Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

Project details
project name Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City
The project Location In Mostakbal City close to the New Administrative Capital
Developer Tatweer Misr Developments
Unit area 70
receiving date 2025
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 7,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is one of the most famous residential projects implemented by Tatweer Misr Real Estate in Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

The Compound is located Bloomfields Developing Egypt near Madinaty, Shorouk City, New Heliopolis, the British University, the American University, the Egyptian-Russian University, Cairo Airport, Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, in addition to the Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement.

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City has various units, including residential apartments, duplexes, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, with areas starting from 70 square meters, and unit prices start from 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

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Bloom Fields City of the Future

location Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose the best locations to establish this project to facilitate the customers. Bloomfields location In Mostakbal City, it is an attractive strategic location, as it is close to the New Administrative Capital and modern and advanced smart cities such as:

Mountain View iCity Compound is also distinguished by its proximity to important roads that give it quick access to any place and save its residents time and effort, such as the Ismailia Desert Road, the Suez Road, and the Middle Ring Road. .

Places near the Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

Many important places are adjacent to the project Bloomfields Mostaqbal City can be reached within minutes by car, which gives it residential and investment value and adds to its capabilities and features. These places are:

  • My city is a 20-minute drive 16.9 km from Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City.
  • Shorouk City is 12 km away from the compound.
  • New Heliopolis is 23 km away, a 25-minute drive from the compound.
  • Fifth Settlement is 32 km away from Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City.
  • The New Administrative Capital is 29 km away.
  • The British University is a quarter of an hour away from the Bloomfields project Mostakbal City.
  • The American University is a third of an hour away.
  • The Egyptian Russian University is half an hour away from Compound Bloomfields.
  • Cairo Airport is half an hour away Bloomfields Mostakbal City.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque is half an hour away from Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City.
  • The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is 35 minutes away.
  • Stone Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, is located near Bloomfields Compound.

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Design Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

The executing company of Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City paid special attention to the design style of the interior and exterior spaces, due to its extreme importance in attracting customers and creating a distinctive impression of the compound. The compound stands out as a distinctive environmental destination, as innovative design ideas were adopted that give it a unique identity and distinguish it from others. These efforts were crowned with success, making it sit on the throne of the best compounds in Mostakbal City.

Inside the project Bloomfields The units were designed to receive sunlight from all angles, with the help of a group of the most skilled architects in the Middle East. The developer also paid great attention to equipping the units with glass facades that allow the compound’s residents to enjoy the most amazing views.

The general design of Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is distinguished by its picturesque view of large areas of greenery that please the eyes and soothe the hearts. Bloomfields is unique in design, which makes it one of the most beautiful projects in Mostakbal City, thanks to Its distinguished location and elegant interior and exterior designs.

Bloomfields Compound, Mostakbal City

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City area

The area of ​​the Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City is 415 acres, equivalent to 1,743,000 square meters, and it is divided in an ideal geometric way with smart designs to include all customers’ needs, as there are approximately 320 acres allocated for buildings and an area of ​​95 acres for facilities, services, open spaces, landscapes, entertainment places, playgrounds, and water bodies. The buildings in Bloomfields Compound are at a height of .

Area of ​​units in the Bloomfields project

Area of ​​units in the first and second phase of the compound Bloomfields It varied between apartments and duplex units to meet all desires and cover all needs. The area of ​​​​the apartments is:

  • A one-room apartment in Bloomfields Compound whose area starts from 70 square meters, up to 80 square meters.
  • A two-room apartment in Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City, its area starts from 120 square meters, and reaches 150 square meters
  • 3-room apartment in Bloomfields The future, its area starts from 155 square meters, and reaches 164 square meters
  • Duplex with various sizes starting from 200 square meters to 263 square meters
  • Various twin houses starting from 260 square meters
  • As for independent villas in Bloomfields Compound, their area starts from 306 square meters

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Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City prices

Compound Bloomfields Mostaqbal City prices is diverse and suitable for everyone. Apartment prices start from 7,099,000 pounds and villa prices start from 35,900,000 pounds. Prices vary according to type, unit, area, location, and services provided. There is a great variety and payment facilities that make the price suit all choices and accommodate all possibilities.

