Elegantry Mall New Cairo

Project details
project name Elegantry Mall New Cairo
The project Location On Omar Abdel Aziz Street, directly next to Al Salam International Hospital
Developer شركة كتاليست للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 88
receiving date 2024
Payment systems down payment 0 % , 3 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 5,628,350 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Elegantry Mall New Cairo is an integrated commercial investment project in the heart of the Fifth Settlement area. The project is owned and developed by Catlist Real Estate Development Company, which knows well what customers are looking for, and works to provide it in all its projects.

All investment units are available at Elegantry Mall, as the project includes different types of investment units, which are administrative units and medical units, in addition to commercial units, with a wide range of basic services and facilities, and very low prices that do not currently exist in the Fifth Settlement area.

Elegantry Mall New Cairo has a distinctive strategic location, as the project is located near many service and vital facilities and large residential complexes. It is also distinguished by its elegant and modern designs, as it is equipped with panoramic glass facades that reveal everything surrounding the project.

The area of ​​units in Elegantry Mall starts from 91 square meters, and it is possible to receive them semi-finished or fully finished, and their prices start from 5,628,350 Egyptian pounds, without a down payment, and with the possibility of installments over 42 months.

The latest findings from the Elegantry Mall project in the Fifth Settlement are that the first construction work has been completed, and work is now underway to build and finish the units, with the project being fully delivered this year.

Location of Elegantry Mall Fifth Settlement

The project is located on Omar Abdel Aziz Street, directly next to Al Salam International Hospital. As is known to everyone, this land is one of the best places in the Fifth Settlement area, with a high population density, various service facilities, and main roads.

Places near Elegantry Mall, New Cairo

The location of Elegantry Mall New Cairo is considered one of the most distinguished locations, due to its close proximity to the most prestigious neighborhoods and upscale residential areas, and thus it is a great opportunity for all investors, as it is located near the following places:

  • Elegantry Mall is located approximately 1.5 kilometers away from South Teseen Street.
  • Mall Elegantry New Cairo is approximately 1.7 kilometers away from Talaat Harb Axis Road.
  • The project is located close to Al Salam International Hospital, about 500 meters away.
  • Elegantry Mall New Cairo and the Canadian School are approximately 900 meters apart.
  • The project is located minutes away from Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis and Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • Elegantry Mall New Cairo is adjacent to Suez Road.
  • The mall is close to Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • Elegantry Mall Fifth Settlement It is located near the ring road.
  • The mall is only a few minutes away from the American University.
  • The project is located near Cairo International Airport.
  • Mall Elegantry New Cairo is located near Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  • The mall is located just steps away from Kai Heights Compound.
  • Elegantry Mall is about half an hour away from the New Administrative Capital and Maadi.

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Elegantry Mall New Cairo

Design of the Elegantry project Fifth Settlement

The company sought to design Elegantry Mall New Cairo to be an unparalleled architectural masterpiece. In order for the company to be able to achieve that goal, it employed the most qualified cadres of architects. It is possible to notice the precision of the design through the elegant facades, the landscape, and the plaza area, with their distribution around the units in an ideal manner. , with the floors being connected to each other through escalators.

As for the interior designs of Elegantry Mall, high-quality materials were used in construction, while working to provide complete comfort to customers and preserve their privacy by providing sufficient spaces between all units.

The total area of ​​the mall, which amounts to 5,353 square meters, was divided into a ground floor and two upper floors of different sizes, suitable for small companies looking for a small space at an affordable price, and also suitable for large brands looking for a distinguished location equipped with modern technologies.

Elegantry Mall space

The area of ​​the Elegantry Mall project is approximately 5,353 square meters, and this area is unique in providing various services and facilities. This area was divided as follows:

  • The total area of ​​Elegantry Mall: approximately 5,353 square meters.
  • Building and construction area: Buildings and construction occupy 47% of the project area.
  • The outdoor garage, green spaces, and landscape: all of this constituted 53% of the total area of ​​the project.

Unit space in the Elegantry Mall project

Elegantry Mall New Cairo is unique in offering various spaces that suit all investment categories, as follows:

  • The area of ​​administrative units starts from 91 square meters.
  • The area of ​​medical units starts from 94 square meters.
  • The area of ​​​​commercial units starts from 88 square meters.

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Elegantry Mall New Cairo

Prices of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement

As for the prices in Elegantry Mall, the price per square meter in the project mall starts from 63,063 Egyptian pounds, which was very special and suitable for different investors. Accordingly, the price per unit meter is as follows:

  • The price per square meter for administrative units starts from 63,063 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per meter of medical units starts from 70,340 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per meter of commercial units starts from 152,400 Egyptian pounds.

According to the price per meter of units in Elegantry Mall, the total value of the units will be as follows:

  • Administrative unit prices start from 5,628,350 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for medical units start from 6,611,960 Egyptian pounds.
  • Commercial unit prices start from 13,833,600 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in the Elegantry Mall project

Catalyst Real Estate Company, which owns Elegantry Mall, has provided flexible payment systems for long periods, which are as follows:

  • Without paying any down payment for the contract, with an installment payment period of 24 months.
  • A down payment of 25% of the unit value, and a repayment period for the remaining amount in equal installments of up to 36 months.
  • Upon payment of a down payment of 30% of the unit value, the amount will be repaid in equal installments over a period of 42 months.

Price analysis for Elegantry Mall

As for the prices in Elegantry Mall New Cairo, they are very reasonable compared to the prices of other projects, as they are proportional to the services and features available in the project, which helped the project attract many investors.

