Lugar New Zayed by Gates Developments

Project details
project name Lugar Compound New Zayed
The project Location New Zayed close to Sphinx International Airport
Developer شركة جيتس للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 65
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 8 installment years
Finishing type
Prices start from 3,660,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Lugar New Zayed Compound is one of the finest and most luxurious residential projects that were implemented in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, very close to Sphinx International Airport. It was implemented by Gates Real Estate Development Company, which is always keen to provide all amenities in its projects.

Lugar New Zayed includes a group of diverse units, in terms of designs and spaces. To meet all different tastes and needs of customers, the units varied between residential apartments, duplex units, townhouses and independent villas.

The Lugar Zayed project was distinguished by its high-end architectural designs that were developed by the most famous designers and engineering consultants. The designs came to mimic the designs of the Silva Compound, where the project space was optimally utilized, which allowed for providing a wonderful balance between green spaces and spaces allocated for residential buildings.

Unit areas in the compound start from 65 square meters, and prices start from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds, in addition to the easy payment systems, with the down payment starting from only 5% of the unit price, with long payment periods of up to 8 years.

Location of Lugar New Zayed Compound

The location of Lugar New Zayed Compound was chosen very carefully by the developer company, as it took care to ensure that the location was completely away from crowds and noise. To provide a calm and healthy atmosphere, it also paid attention to the location’s proximity to the most important vital landmarks and important main roads, which facilitate access to many different areas.

Places near Lugar New Zayed Compound

The ideal location of the Logar New Zayed project makes it close to many important roads and axes, in addition to the distinctive basic, entertainment, educational and service facilities, including the following:

  • Universities: The compound’s location is characterized by its close proximity to some important universities, such as Nile University and October University.
  • Important tourist attractions: Lugar New Zayed Compound is located a short distance from a number of famous tourist attractions, such as the Giza Pyramids, the New Egyptian Museum and the Tourist Promenade.
  • The most important nearby squares: The compound is close to more than one main square, such as Juhayna Square and Remaya Square.
  • Commercial Malls: The compound is close to several important commercial malls, such as Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, and Hyper One.
  • The most important roads and axes: The project enjoys a distinguished location next to the Dahshur Link, the 26th of July Corridor, and Fayoum Road.
  • The most important nearby landmarks: Lugar New Zayed Compound is located near many important landmarks, such as Sphinx Airport and Media Production City.

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Lugar New Zayed

Design of the Lugar New Zayed project

The design of the Lugar New Zayed project was designed to suit those with good taste looking for sophistication and luxury, as all designs were chosen in a way that combines modernity and sophistication, ensuring enjoyment of a unique living experience with a great deal of luxury.

The company developing the project cooperated with a group of the best designers and architects with competence and long experience in the field of engineering consulting, so the designs achieved great harmony, including the residential units, green spaces, and water bodies in the compound. To provide more relaxation and calm.

The designs of the new Lugar Compound Zayed units varied greatly, to suit all tastes. Each type of unit was unique in its own designs, which are in line with its nature. All units were designed in a way that provided them with a wonderful view of large areas of the landscape spread throughout the compound.

The interior designs of the units were chosen with the highest quality in terms of materials and materials used in the finishes, in addition to working to provide entrances with wide areas, while increasing the size of the windows and balconies in a way that allows enjoying the largest possible amount of ventilation and light.

The units available in Lugar New Zayed Compound varied between residential apartments, duplexes, stand-alone villas, and twin houses. The units came in the form of residential buildings, consisting of 3 upper floors and a ground floor.

Lugar New Zayed project area

The huge area on which the project was implemented was perfectly divided, as the company was keen to allocate the largest part of the project area to green spaces and water bodies, so the areas of Laugar New Zayed were as follows:

  • Total area: The total area of ​​the project was 65 acres.
  • Building area: The percentage allocated for constructing buildings and construction works did not exceed only 15% of the total area of ​​the Logar Compound.
  • Green spaces: Green spaces occupied the largest proportion of the project area, occupying approximately 85% of its total area, and varied between landscapes and artificial lakes.

Unit space in Lugar New Zayed project

Lugar New Zayed is distinguished by providing residential units suitable for all tastes, as the company developing the project was keen to provide many varying spaces for the units, so that the investor finds the space that suits his needs, as small spaces suitable for small families were provided, and other larger spaces for large families, so the unit sizes came As follows:

  • One-room residential apartments: come in sizes starting from 65 square metres.
  • Two-room residential apartments: their areas start from 115 square meters.
  • 3-room residential apartments: their areas start from 145 square meters.
  • Duplex units: area of ​​150 square meters.
  • Townhouse: area starts from 185 square meters.
  • Independent villas: available with areas starting from 255 square meters.