Reservation and payment systems in the project Bloomfields Mostakbal City

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company was also keen to provide payment facilities, various prices, and flexible payment and installment systems to make it easier for its valued customers. The price is with a 5% down payment in Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City and the longest payment period, as the customer pays a 5% down payment. % and payment is made over 9 years.

The customer enjoys discounts of up to 5% on the 9-year installment system, for units whose area ranges between 180 and 250 square meters, and discounts of up to 5% and 10% on the 9-year installment system. 10% for units whose area ranges between 250 and 300 square meters, and above 300 square meters, respectively.

Price Analysis

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company provided reasonable prices to customers in the Bloomfields project Mostakbal City and all its other projects, where the price of the residential unit varies according to its type and size to suit all categories and tastes, and this is what distinguishes Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company.

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Compound Bloomfields Mostaqbal City

Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City Facilities and Services

The company developing this project was also keen to provide all the basic and recreational services and facilities that the customer may need, and this feature is considered one of the most important features that attract customers to the project, and among these services are the following:

  • Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City provides security and guarding services and surveillance cameras for filming throughout the day with high quality and efficiency.
  • One ​​of the most important basic services in Bloomfields Compound is that the compound has advanced electronic doors for entry and exit, which facilitates traffic.
  • One ​​of the most prominent security services designed in the compound is that Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City has concrete walls surrounding the entire project, which increases security in the compound.
  • Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City provides maintenance services for all units.
  • There are a number of garages with large spaces in order to accommodate all the cars inside Compound Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City.
  • Bloomfields Compound includes a huge shopping mall that offers various shopping products that meet your daily needs.
  • There are also a number of international restaurants and cafes in Bloomfields Compound, which serve the most delicious dishes, providing you with more entertainment in the compound.
  • You can enjoy walking and strolling on a sports walkway surrounded by flowers in Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City.
  • You can also exercise at any time during the day at Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City in gyms and a gym that includes the latest equipment.
  • For swimming enthusiasts, you can swim and enjoy the most beautiful recreational times with your family in swimming pools suitable for all ages.
  • There are vast green spaces inside Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City for various needs, for hiking, parties, and trips
  • Clubhouse and social club.

Advantages of investing in Bloomfields Compound

The guaranteed investment is in the secured place in terms of infrastructure and strategic location, and the developing company has given the wonderful features that make the project Bloomfields Mostaqbal City One ​​of the best and most successful guaranteed options, including:

  • Wide streets.
  • Vast green spaces.
  • Elegant designs.
  • Low-storey buildings.
  • Provides basic, recreational, medical and educational services.
  • It is considered a link between the most important new cities.
  • It is located on the Ismailia-Cairo Road at kilometer 35.
  • Availability of security and guarding.
  • Availability of private city buses to transport residents.

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Bloomfields Compound, Mostakbal City

About Tatweer Masr Developments

The owner company is Tatweer Misr Urban Development Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate field. It was established in 2015 by a group of famous businessmen, namely:

  • Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, Ashraf Arafa, Hamada Dawoud, Sami Zaytoun, and Samir Arif.
  • The company has achieved a high reputation for the outstanding successes of major projects that are characterized by luxury, sophistication and modernity at the same time. Within seven years, the company was able to pump 28 billion pounds to implement the project. Bloomfields Compound and its development at the highest levels, and the volume of its residential investments reached 55 billion pounds.

The company is an Egyptian joint stock company with a land portfolio of approximately 5.8 million square meters, which includes more than 25 thousand residential units. Tatweer Misr has achieved a huge sales ratio of approximately 3.5% One billion pounds during the first half of 2023.

Projects of Tatweer Masr Developments

In addition to the Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City project, Tatweer Misr has implemented many other residential and coastal projects, the most prominent of these projects are the following:

De Bay North Coast

D-Bay North Coast Village D-Bay North Coast by Tatweer Masr Development is the second project implemented by the developer company On the North Coast after the Fouka Bay project. This project was implemented on an area of ​​200 acres in the heart of North Coast, De Bay Village development is located Egypt, in Ras Bay, at kilometer 165 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, near El Alamein International Airport, El Alamein Marina, New El Alamein Road, and New El Alamein City. The project was implemented on an area of ​​about 200 acres, at a depth of about 1,100 meters, and a beach length of 800 meters. The project was implemented in 6 stages in the form of Terraces.

