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Project details
project name Gems New Zayed Compound
The project Location The compound is located near the Alexandria Desert Road in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed
Developer شركة فاي للتطوير العقاري
Unit area 226
receiving date 2026
Payment systems down payment 0 % , 10 installment years
Finishing type Semi finished - fully finished
Prices start from 14,100,000 EGP
sales service number 01554999269

Gems New Zayed Compound is the latest launch by VAI Developments, which launched on a huge area that was exploited in a balanced way between residential and service construction, and among the wide green spaces that give a wonderful view to the units.

Gems project is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, just 5 minutes from Al Wahat Road and Dahshur Link, which facilitates access to the compound in a short time. It is also close to Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, Juhayna Square, Zayed General Hospital, and Misr University for Science and Technology.

The compound offers an exceptional experience for living in a life full of luxury, creativity and sophistication, as the executing company combined all types of villas within this great edifice, from townhouses, independent villas, and others, with innovative designs, implemented by the most skilled engineers in the world, and various spaces starting from 226 square meters.

Gems New Zayed Compound has integrated services that suit customer requirements, as well as unique architectural designs and upscale views that combine sophistication and luxury. All of this is available at competitive prices, starting from 14,100,000 Egyptian pounds, and various payment systems that you rarely find in Sheikh Zayed City. The most notable is paying 0%, and paying the rest of the unit price in installments over 10 years.

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Location of Gems New Zayed Compound

Gems New Zayed Compound has a vital location in the heart of the charming city of Sheikh Zayed, which enjoys integrated services, and proximity to the most prominent roads and main axes, in addition to its proximity to many new cities and vital landmarks, as the project is close to the 26th of July axis, which is the main artery and link between Cairo and its suburbs and New Zayed City, which facilitates access to the compound from anywhere.

Places near Gems New Zayed project

The project site is close to the following areas:

  • Alexandria Desert Road: The compound is located near the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Dahshur Link: The project is only 9 minutes away from Dahshur Link.
  • Al Wahat Road: The compound is separated from Al Wahat Road by a distance of 5 minutes.
  • New October: The compound is two minutes away from New October.
  • Central Ring Road: The project is located 3 minutes from the Central Ring Road.
  • New Zayed District: The project is 5 minutes away from New Zayed.
  • Monorail: 5 minutes away from the monorail.
  • El-Dabaa Road: Located 9 minutes away from El-Dabaa Road.
  • Hosary Square: The compound is 10 minutes away from Hosary Square.
  • Juhayna Square: The project is located minutes away from Juhayna Square.
  • Zayed General Hospital: The compound is close to several famous medical centers, most notably Zayed General Hospital.
  • Misr University of Science and Technology: The project is a short distance from Misr University of Science and Technology.
  • Mall of Arabia: The project is 12 minutes away from Mall of Arabia.

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كمبوند جيمس زايد الجديدة Gems Compound New Zayed

Designed by Gems Sheikh Zayed project

Gems New Zayed Compound is unique in its innovative architectural designs in accordance with the latest technical and technological standards in the world. The credit for these luxurious designs is due to the cooperation between the owner company and major design and engineering consulting companies, which have sufficient experience to launch the compound on the ground in a way that mimics the most important international compounds.

Gems Sheikh Zayed was designed in the style of modern construction philosophy, which achieves harmony and harmony between residential buildings and the wonderful view of natural views, green cover, and landscape, providing elegant views to the owners that radiate comfort, tranquility, and tranquility, while taking care to separate the units from the next with a certain distance. Complete privacy for the owners.

Gems project embraces the picturesque nature and landscapes, as well as the high-end designs implemented by DMA, which is one of the largest experts in the field of architectural design in Egypt, and has many successful architectural designs, as it was keen to divide the project in a professional manner that provides the residents with comfort and psychological tranquility.

The villas in the project vary between Icon Twin Villas, Premium Twin Villas, Grand Twin Villas, Premium Villas, Grand Villas, and others, which suit the highest levels of society. The project also provides luxury hotel apartments that were launched in fruitful cooperation with the famous Concorde Hotel.

