Elora New Zayed from Arabia Holding

Project details
project name Elora New Zayed Compound
The project Location new zayed
Developer ارابيا للتطوير العقارى
Unit area 210
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 5% % , 8 installment years
Finishing type fully finished - Core & shell
Prices start from 16,000,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Elora New Zayed Compound is the latest development offered by the Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company on an area of ​​227 acres in the new Sheikh Zayed City. It is one of the companies that has tremendous popularity, making it trusted by many customers.

Elora Sheikh Zayed Compound is distinguished by its distinguished location close to the most important landmarks such as: Dahshur Link Road, Mehwar Road, Alexandria Desert Road, Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, the New Egyptian Museum, Mohammed bin Zayed Corridor, Lycée French schools, Al-Alsun Language School, and Hyper One.

Elora New Zayed Compound offers a variety of residential units including: one story villa, stand alone villa, twin house, townhouse..

The compound includes a wide variety of residential unit areas, with areas starting from 215 square meters, with a down payment starting from 10% and paying the rest on 8 Years.

The prices of units in the Elora New Zayed Compound start from 5 million Egyptian pounds, which are competitive prices compared to many other projects in Sheikh Zayed City.

Continue reading the article to learn more about Elora Compound New Zayed, browse its distinctive photos, and learn about the prices of the available units.

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Elora New Zayed Compound location

The strategic location of any residential project is the most important feature that customers and investors are looking for, and this is what Arabia Group took into account when developing the Elora New Zayed Compound, as it built the compound in the new city of Sheikh Zayed, close to the most important landmarks and vital roads, which help residents reach… Their preferred destinations, as well as fulfilling their requirements effortlessly.

Places near Elora New Zayed project

Elora New Sheikh Zayed is located a few minutes away from many main roads and axes, as well as distinctive service and entertainment facilities, making residents’ lives easier than before. Among the most important landmarks near the compound are the following:

  • Nearby roads: Elora Compound New Zayed is a very short distance from the Dahshur Link, the Alexandria Desert Road, and the 26th of July Corridor.
  • Nearby universities: Elora New Zayed Compound is a few steps away from 6th of October University, and it is also close to Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch.
  • Surrounding malls: The project is a short distance from many malls in Sheikh Zayed, as Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, and Hyper One are only 15 minutes away.

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موقع كمبوند ايلورا زايد الجديدة

Design of Elora Sheikh Zayed Compound

Elora Sheikh Zayed Compound was designed using a Master Plan that combines practicality and luxury. The compound was designed with a direct view of the Dabaa axis on one side, and the Central Ring Road on the other side.

As for dividing the Master Plan from within the compound, a land area of ​​143,000 square meters was allocated from the compound’s land area for the mixed-use units area, and it was planned directly on the Dabaa axis, making it easier for visitors to the units to enter and exit easily and quickly, and through gates separate from the gates. The compound itself, which provides you with the best level of privacy and security within Elora.

As for the rest of the project’s land area, it has been completely allocated to residential units surrounded by large areas of landscape, gardens, and water bodies. When looking at the project’s master plan, you see that the distribution of water bodies and green spaces between the residential buildings draws a shape resembling the rays of the sun, which is linked to the name of the compound. Which means ray of sun.

تصميم كمبوند ايلورا الشيخ زايد

Elora New Zayed space

Elora Zayed Compound was built on a huge area of ​​227 acres, which was divided between various residential buildings and wide green spaces, the percentage of which increases significantly within the Elora New Zayed Compound. In order to give the population more freedom and tranquility.

Especially since most of the units have a direct view of it, which makes the opportunity to live within this compound one that is difficult to replace in the near future.

One of the most prominent features of the Elora Compound is that it includes administrative and commercial units, which have an area of ​​about 143,000 square meters, providing you with the opportunity to live and work in the same distinguished residential complex.