Fouka Bay North Coast

Created Fouka Bay North Coast Village On a total area of ​​about 194 acres in the heart of the North Coast, There are various units in Fouka Bay Tatweer Masr village, including villas, chalets, penthouses, and twin houses, with areas starting from 95 square meters.

This project is the second project of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company. It was launched in 2015 and construction work began in the second half of 2016. The volume of investments in this project reached 4.5 billion. EGP, and the fourth phase of this project will be delivered in 2024. The village is located in Ras El Hekma Bay on the northern coast, specifically at kilometer 211 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The depth of the village is approximately 1,100 meters and the width of the beach is about 800 metres.

Mont Galala Ain Sokhna

Created Mont Galala Village, Ain Sokhna On an area of ​​530 acres in Ain Sokhna, The village of Monte Galala is located near Porto Ain Sokhna, the Mövenpick Hotel, the new city of Galala, and the Suez Road, in addition to both Katameya and the New Administrative Capital. This project is the first project of the Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company in the heart of the city of Galala, atop Mount Galala.

The design of this project is inspired by the mountainous places in Europe and Italy. In addition to this, this project includes the first Crystal Lagoon in the world that was built on a mountain. The cost of the Crystal Lagoons was 250 million Egyptian pounds, and it includes The project has multiple phases: the Maesta phase, the Ella phase, the Ilara phase, the Zone D phase, the Marina Residence phase, the Via phase, the Amalia phase, and the Elva phase.

Rivers Sheikh Zayed

Reivers Sheikh Zayed Compound is the latest project of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company in Sheikh Zayed City, west of Cairo, 3 minutes from Airport Sphinx International, the project was built on an area of ​​100 acres in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed.

In the new Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound, there are various units, including townhouses with areas starting from 180 square meters, twin houses with areas starting from 184 square meters, and stand-alone villas with areas starting from 200 square meters, and starting Prices in this project start from 6,300,000 Egyptian pounds, and the compound is 20 minutes from Lebanon Square, and 45 minutes from Heliopolis.

Salt North Coast

Located Salt North Coast Village near Dabaa City, El Alamein International Airport, the heart of New El Alamein City, New Cairo City, in addition to the heart of Marsa Matrouh City. It was built on an area of ​​294 acres, with a beach extending for 830 meters and a neckline of about 2 kilometers.

The goal of the company’s establishment of this project was to complete Tatweer Misr’s place on the list of the best tourist destinations on the North Coast. The residential units in the project vary between villas, townhouses, twin houses, and chalets that enjoy a view. Distinctive on the most beautiful beaches of Ras El Hikma.

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Purpose Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company has built a compound Bloomfields Mostakbal City is located in the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, so that it suits those with good taste. The project is distinguished by its distinguished location, high-end designs, and the availability of all services. The company presented this project to complete its achievements in Mostaqbal City and is ranked among the best real estate companies in the region. .

The beauty of life in Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City is considered the largest city in New Cairo, and it is the first new integrated green city that offers a modern concept of modern life. The city was designed to contain all the needs of residents and investors, so that the resident can live in it. Without having to exit it.

Bloomfields Compound New Cairo

Disadvantages Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City

When we looked for the disadvantages of the compound Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City We did not detect a defect through communication with customers, investors and all segments that agreed on the integration of specifications and designs, as Tatweer Misr was able to reach the ideal in providing an integrated residential compound aimed at comfort and luxury for its residents Bloomfields Mostakbal City.

Here we reach the conclusion of the discussion about Bloomfields Compound Mostakbal City, and the features, prices and areas of the project were also talked about, asIf you are looking to experience luxurious modern living, Bloomfields It is considered your ideal choice, as the project enjoys sophistication, reasonable prices, and a variety of residential units and spaces.

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