best experience of life on the North Coast.

Types of units in MarQs Sidi Abdel Rahman village

The Mark Real Estate Development Company took advantage of the area of ​​MarQs Village, North Coast, which amounts to about 900 acres, and divided it into a large number of residential units, and was interested in providing different types of residential units, so the company offers you the following types:

  • Chalets: The chalets in MarQs Village are distinguished by their small spaces and are suitable for individuals and small families.
  • Townhouse: As for townhouse units, they have a larger area than chalets and are distinguished by different designs.
  • Independent villas: As for the last type of housing units available in the village, which is the villa, it is suitable for large families.

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Marqs North Coast Village Prices

The Mark Company’s experience is not limited to its experience in construction and real estate development only, but the company has strong experience in knowing the needs of its customers, and it always succeeds in all its projects in providing features that meet those needs.

One of the most prominent points of interest to customers and investors is the prices of units in the project, especially in modern projects and in an area such as the North Coast, which has recently witnessed a significant increase in the prices of residential units in all its projects.

However, The Mark Company is always able to exceed customers’ expectations and provide them with all the features they desire. One of the most prominent features of MarQs Village Sidi Abdel Rahman is the prices of the residential units, and the company recently announced serious reservation amounts for its project, which are as follows:

  • Chalets: You can reserve a chalet in the village by paying 100,000 Egyptian pounds as a reservation.
  • Villas: If you want to own a villa, you can reserve it by paying only 200,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in the MarQs North Coast project

You can obtain a distinctive residential unit in MarQs Village, North Coast, at the best competitive prices in Sidi Abdel Rahman Village, and with the best long-term payment systems, by paying a reservation deposit of a small percentage of the unit’s value, while paying the rest of the amount over a long period.

Marqs North Coast Village Price Analysis

Price analysis in MarQs Village, Sidi Abdel Rahman, constitutes an essential element of interest for many investors and those interested in obtaining a unit in the project and investing or housing with The Mark Company, which owns and develops the village. MarQs Village is characterized by competitive and distinctive prices compared to other projects in the region, as it provides investors with an exciting investment opportunity.

The village is distinguished by providing high-quality services and integrated facilities, such as beautiful sandy beaches, wide green spaces, and various recreational facilities, all at prices that suit various needs and budgets. This economic analysis reflects a strong strategy from the project management to provide added value to customers, which makes the village a preferred destination for residence or Investing in the North Coast region.

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Services and facilities in MarQs North Coast

  • Wonderful beaches: The village provides direct access to beautiful sandy sea beaches, allowing residents to enjoy enjoyable and relaxing times at the beach.
  • Sports and entertainment facilities: The village includes sports facilities such as tennis courts and football fields, in addition to children’s entertainment areas and gyms.
  • Shopping malls: The village offers shopping and entertainment areas, including various shops, restaurants and cafes to enjoy an enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience.
  • Security and guarding services: The village guarantees an integrated security and safety infrastructure, with a 24/7 surveillance system and permanent guarding, which provides a safe and reassuring environment for the residents.
  • Maintenance and support services: The village provides specialized maintenance services for public facilities and homes, in addition to technical support and management of the complex to ensure the comfort and happiness of residents.
  • Health Center and Spa: The health center at MarQs provides therapeutic and relaxation services, such as massage and skin care, and offers programs for energy renewal.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: This service provides a variety of dining experiences from international and local cuisine, in addition to coffee and sweets.
  • Multiple swimming pools: These pools and the surrounding sun areas give visitors the opportunity to enjoy relaxing and swimming in a comfortable and refreshing environment.
  • Health Club:The club provides fitness and exercise services with the latest equipment and customized training programs.
  • BBQ areas: These areas provide ideal places for social gatherings and enjoying the beautiful weather and picturesque nature.

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Marqs North Coast by The MarQ Communities

The advantage of investing in MarQs Village

The advantage of investing in MarQs Village, the North Coast, is evident in several important aspects, in addition to the advantages that the village enjoys, starting with its strategic location in the heart of the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, which is considered one of the most famous villages on the North Coast, and reaching the internal features of the village that vary between the multiple areas and types of units, The range of services and facilities is large and diverse.

The most important investment aspects of the village can be explained through the following points:

  • Increased property value:

The real estate market in the North Coast region is considered one of the emerging and developed markets, which means that your residential unit in the village will witness a significant increase in its value within a short period, thanks to the great interest that the state and major real estate companies in the Egyptian market have directed towards the North Coast in the recent period, especially In the area where the village is located.

MarQs Al-Sahel village is located near both the city of El Alamein and the Ras Al-Hekma area, in which the state has implemented many achievements during the recent period, the most prominent of which was the Ras Al-Hekma deal, the outcome of which is expected to be a major factor in the rise in the prices of residential projects in the region.