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Elegantry Mall New Cairo

Mall Elegantry New Cairo facilities and services

Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, was able to include all types of basic services and facilities required. In order to attract customers and visitors permanently, the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • The Elegantry Fifth Settlement project includes an underground parking garage that can accommodate approximately 224 cars.
  • Elegantry Mall includes high-level security services, including security and guard personnel, in addition to surveillance cameras that have been distributed everywhere.
  • The Elegantry New Cairo project includes a children’s entertainment area, with all kinds of children’s games suitable for all ages.
  • Elegantry catalyst New Cairo has meeting rooms, equipped with the best equipment related to this matter.
  • The Elegantry Mall project provides visitors with escalators and panoramic elevators, which facilitate access to the floor they desire.
  • Elegantry New Cairo Mall includes a regular maintenance team and a cleaning team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The commercial units in Elegantry Mall New Cairo contain the most important international brands. In order to satisfy all tastes, whether of visitors or owners.
  • Elegantry Mall New Cairo contains cafés and restaurants that serve all the drinks and foods requested by customers according to their tastes.
  • The Elegantry Fifth Settlement project includes reception offices, specially designed to help unit owners and visitors complete their work.
  • In order to complete the work accurately, the developer company provided high-speed internet service in the Elegantry New Cairo Mall, in addition to providing a high-level fire-fighting system, with emergency exits.
  • There is a central air conditioning system in the Elegantry New Cairo project, which works to provide the appropriate temperatures at all times.
  • To facilitate financial transactions for unit owners and visitors, ATM machines have been provided in the Elegantry Mall project.

Advantages of investing in Elegantry Mall

The developing company was keen to present the project with attractive features for investment, and these features were as follows:

  • The project’s location is one of its most prominent investment advantages, due to its proximity to vital areas and service facilities.
  •  Modern architectural designs were one of the most important features of the project, which appeared in the exterior facades and interior finishes of the units.
  • Mall Elegantry New Cairo provides varying sizes of units, commensurate with the nature of the unit, whether this unit is commercial, medical, or administrative.
  • Unit prices in the Elegantry Mall project are appropriately equivalent to the features and services that investors receive, in addition to flexibility in payment through convenient systems, whether in reservation or installments.
  • Both unit owners and visitors get a comfortable and distinctive experience, due to the presence of a wide range of entertainment, entertainment and service facilities required to attract visitors.
  • The Elegantry Fifth Settlement project is distinguished by offering all investment units, in addition to offering it in small, medium and large areas to meet all the needs of investors.

About Catalyst Developments

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company is the developer and owner of Elegantry Mall, Fifth Settlement, and it is one of the strongly emerging companies in the field of Egyptian real estate investment. Since its inception in 2016, it has been able to build and develop various real estate projects in several areas.

One of the most important standards that the company maintains in implementing during the implementation of various projects is choosing the appropriate location and unique and luxurious architectural designs inspired by the European style, in addition to its interest in having a great diversity of unit areas and prices, while providing flexibility in payment, which has made it one of the best real estate companies in existence. in Egypt.

Catalyst Developments projects

In addition to the Elegantry mall project, there are many projects undertaken by the company, including the following:

Business Plus Mall, New Cairo

Prepare Business Plus Mall New Cairo One of the most prominent works of Catalyst Real Estate Development Company is located on 90th Street, which is characterized by the availability of all facilities and services, in addition to the wonderful view that characterizes the project. It was designed in different spaces, whether administrative or commercial. To suit all tastes and requirements.

North Plus Mall New Cairo

Prepare North Plus Mall New Cairo An integrated complex, which includes a wide range of basic and entertainment services, due to the diversity of the mall’s units between administrative units, commercial units, and medical units, all of which have their own unique engineering designs, in addition to the availability of all the elements that the mall’s customers need.

Cairo Capital Center Mall, Fifth Settlement

The company built Cairo Capital Center Mall Fifth Settlement On an area of ​​​​2 acres, it was keen to provide many elements within the mall, including landscaping and administrative offices, in addition to establishing all the necessary facilities in order to serve customers. The company began implementing this project with investments amounting to 600 million pounds, with the availability of offices. For rent, offices for sale.

Ozone Mall, Fifth Settlement

Prepare Ozone Mall Fifth Settlement New Cairo is one of the largest health projects that provides its services to both residents of New Cairo and its neighboring cities, in addition to residents of the regions who prefer to receive treatment in Cairo.

It is also considered one of the unique medical projects of its kind in Egypt, because the company that owns and developed the project was keen to choose the location of this project with great care, and it sought the help of foreign experts in its implementation in order to ensure that it was presented in the ideal image that the company had drawn for it.

Ozone Mall, Fifth Settlement, aims to provide all medical services and all necessary amenities for patients and visitors to the complex. Obtaining a distinguished medical service has become a matter that requires research and deliberation in choosing the appropriate place for treatment, whether it is a medical center, a medical clinic, or other medical care places. Which patient decides to go to.

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Elegantry Mall New Cairo

Target, Elegantry Mall Fifth Settlement

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company created the project with units of various sizes and reasonable prices. To meet all the requirements of investors and customers, it also provides all the services and benefits that make it a unique icon in the Fifth Settlement area.

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Disadvantages of the Fifth Settlement Mall project

Catalyst Real Estate Development Company was keen to ensure that the project did not contain any defects, but on the contrary, it worked to provide it with many investment features, services and facilities that attract visitors.

In conclusion, I hope that I have succeeded in explaining Elegantry Mall in terms of the area of ​​the units and their prices compared to the services and features provided by the company, in addition to the different payment systems.

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