Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

Project details
project name Mazarine New Alamein
The project Location At kilometer 107 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road
Developer City Edge Developments
Unit area 167 square meters
receiving date 2023
Payment systems down payment 5 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type Fully finished - semi finished
Prices start from 12,525,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Mazarine New Alamein Compound is one of the most prominent projects of City Edge Development Company, which it launched on a huge area of ​​up to 707 acres to include many types of residential units with high-end designs and a unique view of green spaces and landscape.

Mazarine project has a strategic location at kilometer 107 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, an hour and a quarter from Cairo, 54 kilometers from El Alamein Airport, 184 kilometers from Marsa Matrouh, and 89 kilometers from Burj Al Arab Airport, in addition to its proximity to the marina and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. .

Mazarine Compound has many types of residential units, including chalets and villas, with 296 units, with various sizes to suit customers’ requirements. The area of ​​the chalets starts from 167 square meters, while the area of ​​the villas starts from 359 square meters.

Mazarine New Alamein is characterized by competitive prices and flexible payment systems, which presents a promising opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs, as the price per square meter in the compound starts from 49,000 Egyptian pounds, while unit prices start from 5,000,000 Egyptian pounds, with a 5% down payment system, and the rest in installments. 7 years.

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Location of Mazarine New Alamein Compound

Mazarine Compound has a strategic location in the heart of New Alamein, specifically at kilometer 107 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. This vital location is close to all the main roads and axes, as well as the most important areas on the coast, which makes the project’s location a point of strength that attracts customers to it.

Places near the Mazarine North Coast project

New Alamein Mazarin is located west of the northern coast, and near several important places, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Marina: The compound is located near the North Coast Marina.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman area: The project approaches the charming Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
  • Al Fouka Road: The resort can be reached from Al Fouka Road.
  • Burj Al Arab Airport: Mazarine is 89 km away from Burj Al Arab Airport.
  • Marsa Matrouh: The project is separated from Marsa Matrouh by about 184 kilometers.
  • El Alamein Airport: Mazarine Compound is located 54 kilometers from El Alamein Airport.
  • Cairo City: The project can be reached from Cairo within only an hour and a half.
  • Alexandria: The compound is 107 kilometers away from the city of Alexandria.

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Mazarine New Alamein

Design of the New Mazarine Alamein project

Mazarine Compound has sophisticated designs that keep pace with the latest international designs that are compatible with advanced technology. City Edge chose the name Mazarine to name the project because of the meanings of beauty and sophistication it carries, as its meaning refers to the dark blue color that dominates all of the project’s internal and external features and designs.

The entire project was designed in the shape of the letter U to give all residential units a direct view of the sea, and various views of water bodies and green spaces. The units have high-quality finishes and engineering construction designed with precision and innovative thought, mixed with the magic of the blue color that dominates the character of the entire resort and appears in the views. Natural colors intertwined with the turquoise sea and white sand.

The Mazarine project is distinguished by being the first tourist complex developed on the coast on an area of ​​72 acres of the total project area. This complex includes two main areas, namely El Alamein Beach, extending over 635 acres, in addition to an artificial lake on an area of ​​208 acres and 4 meters deep, which has been developed. Designed for swimming and yachting purposes.

The units in the Mazarine project vary from apartments, chalets, and villas under 296 residential units, which were implemented in cooperation with Orascom Properties, and are delivered with complete finishes, air conditioners, and various views.

Oko Plan took over the engineering consultations for the project, which laid out the Master Plan Compound with extreme precision and innovative use of spaces. It is one of the leading companies that includes more than 200 consulting engineers, and has a huge history of successful work inside and outside Egypt.

Area of ​​Mazarine North Coast Compound

The New Mazarine Alamein Compound extends over a huge area of ​​up to 702 acres, with a small building percentage that does not exceed 20% of the total area of ​​the project, which takes the shape of the letter U and consists of villas, chalets, and twin houses of various sizes, while the rest of the area 80% has been allocated to green spaces and landscaping. And bodies of water.