Lugar New Zayed Compound prices

Gates Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in offering Lugar New Zayed units at the best competitive prices that suit the high level of designs and services available in the compound. A package of varying prices has also been provided that makes it easy for customers to choose the unit that suits their purchasing ability, without being exposed to any financial pressure.

The prices of Lugar New Zayed Compound varied according to a number of different factors, such as the unit’s location, area, decoration works, and other factors. The price per meter in the compound starts from 35,000 Egyptian pounds for residential apartments, and the following is an overview of the currently available prices:

  • One-room apartment: prices start from 3,660,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Two-room apartment: price starts from 4,580,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • 3-bedroom apartments: prices start from 5,736,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplex units: The price per square meter in duplex units starts at 48,000 Egyptian pounds, and unit prices range between 6,000,000 and 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse: The price per square meter starts from 44,000 Egyptian pounds, while the average price of townhouse units is around 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villas: The price per square meter for independent villas starts at 59,000 Egyptian pounds, and comes at prices of 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds on average.

Reservation and payment systems in Lugar New Zayed Compound

In continuation of the developer company’s keenness to facilitate the ownership of units that investors aspire to and meet their desires, more than one distinct payment program has been identified, allowing the ownership of units with the lowest possible down payment, and the remaining installments over the longest payment periods. Among the systems available in Lugar New Zayed are the following:

  • A down payment of 5% of the unit value, after 3 months, another payment of 5% is made, then the remaining amount is paid in installments over 8 years.
  • Reserving residential apartments requires a payment of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, while a payment of 100,000 Egyptian pounds must be paid for duplexes and villas, both townhouse and standalone types.
  • All units are delivered semi-finished.

Price analysis of Lugar New Zayed Compound

Unit prices in Logar New Zayed have been determined very precisely. Prices have been set that are completely appropriate to the services and facilities available in the compound, providing customers with all means of comfort and luxury, in addition to the high-end designs that reflect a great deal of luxury and sophistication, as Logar prices are among the best prices. Competitiveness in the New Zayed region.

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تصميم كمبوند لوجار زايد الجديدة

Lugar New Zayed facilities and services

The company sought to provide the greatest amount of facilities and services that residents need in one place. Lugar New Zayed Compound is considered an integrated project with various services, between basic and recreational services that create an atmosphere that helps to feel happy and relaxed. These services are as follows:

  • Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools in Logar New Zayed, and they vary in design and space. To suit all ages.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Restaurants and cafes are spread throughout different areas of the compound, and they are all distinguished by their elegant designs and serving the most delicious food and drinks.
  • Garages: To park cars easily and safely, the Lugar New Zayed Compound provides smart garages. To avoid crowding in front of the units.
  • Paved paths: For those who enjoy walking, cycling, and jogging, paved paths have been provided amidst the green areas. To practice these sports with complete freedom.
  • Social Clubs: To strengthen social relationships and spend quality times with family and neighbors, Lugar New Zayed includes social clubs, which offer a large number of diverse activities, suitable for all ages.
  • Children’s area: An entertainment area has been designated for children, equipped with a large number of fun games and activities.
  • Emergency response: The compound provided all safety systems to deal with emergency situations, as electrical generators were provided, which operate automatically as soon as the electricity goes out, in addition to fire extinguishing systems, which operate automatically as soon as smoke rises.
  • Internet service: High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout New Zayed.
  • Green spaces: Logar New Zayed is distinguished by the spread of green spaces throughout it. For more calm and relaxation.
  • Electronic gates: To facilitate entry and exit to and from the compound, the compound has provided electronic gates at all entrances.
  • Shopping areas: For shopping enthusiasts, the compound includes a large number of the best shops displaying all types of goods from the most famous international brands.
  • Sports fields: The project has a number of sports fields that allow practicing all different sports activities.
  • Health clubs: For more luxury, health clubs have been provided in the Lugar Zayed project, which provide the highest quality services, through Jacuzzi and spa halls.
  • Clubhouse: The compound includes a clubhouse equipped to the highest standard; To spend special times there, while enjoying the many recreational activities available.
  • Security and guarding system: The compound provided a tight security system, by providing a large number of security personnel trained at the highest level, with a large number of modern surveillance cameras distributed throughout the entire compound. To monitor all movements around the clock.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services: The project management provided a team specialized in maintenance and cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of the compound throughout the day, and to confront any malfunction that may occur suddenly.