Gems New Zayed Compound space

Gems New Zayed Compound extends over a huge area, with a small building percentage of up to 20% of the total area of ​​the project, which includes facilities, service constructions, and units of all types, and the rest of the area of ​​the project, 80%, was used for green spaces, landscaping, and water bodies, which give a wonderful and distinctive view to the units. Gems Compound.

Unit space in Gems Sheikh Zayed project

 Vai Developments offers many types of villas within the compound, which vary in size between medium and large spaces. To satisfy customer tastes, these types and their areas can be explained in detail through the following:

  • Icon Twin: The area of ​​Icon Twin villas starts from 226 square meters.
  • Premium Twin: The area of ​​Premium Twin units starts from 261 square meters.
  • Grand Twin: The area of ​​Grand Twin villas starts from 385 square meters.
  • Premium Villa: The area of ​​Premium Villa units starts from 474 square meters.
  • Grand villa: Grand villa area starts from 677 square meters.

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Gems New Zayed Compound prices

 Vai Developments Company achieved the difficult equation in the compound by combining units designed with high quality and varied in shape and area, with those ideal prices that are considered outside the scope of competition, and these prices can be explained as follows:

  • Icon Twin prices: Prices for Icon Twin villas start from 14,100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Premium Twin prices: Prices for Premium Twin villas start from 16,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Premium Villa Prices: Premium Villa prices start from 29,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Grand Twin prices: Grand Twin prices start from 19,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Grand villa prices: Grand villa prices start from 45,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

The seriousness of reserving units of various types reaches 100,000 Egyptian pounds, which is refundable.

Payment systems in Gems New Zayed Compound

The company that owns Gems New Zayed Compound has introduced a convenient system for paying the value of the residential unit in the compound, as this system allows the total unit price to be paid in installments over 10 full years, in equal installments, without paying any down payment at all.

Price analysis of Gems New Zayed

The prices of Gems project are considered among the best prices offered in New Zayed City, a charming city that enjoys sophistication, urbanization and combining all the elements of modern life, in addition to the project providing all the requirements and desires of customers from the diversity of unit types, their areas, and unique views of green spaces and landscape. In addition to the integrated services and facilities, and other components that make the compound’s prices fair and ideal.

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كمبوند جيمس زايد الجديدة Gems Compound New Zayed

Gems New Zayed Compound facilities and services

Gems New Zayed Compound has a package of exclusive services and features that provide customers with all the basic and entertainment services in order to save them from leaving the compound. The most prominent of these services and features can be explained through the following:

  • Green spaces: The project has large green spaces, including many natural landscapes, landscapes, and crystal lakes.
  • Hypermarket: The compound includes a hypermarket that provides all the consumer goods that every modern and upscale home requires.
  • Health Club: The project has a huge health club, which includes many fitness equipment inside the gym, in addition to spa rooms, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Sports Club: The compound has a sports club that includes various sports fields, including football, squash, basketball, and others.
  • Kids Area: GEMS Sheikh Zayed Compound contains a huge entertainment area for children, which includes many various games and entertainment activities.
  • Security and guarding: The project includes a security team trained at the highest level, working to provide security and safety for the owners around the clock.
  • Surveillance cameras: Gems Compound New Zayed includes surveillance devices of the highest level, recording all movements moment by moment 24 hours a day, so that they can be returned to if necessary.
  • Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools available in the compound, suitable for all ages. In order to provide more distinctive entertainment times.
  • Medical clinics: The project includes various medical clinics for all medical specialties, operating throughout the day, in addition to many pharmacies that provide all medical treatments.
  • Party halls: There are many halls within the compound equipped with the latest technology for holding parties and family events.
  • Commercial area: The project includes a huge mall, which includes many shops that provide many international and local brands.
  • Paths: The units in the compound are surrounded by tracks and paths for running, cycling, and hiking, away from car paths.

Advantages of investing in Gems New Zayed Compound

Gems New Zayed Compound has many features that make it the ideal interface for all investors and entrepreneurs, as the compound has elements that help in the success of any investment project, from a vital location near the most prominent strategic landmarks, and sophisticated architectural designs that catch the eye, and designed with the latest European styles, as well as About the diversity of villa sizes and styles, which satisfy all tastes, and all of this is available at ideal prices and payment systems.

