Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City By Margins Developments

Project details
project name Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City
The project Location Mostakbal City
Developer شركة مارجينز للتطوير العقاري Margins Developments
Unit area 160
receiving date 2027
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 24,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Sheraton Residence Compound Mostakbal City is the latest project of Margins Developments in the heart of Mostakbal City, which is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

Sheraton Residence project is located in Mostakbal City, near the Middle Ring Road, the American University, the Canadian University, Madinaty, Suez Road, the New Administrative Capital and other service places and other important roads.

Sheraton Mostakbal City was built on a huge area, which was divided in a professional and highly efficient manner between the landscape and the green carpet, which gives a more peaceful atmosphere to the residents of the compound, and the area of ​​​​the residential units, whose area starts from 160 square meters and reaches 500 square meters, for you to choose from a package. A large variety of units to suit your needs.

The project was allocated to include independent residential villas, of different and varying sizes, with prices starting at a minimum of 24,000,000 Egyptian pounds and reaching 70,000,000 Egyptian pounds, with payment and installment systems of up to 8 years, and with a down payment of only 10% of the unit value.

You can learn more details and information about Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound by reading the following article.

Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City location

Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound is located in the heart of Mostakbal City, which is filled with many basic services necessary to facilitate residential life in the city, in addition to it also includes a wide variety of entertainment services that eliminate the need to visit areas far from your home in the city.

These services in the city contributed to attracting many customers looking for distinctive housing and safe investment, and the state, in cooperation with the developed real estate companies that own residential projects in Mostakbal City, was able to provide everything customers dream of in one place.

The location of the project is considered one of the prominent features through which Margins Real Estate Development Company was able to attract a large group of customers, and among the most prominent places near the project are:

  • Ring Road: The Central Ring Road is only a few minutes away from the project.
  • Nearby universities: Several important educational services are close to the compound, which are represented by universities, including the American University and the Canadian University.
  • Madinaty: Madinaty is very close to the Sheraton Residences Mostakbal City project.
  • Suez Road: The time distance between Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound and Suez Road does not exceed a few minutes.
  • The Administrative Capital: Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City is a short distance from the Administrative Capital.

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Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City By Margins Developments

Features of Mostakbal City

The advantage of your life in Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound is not limited to the features of the compound itself only, but these features are integrated with the features of Mostakbal City itself, to provide you with the best residential experience in modern Egyptian cities, and the features of Mostakbal City can be explained through the following lines:

About Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City is a modern Egyptian city, which is considered one of the first cities designed with the aim of being a smart and sustainable city. The city extends over a vast land area; It covers an area of ​​more than 11,000 acres, and was divided into 5 residential phases.

The thing that makes Mostakbal City a green and sustainable city is that it relies entirely on the use of clean solar energy in order to reduce electricity consumption. Almost half of the city’s area consists of landscape spaces and public gardens, which provides a purer environment and a better climate. Green spaces also contribute to providing privacy. ; Gardens and trees separate the residential complexes.

Modern technology in Mostakbal City

The vision and main goal of the state when establishing the city of the future was to create a fourth-generation city, which depends on the use of the latest technologies and advanced technology in the city’s facilities.

This can be clearly seen in the facilities available in Mostakbal City, such as: the technology used to irrigate gardens automatically and without wasting the water used for irrigation, and the lighting system based on solar energy in order to save electricity consumption. The technologies have also been used in many other facilities such as waste management. And internal transportation.

Advanced services for Mostakbal City

In addition to the modern technology that was used in designing the facilities of Mostakbal City, the city also includes many advanced services that facilitate your life in the city, and the most prominent services available can be identified through the following points:

  • Mostakbal City enjoys high-speed Internet, by replacing copper wires with optical fiber connections, or as it is called Optical Fiber, which are the latest cables designed to transmit Internet data that provide better Internet speed.
  • The city includes many private stations, which are represented by a power generation station, which is sufficient to operate the entire city without any interruption of electricity during the day. The city also includes a drinking water station, and also includes natural gas supplies to homes, which ensures that you obtain all services. Which you need for your daily life without interruption.
  • The city also enjoys the best security services, as it is secured by electronic gates with a strong and advanced security system using the latest cameras installed in all areas of the city, and there are also guard personnel in all parts of Mostakbal City; In order to provide the highest level of security and safety for you and your family.

Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City By Margins Developments

Sheraton Residence services and features

Mostakbal City is considered one of the most recently developed cities in Egypt, which is still under construction, which makes customers believe that it does not have the services they need. Margins Real Estate Development Company, which owns the Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound, was keen to provide all the services that meet your needs.

The compound includes a huge and diverse group of basic and entertainment services, which are highly efficient and ideal, making any client or investor needless to leave the compound to fulfill his needs, given the services provided in the compound for him. It is possible to talk in detail about the features and services of the project. Next:

  • Security services: The level of security and protection within any residential project is one of the main attractions for customers and investors, so the real estate developer has provided a high-level security team, working to guard individuals and property around the clock.
  • Electronic gates: The company that owns Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City Compound has used advanced electronic gates, which carefully examine passers-by; To prevent intruders or troublemakers from entering the compound.
  • Surveillance cameras: Among the security services available within the Sheraton Mostakbal City project are surveillance cameras, which operate with the latest and most advanced technologies, and which monitor and record all events daily.
  • Commercial Mall: Inside Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City there is a commercial mall on a large area, in which there are many shops for the largest and most famous brands, and some other needs can be fulfilled inside it, such as various banking transactions, in addition to… To spend some fun times inside movie theaters.
  • Elevators: There are many elevators within the project, making it easy to reach any floor of the mall located within the compound.
  • Barbecue parties: The company that owns the project has allocated a space for holding barbecue parties, among the green spaces and landscapes. In order to add more wonderful family times, some different family events and gatherings can also be held.
  • Maintenance: A team specialized in repairing various technical faults within the compound works 24 hours a day. They also perform periodic maintenance of all facilities in the project. To ensure the highest level of service is provided to the residents of Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City.
  • Garage: The real estate developer provided many garages specialized in housing the largest possible number of cars. In order to preserve the general appearance of the compound, and to prevent any problem related to crowding and traffic congestion. The garages operate with the best smart electronic systems, and their internal division is distinctive, allowing cars to enter and exit in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Medical center: Medical services within any residential project are indispensable; Therefore, the real estate developer built a medical center at the highest level, which includes an elite group of the most skilled doctors and specialists in various medical fields, in addition to the availability of an ambulance equipped at the highest level, with a special section to receive emergency cases.
  • Kids Aria: There is an area designated for children’s games within the compound, which includes many of them, which make children inside the project spend more enjoyable recreational times.
  • Sports fields: There are many different sports fields within the project, through which the compound residents can practice any sport they prefer, at any time throughout the day.
  • Cleaning services: The cleaning and sterilization team works inside the compound 24 hours a day; In order to keep the entire compound clean and completely free of any scattered waste or rubbish, which contributes to living in a healthy and safe residential environment.

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Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City By Margins Developments

Design of Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City project

Margins, the real estate developer of the Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City project, was creative in designing the compound, which was the prominent landmark of the compound among the Mostakbal City projects. The company that owns Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City sought the help of the largest design and construction companies around the world, which used the best and finest building materials that can withstand the harshest conditions. Harsh climate.

Speaking of the engineering company that was used to design the compound, it is Sites International, which created a unique Master Plan bearing the slogan “Living in Harmony,” as the compound is characterized by the harmony of the services in the compound with each other in order to draw an integrated artistic painting.

The features of the Master Plan of the compound begin with the fact that it includes green spaces and areas designated for walking without the need to travel using cars within the compound.

The master plan design of the project provides a major advantage, which is that each resident will enjoy his share of the wide green spaces and gardens that give a feeling of psychological comfort that you need for your residential life.

Download Master Plan Sheraton Compound Mostakbal City Residence

As for the rest of the project area, it is designated to include water bodies, entertainment areas, rest seats in the gardens, a mosque, schools, and many other amenities that you will only find in the Sheraton Residence.

The design of the compound has the advantage of connecting and harmonizing the residential units in the compound and all of the aforementioned facilities and the rest of the other facilities and services, as it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to reach any of the facilities that you wish to obtain.