Area of ​​units in the Mazarine project

City Edge, the company that owns the Mazarine project, was keen to diversify the unit spaces within the project, as the compound has units of multiple styles, including villas, chalets, and twin houses. There are buildings consisting of 4 floors, an elevator, and a chalet and penthouse, with areas starting from 165 square meters. As for Details of the unit areas can be explained as follows:

  • 3-Bedroom Chalet: The area of ​​3-bedroom chalets starts from 167 square meters.
  • 4-Bedroom Chalet: The area of ​​4-bedroom chalets starts from 327 square meters.
  • Villas’ area: The area of ​​villas in Mazarine starts from 359 square meters and reaches 576 square meters.
  • Double villas: The area of ​​​​double villas starts from 324 square meters.

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Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

Mazarine El Alamein project prices

City Edge Real Estate Development Company is offering a competitive package of prices for Mazarin New Alamein, which varies according to the unit’s location, type, area, and other factors that control prices, as the price per square meter in units starts from 49,000 Egyptian pounds. As for the details of unit prices, they are: As follows:

  • Ground floor chalets: Prices of chalets for sale in Mazarine on the ground floor range from 5,400,000 Egyptian pounds to 6,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • First floor upper chalets: Prices for first floor upper chalets start from 5,200,000 Egyptian pounds and reach 6,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin House Prices: Twin House Mazarine prices start from 12,525,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Villa prices: The prices of villas in the project start from 20,455,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in Mazarine New Alamein Compound

The Mazarine Sahel project offers a distinct package of payment and payment systems that suit the capabilities of a large segment of customers and investors. The most prominent of these systems can be explained as follows:

  • Pay 5% down payment, and pay the rest of the unit price in installments over 7 years in equal installments without interest.

Price analysis of Mazarine New Alamein

The prices of the new Mazarine Alamein Compound are considered among the best prices offered in the city of El Alamein, as these prices are competitive and flexible payment systems, and are compatible with the high-end designs, integrated services and facilities, recreational areas, and high-quality interior and exterior finishes.

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Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

Facilities and services of Mazarine North Coast

Mazarine Compound is considered one of the most important integrated projects in New Alamein City, as the project has all the basic and recreational services and facilities, which meet the requirements and desires of customers and save them from leaving it. The most prominent services and facilities in the project can be explained through the following:

  • Green spaces: The project has green spaces that skillfully intertwine with artificial lakes, swimming pools, and picturesque landscapes.
  • Gym and Spa: The compound contains the latest fitness equipment, including a gym, spa, jacuzzi, and sauna, in addition to the finest beauty centers.
  • Security systems: The resort includes many advanced security and security systems, including surveillance cameras distributed evenly throughout the project, in addition to security and guard personnel, and electronic gates.
  • Private garage: Each of the project’s buildings includes its own garage to preserve cars and avoid crowding and congestion.
  • Energy generators: The project contains electricity generators that contribute to automatically generating energy in the event of a power outage.
  • Elevators: The compound includes many high-speed electric elevators, which have the ability to accommodate a large number of people.
  • Reception centers: The project includes an integrated center to receive customers and provide services, while responding to complaints and inquiries quickly.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The project contains many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks prepared by the most skilled chefs in the world.
  • Entertainment area for children: The compound has a huge entertainment area dedicated to children, which combines many games and activities that contribute to developing their skills.
  • Swimming pools: The project has swimming pools of various shapes, sizes and depths, suitable for all ages.
  • Running and walking paths: The compound includes a huge number of paths and tracks designated for jogging, walking, and cycling.
  • Artificial lakes: The project has many artificial lakes that the residential units overlook, and they have wonderful colors and innovative designs.
  • Sports fields: The compound contains many sports fields, including football, basketball, volleyball, squash, and others.
  • Shops: For shopping lovers, the project has many shops offering international and local brands.
  • Entertainment amusement parks: The compound includes an entertainment amusement area that includes many popular games for adults and children.
  • Medical clinics: The project includes medical clinics with the highest level of services, including all equipment and various medical specialties.

Advantages of investing in Mazarine Compound

Once you think about investing in New El Alamein City, you are on the cusp of successful and secure real estate investment, but when you choose Mazarine El Alamein Compound, you have achieved all the elements of a safe investment and a quick profit return, due to the presence of the following reasons:

  • The compound has a vital location in the most prestigious area of ​​New Alamein and close to the most prominent roads, main axes and important areas, which facilitates access to the project from anywhere.
  • The project enjoys integrated and unprecedented services and facilities that are compatible with modern developments, which contributes to achieving the utmost levels of luxury and well-being.
  • The ideal prices offered by City Edge Real Estate Company allow you to own a residential unit at an ideal and increasing price over time, which achieves a large profit return when the unit is resold after a period of time.
  • Payment methods provide customers and entrepreneurs with owning a residential unit with high-end designs and integrated finishes, in installments over the longest payment period and without interest.

