Solana Sheikh Zayed With Down Payment 10%

Project details
project name Solana New Zayed
The project Location directly on El-Dabaa Road
Developer اورا للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 210
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 10 % , 7 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 40,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269
Project video

Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the latest projects located in western Cairo, specifically in 6th of October City in New Sheikh Zayed.

Solana New Zayed Compound project is a project affiliated with Ora Real Estate Development Company, owned by the well-known businessman Naguib Sawiris, which has presented many successful projects inside and outside Egypt.

Solana New Zayed is considered a luxurious architectural breakthrough with its wonderful designs, with a system that maintains privacy, as the most skilled engineers and consultants were used to design the project for a specific class of society, as it contains only villas so that they can enjoy a luxurious life as if they were living in a piece of Europe.

Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound location

It is located directly on El-Dabaa Road, near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, west of Cairo, New Sheikh Zayed City. It is a very distinct strategic location as it is located near many other projects west of Cairo, specifically in New Sheikh Zayed City.

Ora Real Estate Development Company chose the location of the compound with great care, as it was keen to stay away from the crowds in the city of Cairo, so it chose the distinguished location so that residents can enjoy tranquility and comfort.

Places near Solana Sheikh Zayed Project

  • The compound is approximately half an hour from Sphinx Airport.
  • The compound is a short distance from Dahshour Link
  • The project is a short distance from the Central Ring Road.
  • The compound is close to the shooting range.
  • The compound is considered close to the Media Production City.
  • The project is close to Alma Compound and Rivers Compound.
  • The compound is close to Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch.

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Solana Sheikh Zayed With Down Payment 10%

Design of Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound

The developing company was keen to build a huge project in the new city of Sheikh Zayed, which is the Solana Sheikh Zayed project. It was implemented on a total area of ​​about 316 acres. The project includes units of different designs, shapes, and spaces to suit all tastes. The project includes large green spaces, a landscape, and artificial lakes. All of this adds beauty and vitality to the compound and has a great positive impact on the customers’ psychology.

Solana Compound Area

Ora Real Estate Development Company established the Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound project on an area of ​​316 acres. This area allowed for all services and facilities. This huge area was distributed as follows:

  • 80% of the project area has been allocated to recreational services, green spaces, and water bodies.
  • No more than 20% of the project area has been allocated to residential buildings designed with the latest architectural styles.

Area of ​​units in Solana New Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Villa A-1: ​​an area of ​​up to 388 square meters, consisting of 4 rooms.
  • Villa B-1: an area of ​​up to 383 square meters, consisting of 5 rooms.
  • Villa 2: up to 319 square meters, consisting of 4 rooms.
  • Villa 3: an area of ​​up to 337 square meters, consisting of 4 rooms.
  • Villa 4: up to 240 square meters, consisting of 4 rooms.
  • Twin villa: up to 206 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms.
  • Twin house: up to 240 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms.
  • Townhouse: up to 210 square meters, consisting of 3 rooms.

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Prices of Solana New Zayed Compound

Ora Real Estate Development Company has worked to offer a variety of residential units of different sizes, with a distinctive package of competitive prices appropriate to the unique features that the residential units enjoy in the Solana Naguib Sawiris Compound, and that customers enjoy. Therefore, the project is considered at the top of the distinguished investment opportunities in the area. New Sheikh Zayed is unanimously approved by experts, so hurry to reserve your unit as soon as possible, and the unit prices in the project are as follows.

  • Townhouse price starts from 10,950,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a twin house starts from 14,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The villa price starts from 17,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Reservation and payment systems in Solana Sheikh Zayed project

To complement the features of the project, Ora Company has introduced a distinguished system with great facilities to pay for the residential unit to be purchased, which is:

  • A down payment of 10% of the unit price, and the rest in installments over 7 years, in equal installments without interest.

Analysis of the prices of the Solana New Zayed project

The prices in Solana New Zayed Compound are suitable for high-end customers, and these prices are very appropriate with the size and quality of services in the compound, as the services and facilities in the project were implemented by Ora Company at the highest level of quality and sophistication.