The residential units in Sheraton Mostakbal City are also harmonious and distributed in a way that gives the compound an ideal organization, as the residential units in Sheraton Residence were divided into 8 residential blocks, and each block extends in the form of a row of residential units, and the blocks are separated by gardens, water bodies, and internal streets, which It is easy to move between the different areas of the compound without any crowding, while maintaining the best level of privacy for each residential unit in the compound.

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The total area of ​​Sheraton Residence Compound Mostakbal City

Sheraton Mostakbal City was built on a huge area, as the project extends over a plot of land of approximately 35 acres, which is sufficient space to provide all the services and facilities that you wish to obtain within your residential complex.

As usual, Margins Real Estate Development Company, the project was developed on this large area, as the company is always interested in providing a large space for its projects. In order to provide all the services they need, whether basic or recreational, as well as providing different and varied types of residential units, and large areas of green space and landscape.

Area of ​​units in Sheraton Residence Compound

Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound was built to include units of different types and large areas, which explains the availability of residential units of villas of different types, which gained the admiration and satisfaction of a large group of customers and investors. The types and areas of units within Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City can be explained in the following:

  • Z Villa: Sheraton Residence Mostakbal Compound includes a distinctive type of residential units, namely Z Villa, whose area starts from 150 square meters and reaches 220 square meters.
  • Townhouse: It also includes a number of townhouse units, which are available with an area of ​​362 square meters, and are suitable for those who want to have a larger area than the size of the Z Villa.
  • Twin House: If you want to get a distinct twin house unit in Mostakbal City, you can get it in Sheraton Mostakbal City with an area of ​​440 square meters.
  • Independent villa: As for the last type of residential units in Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City, it is the standalone villa, which was designed with an area of ​​482 square meters, and is the largest type of unit, which is suitable for large families.

Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City By Margins Developments

Prices of Sheraton Residence Mostakbal Compound

Although Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City Compound is limited to one type of residential unit, which is independent villas, which are known for their large area and the availability of other distinctive elements, the developing company has offered its prices in an unbeatable manner, in light of providing a range of various features and services within. The compound, and the unit prices in the project can be clarified through the following:

  • Villa prices: There are villas for sale in Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City with prices starting from 24,000,000 Egyptian pounds, up to 70,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Reservation seriousness: Reservation of compound units begins with a minimum of 300,000 Egyptian pounds, and reaches a maximum of 500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Sheraton Mostakbal City project payment systems

It is easy to purchase one of the units in Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound, not only thanks to the competitive prices offered by the developer, but also thanks to the payment system offered, through which the price of any unit in the compound can be paid in installments. You can choose what suits you from the following systems:

  • Pay a 5% down payment, and pay the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • Or pay a 7% down payment for the seriousness of your reservation, with installments over 7 years.
  • You can get a longer repayment period, by paying a 10% down payment and installments over 8 years.

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sheraton residence mostakbal city

The real estate developer of Sheraton Residence Compound Mostakbal City

Margins Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Sheraton Mostakbal City Compound, and it is one of the prominent companies in the Egyptian real estate market. The company emerged as a union of a diverse group of companies in various specializations, including real estate, contracting, pharmaceutical industries, in addition to industrial investment, which means that it possesses distinguished expertise and cadres that can provide a wide range of ideal residential and investment projects.

The company’s primary goal is to meet the needs of its customers, by providing different and innovative styles of designs and services, which have a great deal of luxury and sophistication, which has contributed to increasing its spread, attracting a large category of customers and investors in a very short time, and entering as a strong competitor among… Real estate development companies, whose establishment dates back decades.

The most important projects of Sheraton Residence Mostakbal City

Margins Real Estate Development Company has a huge and distinguished portfolio of businesses, all of which have enjoyed sufficient success, This contributed to increasing the company’s sales and achieving many financial returns. The company’s projects inside and outside Mostakbal City can be identified in the following:

  • OX Egypt Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Zia Business Complex Mall, New Administrative Capital.

Problems and defects of Sheraton Residence Compound

Sheraton Residence project was limited to one problem, which may have discouraged some customers and investors regarding the idea of ​​reserving their units in the project. This problem lies in the availability of only one type of residential units, which is villas, which are suitable for lovers of large spaces, while other types such as Apartments and duplexes are not available in the project.

However, despite this, it can be said that the project is still in the construction and development phase, and therefore it is possible that it includes various other forms of residential units, which suit all categories, desires and needs of customers and investors.

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