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Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

About City Edge Developments

City Edge Real Estate Development Company is the company that implemented the New Mazarine Alamein Compound, and it is considered among the most prominent real estate development companies in Egypt, which dates back to its founding in 2017, and since that date it has developed many successful real estate projects that have achieved huge sales rates, this ancient company It merged a group of important companies:

  • The Holding Company for Investment by 2%.
  • Housing and Development Bank by 38%.
  • Urban Communities Authority by 60%.

City Edge Developments projects

City Edge Real Estate Company has implemented many residential, commercial and tourism projects in various areas, including the New Capital, the North Coast, New Alamein, and others. The most prominent of these projects are the following:

The Gate Towers New Alamein

considered as The Gate Towers New Alamein One of the most prominent projects of City Edge Real Estate Company, as it is located 2 kilometers from the entrance to New Alamein City, with a direct view of the sea. The project extends over an area of ​​200 acres and includes 669 residential units, including studios, apartments, and chalets, at various prices and sizes.

Down Town New Alamein

Located Downtown New Alamein Close to the Latin Quarter and in front of the International Coastal Road, the project extends over an area of ​​31 acres and includes various types of units, including residential apartments and penthouses, with competitive sizes and prices.

New Alamein towers

New Alamein Towers are located near the tourist promenade and entertainment area in the heart of New Alamein City. They consist of 7 different towers, including 5 towers in the North Edge project, and two towers in The Gate project, where the project provides various units between apartments and studios, with competitive sizes and prices. .

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Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

The goal of Mazarine New Alamein Project

The New Mazarine El Alamein project aims to build an integrated residential community that includes all modern lifestyles and the most luxurious new city in El Alamein, making the compound a tourist residential resort overlooking a sandy beach and integrated with basic and recreational services and facilities, making it a habitable environment all year round.

The beauty of life in New Alamein

considered as New Alamein City It is the bright spot in the map of new cities in Egypt, as this charming city combines all modern lifestyles with integrated services and multiple advantages that make it a unique experience for an ideal life.

New Alamein is located on the western coastal strip, 100 kilometers from the city of Alexandria, and has a modern design that provides a safe living environment. The city is also crowded with residential, commercial and tourist areas, making it an exceptional opportunity for successful investment of funds.

El Alamein is distinguished by the presence of educational, health and recreational services, as it includes international schools and a British university at the highest level, in addition to many hospitals and specialized medical centres, in addition to the presence of sports clubs and commercial centers that meet the needs of the population.

New El Alamein enjoys picturesque nature, as it has a direct view of the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by green spaces, amazing natural views, artificial lakes, luxury resorts and charming beaches, making it one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Egypt.

One of the most prominent features of New Alamein is the advanced infrastructure that the city enjoys, which enhances the quality of life, as it includes the strongest communications services, smart networks, and reliance on renewable energy, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly city.

New Alamein is an example of sustainable urban development, which makes it an attraction for residents and investors thanks to the multiple advantages and integrated services that have made it a symbol of development, the focus of the world’s attention, and a basic pillar of economic development in Egypt.

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Mazarine New Alamein | Own your unit with only 5% down payment

Disadvantages of Mazarine North Coast

Despite the countless advantages included in the Mazarine project, some customers may see that the lack of immediate delivery units is one of the project’s tangible defects, but given the amount of investments that City Edge has allocated to implement this great edifice, and the cooperation it has concluded with Major engineering consulting companies and construction and contracting companies, the company pledges to customers to speed up the building and construction process with the delivery of units as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the New Alamein shrines located?
At Kilometer 107 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road, west of the North Coast
Who is the company developing Mazarine New Alamein Compound?
City Edge Real Estate Development Company.
What is the payment system in the New Mazarine Alamein project?
5% down payment, and installments over 7 years.
What is the method of contacting the sales of Mazarine New Alamein Compound?
To contact the sales management of Mazarine New Alamein Compound, please contact us at 01554999269
down payment
5 %
167 square meters m²
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