Advantages of investing in Lugar New Zayed

Investing in Lugar New Zayed is one of the best forms of real estate investment in which the investor enjoys an infinite number of advantages, due to the services and advantages that the compound has that make it the best option for enjoying a wonderful residential experience, and among these features are:

  • Location: The compound is distinguished by its strategic location that was chosen very carefully, as it was located on the Egypt/Alexandria Desert Road, which made it very close to many vital landmarks in the region.
  • Diverse spaces: The project includes a large number of units of various sizes, which makes it easy for customers to choose the unit that best suits their needs.
  • Multiple services and facilities: Lugar New Zayed Compound has a huge number of services and facilities, which all investors are interested in having.
  • Designs: The company developing the project cooperated with an elite group of the most skilled architects and designers. To create unique designs that combine modernity and sophistication.
  • Prices and payment methods: The compound’s units come at the best competitive prices, which suit all categories, in addition to easy payment systems, with installment periods of up to 8 years.
  • Real Estate Developer: Lugar New Zayed Compound was implemented by Gates Real Estate Development Company, which was an important factor in increasing customer confidence in owning a unit in the compound.

Advantages of investing in New Zayed

New Zayed City is one of the best modern cities in which one can invest, for a wide range of different reasons, including:

  • Location: New Zayed City is located in western Cairo, near a large number of the most important areas and vital services, such as hospitals, schools, means of transportation, and commercial centers.
  • Infrastructure: The state has paid great attention to New Zayed City, as it was developed according to modern architectural and engineering standards in the world, and it has a large number of important facilities, services and highways.
  • Social and recreational facilities: New Zayed City has a large number of social and recreational facilities, which varied between sports clubs, parks and shopping centres.
  • Commercial area: New Zayed City’s location is close to a large number of factories and companies, which helped make it an ideal destination for investments and businesses.
  • Continuous development: The Egyptian government has developed plans to develop New Zayed City, so that it becomes a major center for Egypt at the cultural and commercial levels.
  • Family area: New Zayed City is one of the cities that is very suitable for families, due to its security, tranquility, and services.

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كمبوند لوجار زايد الجديدة

About Gates Developments

Gates Real Estate Development Company is the developer of the Lugar New Zayed, and it is one of the best real estate development companies with many years of experience of more than 25 years, during which it was able to gain the trust of many customers by implementing a large number of projects that achieved great success.

The president of Gates Real Estate Development Company is Mr. Ahmed Abu Al-Futouh, who is distinguished by his great ambition, thanks to which he was able to place the company at the top of the real estate development companies in Egypt, thanks to his innovative ideas and his keenness to meet all the needs of investors in the projects that he implements.

Advantages of investing with Gates Developments

Gates Real Estate Development Company provides investors with a huge number of features that make it one of the best real estate development companies to invest with, and among the most important of these features are the various price packages that the company offers in all its projects, as well as flexible payment systems that make it easier for customers to own the unit that meets their desires in every way. ease.

The company is distinguished by implementing its projects with innovative and unique designs that are in line with modern life. To meet customer needs, which makes the company’s projects unique and uncompetitive.

Gates Developments projects

Gates Real Estate Development Company was established in 1996, and since that time it has been striving to provide the best successful projects, including:

Catalan new capital

One of the projects of the New Administrative Capital, it was designed as a luxury residential complex characterized by modernity and luxury, and includes a large number of diverse units that meet all the different needs of customers.

WestJet Business 6th of October

A project that includes administrative and commercial units in 6th of October City, and has all the success elements required for the success of any project.

Space Mall 6 October

It is one of the best luxury commercial projects in the 6th of October area, and it is considered one of the best shopping centers in the region.

Learn more about projects Gates Real Estate Development Company

The goal of the Lugar New Zayed project

The goal of constructing the Lugar New Zayed Compound was to provide a unique residential experience to the clients of Gates Real Estate Development Company, by choosing one of the best areas in New Zayed to develop the project, and including many services and facilities within the compound, in addition to offering competitive prices for the compound’s units.

The beauty of life in New Zayed

It is possible to describe New Zayed City as one of the best modern cities in Egypt, as the city is distinguished by its vast area, which amounts to approximately 21,000 acres, and is located west of Sheikh Zayed City, where it is considered an extension of it. The state has paid great attention to the city and is distinguished by the following points:

  • Geographical division: New Zayed City was distinguished by the ideal division of its area, as the division was made with a great balance between the area allocated for residents, and the areas allocated for facilities and services.
  • An excellent residential city: New Zayed City provides an ideal atmosphere for life in a different way, amidst large areas of green areas that occupy approximately 25% of its total area.
  • Multiple services: The city has a large number of distinctive services that provide its residents with all means of comfort, including health, educational, recreational and other services.

Disadvantages of Lugar New Zayed

The many features available in Lugar New Zayed did not leave room for any defect that residents might suffer from in the compound, and the company developing the project carefully scrutinized all the details of the project before putting it on the market. To avoid any kind of problems.

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