Saada New Cairo

Saada New Cairo

Saada New Cairo Compound is a gated community of exclusively villas, designed with the hopes and wants of the project’s target audience whether that’s clients or investors in mind.

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development Company, which is associated with the Emirates Development Group—a firm that has accomplished much in the Arab world—entered the Egyptian real estate market with the intention of developing massive residential complexes like Saada New Cairo Compound, drawing on its extensive experience in the field.

Saada New Cairo

Location of Saada New Cairo

Next to the Hassan Allam project, it stands right in front of the Suez Road. Because of its prime location, the project offers convenient access to the region’s most major highways and axes, as it’s located directly on the Suez Road, as well as to its most crucial and service facilities, making it ideal for residents’ daily lives.

Saada New Cairo project is in close proximity to the following New Cairo landmarks:

-Saada New Cairo Compound is about 4 kilometres away from Mohamed Naguib Axis.
-Saada New Cairo project by Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis is just 2 kilometres away.
-About seven km separate the Fifth Settlement from the Ring Road.
-There is a family park around 2.4 miles away from the compound.
-About fifteen km distant from the property is the American University.
-Near Cairo International Airport: About 17 kilometres separate Saada project from the airport.

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Saada New Cairo Location

Highlights of Saada New Cairo

Saada New Cairo project offered its people a wide range of benefits that cater to their individual desires and goals in life. Here are just a few:

-Saada compound The strategic location of New Cairo is second to none.
-The wide green areas and numerous services offered by Saada Horizon Egypt project are its defining feature.
-The residential units of Saada Compound stand out due to their exceptionally high ceilings, which are 4 metres in height.
-Considering the amenities offered by the property, the reasonably priced residential units in Al Saada Compound, Fifth Settlement stand out.
-Payment plans at Saada Compound are known for their flexibility and can be extended over multiple years with just a little initial investment.

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Saada New Cairo project’s drawbacks

Since Saada New Cairo project is still in its early stages of construction, it is not easy to say whether or not it has any flaws or defects right now.

Area of Saada New Cairo Project

Approximately 371 acres of land were used for the construction of Saada New Cairo project. The majority of that space was designated for parks and water features, as seen below:

-Saada New Cairo Area: Saada covered an area of around 371 acres.
-Area devoted to buildings and construction: Just eleven percent of the overall project area was allotted to buildings and construction.
-Landscape and green areas: 89% of the project’s overall area is devoted to landscape and green areas, bodies of water, and various forms of infrastructure.

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Saada Compound

Unit Types in New Cairo’s Saada Compound

The entire project at Saada New Cairo Compound was based on a single form of residential unit—the villa—and the following variations of that type were available:

-Townn Houses.

-Twin Houses.

-Standalone Villas.

Units Areas at Saada New Cairo Compound on Suez Road

Here are the different sizes of units available at Saada Compound on Suez Road:

-Townhouse villas begin at 185 square metres in size.
-Townhouse villas in the middle range in size from 280 to 330 square metres.
-Saada Compound offers twin house villas with an area starting from 300 square metres.
-Saada New Cairo offers detached villas with floor plans ranging from 330 to 625 square metres.

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Saada Horizon Misr

Last Updates regarding Saada New Cairo project

Reserving residential units has started at the present time, and the first phase of Saada New Cairo Compound project has been entirely reserved, according to the latest findings. Get in quick and secure a massive discount on the cost of residential flats by making your reservation today.

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Informations regarding Saada Mall New Cairo

Saada Mall in the Fifth Settlement, developed by Horizon Egypt Real Estate, is set to open its doors to the public. With its prime location just five minutes from Cairo Airport and a view of the New Suez Road, this mall is sure to be a top destination for shoppers and businesspeople in New Cairo. Investors will have something truly unique to offer since this is the first location of its kind to feature a mall.

Engineer Adnan Saffarini’s office oversaw the mall’s design. With a ground level and five additional storeys, the mall offers a range of space sizes, from 60 to 2,500 square metres, at reasonable pricing (the unit reservation value is approximately 250,000 Egyptian pounds).