The area of ​​the units in the Elora New Zayed Compound

The Elora New Zayed Compound includes different types of residential units, with varying sizes to suit the various needs and requirements of customers. The types and areas of the project can be found in the following:

  • One story villa: It is a one-story villa, its area reached 300 square meters, and the entire land area was about 560 square meters.
  • Stand Alone: ​​The area of ​​the stand starts from 280 square meters and reaches 290 square meters, and the entire land area is about 350 square meters.
  • Twin House: The areas of the twin houses range between 260 and 265 square meters, and the entire land area is about 280 square meters.
  • Townhouse: The area of ​​the middle townhouse starts at 210 square meters, while the area of ​​the corner townhouse starts at 215 square meters.

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Elora New Zayed Compound prices

The prices of the Elora New Zayed Compound were presented to the admiration of the clients of the Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company, which aims primarily to overcome all the obstacles that might stand in their way towards purchasing one of its project units.

This is considered one of the reasons for the developer company’s superiority over other competitors, as the prices offered for the Elora New Zayed Compound units included the following:

  • The price of the color stand: starts from 27,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and the seriousness of the reservation reaches 200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house price: starts from 23,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and reservation seriousness reaches 150,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouse price: about 16,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and reservation seriousness reaches 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and payment systems in the Elora New Zayed project

The payment systems in Elora New Zayed Compound have been very flexible and convenient, as purchasing any residential unit in the project requires:

  • A down payment of 5% of the total unit price.
  • Another 5% payment after 3 months.
  • The remaining amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.

Analysis of the prices of the Elora New Sheikh Zayed project

By analyzing the prices of the Elora New Zayed project and comparing them to other new projects in the New Zayed area, the Elora project is distinguished by offering the best competitive prices that are commensurate with the upscale level of Sheikh Zayed City, in addition to the fact that the price is considered reasonable and commensurate with the level of services and the many and varied features in the project.

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Facilities and services of the Elora New Zayed Compound

The company that owns the Elora New Zayed Compound has provided many features and services that bring the greatest benefit to customers and investors, including the following:

  • Security systems: The compound has a high-level security system, represented by security personnel distributed throughout the compound, in addition to advanced and modern surveillance cameras, in addition to electronic gates that facilitate the process of entering and exiting the compound.
  • Kids Aria: The Elora New Zayed project includes Kids Aria on a large area, which includes all the games that children love, whether traditional games, or modern electronic games.
  • Swimming pools: The real estate developer distributed a number of swimming pools within the Elora New Zayed Compound, giving the units a distinctive view of them on the one hand, and on the other hand adding a lot of fun and recreational times.
  • Restaurants and cafes: There is an area designated for eating food and drinks, under the supervision of an elite group of the most skilled chefs and chefs, served by a group of distinguished restaurants and cafes, bearing the names of the largest well-known brands.
  • Commercial Mall: In the middle of Elora New Zayed Compound is a huge commercial mall, through which one can make an enjoyable shopping trip, including going to various shops, or entering one of the cinema halls available in the mall, in addition to the possibility of making… Some banking transactions are done through ATM machines spread across the mall’s floors.
  • Maintenance and cleanliness: The Elora New Zayed Compound has a sufficient degree of cleanliness, due to the presence of a team specialized in disposing of waste related to the units and facilities, in addition to the presence of another team specialized in repairing various technical and technical faults.
  • Sports fields: For those who love practicing various sports, the Elora New Zayed project has a number of sports fields open 24 hours a day, in addition to a long paved track in the middle of the green spaces. To practice walking or running.
  • Medical Center: The compound provides its residents with medical service at the highest level, through the medical center, which includes an elite group of the best personnel in this field with its various specializations, and the availability of the latest medical devices and various therapeutic tools.
  • Social club: The Elora New Zayed Compound includes a large social club, which supervises the establishment of many distinctive social activities, and also contributes to providing a lot of quiet atmosphere, thanks to the seating areas spread throughout the club. In addition to the possibility of attending some of the club’s educational seminars, and carrying out many other important activities.
  • Paved path: Inside the Elora New Zayed it is possible to practice some exercises, such as running, walking and the well-known morning exercises, which provide the body with energy and activity at the beginning of the day, in addition to the possibility of riding bicycles safe from cars. Due to the distance of this path from the road designated for cars. The most important feature of the paved path is its presence among the project’s wide green spaces, which give residents more calm and activity while performing their exercises.
  • Garages: Preserving the beauty and elegance of the Elora New Zayed Compound is an essential feature of the compound; For this reason, the real estate developer built many garages for parking cars. So that cars do not cause traffic disruption and congestion on the roads and streets within the project. Garages enjoy a great deal of safety and protection, due to their large area and therefore the presence of many surveillance cameras in them, in addition to the presence of security personnel in all garages.
  • Barbecue parties: Barbecue parties are one of the activities that many customers prefer; Therefore, the real estate developer allocated part of the project’s green space to hold barbecue parties, in addition to various holidays and family events, and also provided this area with all the tools and supplies that customers need.
  • Electrical generators: The compound ensures that its residents are provided with all the services they need with the best service around the clock, even in the event of a power outage. This is thanks to the electric generators that operate immediately in the event of an outage. Electricity.