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Solana Sheikh Zayed With Down Payment 10%

Facilities and services of Solana New Zayed Compound

Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound provides a distinguished group of necessary and recreational services that provide residents with a luxurious life, including the following:

  • There are many international restaurants that serve all types of food from the hands of carefully selected chefs to provide the best quality of food.
  • The compound provides a distinguished social club with many playgrounds and places designated for walking to spend enjoyable times within the compound.
  • The project provides a sports club with many football, basketball and tennis courts.
  • The compound includes distinctive halls for holding parties, conferences, weddings and events.
  • The project provides high-speed internet service that reaches all parts of the compound.
  • The compound provides medical clinics of the highest level, providing all medical devices and wonderful medical services, 24 hours a day, by the most skilled doctors.
  • The compound provides a large cinema, showing the latest Arab and foreign films.

Advantages of investing in Solana Compound

Solana New Zayed Compound is one of the best modern residential and investment projects in New Zayed City, as it has wonderful investment features, including the following:

  • The various spaces of the villas inside so that customers and investors can choose what suits them.
  • The appropriate prices and flexible payment systems that make the compound a destination for customers and investors.
  • The location of Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound, which has witnessed tremendous growth and development in the recent period, is therefore considered an ideal location for investors looking for high potential to increase capital.

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Solana Sheikh Zayed With Down Payment 10%

About Ora Developments

Ora Company for Investment and Real Estate Development is the company that owns the unique Solana New Zayed Compound project. The company was founded in 2016 by engineer Naguib Sawiris. It was called Gemani and its name was changed to Ora in 2018. Despite its short lifespan, it was able to prove its worth in entering the market. The Egyptian Real Estate Company was also able to carry out many and varied projects that gained the approval of customers, whether these projects were inside or outside Egypt.

Ora Developments projects

Ora Real Estate Development Company has established many residential projects in Egypt in various places, and these projects include the following:

  • Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement

Zed East Compound, Fifth Settlement ,It is the most prominent project of Ora Company. The project is located next to Cairo International Airport and the American University. The project was built on an area of ​​400 acres, and the units vary between villas, apartments, and townhouses.

  • Clubside Tower Fifth Settlement

Clubside Tower, Fifth Settlement Located in the heart of Zed East Compound, the project consists of a ground floor and 30 upper floors, at an altitude of 100 meters. It also includes many luxuriously designed residential apartments, varying in shape, size, and prices.

  • Zed Towers, Sheikh Zayed

Zed Towers, Sheikh Zayed Located next to the 26th of July Corridor and Smart Village, the project offers many residential units of various styles, including studios, apartments, penthouses and duplexes. Zed Towers also has integrated services, ideal prices and a wonderful ideal design.

  • Pyramids Hills October Compound

Pyramids October Hills Compound has a view Directly on the pyramids in Giza, the units in the project vary between residential apartments, townhouses and twin houses, with elegant designs that match the latest international designs, and with different sizes, meeting the needs and desires of different customers.

  • Silver Sands North Coast Resort

Silver Sands North Coast It is the most prominent project of Ora Coastal Company. It is located at kilometer 222 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The design of this charming village was supervised by WATG, which was responsible for developing the master plan for the project. The units in the village vary between chalets, villas and twin houses, with varying sizes and prices.

  • Zed Park Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zed Park Sheikh Zayed Compound Located in Sheikh Zayed City, specifically on Al Hurriya Street around Zayed Central Park, the project contains apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

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Solana Sheikh Zayed With Down Payment 10%

The goal of the Solana Sheikh Zayed project

Ora Company was keen to implement Solana Sheikh Zayed Compound at the highest level so that it suits people with good taste, as this project is considered one of the finest and most luxurious residential projects in the new Sheikh Zayed City in terms of the architectural designs of the residential units as well as the external designs of the gardens and green spaces.

The beauty of life in the new Sheikh Zayed City

New Sheikh Zayed City is located near 6th of October City. New Sheikh Zayed is characterized by calm, large green spaces, and the spread of parks. This city is also characterized by moderate weather compared to Cairo. In addition to the above, it is an integrated city in terms of facilities and services, with hospitals, schools, and markets spread throughout it. It is also one of the cities that was excellently planned, and therefore all these features are reflected positively in Solana New Sheikh Zayed Compound.

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Disadvantages of Solana Sheikh Zayed project

Despite all the advantages provided by Ora Real Estate Development Company in Solana Compound, some may think that the date set by the company for delivering the residential units is considered a bit far, but the company needs to take enough time to deliver the fully finished residential units with high efficiency.

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  • shopping centre
  • swimming pool
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