Saada New Cairo is your best Investment Opportunity

Here are just a few of the numerous reasons why Saada Fifth Settlement Compound is a great choice for any kind of profitable Egyptian real estate investment:

-With its vibrancy, important roadways, and axes, Saada project’s position is highly distinctive.-Crucial and important infrastructure.
-The compound has been reserved exclusively for villas since it is a unique and opulent residential community that caters to the contemporary dreams of buyers.
-Contemporary architectural plans that take into account contemporary building characteristics, as well as integrated and various services.
-Reasonably priced, with a payment plan that works for most people in New Cairo.

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Saada Fifth Settlement

Project services at Saada New Cairo

Several recreational and essential services were incorporated into the New Cairo Saada project to ensure a more comfortable and secure life for all residents. The project’s developers clearly paid close attention to catering to customers’ modern tastes, as shown below:

-Saada New Cairo Compound is filled with lush greenery that envelops each and every one of the residences.
-A total of two five-star hotels with two hundred guest rooms are part of the project.
-Throughout Saada New Cairo project, man-made lakes were incorporated.
-Saada Al-Tagamoa project features a spacious social and sports club that hosts various sporting events and gatherings for families.
-Separate from vehicular lanes, paved roadways are reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers.
-In the health centre of Saada Al-Tajmaa you can find steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, and more.
-There were a number of state-of-the-art fitness centres on the property.
-There is a state-of-the-art medical facility on the premises.
-Lots of fun things to do for kids of all ages are located throughout the property.
-All activities, both within and outside the compound, are tracked by a network of security cameras that run around the clock.
-The complex boasts New Cairo’s largest lagoon, Crystal Lagoon.
-A clubhouse spanning more than 2,000 square metres is a part of the property.
-In order to safeguard the compound and all of its associated assets, security professionals are on duty around the clock.
-There is a huge commercial area within the compound with various shops.
-A sprawling hypermarket stocked with every imaginable personal and home good is a part of the complex.
-An international school serving all primary and secondary levels is one of the many exceptional educational options offered to Saada Compound residents.

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The Developer of Saada New Cairo Compound

Owner of the Al Saada New Cairo project is Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development Company. The Emirates Development Group is associated with this Emirati firm. In order to build structures that meet both current and future demands, the firm uses modern architectural theory.

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Saada New Cairo Compound Price List

Given the abundance of amenities and services offered to residents, the pricing of the residential apartments in the Compound Saada New Cairo project was kept competitive.

Costs in Saada Compound were thus calculated as follows per square metre:

-Townhouse corner villas start at 75,675 Egyptian pounds per square metre.
-A midrange townhouse villa can be yours for as little as 46,428 Egyptian pounds per square metre.
-Compound Saada New Cairo offers twin home villas starting from 63,333 Egyptian pounds per square metre.
-The Horizon Saada project offers autonomous villas starting from 66,666 Egyptian pounds per square metre.

Units costs in Saada New Cairo Residences per meter

The following was the price plan for residential units in Saada New Cairo Compound, according to the price per metre that was stated in the previous title:

-The starting price for townhouse corner villas in Egypt is fourteen million Egyptian pounds.
-Beginning at 13,000 Egyptian pounds, you can find middle townhouse villas for sale.
-Horizon Saada Compound offers twin home villas starting from 19,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
-Saada Horizon New Cairo offers detached homes for sale starting at 22,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

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Payment Plans at Saada New Cairo Plaza

The owner of Saada New Cairo Compound has made it easy for consumers and investors to own property by providing a payment and payment system for each stage of the project. Each system is easy and convenient. Here are the details:

-In the first plan, 10% is due at the time of booking, 5% upon receipt, and the balance is spread out over 7 years in equal installments. Half a year after the contract is signed, delivery takes place.
-The second method spreads out the payment for the second and third stages over eight years, with only 10% of the total unit value paid up front. The contract’s delivery date is two years later.

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