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The latest developments in the Elora New Zayed Compound

Building and construction operations are still in full swing inside the Elora New Zayed Compound, until the units are delivered to their owners as soon as possible. These units were designed by many well-known engineering personnel, and are famous for their contemporary designs and how close they are to the European style, famous for its simplicity. And sophistication.

Advantages of investing in Elora Compound

As we mentioned previously, the opportunity to live in the Elora New Zayed is one of the opportunities that is difficult to replace, not only in terms of living and residential life, but also in terms of investment, as purchasing a unit within the compound ensures the preservation of its owners’ capital, especially with the rise in Egyptian real estate market prices. at recent days.

The most prominent reasons that make the compound a profitable investment project in the long term include the following:

  • The strategic location of the Elora New Zayed Compound, close to important and main services and roads, which facilitates access to the project and going from it to any place the client desires, which doubles the value of the unit over time.
  • The distinctive services provided by the real estate developer within the Elora New Zayed, which many wish to benefit from and obtain; To enjoy the ideal life and ensure a better future for themselves and their children.
  • The innovative design of the space of the Elora project, and the multiple types and sizes of units within it, which gives the opportunity for customers and investors to obtain a unit that suits their financial capabilities and family needs.
  • Providing a package of competitive prices for purchasing units in the Elora New Zayed Compound by the real estate developer; In order to encourage customers to make the decision to purchase their new residential unit in the project.
  • The offered prices support a group of flexible and easy payment systems, which are based primarily on the idea of ​​installments, so that the customer does not need to pay the value of any unit in the project in cash or in one lump sum, which contributes to alleviating the burdens. Materialism on it.

Benefits of investing with Arabia Group for Real Estate Development

Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company is one of the undisputed companies in this field, due to its extensive experience in real estate development, over several years, through which it was able to compete with the largest real estate development companies that preceded it in the Egyptian market.

Therefore, we would like to say that investing with Arabia Group Real Estate Developments is an irreplaceable opportunity. You can also benefit from purchasing one of the units in the Elora New Zayed Compound or any unit in another project affiliated with Arabia Group Developments, thanks to the following:

  1. Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company chooses strategic locations for its projects, close to roads, axes, and important facilities in the region, which increases their marketing value over time.
  2. They are keen to choose the best professional cadres in various fields. They are very careful in choosing the company’s marketers. They also choose customer service representatives with great care. So that they answer all customers’ questions in a clear manner, and with a large amount of correct, unerring information.
  3. Benefit from the prices and offer packages offered by Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company, especially since the prices of real estate units of various shapes and types are constantly rising.

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Elora New Zayed Compound

About Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company

The Elora New Zayed Compound bears the name of Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company, a company whose first appearance dates back to 1982, and which was able to build a brand for itself, thanks to its attention to the smallest details, and its keenness to meet the desires and aspirations of different customers.

Arabia Group is famous for its diverse investments in many Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, and has been able to build many commercial and residential projects that have achieved great popularity and fantastic success that exceeded all expectations.

Arabia Real Estate Development Company applies the latest construction and engineering standards in its real estate projects, and we can easily see this in Arabia New Zayed Compound, which takes into account the latest findings in engineering and urban planning, and it can also be observed in the previous work of the developer company, which has a long track record of projects. Real Estate for more than 25 years in the field of real estate development.