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About VAI Developments

VAI Developments is the company that owns Gems New Zayed Compound, and it is one of the well-established companies that has won the approval of a huge segment of customers, due to the comprehensive real estate projects it offers, and its commitment to delivery within the time stipulated in the contract, and this is the main reason for the company achieving sales. Huge in all its previous real estate projects.

The company cooperated with several major companies in various fields to launch its successful projects, the most prominent of which are DMA Architect for Engineering Consultations, BCI Studio London, Chrome, and Vodafone Egypt.

VAI Developments projects

Fay Real Estate Development Company has carried out many successful works, the most notable of which are the following:

4T4 Tower Mall, Administrative Capital

Located 4T4 Tower Mall New Capital In the heart of the Downtown area, plot No. MU5-36, near the Misr Mosque and People’s Square. It is also located behind the Green River, with a direct view of a central park, and minutes away from the promenade and shopping district, heritage and arts, the capital’s airport, the monorail station, and the building. The mall covers an area of ​​2,600 square metres. It consists of two towers connected by a suspension bridge and consists of a ground floor and 10 recurring floors. It also includes many commercial, administrative and medical units.

4T1 Tower Administrative Capital

The 4T1 Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital is located in the Downtown area, Plot No. 41, and only half an hour from the capital’s airport, and near the Al-Massa Hotel, the Green River, the Misr Mosque, and the monorail station. The project was implemented on an area of ​​2528 square meters, so that the project consists of: A ground floor and 10 recurring floors, in addition to 3 basement floors. The mall contains commercial and hotel units with competitive sizes and prices.

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كمبوند جيمس زايد الجديدة Gems Compound New Zayed

The goal of Gems Sheikh Zayed project

The company that owns Gems project launched it with the latest technologies and architectural developments in the world, with the aim of making it a sustainable city that relies on natural energy generators, which provides a healthy environment for the residents, in addition to being a smart city whose services can be controlled remotely, which provides customers with an exceptional experience for a modern life full of comfort, tranquility and the environment. Clean.

The beauty of life in New Zayed City

considered as Sheikh Zayed City The new city is one of the most prestigious cities affiliated with the Ministry of Housing and the Urban Communities Authority. New Zayed is located west of Sheikh Zayed City. It was designed at a construction cost exceeding 5 billion Egyptian pounds, and is expected to accommodate more than half a million citizens. The city includes many real estate compounds whose designs mimic European styles.

New Zayed City is located east of Cairo, on a large area of ​​up to 21,306.75 acres. The city also enjoys a vital location, as it is bordered to the north by the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and to the south by the northern expansions of 6th of October City, while to the west it approaches the Dahshur link, and is bordered to the east by Dhahir. desert.

The new Sheikh Zayed City contains large green spaces, gardens, and artificial lakes, in addition to a huge central park extending over 164 acres. The city also has an entertainment area for children, high-level restaurants and cafes, and various entertainment areas such as Americana Plaza, Tivoli Dome, and Crazy Water, in addition to areas for walking, running and cycling, schools, institutes and universities, hospitals and health centers, sports clubs, mosques and churches, etc., and all of this makes New Zayed an upscale residential city.

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كمبوند جيمس زايد الجديدة Gems Compound New Zayed

Disadvantages of Gems New Zayed Compound

Despite these countless advantages that Vai Developments Company offers on a golden platter to its customers, some may see that limiting one type of residential unit (villa) to one of the tangible defects in Gems New Zayed Compound, but the company was keen to provide These units satisfy a huge segment of customers, provide them with complete privacy, and help them live a unique life experience full of luxury. The company also pledges to provide projects in the future that offer all types of units that meet customers’ requirements and desires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unit sizes of Gems New Zayed Compound?
Gems Compound unit areas start from 226 square metres.
What is the payment period for Gems New Zayed Compound?
The payment period for Gems New Zayed Compound is up to 10 years.
What is the sales number of Gems New Zayed Compound?
The sales number for Gems New Zayed Compound is 01554999269.
226 m²
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