  • Strong tourism demand:

The North Coast is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, as the North Coast has clear waters and soft white sand suitable for practicing many water sports, in addition to the fact that the North Coast includes many archaeological areas, which attracts cultural tourism, not just beach tourism.

This makes real estate in MarQs Village an attractive home for tourists and investors who are looking for future investment opportunities that are guaranteed and characterized by a high return on investment.

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About The MarQ Communities

The Mark Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the most prominent modern companies in the Egyptian market, and is known for creating distinctive and innovative communities in Egypt’s most important strategic neighborhoods.

Although the company began its work only 4 years ago, it was able to implement a large number of real estate projects during that period, which are 4 residential projects, 2 commercial projects, in addition to its modern project, MarQs Village, North Coast, which is considered the company’s latest project and the first. Its projects in the North Coast.

The MarQ Communities projects

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marqs north coast

The goal of the MarQs North Coast project

MarQs North Coast Resort, which is the developer company’s first project on the North Coast, aims to create a distinct coastal community that competes with other villages in the region. The company’s vision is to develop an integrated coastal village that combines comfort, entertainment, and modern facilities, to provide an exceptional experience for residents and visitors alike.

Through its first investments in MarQs North Coast, the company seeks to achieve standards of quality and innovation, and provide a distinguished living environment that guarantees luxury and comfort for residents, in addition to providing lucrative investment opportunities and sustainable financial returns for investors. The company hopes that this first project will be a strategic step towards developing other projects. Successful in the future, while maintaining a commitment to excellence and innovation in all its projects.

This first initiative by the developer company in the North Coast region represents a bold step towards bringing about positive change in the region, as the project aims to transform an ordinary coastal village into a distinct oasis of beauty and comfort, and by directing these efforts towards achieving excellence and innovation, the company seeks to provide a unique experience for residents and visitors. Where they can enjoy the latest amenities and entertainment.

The beauty of life on the North Coast

Enjoy the beauty of life on the North Coast, where the charming nature meets the vibrant social life to create an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the combination of its white sandy beaches, clear waters and fresh air, to live a unique experience of rest and relaxation throughout the year.

Explore the cultural and heritage diversity of the region, savor delicious cuisine at fine dining restaurants, and enjoy diverse leisure activities that include water sports, cruises and vibrant nightlife venues.

Make your life vibrant and fun in this charming destination, where luxury living meets the magic of nature.

Here are some aspects of this beauty of life on the North Coast:

  1. Beautiful nature: The northern coasts are distinguished by their beautiful white sandy beaches and clear sea water, which provides an exceptional environment for relaxation and practicing various water activities such as swimming and surfing.
  2. Fresh air and moderate climate: The fresh air and moderate climate of the North Coast provide an ideal environment for living and relaxing all year round, attracting residents and visitors of all ages.
  3. Cultural and heritage diversity: The northern region of the country is a culturally and heritage diverse environment, where residents and visitors can enjoy learning about the traditions of many local cultures and communities.
  4. Luxurious tourist facilities: Luxurious tourist facilities are available on the North Coast that provide everything visitors need for a comfortable and distinctive experience, including upscale international hotels and restaurants with delicious cuisine.
  5. Diverse recreational activities: The North Coast offers a variety of recreational activities for the whole family, such as water sports, cruises, and desert safaris.
  6. Vibrant Nightlife: The North Coast’s vibrant nightlife creates an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, where residents and visitors can enjoy musical performances and social events at the many dancing venues and bars.

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Features of MarQs Village Sidi Abdel Rahman

MarQs North Coast Village is distinguished by its availability of a wide range of features that make it an ideal destination for living and enjoying vacation times. The strategic location of the village is characterized by its proximity to the sea, which provides residents with stunning views of the blue waters and an enjoyable atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

In addition, the village includes a variety of facilities and services such as swimming pools, recreational areas, sports fields, restaurants, and stores, which comprehensively meets the needs of residents.

The village also features advanced infrastructure and a solid security system, ensuring the comfort and safety of residents and residents. Finally, the village provides a lively and cooperative community environment, creating an ideal atmosphere for living and enjoying.

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Disadvantages of the MarQs North Coast Project

Thanks to the availability of all these facilities and services, it can be said with confidence that there are no drawbacks in the village; Thanks to the ideal location, advanced infrastructure, and availability of facilities and services, residents can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable life without any significant challenges.

The village provides an ideal environment for living and relaxation, and provides various entertainment and entertainment opportunities for all family members. In addition, the atmosphere in the village allows residents to interact and communicate easily.

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