The company has won many awards for the best real estate development companies in terms of credibility in delivering units on the agreed upon date, as well as the best real estate developers in constructing compounds and various commercial projects. The company is also considered one of the first companies to contract with the Urban Communities Authority, to implement many of the projects. Huge residential projects, led by the Sun Capital project.

The company’s headquarters is located specifically in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, and the company’s board of directors is occupied by Engineer Tariq Al-Shukri, who has great experience and a prominent position among experts and real estate circles, not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East.

Engineer Tariq held many other positions, including the presidency of the Board of Directors of the General Division for Real Estate Investment in the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, the presidency of the Chamber of Industry for Real Estate Development, and an influential member of the Board of Directors of the Investment Authority and the Real Estate Developers Association. In addition to establishing a charitable organization in his name, , which contributed greatly to expanding the company’s reach and increasing its spread, and contributing to the formation of an ideal mental image in the minds and minds of customers, which drives them to search for the company’s various projects, which we talk about in the following paragraph. .

Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company projects

Arabia Group has a distinguished and huge business history, which has been successful thanks to its dazzling design, integrated services, and residential and living lifestyle that it offers to customers, investors, and those wishing for tranquility and luxury. Among the most prominent projects of Arabia Group Developments are the following:

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ايلورا كمبوند زايد الجديدة

Features of the Elora New Zayed Compound

The features within the Elora New Sheikh Zayed Compound are countless, starting with the compound’s strategic location, which is located in the new Sheikh Zayed City, near important roads and main axes.

Passing through the basic and entertainment services available within the compound, which provide all the elements of an upscale and enjoyable residential life, access to easy payment systems and competitive price packages offered by the real estate developer.

All of these features and more prompted customers and investors to immediately reserve their units in Elora New Zayed Compound, and also benefit from the discounts and offers that are offered at times when the project units are announced, as this initiative helps customers obtain units with a distinctive and attractive view compared to others within. The compound.

The beauty of life in New Sheikh Zayed

New Sheikh Zayed City is one of the residential areas affiliated with the Ministry of Housing and the Urban Communities Authority, which was built in the western region of Sheikh Zayed City, near many important roads and main axes, which facilitate transportation to and from the area, with a capital of about 5 billion pounds. .

The Ministry of Housing and the Urban Communities Authority succeeded in housing approximately 650,000 people within the new city of Sheikh Zayed, thanks to its huge urban facilities, which are located on an area of ​​​​about 12,000 acres. They were divided into several stages, and the number of units reached approximately 87,000 units. Residential, with areas starting from a minimum of 100 square meters, and reaching a maximum of 500 square meters.

The compounds and residential units within New Sheikh Zayed City were designed in an international style, simulating international European designs, which are a mixture between Italian design known for its simplicity and flow, and American design that makes customers, investors and residents feel familiar.

New Sheikh Zayed City has all the services and facilities that residents need, provided with a great degree of mastery and distinction, far from randomness and good and ideal planning that gives residents the best possible residential experience. Bodies of water and green spaces play a major role in providing a feeling of comfort and tranquility within the new Sheikh Zayed City, in addition to the good division of space between the various residential compounds in the area.

The city includes a very large number of educational, service, medical and other facilities and establishments in various fields, such as Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch, Misr University of Science and Technology, Nile University, and there are also many places dedicated to selling products and daily supplies, such as Hyper One, in addition to some Distinctive commercial malls, such as Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, and other services and benefits that make the experience of living within the new Sheikh Zayed City an irreplaceable opportunity.

Disadvantages of the Elora Compound New Zayed project

The services provided by Arabia Group Real Estate Development Company may not have been sufficient for some, despite their abundance and ability to achieve the quiet residential climate that many residents aspire to.

However, some people feel some fear and anxiety about the prices of the units offered, in light of the compound’s distinctive location, in addition to the project’s ability to provide the necessary privacy for residents, especially with the availability of many diverse residential units.

But these defects disappear as soon as the client looks at the drawing of the project, which shows the presence of many green spaces separating the residential units, thus achieving the privacy he dreams of.

Also, the prices offered by the company in its previous projects are the best evidence that it provides similar prices within the Elora New Zayed project, regardless of the extent of the features provided within the Elora New Zayed Compound.

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